Desperately Trying To Not Touch Our Faces

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Gamezinc 101
Gamezinc 101 - 5 hours ago
Mark: what’s 2+2
Ethan: 4
Mark: what’s 4+8
Ethan: 16
Mark: “visible confusion”
kittylover 2.0
kittylover 2.0 - 7 hours ago
Also known as the boomer doomer
Mr. Owendrake
Mr. Owendrake - 8 hours ago
It’s harder not to touch your face..... when your thinking about not touching your face!
Jasmine Bakewell
Jasmine Bakewell - 9 hours ago
tries not touch touch face
Dark ShibeTM
Dark ShibeTM - 11 hours ago
Donate to HOPE Worldwide!
Gwynneth Reams
Gwynneth Reams - 12 hours ago
4:01 foreshadowing?
Cowboy Cola
Cowboy Cola - 12 hours ago
SpaceMuttnik - 14 hours ago
challenge: **exists**
Ethan’s ADHD: *”So you have chosen, death.”*
amber1350 - 22 hours ago
They should of wore head bands for their hair
Specter Plays
Specter Plays - Day ago
As a truck driver, and for Walmart no less, I basically can't stay home and I'm sure I'm spreading this shit regardless of if I'm feeling ill or not yet. People around the DC have tested positive for it and even then the reality is staying home isn't an option for us.
Justin Merritt
Justin Merritt - Day ago
Hospital's and stuff
That would help the infected people
TidalWaveKitty - Day ago
They could just cut out the bits where they touch their face to cheat the system.
ReaperX- - Day ago
Government: Do not touch your face! Face: Itchy time.
Batdogduke - Day ago
I have an itch on my nose

m u s t c o n t i n u e t h e c h a l l e n g e . . .
Bailey Timmons
Bailey Timmons - Day ago
My issue is when you focus on doing something or not wanting to do something it makes me want to do it! So if I was in this video I would donate +$1000!!!!
Lance Wolfe
Lance Wolfe - Day ago
So basically, touch anus? Okay. :)
That One Cat with the Top Hat
Was anyone else following along with the challenge, or was it just me?
That One Cat with the Top Hat
Why was Ethan playing in the backyard with his dad as a newborn?
Izzy Billings
Izzy Billings - Day ago
i’m guessing they already donated but if not, a great charity is CultforGood, run by Elijah Daniels. it helps give supplies to the homeless (specifically hygienic type items to help combat covid -19, which is spreading quickly amongst the homeless community)
Ryan Paz
Ryan Paz - Day ago
also a scout for 1 day
Not A Homestuck Character
Me: ok I wanna try to do the 15 minutes with them
My glasses: well hello there kind sir let me just **starts slipping down**
ArcherOwl - Day ago
It's really awesome Mark and Ethan are determined to continue Unus Annus even with everything that's going on
QBT Blizzy
QBT Blizzy - Day ago
I like how there doing acting games🤣
polygone two
polygone two - Day ago
It's only a problem outside. If you've just washed your hands or are at home you should be able to touch your face just fine. Just stay clean.
AnnaGrace White
AnnaGrace White - Day ago
I decided not to touch my face for the whole video. I guess I hate myself
aimee eve
aimee eve - Day ago
ethan 2 weeks ago: “to raise a little bit of money”
ethan now: “can we put a 10k limit?”
PSplayer - Day ago
donate to the NHS
Mindboggler123 - Day ago
This is not easy, them egging each other on makes me wanna touch my face
Death & Deliverance
Death & Deliverance - 2 days ago
Ethen 144-64=80 lol marks the big brain of unus annus
talon 1115
talon 1115 - 2 days ago

for dogs ik it dont help but the puppys :"(
Nate Medeiros
Nate Medeiros - 2 days ago
The total count is 1000000 dollars due. pay it
StarPieification - 2 days ago
me: yes thats correct
Night 33388
Night 33388 - 2 days ago
144 - 64 = 80
die die
die die - 2 days ago
If you put your hand on your head and never take it off so you can fix your hair and itch neck and face
You will only owe $100
Christina The Idiot Alien
Well, I touch my face over 100 times 24/7 and I’m definitely dead even though I have a strong immune system.
Jacob Johnson
Jacob Johnson - 2 days ago
Me, who works at Walmart:
*Hide the pain Harold intensifies*
Emo Trash
Emo Trash - 2 days ago
mark: touch your face
me: *touches face*
Darran Atkins
Darran Atkins - 2 days ago
My back account
stephany Smith
stephany Smith - 2 days ago
If you have the corona virus please stay inside so you don’t spread it to people like my dad who has diabetes
Paulina Underwood
Paulina Underwood - 2 days ago
Who else played along😅😂
Thomas Ska
Thomas Ska - 2 days ago
You both don't wear glasses ever/often so you don't have the constant need to fix your glasses
Awesome Dabest
Awesome Dabest - 2 days ago
Me: Trying to plat along.
My glasses: Instantly become uncomfortable in their current position.
Lala Land
Lala Land - 2 days ago
Who else tried not to touch their face for the whole video?
CaptainCheezee121 - 2 days ago
Ethan you are the only one who can take a kick from mark gracefully
Game God
Game God - 2 days ago
Me when I have a headache
Nullvalue - 2 days ago
decided to try the 15 minutes with them and I made it. My nose itched, a hair got in my mouth, and a mother-loving eyelash fell in my eye, but I made it.
Krissi- Dogz
Krissi- Dogz - 2 days ago
Don’t touch your face!
Me: *trying to fix my braces*
a - 2 days ago
6 months ago people were laughing at my love for cleaning and sanitizing... Well...
NandoGT - 2 days ago
every day the average person touches there face 180,000 times a day it true
Krista M.
Krista M. - 3 days ago
Avoiding donating to charity for 17 minutes
Krista M.
Krista M. - 3 days ago
Just kidding but only kinds
AwsomeSquirrel - 3 days ago
I touch my face too much so this whole Corona thing is good practice
Fred David
Fred David - 3 days ago
Has Ethan's tooth always been like that?
The Man Behind The Slaughter
watching this whole thing, and to right now, i have a bit of a Jolly Rancher stuck in my tooth and i dont want to touch my face so im just struggling..
Sean - 3 days ago
I am essential :)
Mythic_ZxRo - 3 days ago
What are those headphones. I love them . I need to know what they are. They are just .................... beautiful.
Sierra Gieseke
Sierra Gieseke - 3 days ago
Do the Australian fires.
Gabe Jennings
Gabe Jennings - 3 days ago
Corona virus chairty
i like myself
i like myself - 3 days ago
*me touching my face*

KING - 3 days ago
Ned Nose day
MurderousLady - 3 days ago
Every time you say Corona virus, youtube demonizes your video
Moonlight’s_ Shire
Moonlight’s_ Shire - 3 days ago
I tried doing this with them, but I can’t stop pushing my glasses up😂
Lauren Doucet
Lauren Doucet - 3 days ago
I just realized I went through this entire video resting my face on my hand...
Decatur - 3 days ago
If you guys hadn't selected one yet - I donate to Direct Relief every year and they do great for emergency response.
Lujane Ghweir
Lujane Ghweir - 3 days ago
Absolutely no one:
Rona: _aLl tHe cOOl kIdS arE dOinG iT_
tobiasCrow - 3 days ago
The bnha reference tho
It Is Wednesday My Dudes
My parents say that it is possible that I’ve had COVID19 before like 3 times 😐
Brendon - 3 days ago
The capital of TX is Austin
Brendon - 3 days ago
Highest Hopes Foundation
Waterthedogs_ - 3 days ago
I use my hat. Is that okay or should I stop that too?
movie watcher
movie watcher - 3 days ago
As a houstonian. It was Houston, now it’s Austin.
movie watcher
movie watcher - 3 days ago
This stay at home.... I want to see my girlfriend..... I haven’t seen her in two months and I was so happy to go see her. STUPID CORONA 😥😥😭😭
Jeff - 3 days ago
cats protection :D
Mattalingus - 3 days ago
I touched my face about 300 times during this video
Aidan Martinez
Aidan Martinez - 3 days ago
Food homes
Eggscellent - 3 days ago
I'm going to be desperately trying to purchase this Unus Annus Tactical Shovel!
Kathleen Keane
Kathleen Keane - 3 days ago
My wallet
Aaron Wright
Aaron Wright - 3 days ago
ethan: when was the last time something like this happened?
mark: 1919
me: *looks at the AIDS crisis* you sure about that one mark?
KcT - 3 days ago
Ethan: *as a joke* "My morning meal of hotdogs"
Me a filipino: *eating my hotdogs and rice for breakfast*
Shrek is bae
Shrek is bae - 4 days ago
So proud of you Ethan, you said scones the right way :)
Josh & Isaac Playz
Josh & Isaac Playz - 4 days ago
Corantanus Corantanus!
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