Mother Teresa vs Sigmund Freud. Epic Rap Battles of History

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ThatLycanTomboy - 26 minutes ago
Shoot, these are actually two people I know like nothing about. Like, I know Oedipus Complex. and that’s it
D.L. Starling
D.L. Starling - 8 hours ago
God made ya. girl laid ya. then the devil came around back and just slayed ya. everyone knows that you don't like yourself, but you came on back for that demonrat wealth. everyone told you that you weren't right now your talking shit for the real dragon to bite ya.
Rune - 9 hours ago
Props to Teresa for not cussing even once.
Nicholas Randazzo
Nicholas Randazzo - 10 hours ago
I was siding with mother Theresa until “I’ve got the libido to continue to beat ya, but our time is up, Theresa”
zayni xx
zayni xx - 13 hours ago
teresa won.
Knockoff Media
Knockoff Media - 20 hours ago
"Your flows are so poor, I should be washing their feet."
... Dang.
Chris Church
Chris Church - Day ago
"Nun-DMC"... I see what you did there
Mike Prater
Mike Prater - Day ago
This was written perfectly and felt like a genuine battle of wits. Both contenders using their methods in their rap style. But, without question, Freud won.
CountWackadoodle - Day ago
George bush vs Nixon
Anubis D
Anubis D - Day ago
Freud WON
Authentic Bastard
Authentic Bastard - Day ago
I'm hungry , make me breakfast faster :P
G. Exposito
G. Exposito - Day ago
Ian Curtis vs Sid Vicious
But Its Cows Mooing
But Its Cows Mooing - 2 days ago
I dont really know who won.
BOT Greg
BOT Greg - 2 days ago
Sigmund sounds like the first Heimerdinger from the falconshield this is war songs
Mr. YTP Guy
Mr. YTP Guy - 2 days ago
No one mentions Teresa saying motherlover amen because of the mom sex complex
a nobody
a nobody - 3 days ago
Adam Sandler vs Jim Carrey. The Kings of Weird Noises
C Sky
C Sky - 3 days ago
Jon Stewart v Bill O'Reilly
a-sea-of-salad - 3 days ago
Sigmund’s first round was just brutal, but Theresa’s second round was great
Sigmund definitely won though
Nickli Tress
Nickli Tress - 3 days ago
🧡 wow, damn! 🧡
The Whole Fucking Universe
great rap but why is mother teresa constantly looks like she’s balancing a surfboard
abc64pan - 3 days ago
“I help people to live, you watch people die.” LOL
Lorenzo Syquia
Lorenzo Syquia - 4 days ago
Shang Tsung vs Liu Kang
Kurtis Deakin
Kurtis Deakin - 4 days ago
quick mock god = funny
Nathan B Ring
Nathan B Ring - 4 days ago
You want a second coming?
I bless the mic again🤣
de tnters
de tnters - 4 days ago
I love both I mostly only judje on how they rap and they both rap amezing but the end made me dis aide sigmund
Ian Collins
Ian Collins - 4 days ago
yall should do Reba McEntire and Dolly Parton
aheheh haha
aheheh haha - 5 days ago
Charlie Harper vs Barney Stinson
Boi b
Boi b - 5 days ago
Prince vs Michael Jackson. Let's make it happen!!!
Douglas Graham
Douglas Graham - 5 days ago
Pink Panther doesn't talk, just use Inspector Clouseau braggin' about him and give the Pink Panther epic dance moves.
Maryam Ali
Maryam Ali - 5 days ago
Mother Teresa
Rupert Hill
Rupert Hill - 5 days ago
Excuse me?
The man in the line
The man in the line - 6 days ago
The instrumental is hilarious
Gulay Sultan
Gulay Sultan - 6 days ago
Subtitles are not matching the speed!
Vivian Tristesse
Vivian Tristesse - 6 days ago
The two biggest frauds in history in a rap battle? Yes, please!
lacey dommer
lacey dommer - 7 days ago
lacey dommer
lacey dommer - 7 days ago
Ok did erb come back as of late and why did no one tell me?
Joe - 7 days ago
"our time is up Teresa" something really satisfying about ending the battle the way you would end a therapy session.
Nickli Tress
Nickli Tress - 3 days ago
💛 lmao same, damn! 💛
Dylans Podcast
Dylans Podcast - 7 days ago
He one
This statement is false:
The Predator vs. Harvey Weinstein
Covid-19 vs. The Bubonic Plague
Kim Kardashian vs. Marie Antoinette
Julian Assange vs. Edward Snowden
Homer vs. Homer Simpson
Roswell vs. E.T.
Siri vs. C-3PO
Shigeru Miyamoto vs. Hideo Kojima
The Chicken vs. The Egg
Eman Beltran
Eman Beltran - 7 days ago
Shyamsundar Mandi
Shyamsundar Mandi - 7 days ago
freud won !
B2the ILL
B2the ILL - 7 days ago
Teresa's beliefs were like her initials- M.T.
While Freud's cigar burned holes in his own theory.
So here's a thing that I'd like to see-
A rematch to settle the Battle finally.
SolomonDavid Akesobia
SolomonDavid Akesobia - 7 days ago
Kyrie Elleison 😂😂😂
Егор Александрович Боборыкин
The second round by Freud is probably the strongest over the whole series. Bloody rekt.
Gandalf the Grey
Gandalf the Grey - 7 days ago
To mimic another comment, Keanu Reeves vs Bob Ross, but they both end up giving each other compliments
CA Mukbangs
CA Mukbangs - 8 days ago
“Look at that egghead! Momma wants some omelettes!! Lol I’m dead 💀
egoDEATHofPJ - 8 days ago
Mama T won
JC Swizzy
JC Swizzy - 8 days ago
Yo I need a fireman suit cuz I caught collateral fire with how hot this whole rap was but with MT's bars, I know I'll be saved.
Also, she does a cartwheel at 1:29. Freshhh
Samantha Winters
Samantha Winters - 8 days ago
i mean, i wouldn't go soi far as to say i'd do her... but for an older woman she's not bad looking (the mother teresa in this video specifically)
Yordan Nedelchev
Yordan Nedelchev - 8 days ago
Shaq vs Kobi
Matthias Max
Matthias Max - 8 days ago
8 million views is like a low for them
Camryn Cardenas
Camryn Cardenas - 9 days ago
Scientist guy
lil oveRdose666
lil oveRdose666 - 9 days ago
Sigmund wins both in this rap battle and in real life. Mother theresa was a real pos
Johan Liebert
Johan Liebert - 7 days ago
@Joseph Listerman with letting people die for imaginary being , being abusive to woman , forcing religion change with baby traficking too
lil oveRdose666
lil oveRdose666 - 8 days ago
@Joseph Listerman i am not sitting behind a computer if you are that is your situation. she could have cured the people she "treated" but she never cured anyone, never bought any antibiotics or other medicines. The money donated to her she used to get the best medical threatment in the vatican. She didn't help anybody. Telling people that dying of a curable disease is good because they will get to meet "god" is not helping. Religion doesn't help shit. If you have been blinded by it to never question anything it's your problem. So tell me how did she help? Also you miss the entire point idgaf if she became famous and that was never my point. My point is that she is a hypocrite for not attempting to cure the sick but doing everything to cure herself
Joseph Listerman
Joseph Listerman - 8 days ago
@lil oveRdose666 It says something that you would sit on a computer, talk about your donations, and then attempt to criticize someone who devoted their entire life to taking care of people who had been thrown away like garbage in one of the poorest areas on the planet. Your theory is she attempted to do that to become rich and famous? Seems like a bad plan if that's the case. At the end of the day you have been brainwashed to pick at the leaves while missing the forest. Either way, good luck with your hate.
Joseph Listerman
Joseph Listerman - 8 days ago
@lil oveRdose666 Another deflection and redirect. Any more unfounded accusations you'd like to make?
lil oveRdose666
lil oveRdose666 - 8 days ago
@Joseph Listerman i see you won't even try to defend her actions
Christine Deepa
Christine Deepa - 9 days ago
Profanity. These and those dont mix. Stay away. Learn from both. Treat both sacred. But these indecent shits please do not invade those that hate such.
Jonathan Apple
Jonathan Apple - 9 days ago
“Your chastity vow? Redundant.” *DONE*
Karols K
Karols K - 9 days ago
I frisking love their accents
Rayne Panda
Rayne Panda - 9 days ago
Wow, a battle between two people I don't like...hmm.
Joshua Randolph
Joshua Randolph - 9 days ago
So this entire thing was about sexual stamina i see..... *intriguing*
ジョルノ・ジョヴァンナGiorno Giovanna
My man was very biased on this one
Dakota Mast
Dakota Mast - 10 days ago
I wonder how many people caught the super ego tripping and Freudian slipping line?
Mike andersen
Mike andersen - 10 days ago
Say a picture of a young Mother Teresa, she was a hottie.
K August
K August - 10 days ago
This was close, but I give it to Freud.
Tharealraptor - 10 days ago
Im sorry to say, but freud put the RAP in therapy, and M.T would need the therapy after a beating like that.
Quinton Berger
Quinton Berger - 10 days ago
Teresa destroyed
carlos vargas
carlos vargas - 11 days ago
"You hide your true feelings like they were other people's money " freud: that line almost got me an Oscar
Mary Benedict
Mary Benedict - 11 days ago
Freud destroyed her
Summer Anderson
Summer Anderson - 11 days ago
The teo worst people having a rap battle. ( My opinion, simply my opinion. You don't gotta hate if u disagree y'know)
Muldoonza - 11 days ago
Christ this was cringe
Wael Sahli
Wael Sahli - 11 days ago
Sigmund Freud won.
Angie is tired
Angie is tired - 12 days ago
I loved this-
Taidghe Shea
Taidghe Shea - 12 days ago
Teresa didn't run hospitals, she ran "homes for the dying" she believed through suffering you could get closer to Jesus, She was nothing more than a Sadist.
Also was very friendly with very shady people like the despotic dictators of Haiti.
Her being given the nobel peace prize stripped it of all value.
rant over.. coffee is required..
Because I’m Batman!
Because I’m Batman! - 12 days ago
If you get this, give yourself a round of applause:
Cameron Chase vs. Tara Chace
Chris Groot Wassink
Chris Groot Wassink - 12 days ago
Freud won
Kristiyan Vladov
Kristiyan Vladov - 12 days ago
epic! Amin!
Nathan McCartney
Nathan McCartney - 13 days ago
Richard Dawkins vs Billy Graham
christian martinez
christian martinez - 13 days ago
Dude Siegmund Freud killed her with the first line "Jokes I can make about your looks abundant, your chastity vow redundant."
Detective Apple
Detective Apple - 13 days ago
Never knew old people can rap and dance soo good?
Leslie - 14 days ago
"I help people live, you help people die" winning line.
Oz A
Oz A - 14 days ago
this is a GOOD one. mother theresa is on fire
trench - 14 days ago
That Bitch was The worst kind of scum. held up in the spotlight to distract from the Paedophilia in the church
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