Mother Teresa vs Sigmund Freud. Epic Rap Battles of History

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Megabonzi16 - 50 minutes ago
Shakespeare VS Dr. Seuss around 2!
This is the only battle I have seen that it was a 50-50 split on the winner. We need one more to find the true winner!
Sally Osterberg
Sally Osterberg - Hour ago
Leslie Knope vs Elaine Benes
Gabriel Matys
Gabriel Matys - Hour ago
Loki vs Joker
Sam M.
Sam M. - Hour ago
Does anyone else want to see a nice rap battle? Like Captain America vs Luke Cage and they're just being nice to each other the entire time? Basically just a rap battle with the same format but just being nice to each other?
pranav r
pranav r - 2 hours ago
Mother Theresa was just crucked Christian missionary.
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Leif Erikson vs. Christopher Columbus
Caleb Thomas
Caleb Thomas - 2 hours ago
I wanna see superman vs goku 2
BMSpammer - 2 hours ago
When is all the jojo stands vs all the corresponding music band happening.
Chad Welter
Chad Welter - 2 hours ago
Pennywise vs. Mary Poppins. All your other battles this season have been trash. Start next season with something worth watching till the end.
Blake V
Blake V - 2 hours ago
John Locke vs Thomas Hobbes
Andrea Serenity
Andrea Serenity - 2 hours ago
How about Hellboy vs. Spawn?
TheReal 3ality
TheReal 3ality - 3 hours ago
pennywise vs mary poppins
Jake Silverman
Jake Silverman - 3 hours ago
Neil Armstrong vs Neil Young
Toyricx - 3 hours ago
mother t won
Cheyenne Bates
Cheyenne Bates - 3 hours ago
Yo guys!! Seriously lemme know how this sounds to y'all everyone.
The Scooby Doo gang
Classic Monsters( Dracula, The Wolf Man, Frankenstein's Monster, Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde and The Mummy)
The Draco lord
The Draco lord - 3 hours ago
How about ice cube v.s frozone yea
Toby N.
Toby N. - 4 hours ago
Reddit vs. 4chan
It needs to happen.
Arthur Louie
Arthur Louie - 4 hours ago
Do the different Jokers (Ledger, Leto, Phoenix, Etc)
Jose A.
Jose A. - 4 hours ago
Don Rickles Vs. Eminem?
Rusty Spork Productions
Rusty Spork Productions - 4 hours ago
Micheal Scott vs. Ron Swanson
LinkIsHere - 4 hours ago
Keanu Reeves vs Ryan Reynolds! :)
All Entertainment
All Entertainment - 4 hours ago
You guys should do Jessy Pinkman from breaking bad vs Oliver Queen
X X - 4 hours ago
It vs Joker
zurgo 2004
zurgo 2004 - 4 hours ago
Magaret Thatcher vs Otto von Bismark ( iron lady vs. iron chancellor )
Madness Arcade
Madness Arcade - 4 hours ago
Red queen vs Evil queen
Maleficent Vs TinkerBell
Evie(Descendants) vs Kylie Jenner
Mad Hatter vs Joker
Punky Brewster vs pippi longstocking
TøK GAMINGZ - 4 hours ago
Not going to li for but they should really make a pewdiepie vs ... rap battle. He's not just a youtuber anymore, he's exceeded past that point and has a very long history enough to make at least 3 min rap for him
XxReapersGrimmxX - 5 hours ago
Can we get pennywise vs the joker
Apollo_ NightMare
Apollo_ NightMare - 5 hours ago
Bernie Sanders vs kernel sanders
Mr Chocolate
Mr Chocolate - 5 hours ago
jay dejesus
jay dejesus - 6 hours ago
The savagery is over 9000!
Madness Arcade
Madness Arcade - 6 hours ago
Sprouse twins vs Olsen twins
Madness Arcade
Madness Arcade - 6 hours ago
Or Dion Warren vs Alex Mack
Madness Arcade
Madness Arcade - 6 hours ago
Severe Sincere
Severe Sincere - 6 hours ago
Jigsaw vs The Joker
Case mongold
Case mongold - 6 hours ago
Charles Manson vs the joker(s)
Stan Elliott
Stan Elliott - 6 hours ago
Something with PlayStation vs Xbox with a nintendo cameo
Jaron Bautista
Jaron Bautista - 7 hours ago
Pennywise vs Joker?
Jacob Simpson
Jacob Simpson - 7 hours ago
When are you going to put in Captain Jack Sparrow? I’m thinking putting him with Han Solo.
The Grandbull
The Grandbull - 7 hours ago
Jason vorhees vs spring trap
TheEggrowl - 7 hours ago
Dracula (Christopher lee) vs Dracula (Gary Oldman) vs Dracula (Bela Lugosi) vs Dracula (Vlad Tepes III)
Caeli Kane
Caeli Kane - 7 hours ago
Theresa had better flow, Sigmund had better burns.
Kalan Threlkeld
Kalan Threlkeld - 7 hours ago
When is the next battle?
theSlyest gamer
theSlyest gamer - 7 hours ago
What about deadpool vs deathstroke
Kalan Threlkeld
Kalan Threlkeld - 7 hours ago
Who is ready for the new one?
Alice Roche
Alice Roche - 6 hours ago
I'm so excited, I guess it's gonna be Halloween themed?
God Guy
God Guy - 7 hours ago
Big foot versus Chewbacca
Elliot Kim
Elliot Kim - 8 hours ago
Chris Farley vs Jim Carrey
Aaron Warner
Aaron Warner - 8 hours ago
Mother Theresa wins Hans down.
Michael Roche
Michael Roche - 8 hours ago
John Pemberton vs Pablo Escobar in a battle of Coke vs Cocaine.
ZeusCuracanoProd - 8 hours ago
Sebastian Piñera vs Nicolás Maduro
Metunamon EM
Metunamon EM - 8 hours ago
I need Spartacus vs Sportacus pls! 😂
MarioMc _Gaming
MarioMc _Gaming - 8 hours ago
Also, The Richard Dawkins vs Matt lee anderson was my friends idea..
MarioMc _Gaming
MarioMc _Gaming - 8 hours ago
John Fitzgerald Kennedy vs Herbert Clark Hoover
DeRaJoLo - 8 hours ago
dr. dre vs stephen sondheim
Chris Elliott
Chris Elliott - 8 hours ago
Ron Swanson vs. Dwight Schrute
_Defoult - 9 hours ago
Disney vs Miyazaki, please
bruh lol
bruh lol - 9 hours ago
If you wanna see more like erb, I've found the best channel for YOU!!
bruh lol
bruh lol - 9 hours ago
Nicepeter and epiclloyd please try this channel they are trying hard for your attention.
Jacob Nugent
Jacob Nugent - 9 hours ago
I think they found this beat behind a New Orleans bench covered in vomit.
Dr.Awesome Sauce
Dr.Awesome Sauce - 9 hours ago
V for Vendetta Vs Rorschach from Watchmen
Nicolas Kuschnir
Nicolas Kuschnir - 9 hours ago
Bistmark vs Angela Merkel
Sean Tonnemacher
Sean Tonnemacher - 9 hours ago
Thanos vs Joker
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