Doobie - I Don't Wanna Talk About Love (Official Video)

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Jeff Mitchell
Jeff Mitchell - 4 days ago
Eric Bruckmair
Eric Bruckmair - 7 days ago
this is katt and im your #1 fan
Eric Bruckmair
Eric Bruckmair - 7 days ago
im using someone elses account but my email is
BIG NICKY - 7 days ago
Chris McNew
Chris McNew - 8 days ago
You went painfully numb with some hell and back with some when the drugs dony work
Chris McNew
Chris McNew - 8 days ago
Doobie still going hard with this fire ass song. I love you man. You the goat
Will Parsley
Will Parsley - 12 days ago
Ekt 40 , nltg Brazo , Juggo Qblood etc up next
Emulator Fanboy
Emulator Fanboy - 13 days ago
Dakota Parker
Dakota Parker - 17 days ago
I'm am 11 years old
And I Autism and odd and adhd
You make me happy and I love you
Mayra Salcido
Mayra Salcido - 19 days ago
16 to seventeen. My lil gay fuck dick haters. Don't forget who got the respect to rise out the bottom. Get it bruh confession an some investing these lessons are gold these prayers are always open sitting in the temple waiting for good bud an straight conversation an real friends to my foreign brothes pur some mind to it use what you got. RM ,,()+()-+ $u,ç Texas baby
BIGJERM304 - 20 days ago
Thank you for the Shoutout 🖤 Much Luv
Angie Ledford
Angie Ledford - 22 days ago
Damn, I get chills hearing this, Hate Song, and Nervous. I swear its like you spoke those lyrics from MY heart 💔
Stinson The Stinson Show
Stinson The Stinson Show - 22 days ago
2am on the porch across from the library
Stinson The Stinson Show
Stinson The Stinson Show - 22 days ago
#doobie #mgk
Stinson The Stinson Show
Stinson The Stinson Show - 22 days ago
#TheStinsonShow says party in johnsviññie ohio open doors been hearing this song lol good shit
csarg burger
csarg burger - 22 days ago
I love your music
Jason Scott
Jason Scott - 22 days ago
Still listening and can't wait for the next single. One milli n a day or 2 let's do this.🤘🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🤘
Tori Jenson
Tori Jenson - 23 days ago
:c I dont wanna talk about love.
Jason Scott
Jason Scott - 23 days ago
🤘🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🤘 Listen to you and SCFMG daily. Helps to relieves stress .
ammarebrahimj - 23 days ago
Big M's Up, 2's up
Weed pack a punch like school lunch
Did it for my dawgs
That's my word in this bitch
And the girl ain't for me
It's for the girl that I'm with, yeah
I've opened doors, suicide
I need to know
Is you down to ride?
I done got rich
How it end up like this?
Double D's on my bitch
Big B's on my whip
Forgiato Shoes on the Bentley Coop
No top bitch its brainless
Mike Amiri Jeans, Louis v belt
It look good with the stainless
Life is a dream
Til you wake up and realize that you ain't shit
Percs and codeine, I don't need help
I don't need to change shit
Love did me dirty
It ain't you it's me
My heart is hurting
Tryna pick up the pieces (I don't need this)
Love did me dirty
This ain't new to me
Who you was foolin'?
Cuz it wasn't me
(Don't know who I would be without drugs)
(Aye Yeah)
I'm in my bag
And I swear it ain't fair
She tryna get freaky
I swear I don't care
Don't smoke no ciggy
Big blunt in the air
My bitch is pretty
My plug is the man
My time is different
Just check my wrist bands
My Gucci bag is just full wit some bands
Put me in my mode
I ain't felt like this in forever
I'm on top of the whole damn world
I ain't never gone let up
I remember when you said those things
Said those things
(And you would never let me breathe)
You know that hell don't freeze
Hell don't freeze
(We were never meant to be)
Love did me dirty
It ain't you it's me
My heart is hurting
Tryna pick up the pieces (I don't need this)
Love did me dirty
This ain't new to me
Who you was foolin'?
Cuz it wasn't me
(Don't know who I would be without drugs)
Austin Sing
Austin Sing - 23 days ago
Who else thinks when he was making depressed music that him and peep should of made some music together
Michael Zanatos
Michael Zanatos - 23 days ago
i*3.LaVeTTe.1..TTT..THE KING 34 34.34.34..LAW OF THE .LiTTi.c.
david grosser
david grosser - 24 days ago
Yes Sir !!$ 1💙✌️
Tucker R Collins
Tucker R Collins - 25 days ago
CountryBoyCam - 26 days ago
Dear Doobie, I have found something with you that I have never found with any other artist, your music never disappoints and I like every song and I listen to your music daily usually with other artists I like a couple of their songs or just an album but with you I love every song man keep up the amazing work your music keeps me strong when their is seemingly no hope left
Jordan Byerly
Jordan Byerly - 27 days ago
Since I heard this song I’ve on my grind since I hear Nikki Sixx an then it went off from there. Blowing up soon ‼️
Tybo Thor
Tybo Thor - 29 days ago
Stuck thanks doggie
yyc for life
yyc for life - 29 days ago
What a banger
Madison Lynn
Madison Lynn - 29 days ago
I love you so much your amazing and you've helped me so much thank you keep up the amazing work
_特TEKASHI - Month ago
Dom C
Dom C - Month ago
Krisztina Gáspár
Krisztina Gáspár - Month ago
This mega inspiring music has an extra positive effect on me.
Memento Mori
Memento Mori - Month ago
fun fact Thot's are a waste of you're time just a walking pussy nothing more nothing less find a woman not a girl...
Jade Kenworthy
Jade Kenworthy - Month ago
he released this the day after my birthday and i’m just now hearing it? 🥴🥺
Domenec Gutierrez
Domenec Gutierrez - Month ago
Brett Powell
Brett Powell - Month ago
My heart is hurting
Tryna pick up the pieces 🔥💯💯
Christian Thomason
Christian Thomason - Month ago
Bruh went stupid brazzzy
Johnny Kage
Johnny Kage - Month ago
Get on a track with Jarren Benton
Hell yeah dawg!
Annette Johnson
Annette Johnson - Month ago
You are a pos talking to my daughter the way you did. She would go crazy every time she heard your music. You made her cry. You are a drug addict and your going straight to hell.
Donna Scott
Donna Scott - Month ago
He actually made this song sober. Nobody perfect in life. Its what you learn from it that makes who you are.
treeplucker - Month ago
Dont think he can hear you over that money!
Trinity Bechner
Trinity Bechner - Month ago
love this shit pump this shit. stay lifted
OCDEDIC - Month ago
So hard 🔥 Free Doobie Beat my channel
Dreaded Suicide
Dreaded Suicide - Month ago
Someone make an instrumental? Possibly with the hook?
Tara Ramsey
Tara Ramsey - Month ago
Doobie doobie do where r u...
Crystal Beach
Crystal Beach - Month ago
Love Doobie
Adam Lempicki
Adam Lempicki - Month ago
Zajebiste 🇵🇱
Josefina Silva
Josefina Silva - Month ago
This hits hard
Kevin Martin
Kevin Martin - Month ago
I'm Ready for a Weekend/Doobie Colab...
Keith Moody
Keith Moody - Month ago
I am back bat man you know good
The Golden Nugget
The Golden Nugget - Month ago
Like this to keep Doobie safe from the Corna.
Moe Y
Moe Y - Month ago
Omg background looks like Snow Tha Products- Talk Back ❤❤❤ I love both Doobie and Snow Tha Product ❤❤ Hope they did a collab 💯💯🔥🔥🔥
Annie Miller
Annie Miller - Month ago
AMAZING AS ALWAYS, Doobie changing the game
Heather Koontz
Heather Koontz - Month ago
Ayeeee...put me in my mood who were you choosing bc it wasn't me
Kristian Johnson
Kristian Johnson - Month ago
Scott Dillion
Scott Dillion - Month ago
Don’t sell out dog
Scott Dillion
Scott Dillion - Month ago
Careful dog, they just might use you for a sacrifice... Don’t be to vulnerable
Father Plague
Father Plague - Month ago
So hard
ToxicEdge - Month ago
I put thi song on a loop site and issa firee
Joker Vegeta
Joker Vegeta - Month ago
This one hard
Isaiah Dowmey
Isaiah Dowmey - Month ago
fuck ya
Lyntell Gregory
Lyntell Gregory - Month ago
My man doobie be speakin to me omg
nigha Villa
nigha Villa - Month ago
This nigga here spit bars
Kono Dutch
Kono Dutch - Month ago
Then don't
Taylor Turney
Taylor Turney - Month ago
On the Bentley coupe no top it's brainless shii slap fr 🔥
Brandon Hargraves
Brandon Hargraves - Month ago
There ain't no ride or die anymore, everyone is only out for themselves it seems. Wish I didn't see it that, but I do. Ride or die and I got your is how I wish it could be!
B Pierce
B Pierce - Month ago
Gabby Nez
Gabby Nez - Month ago
Been lit. 🔥
A-Town Wook Original Filme
I like it
Warren Loomis
Warren Loomis - Month ago
So glad I smoked with this guy before he blew up 🙌🏼
Tbkwilliam Tbkwilliam
Tbkwilliam Tbkwilliam - Month ago
Yes sir got this on reply
Kyrie H
Kyrie H - Month ago
Love it! Excited to see some new doobie
Ozzy Stuckman
Ozzy Stuckman - Month ago
He came so far I’m proud of the guy forreal congrats man
Skate123jesus - Month ago
I wish i could like this more than once💯
gabrielle - Month ago
this shit needs to blow up.. 1mil in 7days let's go 🦇🦇
Martin Carr
Martin Carr - Month ago
Madness he killing itn
Clint Hoyt
Clint Hoyt - Month ago
Fire as fuck bro!
Futzin Entertainment
Futzin Entertainment - Month ago
Favorite song rn shit hits 🤘🏻
Skate123jesus - Month ago
Last night i was blazin a bong watchin this and was @985k views and was sayin "cmon gang gotta get this to a mil by tomorrow and here we are🔥
Midwest Native
Midwest Native - Month ago
Feelin this track from doobie, some relationships can turn to shit.
Ayla Ebrahimi
Ayla Ebrahimi - Month ago
1 millionnnnnnn
BROOKE Chambers
BROOKE Chambers - Month ago
Just now listened to this. You are so versatile Doobie!!! Keep em coming!!! #OHIO ❤
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