Us ENDING EXPLAINED + Hidden Twist You Missed

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3C Films
3C Films - 28 days ago
truthdemon - 4 days ago
Flourine is a biotoxin as researched in variousnpeer reviewed papers. Be a bit more respinsible in thisnday and age where it is common knowledge that flourine is and can be used a mass biopoison
Derrico Howard
Derrico Howard - 5 days ago
Jamesbundy1 don’t be hating bicth
Elise Davis
Elise Davis - 6 days ago
Andrea Garcia He gave his mother that look because he understood her real identity.
locafly - 15 days ago
3C Films where did you get “tethered” from?
Mario Rivera
Mario Rivera - 17 days ago
Harrison Stiel
Harrison Stiel - 3 hours ago
Wow u really fucked my face
Malice Intent
Malice Intent - 12 hours ago
The boy wasnt tethered because the boy had control of his clone proved by him stepping back into the fire..the tethered copies their clone
Will The King
Will The King - 13 hours ago
At the end with the fight all I heard was “DUMM DUM DUM, DUM BUM BUM, VMM, VMM VMM”
Recyzz - 17 hours ago
I checked the time of how long I watched the video and it was 11:11😵
BirhangZ - Day ago
Am I the only one that already knew it was a switch from the get go?
Wizardhacker 70
Wizardhacker 70 - Day ago
Personally I hated the ending
it doesn't make any sense why the little girl would stay in the basement after being swithced, after 30 years.
 I loved everything about the movie up until then
Seth McConnell
Seth McConnell - Day ago
Damn, just realized that’s why she got out of the car sat there and watched the tethered daughter in the tree die because that was her real daughter just like she was sad about the tethered boy dying. Also, the white family didn’t kill her even though they had so many opportunities to because they were waiting for Red to get her revenge.
3rd Sherman
3rd Sherman - Day ago
You dope
Kailey Smith
Kailey Smith - Day ago
The scissors pretty much symbolize the tethered cutting themselves away from the real person
REECE GS - Day ago
Joson: this is kinda bullshit
tsaotsit - Day ago
Just pointing out, the green hoodie that Zora was wearing had “Thỏ” written on it, which means “Rabbit” in Vietnamese
NotYourFriend Beatz
I think this movie is about not being afraid of our own people
Janina Edge
Janina Edge - Day ago
Check out this awesome short film 🙏🏾✝️
Samantha Faith
Samantha Faith - 2 days ago
Adelaide also hesitated on killing the tethered daughter.
RaShad Gibbs
RaShad Gibbs - 2 days ago
Thank you for just analyzing the movie, and not making it about yourself. Great video
The Davis Dimension
The Davis Dimension - 2 days ago
His stare was deadly
Maya Bandz
Maya Bandz - 2 days ago
Does the movie US mean United States?👀
Bg Bg
Bg Bg - 2 days ago
Everyone is talking about the mother and her son but what about the daughter?
Julio Lopes
Julio Lopes - 3 days ago
So... Us = United States
And "us" we.
They work every detail !!
Jashona ball
Jashona ball - 3 days ago
first of all i wach it litte due just tell me
Ryan Cox
Ryan Cox - 3 days ago
Not the original mother who watched the commerical...
Thea Swan
Thea Swan - 3 days ago
Wth the boy was really switched???
I’m Bee
I’m Bee - 4 days ago
Wtf. I just back from watching US like at 10 pm and I find this at my top recommendations.
Baurice Thomas
Baurice Thomas - 4 days ago
Leave it to Jordan Peele to mess up your mind lol
ColOfu! cL0uds
ColOfu! cL0uds - 4 days ago
When they were holding hands they were kinda forming a wall. So they could not get to Mexico even if they wanted to. Also my theory on the scissors was they are called a PAIR of scissors ,and usually they are used to alter and edit things to make them to your liking or approval.
sexxyperv - 4 days ago
I disagree with the kid being switched.
Evelin Rodriguez
Evelin Rodriguez - 4 days ago
I’m just curious why the mom never tired to escape the underground tunnel? Like she was there for years!
Jim Cowhand
Jim Cowhand - 4 days ago
I hate when the gov't stores clones in underground tunnels that can be accessed from a beachfront funhouse.
Terrance - 4 days ago
And when the red suit mom snatched the little boy she probably told him that she was his real mom and didn’t kill him and that’s why the boy was looking at the mom different in the ambulance
K o n g K o n g
K o n g K o n g - 4 days ago
1:23 rsbbit on her daughters t shirt
geeccheyboi geechie boy
They been switching baby at hospital soon as there born they take them in the back to run test on the baby to make shore it's OK that when the switch is made
Sarah Ichi
Sarah Ichi - 4 days ago
My only problem with the little boy theory is why would the human boy be running around like an animal?
Stefanie Z
Stefanie Z - 4 days ago
The little girl couldn’t just walk out since it’s huge down there and she was probably knocked unconscious when she was tied to the bunk bed underground... and she was 6 years old ?
Wendy Ubani
Wendy Ubani - 4 days ago
am I the only one who hasn't seen the movie and doesn't understand shit from this video??
Brandon Michalowski
Brandon Michalowski - 5 days ago
Holy crap damn brother u hit the nail on the head PERFECTLY! I 100% agree about the son...also after watching this outstanding video I went back re-watched US again and you can very much see all those clues you more. It really helps to tie in every single part of the movie more smoothly.
Toon Link
Toon Link - 5 days ago
I know it's not important, but the real biggest plot hole is 'WHAT WERE THEY FEEDING THE RABBITS WITH IF THE GOVERNMENT SHUT THE TETHERED PROJECT DOWN?
Joanne Jeanjoseph
Joanne Jeanjoseph - 5 days ago
Discover US on SNL! It's like MK Ultra: Mind Control!
Zo Moss
Zo Moss - 5 days ago
Jordan peeles secret is staring dark skinned people
a - 5 days ago
I haven’t watched get out yet and I’m sad you ruined it before I could click out of the video
Kierra Henderson
Kierra Henderson - 5 days ago
How does Jordan Peele sleep at night
Adam657 - 5 days ago
Scissors are paired, symmetrical pieces which come together to divide...
Supreme&Aset Ent.
Supreme&Aset Ent. - 5 days ago
That's why Lupita winked at him in the end. (Thankyou)
Matthew McAlister
Matthew McAlister - 5 days ago
Adelaide was still the mother though. The original Adelaide did not give birth to the two non-tethered children
Cage820 - 5 days ago
The scissors were picked as the weapon of choice because they are two halves that form one item, and symbolically they will cut the bond between tethered and the other person
Sebastian Gołębniak
Sebastian Gołębniak - 5 days ago
Sorry but whats mean terhered
Marian Moore-Rounds
Marian Moore-Rounds - 5 days ago
I was also wondering since the tethered emulated the actions of those above ground, what would happen to the tethered version if the human/above ground version passed away (I.e. Addy's mom/the grandmother)? Just curious.
Tom Langford
Tom Langford - 6 days ago
Wasn't quite as good as it could have been but still really enjoyed it
dracyoola - 6 days ago
Film Theory? Who're they? Never heard of 'em. XDDD Amazing video; you've earned a sub and notification squad member haha! ♥
Ian Higgins
Ian Higgins - 6 days ago
this was one of the worst movies I've ever seen. i saw get out and loved it. it made sense for what it was. i also get that they wanted to have a spiritual, conspiracy and something for the viewer to figure out but damn there were so many unbelievable scenarios and holes in the plot. i get what they wanted to go after and the little things they were doing in the movie to try that but it s just too far out there and no explanation on how they get to this point. i feel like it was a supernatural thing and they had an "downside" like stranger things or something. I've walked out of two movie my hole life and this was the 3rd.

answer me these questions:

-Are there 400 million clone people underground? how would they possible organize a husband, wife or people meeting in general to have kids etc... i mean what if i were to fly to London and meet my wife there and have kids? or wait is the whole world cloned?? lol
-what happens if a human skydives or goes to space or deep sea dives...does the tether just try and do this in a room
-if they have to mirror everything there tether does, how can they possible organize their takeover...especially if they cant talk
if this was a government failed project... where are they getting funding for 30 years to maintain this takeover
-why did they appear superhuman in only one part of the movie (when tether family first appears). there just cloned humans right? also the father clone seemed super human in the lake..he magically held his breath for what seemed like 10 minutes and just appeared like the lockness monster
-why does the little boy mirror the other boy and walk into fire? thought he was free now? this inconsistent with everything else
-why were the police called and said they were going to be there in 15 min and 30 min later no one shows... everyone dead by this point? because the neighborhood they were in seemed pretty calm and normal
-this was based in Santa Cruz, CA....the entire movie seemed like a ghost would think that if 400 million people were being murdered it would be pretty obvious
-why do the lights go out in the home and in the white family home with no explanation? are they trained law enforcement/military people too?

this can go on and on...dont waste your money in the movie theater at least lol
Liz - 6 days ago
when adelaide sees the family standing in the driveway she tells her daughter to put on her shoes, and that’s how you know she’s actually a tethered because she understands that the tethered live their lives mimicking the humans movements and the daughter loved to run, so she knew her tethered would be a fast runner.
adam kay
adam kay - 7 days ago
Interesting insights. You (and a lot of people in this comment section) have obviously given the film and (sub)plot(s) a lot of thought. Personally, I didn't think it was worth pondering for longer than five minutes after I left the cinema. I found it banal, cliched, and like most modern horror, annoyingly had the cast doing all the best things NOT to do in those situations. There may have been a lot of hidden meaning and clever references but for me they were concealed under a flimsy plot (which, by the time it was spelt out I had ceased to care about) acted out by characters I couldn't have cared less about. Thoroughly disappointing.
Christina Gubler
Christina Gubler - 7 days ago
Where they got that gear in the tunnels?
1MrR - 7 days ago
Second guy to say fluoride isn't harmful and believes the government wouldn't allow it if it was. Check your history. If the government is known for experiments of harmful effects as well as towards particular groups of people how do you just fly by with "it's a conspiracy that's out there".... Typical. I just wanted to see what certain people would say when watching this vid
LJT Watcher
LJT Watcher - 7 days ago
It was a waist of time, I should have listened to my gut and watched Dumbo. Get out was 100x better. Was hoping you would give me a deeper interpretation lol cuz I figured plot out first 30min. Thought there was a deeper darker meaning 😂 thanks for the break down!
Dreadful soap
Dreadful soap - 7 days ago
My 1 brain cell has exploded trying to comprehend this
Erin Kay
Erin Kay - 7 days ago
Okay, she may not be the real adelaide but she certainly is the REAL mother and wife. I mean the husband fell inlove and married her and she gave birth to those kids. Just saying 😐
Sam - 7 days ago
romahnae - 7 days ago
3:23 but, he was.. he did
robert dejesus
robert dejesus - 7 days ago
jbliggidy123 - 8 days ago
I think the get out, Us connection is a stretch, and I also don't think the little boy was a tethered, Adelaide screamed no because she IS a tethered, so she has sympathy, empathy towards tethered folks, she didnt finish off the tethered daughter in the woods for the same reason instead just looked at her with pity, Jason only started looking at his mother differently when he saw her kill that tethered twin with the scissor, grunting and what not like the tethered do, I feel like this is where he starts to suspect her.
ashliana spence
ashliana spence - 8 days ago
Why does no one else talk about the fact that since Red is the real one it means her kids are also half real n half tethered
Bad Boyb2g music
Bad Boyb2g music - 8 days ago
Kelli Allen
Kelli Allen - 8 days ago
Kamran Ward
Kamran Ward - 8 days ago
Another twist the father with the boat👀
Kamran Ward
Kamran Ward - 8 days ago
Remember how he didn’t know how to work it there entire family was tether it seems like that’s y they survived
Alaina Esguerra
Alaina Esguerra - 8 days ago
i think that the mom never went back up after she was switched bc she saw how much the tethered were suffering and the ways they were forced to do what the other was, so she decided to lead them and help them break free and take over. she calls them ‘her people’ when her and adelaide confront each other in the classroom, therefore she felt a need to help them in order for her to be free as well. also the scissors could signify cutting off the connection between the tethered and the actual person, in other words this is why the tethered killed their doppelgängers. they had to cut the connection in order to be free. guns wouldn’t be as frightening and ominous as scissors !!
aaron grisham
aaron grisham - 8 days ago
So, Jordan Peele said they aren’t connected at all
Mark Sells
Mark Sells - 8 days ago
The text of Jeremiah 11:11 is very fitting, but also the cloning/doppleganger element is again on display in the 11:11.
Gabe Miller
Gabe Miller - 8 days ago
I can’t wait for Jordan Peele’s next movie Gus Lol 😂 or maybe it will be called Stay In or Stay Inside or something haha
Chris Jones
Chris Jones - 8 days ago
Vegans are the failed clones OMG
ferrari mitchell_
ferrari mitchell_ - 8 days ago
The tethered probably made the outfits and scissors
Chiara and Dani Brown
Chiara and Dani Brown - 8 days ago
They used scissors because they were cutting themselves away from the people they were tethered to. Like the paper people who were connected. It took scissors to separate them
Aisha Jellal
Aisha Jellal - 8 days ago
Wow everyone really looks into the film hidden details I just watch it and just understand what’s going on not hidden things that just confuses me but cause I loved this film so much I had to understand still confused me more though 😂😂😭
Aisha Jellal
Aisha Jellal - 8 days ago
I don’t think the boy was switched 😫
madeyouso - 8 days ago
This is litt 🔥🔥 but I jus hit 100K on my FIRST MUSIC VIDEO EVER🎬🔥🔥
Simone Rodgers
Simone Rodgers - 9 days ago
The reason they used Scissors was because that’s apart of the last memories she has above ground
wutdahek12 - 9 days ago
Brilliant analysis I concur
Zeru - 9 days ago
Your switched kid theory doesnt quite work, I think. The switched kid wouldn't know that the door in the cabin closet closes so he wouldn't put the toy car there in order to block the door from closing.
Marco Martinez
Marco Martinez - 9 days ago
are you a nerd
Cody-Brianna Pope
Cody-Brianna Pope - 9 days ago
Idk why everyone thinks Jason was switched 🤦🏾‍♀️ why would he attach his family? Or why would he kill himself??? I’m sure when she took him she told him
My problem is no one is really talking about the elephant in the room. If the tether people are being controlled by the real versions of them selves how in the hell is Adelaide not being controlled by red? She only took her identity because she was mimicking and ironically came face to face ... or was it the other way around are the tethered calling the shot? That’s the only thing that confuses me.
Nyahnuh - 9 days ago
The switch can explain how the red family just came out of their hiding. Jason being switched could have notified that real (or evil) adalaide was there.
biterface03 - 9 days ago
Why Was The Bunny Transparent @ 2:46?
Neca Bibi
Neca Bibi - 9 days ago
Think peele was hinting at the boy being swapped. He didn't put all those hints in the movie for no reason. for example
1.The boy forgetting his magic trick. forgetting how to snap his fingers. While Pluto knows these things and made a point of showing his original family he could snap his fingers.

2) Jason not wanting to eat, just like Adelaide didn't want to when she swapped with the real girl.
3)Them hinting that the boys behaviour had changed so much since the last time they came to the beach house. same thing happens with Adelaide
4) Speaking strangely because he would only have learnt limited speech from red if he'd been underground.
5) The real boys throat and mouth being burnt so he couldnt speak was done to so you can't confirm or refute the theory.
6) Adelaide trying to teach the boy rhythm and to act normal, Like she knew.
Him being strange building tunnels in the sand instead of castles.
Carly A
Carly A - 9 days ago
I was really disappointed by this film. Great acting, but crazy level plot holes... it ruined it for me.
Trinity Michaux
Trinity Michaux - 10 days ago
I saw this movie yo it was crazy
Dennis Ford
Dennis Ford - 10 days ago
First time watcher and man I do have to say I was looking for ending explained and your the 4th video I've watched and man. 1st 1 foundflix it dragged. New rockstar don't like that guy. Then INSIDER gotta say i enjoyed it. But yours I liked the best and the end of the video......!!!!! Your take about the boy just like made the movie for me so thank you. Your work wasn't for naught!
Banji coker
Banji coker - 10 days ago
M Mortal Productions
M Mortal Productions - 10 days ago
The kids were killers because they were half and half. The dad was a fairy.
mishel brown
mishel brown - 10 days ago
Also in the beginning of the movie they are watching the TV and it is talking about hidden underground tunnels.
Fricken' Fox
Fricken' Fox - 10 days ago
A cool little thing you also probably missed in the movie is that the original mother was kidnapped by her doppelgänger and chained to her bed with a pair of handcuffs. But we see that earlier in the movie, when the original mother comes back after the doppelgänger, she chains her to a table with the same exact handcuffs, and we see these very same handcuffs throughout the entire movie. Really cool!
KB Kb - 10 days ago
The plot twist was not hinted form the start, it was delivered on a plate
Sammy El Badry
Sammy El Badry - 10 days ago
It is impossible for the boy to have been switched out because he controlled the boy walking backwards into the fire
Stem Bird
Stem Bird - 9 days ago
Jacob Edwards
Jacob Edwards - 10 days ago
I did like this movie but get out didn't have as many holes in the plot...the little girl definitely was not locked down there she couldve left at anytime
II4037man D
II4037man D - 10 days ago
i think the movie is flawed
Susana M.
Susana M. - 10 days ago
I agree with the boy being switched out, I got the same impression
Patrick Baklava
Patrick Baklava - 10 days ago
Theres a difference between sodium fluoride and calcium fluoride. And no the one in our water isnt good for our teeth
paul gulla
paul gulla - 10 days ago
Jason doesn't switch, he is just wierd. If he got switched, the doppelganger wouldn't speak so well. Somebody may argue that its because the real woman taught him how to speak under the ground. But the truth is the real woman was just a kid when trapped in the tunnel, after all these years, she cannot even speak properly herself.
Victoria Reed
Victoria Reed - 10 days ago
I'm glad you made your video! Maybe there will be a second one or some kind of spin off that will flash back Jason being switched!
Isaiah Amoji
Isaiah Amoji - 10 days ago
She is stull the real mom
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