Shotti Exposes Other SNITCHES that helped Take down Tr3yWay other than 6ix9ine. Court Docs Confirm

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Tyrmaine Brown
Tyrmaine Brown - 5 days ago
Audio and sound is the same thing
Donovan Riley
Donovan Riley - 5 days ago
It sounded like Ak said “You’ll probably come to the same conclusion I’m gay” at 4:40 LMAO
glenn hayden
glenn hayden - 5 days ago
He’s looks at home
James Romelt
James Romelt - 6 days ago
It was a good few months not seeing ak pop up on my YouTube feed, now hes back and as annoying as ever.
ѕcσttíѕh ѕtαcíє
Shotti ❤❤
jayilla28 - 13 days ago
You on his dick hard af
Huso Cidem
Huso Cidem - 13 days ago
I respect shotti and feel bad for him..nd feel bad for tekashi69 cuz he's young and made alot of shity moves..but fbi dont care
Erick Payes
Erick Payes - 14 days ago
He will be out soon he probably going to come out representing that blue bandana now
My Aura Is Clean It Brought Me Here
One of the largest blood sets east of the Mississippi River was destroyed from one goofy ass Cloud rapper. Lol
Jesse Shamburg
Jesse Shamburg - 15 days ago
Damn fake bloods!!!! If this shit is real. Fake bloods
Tina Belcastro
Tina Belcastro - 15 days ago
I been tryin 2 tell every1 this & check this out right here. Thank U 4 truth U R tellin here!
Savage Boyz
Savage Boyz - 16 days ago
Velma Lewis
Velma Lewis - 16 days ago
Nigga u 69 and vlad are one in the same
Jasmine Bailey
Jasmine Bailey - 17 days ago
Exactly but I feel like he was a SNITCH to begin with tho and he was used to get in on hip hop and gangs
Fukyu All
Fukyu All - 17 days ago
Love to see all the jokes about a real situation.
Leon Carter
Leon Carter - 17 days ago
Ain't no taking up for nobody.......... snitchin is snitchin
Steven Ngata
Steven Ngata - 19 days ago
Ur a snitch too
Next big Thing
Next big Thing - 19 days ago
3:25 wired for audio and sound 😂
Not what You think.
Not what You think. - 21 day ago
The Wire 2.0 :Tekashi's Run
Written & produced by 50 cent,coming to a Netflix near you. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😐.
Robert Boyd
Robert Boyd - 21 day ago
Lmao. All a bunch of clowns. Enjoy prison
nabil chowdhury
nabil chowdhury - 21 day ago
4:40, he didn’t say “you comin to the conclusion that I am gay”. he said, “you comin to the conclusion that I am getting”.
REEL Sic_Stixxx
REEL Sic_Stixxx - 21 day ago
69 about to have a field day with all this when he get out I wouldn’t be surprised if he said he was an informant from the get go
Lovely Soul
Lovely Soul - 21 day ago
Criminals 😂😂😂😂🤦🏽‍♀️ let me break the law and be mad when someone tells 😂😂😂🤷🏽‍♀️ I’ll never get it
FaLsE-v -PrOpHeT
FaLsE-v -PrOpHeT - 22 days ago
i think they set Tekashi 69 up
Frank Lopez
Frank Lopez - 23 days ago
Shotti is a POS. Evil 👿 ass
Jralls3 - 23 days ago
Akademiks giving 69 (almost said snitch nine) a lifeline, after all the news has broke!
Fuck Head
Fuck Head - 23 days ago
Bet, so snitching is ok as long as other people snitched before me. Got it.
GoonieS4 - 23 days ago
Ak tryna get people okay with 69 snitchin I mean he is right but I'm pretty sure he getting a bag for this outside YouTube money n shit, I'm actually wondering if shotti not like I'll forgive if you break my fan off n keeps my books full. That's unlikely sure but the ak def tryna prime people for when 6ix gets out b starts Makin music again. Without 6ix snitchin they still getting busted.
shakie Pete
shakie Pete - 23 days ago
So this is how ak tries to so called help 69 I guess. Oh he wasn't the only one and most likely the last one.
Young APTEEK - 23 days ago
Fuck akademiks he a thot
DAHATER890 - 23 days ago
Bobby Bandz
Bobby Bandz - 23 days ago
It's almost never the cops you gotta worry about,its the man beside you. Freedom cost more then most are willing to pay.
MJR 9 - 24 days ago
Itsssss 3wayyyyy
Chop Shop Tv
Chop Shop Tv - 24 days ago
Ak u booo boo..How u roll with 69 now you wanna act like u never messed with him..You foo foo bruh
Kristine Sebastine
Kristine Sebastine - 24 days ago
When the feds come for you, your done all the evidence is there they don’t come out until they have enough for guilty verdict
MissRory662 - 20 days ago
Kristine Sebastine a lie, if that’s the case they will be nailing r kelly ass but instead they looking for more evidence
T man
T man - 24 days ago
All of them see what they want you to see. They are linking people. Just see, not look. This is all a set prop. You don't see them being harrassed by cops. Straight feds. Real for real!
CannaRollWidUs - 24 days ago
I think you snitched
Mike Lowrey
Mike Lowrey - 24 days ago
Shotti is done. After his bid, they will ship him back to Trinidad just like Bang'em Smurf
Franz Sells
Franz Sells - 25 days ago
LMAO.. did he just say get a job .. * these MF robbers..🤣😂😆😳🤔👀
ASAP Ghee - 25 days ago
Yo ass a canary as well dj ak
Vernell Bailey
Vernell Bailey - 25 days ago
Lol, you was hanging out with 69, so you would know, I wouldn't doubt if you and 69 sat and talked about how he was gonna start telling on everyone, but now you back on here acting like your telling a story, but your really a main actor.
Patrick Kim
Patrick Kim - 25 days ago
That’s a tactical pen 🖊
thirdEYEsix - 25 days ago
Happy People
Happy People - 25 days ago
Akademiks on the feds payroll to and why you was baiting 69 when he was lit 🤐🤫🤭🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔
nun - 25 days ago
What's with akademiks and the high pitch intro. It sounds a nigga who likes too much tea, he needs to be like shawn blazington and get in the Hennessy 😂😂😂
Patrick Bateman
Patrick Bateman - 25 days ago
did you say wired for audio and sound?
did you say youre gay? at 4:41?
D K2K19
D K2K19 - 25 days ago
C,I Criminal informant
Andrew Felicello
Andrew Felicello - 25 days ago
Lmao treyway looking wild goofy out here
Michelle Powell
Michelle Powell - 25 days ago
This dude said I was reading the bible lolololololololololololololol. Is this ninja tryna justify his actions via the word of GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?????????????? Everybody is in jail cause they're dumb.....PERIODT. Keep the same energy. U wasn't thinking about God when u was SUPER DUPER violating ppl. GET thee behind me satan lololololololololol
Greg Wells
Greg Wells - 25 days ago
The Italian's want the NY streets back!!! Just what it looks like...its bigger than the B and C's
juveduran - 25 days ago
I get that 69 snitch but shotti was doing the man wrong. Shotti was doing the crimes so why 69 should take life ? They even kidnapped the man tf 😂 same.gang was snitching on each other.
0 0
0 0 - 26 days ago
Bro what do you be saying in the beginning lol 😂
slime slatt
slime slatt - 20 days ago
I be tryna figure that out too bruh.🤣
Scorpio Scorpio
Scorpio Scorpio - 26 days ago
GAYWAY ...🍆🍆🍆🍆
charlie hustle
charlie hustle - 26 days ago
Shotti got nothing but karma
Boimah Sambola
Boimah Sambola - 26 days ago
Crazy to think how many people get caught up in hood drama. Its so many better ways to make it. Its so much more to life bro. Smh.
Hha Jvmvk
Hha Jvmvk - 26 days ago
A snitch is a bitch that can't swim that's why they end up in the river floating down shit's creek!
BKazzanova05 - 26 days ago
AUDIO AND SOUND Akademiks you dumb as fuck yo.
BKazzanova05 - 26 days ago
That nigga Shotti wanna be 2Pac so bad yoooo his favorite video is hit em up lol 1:43
chooch - da - don
chooch - da - don - 26 days ago
Dis guys been an undercover ever since dat peado shit, hes been a snitch from the start g
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