Wish Dot Com

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Abby ́
Abby ́ - 7 minutes ago
oh to live in the us where shipping doesn't regularly take 2-3 weeks
Op Owl
Op Owl - 24 minutes ago
The add near 5:50 wish fitness tracker 24 money's
《•H o n e y c r y s t a l•》
Did anyone else get a wish ad..?
Gamer boy1477
Gamer boy1477 - 2 hours ago
When you wish on wish.com you can buy HUMAN TEETH!
•M i l k i •
•M i l k i • - 2 hours ago
m e n s t e a
Edit: I just got an ad for wish.com ;-;
Colonial Boi
Colonial Boi - 2 hours ago
I got a wish ad on this vid, smh
Nick Braman
Nick Braman - 3 hours ago
Just_A_Randøm_Persøn - 4 hours ago
I got a ad for Wish in the middle of this video

claire o'driscoll
claire o'driscoll - 4 hours ago
in case your wondering, wish gets the human teeth because one of wish's employees is the tooth fairy 🤦 why doesn't anyone know?
SebastianLego Contraption
0:12 my favorite food that compliments my chocolate chicken feet
Tate Fletcher
Tate Fletcher - 5 hours ago
Me: mom can we have amazon
Mom: we have amazon at home
...amazon at home Wish.com
Realistic Thoughts
Realistic Thoughts - 5 hours ago
15:40 I wonder why they would need it for the top middle photo
Animal Suit Entertainment
You Drink the Cream An It Make You Hallucinate an 8-Pack.
boli boli
boli boli - 6 hours ago
laptop valendo 1 dolar
brasileiros: mas ué nao vejo nada de estranho sempre é assim
Hatsune Miku
Hatsune Miku - 7 hours ago
This would fit 2Danny2Furious but oK
Generic NPC
Generic NPC - 7 hours ago
I got a wish ad while watching...
Dying_duck - 7 hours ago
Omg I can’t It’s like 3am and I’m trying to laugh quietly cause everyone’s asleep
Trindalas Valadaros
Trindalas Valadaros - 8 hours ago
I bought a few things on wish out of curiosity. A couple things seemed pretty good but it was mostly knockoff crap/fake shit/extremely shoddy. Haven’t used it since. I see some weird shit on Facebook ads from wish still though lol
you chubby
you chubby - 9 hours ago
when i was watching this a wish ad for a dad giving his children smartwatches popped up
Unique Pickle
Unique Pickle - 9 hours ago
My add was wish and the alarm clock is moving because like so then the person has to chase the clock so they wake up
Bradyo - 9 hours ago
how does a price decrease by 77 dollars? That's basically giving it away for free.
Captain even slower
Captain even slower - 10 hours ago
For me, every ad on this video was from wish
Mustafa Q.
Mustafa Q. - 10 hours ago
3:30 Those are acrylic teeth used in the fabrication of low-cost aclyric removable dentures. Dental labs buy them.
y0uwish - 10 hours ago
haha you wis hget it my name hahahahaha
Dead House Mouse
Dead House Mouse - 11 hours ago
AJ Manley
AJ Manley - 11 hours ago
I got a wish ad while watching.
PeterHolland SpiderParker TomMan
That camera is as insecure as me
Kulik 1
Kulik 1 - 12 hours ago
Anyone wants Danny to buy these stuff?
Ninjaisabot_FaZe - 13 hours ago
I got a fucking wish ad
xd Pugg
xd Pugg - 13 hours ago
When I clicked on the video there was a wish ad
Steve Reeve
Steve Reeve - 13 hours ago
I got 2 wish adds lol
Rachael M.
Rachael M. - 14 hours ago
He must've confused his beard oil with his 8-pack gel
dorking-too-hard 0.o
dorking-too-hard 0.o - 14 hours ago
Wish dot com
*we dont know either*
Ivan Gough
Ivan Gough - 15 hours ago
I got a wish ad on this video.
Akiva Miller
Akiva Miller - 15 hours ago
I bought a ps3 and a lamp on wish it’s great! But we don’t talk about the ps4....
Maria Gloria
Maria Gloria - 16 hours ago
Victor Hopewave
Victor Hopewave - 17 hours ago
StarryFeline - 17 hours ago
Hard and Slippery indeed
Madison Clark
Madison Clark - 17 hours ago
When I was watching this I got a wish add. Wtf
kokonut kookie
kokonut kookie - 22 hours ago
Wish is the bing of bying products
thekrustycrab - 22 hours ago
nugget snail
nugget snail - 22 hours ago
i feel like i saw a video just like this made before this, oh well probably nothing.
Henry Wilde
Henry Wilde - 22 hours ago
Wish.com employees: hmmm what makes a good add?
Everyone else: (0 o 0)
Rabbitprettypaws - 23 hours ago
Those water balloons were originally 69$
Lawrence Johnson
Lawrence Johnson - 23 hours ago
The bird holder is a toothbrush holder
Galaxyprosboy Hero
Galaxyprosboy Hero - 23 hours ago
The only normal thing in wish is popcorn boat the popcorn will cook in the water so in the beach making popcon
bill chipher
bill chipher - Day ago
I went to watch this and I got a wish add weird
coke man
coke man - Day ago
Wish is even shitier salvation army
lauren pate
lauren pate - Day ago
It’s from China, that’s why it takes so long. If you think it’s too good to be true....then you’re right! Just spend a day checking out shops on Canal Street in Chinatown, NYC. It’s the exact same thing. Some of the stuff is fun though!
Audrey porad-brand
Audrey porad-brand - Day ago
i spent half the video tryna figure out what his shirt said bc the height of the table all i could read was "if you're reading this you're" and i was like ahhhhh i'm what?? lol
MJ Peng
MJ Peng - Day ago
I’m late to this video by a month

Just like Wish products
Shelly Johnson
Shelly Johnson - Day ago
Me:watches denny gorbzales
Also me: gets wish ad for 10$ smartwatch
Stoimen Evtimov
Stoimen Evtimov - Day ago
I just got a wish ad
Mal Sœur
Mal Sœur - Day ago
I watched this once and it was funny, but I just rewatched it high and OH MY GWAHD was it so much funnier
Lib :P
Lib :P - Day ago
I love the "whErE's mY hOUse?"
awkward_killjoy _
awkward_killjoy _ - Day ago
LEeROY nnJENKINS - Day ago
Man you should buy some weird shit from Wish and wait to show us.. i mean, the video would be you with 56 years but, it would be funny anyway :D
It’z Blitz
It’z Blitz - Day ago
I got a wish dot com add on this vid
Stephanny Paz
Stephanny Paz - Day ago
.... and now wish is selling missing kids
Drew Mon
Drew Mon - Day ago
Lily Hunter
Lily Hunter - Day ago
I have notifications on! by the way ur vids always make me laugh!
William Castengera
William Castengera - Day ago
I got a wish.com ad while watching
Quadra Groupies
Quadra Groupies - Day ago
🤣🤣🤣 he kills me with his damn humor
Sasha Sia
Sasha Sia - Day ago
I just got I wish ad on this video
scarrletteX - Day ago
I bought an anime figure off wish in early may and it came two days ago (9th July)

It was kinda worth it tho
Funny dragon ball edits
ksi needs this 7:31 😂😂😂
Jasmine 48
Jasmine 48 - Day ago
Ofcca wish ad played in the middle of this video lol
Simona_Jur - Day ago
👏No👏one👏cares👏if👏you👏had👏a👏wish👏ad👏or👏not👏. 👏Just👏watch👏the👏fricking👏video👏.
Burntpotatocrisp 667
To be honest with u Danny I legit had a hamster harness before my hamster died and she loved it 😂🤣😂🤣😂
I was literally watching this and a wish ad popped up like bro
Bella Manor
Bella Manor - Day ago
Wish dot com we don’t know either
Molly Sherman
Molly Sherman - Day ago
I got an add for wish when i was watching this
Vanilla Ice
Vanilla Ice - Day ago
One of my mutuals on twitter sell their teeth, yet I still don’t know why
Deona - Day ago
I want the Chicken helmet for my cat.
Deona - Day ago
This too funny
Owen Willard
Owen Willard - Day ago
They just send Chinese knockoffs
I love doggo
I love doggo - Day ago
you were the angel in TheOdd1’s out video!
kirin m.b.
kirin m.b. - Day ago
3:29 Those are not real teeth they're just pontics!! Dental Technicians use those to make dentures 😂😂
Silent Snow
Silent Snow - Day ago
My mom got something from Wish,it’s been 4 years and It’s not here.
FF5615 - Day ago
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