Doja Cat - The Tale of Becoming Doja Cat | Vevo LIFT

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•Angel• - 27 minutes ago
yass doja cat be yourself
Pia Wartsback
Pia Wartsback - 2 hours ago
she deserves a collaboration with Beyonce and Chloe x Halle
Retinopath - 2 hours ago
i forgot about her ☠️🥱
mikita beauty
mikita beauty - 2 hours ago
Please make a funny song with lil dicky! Doja please notice!!!!
Çřýbåbý Fãń Pőţåţô
Is is just me or does she look and sound a little like Katty Perry?
Jesus Christ
Jesus Christ - 3 hours ago
Not surprised people tried to “cancel” her for being “racist” there’s a lot to be jealous about including her personality, she still snapped back like a queen 😌✨
Andrew Ybarra
Andrew Ybarra - 3 hours ago
YAH'SHUA PAC - 4 hours ago
You were never alone you always had the ALMIGHTY MOST HIGH with you and people who think and feel just like you and now you have become the voice for all of us and your a creative genius of music and I I love how you exceeded the boundaries society have put us all in that’s part of the reason so many people liked moo cause it took big OVARIES 4 u nuts for me to do that! Not to mention it was nice and entertaining great piece of work by the way on juicy your 🍒looks soo good I wanna bite😏
Aldel Macapagal
Aldel Macapagal - 7 hours ago
This lady is gonna get some awards in the future, because she got talent and all it takes. I'll be one of those who'll be happy for her when that day comes. Godspeed Doja Cat!
iam1 shay
iam1 shay - 8 hours ago
Doja cat looks like piper from charmed(the old one)
Gary Hardwick
Gary Hardwick - 10 hours ago
Doja is some kind of genius, of course she's gonna be a little off.
WaJid Holdings
WaJid Holdings - 10 hours ago
aetsheticx - 11 hours ago
is this the second k-12?
edit: ik its not lol i think
xoobo vola
xoobo vola - 6 hours ago That' s all to it
Izul Padilla
Izul Padilla - 11 hours ago
I love you so much
xoobo vola
xoobo vola - 6 hours ago
I think I'm gay😳👉👈
Ciana Elliot
Ciana Elliot - 13 hours ago
She dosent know she makes everyone's quarantine better
karen karen
karen karen - 13 hours ago
Aaron Warrington
Aaron Warrington - 14 hours ago
Could we talk about how she ate this up still without a fucking song ?!
C Bama
C Bama - 14 hours ago
Gotta love me sum doja.....
lodi - 14 hours ago
i love u doja
Fayth Weathers
Fayth Weathers - 15 hours ago
Plz start a podcast your voice is so calming and amazing
Layla Wood
Layla Wood - 15 hours ago
I'm just waiting for her to go back to making good music and not just overly sexual music. Still a long time fan either way.
xhxneybearx - 15 hours ago
Beautiful 💞💞💕
Ginger Tom
Ginger Tom - 18 hours ago
I am so excited by her
prakrati sharma
prakrati sharma - 20 hours ago
Love xoxo ❤️
It's_Me _Lilyana
It's_Me _Lilyana - 21 hour ago
I love how Doja Cat can be herself and she shows her skin, and her personality. She is unique compared to all the other rap and hip hop artists. Even if it is outrageous it's still great because she made it. I love her personality, and her music. 💕💕💕
Cloverskyeyes1 - 21 hour ago
💖 🐾🔥🔥🥰🤩👏🏻💖
Alexis Stiver
Alexis Stiver - 21 hour ago
I think I'm gay😳👉👈
Renan Oliveira
Renan Oliveira - 22 hours ago
That' s all to it
이헌욱 - 23 hours ago
Hello ! Doja Cat
Angel El Amor De Mi Vida
I Love Dojita❤️
nawi ryuk
nawi ryuk - Day ago
Yow, why you all hate doja cat? Doja bring back us to 90's vibe.
Xx depresso xX
Xx depresso xX - Day ago
Finallyyyy they covered on her!!!!
Cecy Zoldyck :3
Cecy Zoldyck :3 - Day ago
Sara Silva
Sara Silva - Day ago
I want this with billie eilish, conan gray, girl in red and clairo
Ilsa S
Ilsa S - Day ago
i actually knew of doja since 'so high', i wouldn't call myself a stan but i supported her and casually followed her music - idk much about all the drama that recently blew up tho but i still like her music a lot. bops after bops
Laurie P
Laurie P - Day ago
Nicki Minaj’s TRUE son in the rap industry, and I love it!
itsjavante - Day ago
Kiaahh D
Kiaahh D - Day ago
I love her💗😻
† Sweet Moon [A.M] †
Sometimes I say I want to die, but I remember why I am still alive:
Amara Nembhard
Amara Nembhard - Day ago
Love your music Doja
7 7
7 7 - Day ago
* S u n x f l w e r *
is nobody gonna talk about the amazing editing!?
Star - Day ago
tymika welsh
tymika welsh - Day ago
She doesn't seem so cancelled to me...
Markeith Jackson
Markeith Jackson - Day ago
Man i really like Doja she makes very good music and she's comfortable in her own skin and very beautiful man
f-society 2.0
f-society 2.0 - Day ago
pura basura
Graham Smith
Graham Smith - Day ago
So damn sexy.
The K Channel
The K Channel - Day ago
One aesthetic that really appeals to me about Doja is how she can be sooo sexy but lady like at the same time. Idk how to describe it. She’s so enticing and mesmerizing from her music to her looks, I can’t get enough.
José Cavanhaqui
José Cavanhaqui - Day ago
Who else went to MOO?
_Honeypie - Day ago
I really sleep on her like she’s a bed
Lisa Lozano
Lisa Lozano - Day ago
I love you dojidoj 💕💕💕💕
Bunker Boy
Bunker Boy - Day ago
Would you let her sit on your face
40 subscribers before 2021
I am waiting for James Charles and doja cat collab, it's coming Y'all
1k subscribers
1k subscribers - Day ago
Like only if you like her ☺
oxana tronza
oxana tronza - Day ago
She is decoding yarn of meaning...
xoobo vola
xoobo vola - Day ago
"I'm never going to keep doing the same thing everyday so whatever box people wanna put me in, i'm always gonna break out of that." Beautiful quote, Beautiful human being
Kiro YT
Kiro YT - Day ago
K Thegodinfinity
K Thegodinfinity - Day ago
I 🖤 Doja
nikolay - Day ago
You’ve been famous for less than a year and you always made a video like this? Proof your career is gone...
LaCienega. Boulevardez
LaCienega. Boulevardez - 14 hours ago
nikolay ohhh ok lol
nikolay - 14 hours ago
LaCienega. Boulevardez that was just a reference to when she was cancelled on twitter. It was kind a joke
LaCienega. Boulevardez
LaCienega. Boulevardez - 14 hours ago
nikolay you right, but from your original comment what did you mean by “your career is gone” lmao
nikolay - 14 hours ago
LaCienega. Boulevardez true but she wasn’t mainstream
LaCienega. Boulevardez
LaCienega. Boulevardez - 15 hours ago
nikolay she actually more attention from moo 😒
Luis Martinez
Luis Martinez - Day ago
Doja is by far my fav. Rapper!
Carola Tesla
Carola Tesla - Day ago
I miss her old songs, apart from "say so" they all feel so commercial, her old songs felt more unique more "real" I know she can do better.
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