The real reason Boeing's new plane crashed twice

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James - Hour ago
Ah, Vox... they know EVERYTHING...
marc hayes
marc hayes - Hour ago
once again it took people dieing to fix a issue
vannylee - Hour ago
That's capitalism babe! Interest at any cost!
Rolando Crisostomo
Rolando Crisostomo - 2 hours ago
"only" two hours training? It take two seconds to tell someone "hey this plane has software to correct the over pitch of the plane, don't stall it" ...done.
Prof. Michael O. Zeee JCD ECS
Nothing we don't already know! Click-bait!
Ricky717Captain Official
Ricky717Captain Official - 3 hours ago
Just 3 words.
*AOA probes disagree*
This is it.
Marina G.
Marina G. - 4 hours ago
Titanic story all over again, but this time it happened twice
ON YOUR ASS - 4 hours ago
Fake news by libtard commies. Pilots could of disabled the system and flown the plane by hand.
Hiram Abiff
Hiram Abiff - 5 hours ago
Bryon Slatten
Bryon Slatten - 6 hours ago
Please share this video with your Congressional representatives.
wayne Last
wayne Last - 6 hours ago
Boeing and FAA need be brought up on manslaughter . It’s no different than if I negligently designed and approved a car part.
wayne Last
wayne Last - 6 hours ago
So this is another flaw in capitalism . No doubt FAA and Boeing execs had dollar signs over rule better judgement. Not to say capitalism should be eliminated but modified.
Traian G.
Traian G. - 7 hours ago
Mother! Its all about money , they did not care how stupid was to move the engine up the wing , they could not accept that airbus was a better plane with a better design. From now on i’ll make sure every time i fly to avoid boeing planes even if the ticket cost more money , my life can’t have a price like boeing stupid planes and greed
dotdot dot
dotdot dot - 8 hours ago
I'd be happy if airbus was the only major plane company that existed
Bugler55 - 5 hours ago
I wouldnt, competition ensures mistakes like this are punished.
ted1091 - 8 hours ago
Outstanding video
Dresden Black
Dresden Black - 10 hours ago
Should have just put bigger wheels on it for the extra ground clearance so simple a caveman could think of it.
Akashavayu - 10 hours ago
Is this just not MURDER! Premeditated and negligent! Good thing they are not poor or they might actually be charged and go to jail.
kaito kid
kaito kid - 10 hours ago
There are 2 element / messages in this video that are worth highlighting.

1. "Greed is bad. Greedy people at the top of Boeing forced 'innovation' at an unrealistic time frame and with deadly consequences for the sake of profit. Greed at its worst." This is some thing I can stand behind. yes, this is an obvious case of a bunch of asshats making decisions looking at the stock market with one eye and the succes of it's competitor with the other, their customers being a mare afterthought.

The 2nd element in this video, albeit a subtle one: "competition is bad. competition drove Boeing to do what they did, therefor competition is something to be discouraged. I find this to be troubling messages. It's fantastic that Boeing engineers tried their best to come up with a solutions to a hardware problem. they failed, but it's not the fault of competitiveness. it's the fault of greed. competitiveness is the reason why come that far with Aviation today. Competition is the best thing about capitalism. Look at rocketry before and after SpaceX, the difference is night and day.
Bugler55 - 5 hours ago
Re SpaceX, well yeah, because they had 40 years of free R&D to start with :P
Cindy Arsenault
Cindy Arsenault - 10 hours ago
Crazy to think that when people are dying in plane crashes they are literally buying their death...
helihobbit - 11 hours ago
Boeing = damned
Grackle2012 - 13 hours ago
Why not just put a lift on the landing gear to achieve a higher ground clearance. Bigger wheels, something. Over engineering.
I THE PREACHER - 14 hours ago
Adam Donovan
Adam Donovan - 17 hours ago
That's it for Boeing.....Boeing Boing GONE.....
Jake Richardson
Jake Richardson - 19 hours ago
shouldnt somebody go to jail over this
Hating on Truth
Hating on Truth - 19 hours ago
Wonder if this would have been a problem back when aircraft engines were located back of wing before the Mandela effect moved it to the front.
AGZ8520 - 23 hours ago
And this is why Airbus is superior.
fkennedy02 - 23 hours ago
The Americans are not going to hold their own to account for this so every other country involved should start legal proceedings against Boeing
CamoLive - Day ago
Lmfao “yeah lmao we wrote some defunct software, but here, we wrote some more, this one DEFINITELY won’t kill you :)”
Paul Schneider
Paul Schneider - Day ago
A design flaw fixed by software and more training. Do we believe it?
Garry Butler
Garry Butler - Day ago
Does anyone remember the crash of lauda air? The engine went into reverse thrust? Pilot was blamed coz Boeing didn't want to take any responsibility? Or what about Japan Airlines 747 with a shoddy repair by Boeing that caused the rear bulkhead to explode out killing over 500 people? Or am I missing something
Jet Stream
Jet Stream - Day ago
The original 737 was meant for shorter flights when the jumbos were used for long haul flights. Why try to modify a small 737 for longer flights? Come up with a new more efficient model to compete with Airbus.
amit Singh
amit Singh - Day ago
Airbus salute to you at least ur not playing with the lives of people who trust u
Yugantar Bhasin
Yugantar Bhasin - Day ago
People didn't die but I am sure Boeing did
Ziko Zik
Ziko Zik - Day ago
Capitalist Murica exists.. people die coz of greed.
Nik Evans
Nik Evans - Day ago
With hindsight they would of been better redesigning the axle/wheel assy. to get better ground clearance. So they could fit the new engine .
Steven Horton
Steven Horton - Day ago
Thank you
cristina lexy
cristina lexy - Day ago
Because is a very dodgy plane built on a hurry, they should stick with safest Jumbo 747 instead?
Dyxuki - Day ago
just a side question. why wouldnt they make the wheels larger/longer so they can fit a bigger engine?
Wolfclaw the death god loves Kittenface
I have been on the old style one it was amazing...I’m 12 now seeing this makes them greedy people and want people to die
Antoine Swans
Antoine Swans - Day ago
The Boeing 737 Max 8 Roulette
Darth Xial
Darth Xial - Day ago
Once is a coincidence.
Twice is negligence.
And a third would be a conspiracy.
Gonzalo Cabrejas Moya
This report is quite misleading in multiple ways to fit that narrative that boeing is a greedy company which lied purposefully hid data on their plane, way before any investigation concluded thus.
ash0787 - Day ago
because the mandela effect made the engines on all planes move further forward, and the wings became narrower.
Erik_lone_wolf Snip
I rather travel by car than by plane
Bruce G
Bruce G - Day ago
corporate greed = disaster. We're wise to you CEO's, we got your number...bruce
Armin S
Armin S - Day ago
VW got sued by the USA for *exhaust gas* . Time for Europe and the world to sue Boeing for homicide.
hgrgic - Day ago
Excellent explanation. Thank you.
PfropfNo1 - Day ago
Can anyone explain why putting the engine higher pulls the nose up? In my understanding putting the engine up shortens the lever which should result in the opposite behavior. Putting the engine down like airbus did should increase lever and pull the nose up.
Also i don’t understand how the pitch was determined by a single sensor. Every system usually has 2 redundancies in an aircraft. My fu****ng Smartphone has 3 different sensors to measure pitch: acceleration sensor (measures how your phone is tilted, for example flips screen if you turn it around), GPS (gives you speed and direction. From (upward)direction should be easy to get pitch), pressure sensor (it can measure altitude very accurately (+ - 1m), with change of altitude you can calculate pitch (how fast plane is rising).)
How did MCAS only have 1 sensor? That’s what drives me crazy. And it’s nice to reduce the risk of Stall automatically. But how is there no software to detect if the plane is crashing in the ground or not?!?? I mean there are autopilots in planes for decades and they don’t crush planes into the ground. I just don’t understand this.
There is nothing wrong with the basic idea of MCAS but it it feels like an intern designed it.
Douglas Rodrigues
Douglas Rodrigues - Day ago
Why introduce yet another feature suseptable to computer failure? There is too much automation / less pilot control on the new planes. Airbus, in particular, has suffered many crashes because of computer glitches. I.e. does your PC at home ever malfunction? Would you trust you life to your PC. Hell no, but the electronic nerds want to have more computer authority in airplanes. If the nose pitches up on takeoff, why not just train the pilot to anticipate and compensate for that pitch up with elevator trim? It would add slightly to the pilot's workload but at least there wouldn't be another automatic system that obviously can fail.
John Donaldson
John Donaldson - Day ago
USA was LAST to ground the plane = FAA spineless bastards
typeOhh - Day ago
Aava Vehvilainen
Aava Vehvilainen - Day ago
Why did it have to be Ethiopia I love that country
Chef Pee Pee
Chef Pee Pee - Day ago
Boeing are traitors who want money.
Marcosaur03 - Day ago
Plane Crash Podcast covered these two crashes and came to a similar conclusion.
thingy - Day ago
wow being, wow.
Princeofcups Poc
Princeofcups Poc - Day ago
But don't worry. The executives that pushed it through already spent their massive bonuses, and are retired living on a beach somewhere. I hope the families of the dead can sleep soundly now. Capitalism at its best, with NO accountability.
Leify Boy
Leify Boy - Day ago
Okay so I’ve watched a few videos about this and from what I see there are thousands of these planes but only these two crashed? And it wasn’t even the first flight for either of them.... still the fact that they hid mcas from pilots is enough for them to pay.
Zero Hour
Zero Hour - Day ago
The FAA admin is filled with former or current Boeing executives. FAA streamlined it because it’s an American company, so they gotta “win” even if that means people’s lives. Look at the 787s, they didn’t fix the lithium battery issue, they just made a better box to prevent explosion. Fast tracked junk
KKB1976 - Day ago
Death penalty for everybody knew and didn't do anything...
nTzT - Day ago
Flying safe btw, idiots.
Ronald McCormick
Ronald McCormick - Day ago
Very disappointing Boeing. Time to design a new jet. And this time around, grab your balls and tell fossil fuel industries where they can stick it when you include new technologies that heretofore have been sequestered or forbidden.
Jeff Stanley
Jeff Stanley - Day ago
Boeing screws up royally, killing people, so naturally it's time to cue the brain dead Vox viewers to crawl out of the woodwork and pin the blame on "the evils of capitalism."
What you fail to recognize is that it is free-market capitalism which guarantees that Boeing will pay for its negligence THROUGH THE NOSE by losing multi-billions in sales to Aerobus. FOOLS!
But the really-and-truly hilarious thing about you AOC voters is that you think that, if we can just do away with capitalism, THEN PLANES WILL NO LONGER CRASH!
JoeL - Day ago
I already HATE flying. Now I'm really freaked out about it. Ughhhh...
Pantheragem - 3 hours ago
I just don't do it. Haven't since 1996. Statistics involving air travel are skewed anyway.
Bule British
Bule British - Day ago
Mass murder lock up all those involved in hiding this.
Dedi Syafutra
Dedi Syafutra - Day ago
I'm from Indonesia, we don't know what to do, Boeing Ignorant! 🤕🤕🤕😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔
Mr2pint - Day ago
it's all fixed now we can relax I want to see the United States of America sanction those countries that have cancelled orders...
PotatoHype71 - Day ago
Like downloading more RAM....
Cool Pipenator
Cool Pipenator - Day ago
Just be weary of VOX, they are anti American.
Philip Smith
Philip Smith - Day ago
The fundamental problem is that because of the design of the tailplane there is insufficient control authority to push the nose down against the pitch up moment of the more powerful engines. A tailplane redesign would require a full certification of effectively a new type which would have taken much longer and cost more, leaving the market for Airbus to dominate. So a new system, MCAS, is introduced that has more authority than the controls alone. But this system relies on the signal from a single sensor. There are two of these sensors, it would be possible to arrange that both sensors had to show a problem before the MCAS operates. But then it might not operate when it should. A third sensor could solve this, MCAS only operating when at least two show a problem. More complicated, more time needed to develop and certify it.
The bottom line is that Boeing knowingly cut corners in the rush to get to market. They ignored warnings from experienced pilots flying the aircraft. That killed hundreds of people. It is costing airlines that trusted Boeing's promises about the aircraft a fortune.
Boeing's solution? A software fix. That won't fix the tailplane.
Philip Smith
Philip Smith - Day ago
+Jeff Stanley you are the one making a fool of yourself. I spent 40 years as a big jet pilot, technical rep and pilot expert consultant to Eurocontrol. What is your aviation background?
Jeff Stanley
Jeff Stanley - Day ago
I don't think you know as much as you pretend to know. Try reading something by someone who actually does know what he's talking about, and maybe in the future you won't make a fool out of yourself in public again.
M40101 - 2 days ago
They should do a movie about the cover up and the criminal actions of Boeing who led to this tragedies.
John Middleditch
John Middleditch - 8 hours ago
Just before this I watched an Al Jazeera documentary on the 787 and the delays. Put the two together and your questions will be answered.
eyestoenvy - 2 days ago
Bring back the dam 757 hotrod 🚀 ✈️ 🚀
Misty Stewart
Misty Stewart - 2 days ago
Problem with capitalism, part 12, 957
Don MacQuarrie
Don MacQuarrie - 2 days ago
Jeremy Topp
Jeremy Topp - 2 days ago
Boeing = we care about “ our profits more then your safety “ period!!!
fred flintstone
fred flintstone - 2 days ago
MONEY is what makes us expendable to the corporations, lawyers and bankers.

AIRBUS killed everyone until they figured out their damn computer was stalling the engines
Nişancı - 2 days ago
There's a reason why this saying exists "if it's boeing I'm not going"
2wheelvloggers - 2 days ago
Sailors and soldiers of the US military know that you are following unlawful orders from your commander, it is not mutiny when you refuse to follow unlawful orders, you are doing the duty you swore an oath to. You are being led to your death not for the preservation of your country, but by a tyrant who has no respect for your life or the lives of others.
Orcinus1967 - 2 days ago
"Sully" Sullenberger weighed in on the Ethiopian crash. He said a pilot with only 200 hours should not be the captain. Not enough time.
Joe De Tau
Joe De Tau - 2 days ago
These things often happen beczuse "managers" don't listen to engineers.
Joe De Tau
Joe De Tau - 2 days ago
And they want to make self-driving cars now. I'm never going to trust my life to Microsoft.
EAW - 2 days ago
'May Crash And Slaughter' everyone on board.
Bad Grandpa
Bad Grandpa - 2 days ago
Well said sir!!
Mavis V
Mavis V - 2 days ago
Kofi Annan
Kofi Annan - 2 days ago
The important thing is that everyone made great money and everyone had a great time. Thanks Obama !
Kofi Annan
Kofi Annan - 2 days ago
Boeing and the Catholic Church will burn in hell. Sad.
Siavoush Avesta
Siavoush Avesta - 2 days ago
capitalism at its finest
Anirban Dey
Anirban Dey - 2 days ago
Boeing is a money hungry trash company, Airbus people are way more skilled.
sudhisira - 2 days ago
I once had a trainee work on a software project with me. The software had to compute a particular percentage number. Obviously, that number could not be more than 100% But he was getting numbers higher than 100%!
So, his fix was :
if (percentage > 100.0) then
percentage = 100.0
Neat! (except that the actual problem was still there, of course).
dan cooper
dan cooper - 2 days ago
Now what do you Republibum Conservatards have to say now? Half senile Ronny Reagan: "Government IS the problem". So lets push aside the evil govt regulaters, let the companies self-regulate and we'll get free-market utopia, right? This goes on big-time with the pharma industry and its already had lethal results.
Mark Budde
Mark Budde - 2 days ago
This video states that mounting the new engines higher on the 737 wing resulted in a greater tendency to pitch nose up, compared to older 737's with low mounted engines. Mounting the engines higher and closer the the center of mass should result in less nose up pitching tendency, unless the new engine is of vastly higher thrust. If it is true that this new 737 model has a higher tendency to pitch up when thrust is increased, there must be other factors in play like different weight and balance, center of lift position, angle of engine mount, etc. Simply mounting the engines higher should reduce (not increase) nose up tendency, all other things being equal.
Heidi Karinen
Heidi Karinen - 2 days ago
Boeing released the 737 Max to fly on probability. Did they not learn about the stuck rudder. It would have been common sense to let the pilots to know how to manually trim the stabilizers. But then the question is that does 737 Max require the extensive training to learn to fly it without the MCAS.
TheNetatube - 2 days ago
ma come parla, lei salvinin non sembra un ministro ma un gangster, ste cazzo di macchine mi girano i coglioni , e aggiungici anche un porcozzio che prendi il voto del mio ortolano
chris peter
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redeemed toremain
redeemed toremain - 2 days ago
wow what an eye opener, Boeing you basically lied, you put a band aid on a gaping wound , tried to pose as a top product but failed to just do it right, Lance Bakken could have made you new landing gear.
Gabriel Oliveira
Gabriel Oliveira - 2 days ago
How people are stupid to dislike this video. They guy is showing whats wrong with the thing if you want to die shure jump on a Boeing 737
shreyansh aswal
shreyansh aswal - 2 days ago
If its not boeing, i am not going (into the ocean)
Miketheboss :D
Miketheboss :D - 2 days ago
Naufal H
Naufal H - 2 days ago
If it's Boeing I'm not going
George - 2 days ago
greed made it crash and it will crash again as long as money controls the fix.
Marianne - 2 days ago
I have to take an airplane every month and always check if I fly with an Airbus or Boeing; I’m systematically relieved when I see it’s an Airbus or Embraer
Tariq Usher
Tariq Usher - 2 days ago
Other than the 737 MAX, all other Boeing aircraft are great. The dreamliner is one of my favourite but an Airbus fan and soon to be an A320 pilot.
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