The real reason Boeing's new plane crashed twice

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Renzoh’s Club
Renzoh’s Club - 10 hours ago
Why would Boeing push the engine upward when they can just lift the gears up?
mine098able - 13 hours ago
1:10 yes how did you guess...
Exvurto - Day ago
epic when society wins against a big company
Dungketu - Day ago
You cannot fix hardware problem with software
EWC - 2 days ago
couldnt of boeing just... made the lading gear bigger.... 😐
EWC - 11 hours ago
@celtic barbarian so does increasing the size of the engine
celtic barbarian
celtic barbarian - 15 hours ago
That costs money
Zavier - 2 days ago
2:29 umm stall much?
Edit: oh the stall was a feature 😂
WOJ3 PL - 3 days ago
Obviously it's Boeing's fault and they should be held responsible, but it also shows why planes can't be fully autonomous and how pilots need to have additional training for extreme situations, which in recent years there is less and less of.
David On
David On - 3 days ago
When the tail is half the size of the plane and people don't realize it, thats when you know theres a pandemic.
TheCriminal OfBusiness
TheCriminal OfBusiness - 3 days ago
Boeing is greedy. That's why I never fly with Boeing. Airbus is the best.
Edwin Garcia
Edwin Garcia - 3 days ago
Lemme guess.. Money?
Akiko Tsuneoka
Akiko Tsuneoka - 3 days ago
I only fly in 787-8 or 787-9 jal/ana.
Daven Tanman
Daven Tanman - 4 days ago
var mcas2=function(){
Miguel Moreton
Miguel Moreton - 4 days ago
Nice video. A good summary of the accidents
Emotionengne - 4 days ago
FAA and Boeing are one and the same.
wei li
wei li - 4 days ago
Shawn Zhang
Shawn Zhang - 4 days ago
America is over
Charles Jannuzi
Charles Jannuzi - 5 days ago
The irony being had they gone with their first choice of new engine, it wouldn't have happened. But they dropped that engine because it had been a bad choice for Airbus. Sad.
Chicken Colony
Chicken Colony - 5 days ago
This shows money can't buy you happiness.
If you forget about your passion and go after money through competition, you are on the wrong side.
Ankit Pulivendula
Ankit Pulivendula - 5 days ago
The fact that this video got 10 million views...
737 MAX: "Am I a joke to you?"
Neemias Lucas da Silva
Neemias Lucas da Silva - 5 days ago
Economic Liberalism
Less regulation, more money and less safety
lyn Ludlow
lyn Ludlow - 6 days ago
No one likes Boeing now
TheVacinator - 6 days ago
If they think the plane is safe, the CEO of Boeing should fly on it. Would he really call it safe if he was forced to fly on it?
Typically Hydra
Typically Hydra - 6 days ago
Boeing just wants to be better than airbus but they failed, due to the problems with the engines they should had put the engine a little lower the exact same height as the wing. Airbus cares about safety of their passengers to make their brand new neo, like EA, they don’t care about their customers all they want is money they care about their customers before but right now they don’t. Boeing needs to fix their max 8s in order to achieve their goal.
That1Russian - 6 days ago
I searched up a a320.... still tho 737 is better so not upset
That1Russian - 3 days ago
@BrantheBroken Yea the 737 had some flaws (AHEM 737 MAX) but still a pretty good plane nonetheless
BrantheBroken - 5 days ago
@That1Russian Nope. 60 year old design repeatedly stretched and patched from 100/200 to Classic, NG, now Max. Always trying everything to retain it's original grandfathered certification to remain competitive. The last one rushed so bad by management it crashed, twice. And what rushed it? Competition from the A320NEO, The ease and cost effectiveness of upgrading the A32x family without major redesign or pilot training. Something Boeing failed to replicate with MCAS on the 737. And even before the NEO, the A32x came along in the 1980s and completely revolutionized cockpit design, commonality, efficiency etc. So much so it successfully competed with 737 to the point of equaling it in market share. A come from behind win. When Boeing comes with a clean sheet 737 replacement, then I'll be impressed. Until then the 737 is just a resto-modded old hotrod on it's last iteration. Btw, I love the 737, but these are facts.
That1Russian - 5 days ago
BrantheBroken yes
BrantheBroken - 5 days ago
GAMER _1910
GAMER _1910 - 6 days ago
I love airbus
GAMER _1910
GAMER _1910 - 5 days ago
Matteo Domenico airbus has better cockpit , better flight control , less crashes and. comfortable cockpit I have flew both Boeing 737 and airbus a320
Matteo Domenico
Matteo Domenico - 5 days ago
But Boeing is better
GAMER _1910
GAMER _1910 - 6 days ago
A320 is the best
Julian Tsai
Julian Tsai - 6 days ago
Perhaps that software was designed by an Indian contractor since Boeing has been cheap and greedy
Julian Tsai
Julian Tsai - 5 days ago
BrantheBroken I’m not blaming Indian code cruncher nor saying they’re ‘low level’, you have a good day.
BrantheBroken - 5 days ago
Boeing designed it, Rockwell Collins built it, Boeing tested it, accepted it, FAA approved it, then Boeing changed it and told no one. Then integrated it into the larger flight management system without redundancy and other cost gutting. But go ahead and blame some low level Indian code cruncher Boeing mysteriously hasn't scapegoated to save itself. Xenophobia never needs facts.
Chris Szumiloski
Chris Szumiloski - 6 days ago
I don’t have too much faith in the 737MAX
Breezy The ninja
Breezy The ninja - 6 days ago
Boeing: We made a max and it’s going to be better then the a320 Neo
Boeing 737 Max 8: I’m going to ruin this mans whole career
David Jimenez
David Jimenez - 6 days ago
Remember those beautiful times where Airbus was happy Boeing was loosing costumers because of the MAX scandal and now no one can fly because of the *_surivanoroc_* and both are loosing clients?
Anonymous 22
Anonymous 22 - 7 days ago
Why couldn't they just raise the wheels
Carlos M
Carlos M - 7 days ago
Greed is expensive
That Guy
That Guy - 7 days ago
Because theyre cutting corners to raise profit, end of video
IcxxyMC - 7 days ago
I legit thought you said Ryanair when you said Lion air. If it was a Ryanair that crashed, I wouldn’t be surprised.
Elle Hussain
Elle Hussain - 8 days ago
Unbridled greed
Anis Elferchichi
Anis Elferchichi - 8 days ago
Best explanation so far. Thank you !
Ahmad Hassan
Ahmad Hassan - 8 days ago
There could be a solution to the Boeing 737 being close to the ground. They could simply increase the height of the landing gear the rear one and it would raise the aircraft above the ground and prevent so many casualties??
Rico Edfel De Leon
Rico Edfel De Leon - 8 days ago
Atleast the Boeing 747-8i is safe
Adolf Hitler
Adolf Hitler - 8 days ago
They are doing a comeback don't worry 😂
Javier Mac
Javier Mac - 8 days ago
It does not matter. The Covid 19 makes sure the 737 Max will never fly again!
David Li
David Li - 8 days ago
It's the same with car cruise options. When there is manual input, no matter what, always make that the control instead of an automatic device. Don't make the only way to turn it off to be a button somewhere else.
CodingRookie 123
CodingRookie 123 - 8 days ago
It's all because of money
jiabirbs - 9 days ago
i always use qatar airways
World Mapping
World Mapping - 9 days ago
Shadow 989
Shadow 989 - 9 days ago
“Everything is below money! Human lives don’t matter! MONEY MATTERS!!!!”
Beth - 8 days ago
Our profile pictures are so similar omg
Justin *-WHY-*
Justin *-WHY-* - 9 days ago
Person 1: Make bigger gear
Person 2: Put the plane IN the wing
Boeing: *hires person 2*
MGS Aviation
MGS Aviation - 8 days ago
They started becoming greedy when they bought MC Douglas
Sebastian Floyd
Sebastian Floyd - 9 days ago
If Boeing couldn't find the 737 MAX problems, then the 737 MAXs should be retired
Trent K
Trent K - 9 days ago
Ohhh MCAS how you failed us
YourFriendNate - 10 days ago
y'all in the comments need to calm tf down, just because 1 boeing plane has a tendency to crash, doesn't mean they all do
999 MangaFox
999 MangaFox - 10 days ago
The 6th time i watching this video. Just me? OK
nick4604 - 10 days ago
Thank you VOX
airbaltic 001
airbaltic 001 - 10 days ago
Boeing should make longer landing gear to put that bigger engine
マークさん - 11 days ago
Boeing 737 MAX is a flying casket itself. It should never, ever, fly again.
Francisco Pinheiro
Francisco Pinheiro - 11 days ago
Boeing =💩, not care about the passengers, only about the money, this is the way of management of Boeing.
lyn Ludlow
lyn Ludlow - 11 days ago
Good job Boeing 😡😡😡
Depresso Espresso
Depresso Espresso - 11 days ago
I've only been on one plane. It was a Boeing 737 in 2003 and I don't recall the flight at all.
And before you say "Well, you'd have to at least been on two"
This was an emigration. I was moving from my home town of Joliet, IL to Sunderland, in the UK. I was 2 years old.
Om Ar Vi
Om Ar Vi - 11 days ago
The 737 max case will end like the dc-10, will be a "gentlemen agree", boeing will re-design the defectos of the plane, the accidents will be overcome and the plane will be flying for decades.
Kensei Lawrence
Kensei Lawrence - 12 days ago
Why cant they just make the landing gears longer
Kensei Lawrence
Kensei Lawrence - 4 days ago
The Plane spotter higher
The Plane spotter
The Plane spotter - 12 days ago
More wheels?
ian ianlintang
ian ianlintang - 12 days ago
Russbrawlmax - games
Russbrawlmax - games - 12 days ago
An a320 just crashed yesterday, 22 may
The Plane spotter
The Plane spotter - 12 days ago
yes sadly
axdxqm - Roblox
axdxqm - Roblox - 13 days ago
I've been on a Ethiopian Airlines 737, but not MAX.
Fatih 1810
Fatih 1810 - 13 days ago
Lion air terkenal banget
Sam Benny
Sam Benny - 13 days ago
Guys, Is there an video on mh17 by vox
Troll Trolll
Troll Trolll - 13 days ago
my cousins father died on that day
james James
james James - 13 days ago
There were so many errors in the software of the plane. That's way it never flew again. When they addressed one issue, a new one would pop up, address the new one, and another and another and another. The Mcas was not disclosed, so nobody knew how to turn it off, provided, that the system was operating correctly, but it wasn't. The computer that was controlling the Mcas, was feeding it with corrupted inaccurate data. Total dogs breakfast in other words. A product of Boeings brave new philosophy, PROFIT OVER EVERYTHING.🤢🤢🤢🤢🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮
Yasser Al-Owain
Yasser Al-Owain - 13 days ago
Just place a button, instead of trying to put a complex way for disabling the MCAT software
GamingPredator - 14 days ago
Anybody know if these planes are still grounded? Or are they back in service now?
The Plane spotter
The Plane spotter - 12 days ago
depends what country your in. Its probably still grounded in the US, but if you go to Russia for a example its probably not grounded.
NØ HAPPY - 14 days ago
known as MCAS
Pratham Merchant
Pratham Merchant - 14 days ago
Don't we just love capitalism
Yavuz Kaan Nacaroğlu 4B
Yavuz Kaan Nacaroğlu 4B - 14 days ago
*mCaS iS tOtAlLy SaFe* - Boeing CEO

are you sure?
TheHypedDude - 14 days ago
My Life
My Life - 14 days ago
zimmelbot1 - 14 days ago
The MCAS system was flawed. However, neither crew followed procedures to properly disable it. MCAS was designed to maintain the handling characteristics of the 737 without requiring a new and expensive type rating. Inexcusable all around. Boeing moved the engines up, but it also extended the length of the landing gear, so some of the arguments here are specious.
Thomas Mortimore
Thomas Mortimore - 14 days ago
Actually the Ethiopian pilots did. They turned off stab trim but had to turn it back on because they couldn’t turn the wheel manually
Ton Say
Ton Say - 14 days ago
reason mcas sensor go up so go down
granskare - 15 days ago
It seems to me that Boeing did not let pilots know about MCAS. Why did they tell pilots? I shall never fly Boeing again!
Jase Nantes
Jase Nantes - 14 days ago
They did tell the pilots, like you said later in your comment
Plant Seed
Plant Seed - 15 days ago
Well the Coronavirus has distracted everybody from the 737 Max fiasco.
dev1ce Dejavu
dev1ce Dejavu - 15 days ago
Why didn't they use the simple fix that engineers of the f100 did
iVan 123
iVan 123 - 15 days ago
boeing: the engine used to not fit but we shoved it in there and it actually worked
Danprogaming yt
Danprogaming yt - 15 days ago
Boeing, why not just make the landing gear higher
Thomas Mortimore
Thomas Mortimore - 14 days ago
Because then the wheels would hit each other when retracted
Lubs Isaco
Lubs Isaco - 15 days ago
Could Boeing make the 737 max taller?
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