NBA's Top 100 Dunks | 2018-19 NBA Season | #NBADunkWeek

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Joseph Ideh
Joseph Ideh - 25 days ago
Fox breaths
TULIAN Villafuerte
TULIAN Villafuerte - Month ago
24:50 Uff πŸ”₯πŸ”₯
First name Last name
First name Last name - 2 months ago
I feel like javale mcgee was in every play
LGS - 3 months ago
2:12 awesome but could have been a three
Calum Persaud-Watton
Calum Persaud-Watton - 3 months ago
Where the hell are kawhi's dunks against 76ers in the top 10?!?!
Stop Mendoza
Stop Mendoza - 3 months ago
Top and ones?
Kiefer P
Kiefer P - 3 months ago
Jones JR is most underrated in the NBA
Arthur Paul
Arthur Paul - 3 months ago
*play and whatch all the time*
1:14 🧑πŸ”₯πŸ’•
πŸ‘‡ πŸ‘‡ πŸ‘‡ πŸ‘‡ πŸ‘‡πŸ’–
The OTHER side
The OTHER side - 3 months ago
#81 should be top 10
EpicYT - 4 months ago
Antetokounmpo is the best
TKG LOKI - 5 months ago
26:58 new NBA logo right there
μ΅œν˜„μ€€ - 5 months ago
I think curry pass to Giannis and dunk in the allstar match is best
C. K.
C. K. - 5 months ago
The #1 dunk is so overrated
Kalo Young
Kalo Young - 5 months ago
8:52 bringing downnn.. the rainn.. the heavens.. the skyyyy... my mans brought hell on earth didnt it πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Fuji5ITF - 5 months ago
Jiovanni Torres
Jiovanni Torres - 6 months ago
JJ None
JJ None - 6 months ago
Lots of highlights of Giannis getting dunked on lol he is sooo overrated, if you play tough defense on him he chokes
Dereon Lubin
Dereon Lubin - 6 months ago
At number 37 he dunked that so hard that the whole entire crowd bust out yelling
Snipes 4418
Snipes 4418 - 6 months ago
For anyone who doesn't know how to spell it...

Giannis Antetokounmpo
Max Robinson
Max Robinson - 6 months ago
Number 3 was certainly a travel
Will F.
Will F. - 6 months ago
Sick! (21:05)
CJ Aguisanda
CJ Aguisanda - 6 months ago
Mitchell's reaction on Caruso's dunk πŸ˜‚
Bitzy - 7 months ago
Number one ain’t even a dunk
Ollis Howard
Ollis Howard - 7 months ago
Well we know what their favorite Thanksgiving side dish is "Stuffing"
Ollis Howard
Ollis Howard - 7 months ago
You bring the nails because they just brought the hammer
fortnite funny
fortnite funny - 7 months ago
The best time was 30:23
kallsenator - 7 months ago
11 through 9 just got progressively nastier
Christopher BF1
Christopher BF1 - 7 months ago
100 and 1 dunks differ so much from each other. 1 white 1 black, 1 jump 1 no jump, 1 Home 1 Away, 1 Height 1 Hops, 1 East 1 West. Crazy
The B Ball Fanatik
The B Ball Fanatik - 7 months ago
Gotta love the dunks!!
tHeTruthHurts STUPID
tHeTruthHurts STUPID - 7 months ago
Damn the Greek freak got victimized a bunch of times πŸ˜©πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ it's like the players see him under the rim and decide to try out new dunks during the game lol
Charlie Thorpe
Charlie Thorpe - 7 months ago
Dontcallme_a_bot - 7 months ago
Three words

Millzzz - 7 months ago
kyle kuzma all star this year watch
SMTG - 8 months ago
This shit should be called dunking on "Antetokounmpo"
james lachs
james lachs - 8 months ago
Some of these guys wouldn't be phased if the rim was 11-feet high. A number of NBA guys can touch the rim without jumping. I saw a picture of the "Greek Freak" dunking with one foot on the ground. I've seen D. Jordan, during warm-ups as a Clipper, hold the rim down with both feet on the ground.
Mark Dewald
Mark Dewald - 8 months ago
We get it NBA, you love Giannis and LeBron.
Dutch Shark
Dutch Shark - 8 months ago
9:39 for Some reason i find this dunk very satisfying
RIP YUNGBRUH - 9 months ago
Derrick didn’t even dunk tho he threw it in
phonecallfinn - 9 months ago
I swear the noise the rim makes makes the dunk that much better
Pam Gluck
Pam Gluck - 9 months ago
Giannis can dunk on anybody,never saw his dunks coming.🀩🀩
Ishaan Sreelal
Ishaan Sreelal - 9 months ago
Kris dunn on myles turner better be here
Anime Otaku
Anime Otaku - 9 months ago
That Durant look on Caruso though
No. 39
Josiah Muller
Josiah Muller - 9 months ago
perfect timing with the music @ 9:02!
Ryan Pickett
Ryan Pickett - 9 months ago
Just wait till Zion
Marty McFly
Marty McFly - 9 months ago
Alex Caruso is the goat ✊🏾
Manny Rodriguez
Manny Rodriguez - 9 months ago
I hate when they have dunks where the "dunker" doesn't even touch the rim.
Alec Hoffman
Alec Hoffman - 9 months ago
19:27 Damn, Lonzo just giving Harden an open lane
tjtrainzCSX - 9 months ago
The Dennis Smith Jr. dunk at #2 was one of the sickest revenge poster dunks I've ever seen
everything nba
everything nba - 9 months ago
#18 is my favourite dunk
John Kim
John Kim - 9 months ago
Number 1 wasnt even a dunk lol
Epic Gamer
Epic Gamer - 9 months ago
watch from 26:57 to 26:58 in 0.25 speed
My man's imitating the Jordan logo
A savage Videos
A savage Videos - 10 months ago
Mario Marcos
Mario Marcos - 10 months ago
Once we hit 2020 I hope they make a top 100 of the 2010s there have been way too many good dunks
3ACE3 - 10 months ago
#69 no Dame Lillard πŸ˜‘
dukdown - 10 months ago
#1 wasn't even a dunk,
the best dunk in this clip is Jamychal Green #22 imo
Bruce Sandford
Bruce Sandford - 10 months ago
Hell of a dunk for a guy named Mario eh?
cfunk5 - 10 months ago
26:58 bruh he look like the Jordan logo
Jake Feng
Jake Feng - 10 months ago
wait is this ranked cause like this aint right
VIDSURFER - 10 months ago
M.O. Stats
M.O. Stats - 10 months ago
Giannis is now officially the MVP in getting posterized all the time by his opponents! He also travels twice in number 6 and gets away with it!
Princ3Lightning - 10 months ago
What about when Simmons bounced it off that guys back to himself and slammed it
Nick McCreven
Nick McCreven - 10 months ago
the NBA doesnt want you to remember when Mario Hezonja threw it down on Giannis and stepped over him lol
Sebastian Reardon
Sebastian Reardon - 10 months ago
Dennis Smith dunked on Julius Randle (#2) and now they're Knicks teammates lmao
Alix Sthilaire
Alix Sthilaire - 10 months ago
Ingram on brewer
Jacob Jones
Jacob Jones - 10 months ago
where is my man domantis sabonis absolutely destroying joel embid?
SlimeTyme Ent.
SlimeTyme Ent. - 10 months ago
26:57 sign that guy
Andersen Louw
Andersen Louw - 10 months ago
Embiid broke his ankles on the dunk 19#
Andersen Louw
Andersen Louw - 10 months ago
Donovan Mitchell is 6-2 like the man said and he’s postering 7footers I think his dunks should be a lot higher
JXYDEN 20 - 10 months ago
You Know The Drill
Vince Carter
Giannis(idk how to spell his last name)
Micheal Jordan
Russel Westbrook
Draymond Green
Deandre Jordan
Zach Lavine
Lebron James
Jalen Brown
Jayson Tatum
Karl-Anthony Towns
Patrick Beverly
Jaren Jackson Jr
Clint Capela
Miles Bridges
John Collins
Bradley Beal
Sir DuckMan0
Sir DuckMan0 - 10 months ago
I wonder how it feels to touch the rim and how many times is Giannis gonna get put on a poster like that.... πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”
brent james
brent james - 10 months ago
Giannis Milwaukee bucks dunk
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Ken - 10 months ago
9:02 Music cuts off perfectly πŸ‘ŒπŸΎ
moses jerico
moses jerico - 10 months ago
Bobi for me is one of the top
Sina 3x3
Sina 3x3 - 10 months ago
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MutantPanda - 10 months ago
Um... the last three. It looks like Giannis took three steps, the second one was barley s dunk but was still a great play. And there was no #1 play. :/
Kraze E
Kraze E - 10 months ago
I’m 13 5’5 and I can touch the bottom of the rim where it connects to the backboard. Is that good?
Mr_Ree - 10 months ago
This is a rather poor list. There are dozens of misplaces dunks on this list, but we'll single out #6 as a particularly terrible placement.
marjan nilovic
marjan nilovic - 10 months ago
gianis is a king and killer on NBA
Isaac Conlon
Isaac Conlon - 11 months ago
got through the 100-11 and im like how tf does giannis only have 1 in the top 100 so far, and then theres 3 in the top 10 lol
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