Luke Islam Receives Golden Buzzer From Favorite Judge, Julianne Hough! - America's Got Talent 2019

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Rene Angerlil
Rene Angerlil - Hour ago
You are the best in my heart
paige minkin
paige minkin - 2 hours ago
Jess Boo
Jess Boo - 5 hours ago
Y'all gonna open up a playbill someday and say "oh i saw that kid on got talent!!!!"
Elizabeth Strauss
Elizabeth Strauss - 11 hours ago
Gracie Nyathi
Gracie Nyathi - 14 hours ago
No lie the kid is good👏👏👏👏
Ray Mond
Ray Mond - 18 hours ago
Luke was robbed on AMerica has talent .he was the clear winner soo talented,don’t know what they were thinking ,he will be successful in life and definitely make it to Broadway. Record companies grab him now !!! Good luck Luke👍
Maya Povey
Maya Povey - Day ago
Anne Aupaau
Anne Aupaau - Day ago
What such a skilled voice he has😇😇😇
 - Day ago
O'Donnell Andrew
O'Donnell Andrew - 2 days ago
Was that buzzer connected to the lil dude's heart? Because he straight up fell over dead when she hit it.
Sabina Puczyńska
Sabina Puczyńska - 3 days ago
somi cc
somi cc - 3 days ago
He's so amazing wow
RickyDown JR
RickyDown JR - 4 days ago
He deserv that

Like if u agree
Dunpeal 192
Dunpeal 192 - 4 days ago
Manny del gardo... i knew you are real... and you are out there.
Eliyah - 4 days ago
I want a studio version
LUVBTS 950 - 4 days ago
Like literally his personality, his voice, EVERYTHING!!!
Meghan Delaune
Meghan Delaune - 4 days ago
DARINBOMY - 5 days ago
He used to be thin
Sarai Diaz
Sarai Diaz - 5 days ago
quisiera tenerla
Sarai Diaz
Sarai Diaz - 5 days ago
que bonita voz
loggymarieturtle _
loggymarieturtle _ - 5 days ago
The first time i saw this, I genuinely thought I just witnessed the birth of a star and I never thought that before on the show
Laura Alvarez
Laura Alvarez - 6 days ago
Lelay Cervise
Lelay Cervise - 6 days ago
So...simon is this song is accident also... and now his got a golden buzzer .. what was that I saw your eyes getting big looks you remembering you push X..hahaha
Kyle-James Martin
Kyle-James Martin - 6 days ago
Anyone know who is singing “You Will Be Found”?
Tyas Koesmarini
Tyas Koesmarini - 6 days ago
When I was twelve I don't even remember what I've done.
RIRI - 6 days ago
julianne is so sweet
Dr. Nora
Dr. Nora - 6 days ago
ايش اسم الاغنية اللي بالاخير
mark solomon
mark solomon - 7 days ago
I'm here to say that I still got goosebumps with this one!
Andrew Allen
Andrew Allen - 7 days ago
Disney needs to go after this kid
RIRI - 7 days ago
favourite singer this year
Asti Upiastirin
Asti Upiastirin - 7 days ago
Samantha Liz
Samantha Liz - 7 days ago
Lmfaooo Simon is a whole mood “sorry it was an accident” 😂😂
Asnah Faisal
Asnah Faisal - 8 days ago
Muslim ? Anybody .. Please tell me ..
Roberta Santos
Roberta Santos - 8 days ago
Let me start saving my money to buy the tickets to see him on broadway !
Josephine Gerardy
Josephine Gerardy - 8 days ago
His face when Simon pressed the buzzer! 😂
Faraz Siddiqui
Faraz Siddiqui - 9 days ago
Is he a Muslim?
faritze ahmad faisal
faritze ahmad faisal - 9 days ago
he is a moslem? if yes, then he is a good Islam
Rosendo Marcelo
Rosendo Marcelo - 9 days ago
Exelente 👍👍👏👏👏👏👊👊
Who AM I
Who AM I - 9 days ago
Golden Angel voice from heaven..
Twister Hazard
Twister Hazard - 10 days ago
Puberty gon destroy u broda
lonzo ball is a god
lonzo ball is a god - 10 days ago
Lonzo ball should collab with him
Gheddon - 10 days ago
Diego_Sanchez_ Dance_16
Diego_Sanchez_ Dance_16 - 11 days ago
Luke Karmokar Shouro
Luke Karmokar Shouro - 11 days ago
Is he christian?????
Hyejeong Chang
Hyejeong Chang - 11 days ago
What a talent. I look forward to seeing him on broadway!
Olivia Sneed
Olivia Sneed - 11 days ago
It's playing you will be found from DEH and then he sings it later
Olivia Sneed
Olivia Sneed - 11 days ago
I love this song
Carney Woelfel
Carney Woelfel - 12 days ago
I started crying
Fare Caur
Fare Caur - 12 days ago
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Haze Lady
Haze Lady - 12 days ago
He was so Robbed I love him
BlueOzzie - 13 days ago
No sob story just a kid with a dream, that's how golden buzzers should be.
victor theduck
victor theduck - 13 days ago
She did a yt thumbnail 4:20
Muhammad Umar
Muhammad Umar - 13 days ago
After all this time, I love the fact that Simon didn't lost himself 😂😂
Trent Doyle
Trent Doyle - 13 days ago
Humanity at it's best
TSB775 - 14 days ago
XXXGAMERBOY - 14 days ago
God bless him
Ethan Ingersoll
Ethan Ingersoll - 14 days ago
SnazzJazzOwo - 14 days ago
Presses golden buzzer
Luke: collapses on the stage while crying
Everyone: WOOO Great job! He's amazing!
Me: Is ThAt DeAr EvAn HaNsEn?!?
SnazzJazzOwo - 4 days ago
@A random person who loves deh and bmc Yeah I thought it sounded different
A random person who loves deh and bmc
@Emily Dillard mhm it never fails to make me cry i love it
Emily Dillard
Emily Dillard - 4 days ago
A random person who loves deh and bmc yeah i did recognize It as a cover; nonetheless, it still brought tears to my eyes.
A random person who loves deh and bmc
also, it isnt the cast version, its a cover by Porter Bagley from Working With Lemons.
A random person who loves deh and bmc
@Emily Dillard same when i heard the piano and backing tracks
Ayo Alao
Ayo Alao - 14 days ago
Wow, this has really inspired me today 😳😭😭😭
yusie rizal
yusie rizal - 14 days ago
I praise my God that He has given him such a good voice.
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