Cutting Soap For My Dog While He Wears A Turtleneck

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e - gorl
e - gorl - 3 hours ago
This like an asmr video, Jenna's voice is so soft and quiet
Saavy Potato
Saavy Potato - 4 hours ago
What if you melt the Irish Spring soap in the shape of a block then carve into the shape of Kermits head
Anna Dunlap
Anna Dunlap - 7 hours ago
Peaches leave 🍑✌️
Sofia ._M2005
Sofia ._M2005 - 7 hours ago
Why don’t you make a bubble bath for Kermit with Irish spring, he obviously wants to be covered in it...?
Darcy arguello
Darcy arguello - 8 hours ago
Peaceful wholesome content *cult stare*
Camryn A
Camryn A - 11 hours ago
Kermit is a mood, this is probably what I look like in school
:steamsalty: - 12 hours ago
Kermit is what happens when you combine a dog with a pickle
sco chai
sco chai - 13 hours ago
uncircumcised kermit
Emma Fisher
Emma Fisher - 13 hours ago
Please give us the 4 hour version
TheWookiegirl24 - 14 hours ago
I think jenna should do asmr for real tho because she has a relaxing whispering voice
Agate Birzniece
Agate Birzniece - 18 hours ago
Is it just me or Kermit just wants to be smelling like the soap? I mean whenever my dog finds something he likes smell wise, he rubs himself against it for so long as the smell finally transfers to him and then he is joyful and happy for days.
Schuyler Woodard
Schuyler Woodard - 20 hours ago
Is that suppose to do something to dogs?
Kirø's Studio
Kirø's Studio - 21 hour ago
He cries because he loves soap he doesnt want it to get hurted
sophie - Day ago
*feral Cerment begins at **7:40*
ur welcome
Mia Clark
Mia Clark - Day ago
3:22 o my gawd 😂
FurryLoversOnLy - Day ago
Kermieneck enough
Megan The Fox
Megan The Fox - Day ago
Kermit: *rubs self on soap once*
Ramonerdna - Day ago
The complete look of 'im a so fucking done with this woman' on that dogs face after she ut the glasses on him made me genuinely laugh out loud clutching my stomach for a solid minute.
His glasses tho
•Username• Derp
I’m just saying this is like the best video to watch at the bathroom at 3:00AM :)))
oh - Day ago
I laugh so hard when I see cermet idk why honestly it’s just so funny sometimes
Vix - Day ago
2:42 Me in art class trying to look like an artist realizing I look like Steve Jobs
Rick Glaze
Rick Glaze - Day ago
Kermit looks like Woody Allen when you put the glasses on him.
Samuel Velasco
Samuel Velasco - Day ago
3:12 Kermit looks like the mind blown meme guy which is amazing
ellabellab00 - Day ago
i understand why he was so depressed tbh. id cry if my mum cut up my best friend before my eyes whilst calling me a good boi
Alyson Shorthouse
Alyson Shorthouse - Day ago
My mortal enemy, NEK TURTLE!
Gabrielle Akimova
Gabrielle Akimova - Day ago
Trash dog
Puppet Death
Puppet Death - Day ago
OMG.. Peach is now... BRITTANY SPEARS
Kelaia Rivera
Kelaia Rivera - Day ago
He's crying real tears
Is just sad 😭
What is that big ball under he's chest
TheInkinJapan - Day ago
Did you consider that because their smell is so good, cutting soap in front of him is like making a human eat soap.
I am not saying that this idea has any basis in reality- just asking if you consdiered it.
zQuypex - 2 days ago
Soap fetish xd
Gacha Angel
Gacha Angel - 2 days ago
Jenna: do you like that Kermit?
*continues to cut soap 🧼*
Kermit’s mind: You’re murdering it
*starts crying*
Jordan Scott
Jordan Scott - 2 days ago
Sook dog lol
Mimj chan1456
Mimj chan1456 - 2 days ago
Kermit: what are you looking at 2:36
a n g e l a
a n g e l a - 2 days ago
In kermits eyes: soap= drugs
freakwave - 2 days ago
Kermit suffers so we dont have to. I love this ugly dog that single handedly cured my depression through crying and being nasty. A true hero
AcemanX Ace Wolf™
AcemanX Ace Wolf™ - 2 days ago
Your eyes are beautiful
Andrew Sims
Andrew Sims - 2 days ago
What the hell did I just watch?
Ashley Morales
Ashley Morales - 2 days ago
Jenna: I like your turtle neck

Kermit: Shut up mom
That one guy -
That one guy - - 2 days ago
This dog has a strange life lol
Danni Shelton
Danni Shelton - 2 days ago
Considering how much he likes soap, it’s shocking how NASTY he is
Ken Okrend
Ken Okrend - 2 days ago
Can someone call the humane society
Angelic Gacha
Angelic Gacha - 2 days ago
Aliens are 100% watching over thinking how advanced we are
Emilio M. M.
Emilio M. M. - 2 days ago
Lmao man, the video tittle is crazy. I have no idea who these people are, but I know Kermit. I've watched like 5 videos about him already, idk what am i doing, I just love him.
Daphne Greenley
Daphne Greenley - 2 days ago
I died when he started "crying"
Lord Draconian22
Lord Draconian22 - 2 days ago
Jenna and Kermit are machers
Zed Studmufs
Zed Studmufs - 2 days ago
cheese grater and irish spring... go
RoskiDog owo
RoskiDog owo - 2 days ago
Jenna: *cuts soap*
Kermit: why u cut my love
mrblackbeard18 - 2 days ago
This is the most retarded shit I have seen in my life. I love it .
Shadoa Unlimited
Shadoa Unlimited - 2 days ago
Cough cough best Content
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