Cutting Soap For My Dog While He Wears A Turtleneck

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Evrything plus 1
Evrything plus 1 - 9 hours ago
Jenna: a mom wonting to have fun with her kids
Kmart aka kid 1: 😢

Pinaple aka kid 2: whats hapining and were am i 😟
Meatball aka kid whos aculy a small tenager: 😵🙃😵🙃😵🙃😵🙃🙃
Lori Ann
Lori Ann - 9 hours ago
Poor Kermit, he looks like the light is on but nobody’s home lol, but that’s just imo.
Haillie Paul
Haillie Paul - 14 hours ago
I feel like if you cut out all the dialogue this would be some sorta weird art piece
Eric Miller Vlogs
Eric Miller Vlogs - 16 hours ago
yo this is how many ppl think kermit is adorable😍
Emerson Chenalloy
Emerson Chenalloy - Day ago
Kermit looks like he’s wearing a sock
Diana R.
Diana R. - Day ago
“Ur a toxic dog”
Shree Vaijayanthi
Shree Vaijayanthi - Day ago
Jenna's children will get sooooooooooooo jealous seeing these videos
Jay Lonz
Jay Lonz - Day ago
Kermit is class
Elsie lanning
Elsie lanning - Day ago
Me Watching This Video:I didn't know Jenna's house could be this quiet
Chantie Draper
Chantie Draper - Day ago
Jenna you are so good st asmr
Ashley Malans
Ashley Malans - Day ago
Cermet's arch nemesis... NECK TURTEL
KARB 1324
KARB 1324 - Day ago
kermit: *"why are we still here....just to suffer??"*
Polar Storm Animations
Kermit looks like Steve Jobs 😂😂
GlmvXD Gacha-Møøn
Make a carpet out of the soap
Danny Lieberwirth
Danny Lieberwirth - 2 days ago
im so glad you could collab with jeff goldblum
liefvera - 2 days ago
In Europe these dogs are forbidden because of the ugliness.
Mr Marbles _ AfterLife
Mr Marbles _ AfterLife - 19 hours ago
Why would some random ass kid/guy write something so mean but so late And btw they're just stick with him from the moment they adopted him when he was still cute
Kelsey Elizabeth Campbell
New video idea - bathing Kermit in Irish spring ☘️
Mikaela Nesbitt
Mikaela Nesbitt - 3 days ago
kermit is leisuring
bri - here -now
bri - here -now - 3 days ago
Wholesome dog content 🥰
Tmc - 3 days ago
I could watch Jenner's Dog videos AAAAALLLLLL DAAAAAAAAY❤❤❤
thestoryofemma - 3 days ago
this video is so cursed
Dawn Master
Dawn Master - 3 days ago
Sydney H
Sydney H - 4 days ago
omg your dog is just like my cat i am going to dress my cat up as a pumpkin spice latte and go trick or treating with him this year
chaira quintin
chaira quintin - 4 days ago
8:13 XD
Water Sheep
Water Sheep - 4 days ago
Cermets double chin is such a mood
Jayling Rusty
Jayling Rusty - 4 days ago
Cermet: crying inside
Julianna Ryan
Julianna Ryan - 4 days ago
"Do you want me to rub soap on you sweater" lol
Julianna Ryan
Julianna Ryan - 4 days ago
Lol I would whatch you cut soap for 4 hours and Kermit whatch
Lauren Merritt
Lauren Merritt - 4 days ago
This is buy far my favorite vid of u
S K.
S K. - 4 days ago
Tea King
Tea King - 5 days ago
why is he crying its so annoying when he does that
Tea King
Tea King - 5 days ago
i hate kermit
Jezebel von Tex
Jezebel von Tex - 5 days ago
So artistic and very ASMR - it's pure art
Bitch Ass
Bitch Ass - 5 days ago
He looks like my poetry phase in high school combined with an intellectual that is constantly in an ongoing crisis.
Triggered Quartz
Triggered Quartz - 5 days ago
can i buy a poster of kermit ib that shirt
Conrad Larson
Conrad Larson - 5 days ago
I love Kermit so much
Isabelle Zimmerman
Isabelle Zimmerman - 5 days ago
4 hour video yesss
Caitlin Haylock
Caitlin Haylock - 5 days ago
You should give Kermit a normal bath and then give him a bath with Irish spring
Reggie Bruizer
Reggie Bruizer - 5 days ago
He looks like Steve Jobs! :)
mands928 - 5 days ago
Cermet be looking like ET.
CloudySkyz - 5 days ago
8:38 when you make a noise in the library
CloudySkyz - 5 days ago
6:55 that’s a moment to remember right there
CloudySkyz - 5 days ago
Jenna: do you want me to rub a little on your sweater?!
CloudySkyz - 5 days ago
When I saw his arms in the sweater it killed me
Weervle_ - 6 days ago
Thank you.
kelsey936 - 6 days ago
Jenna I just wanted to let you know that your videos have helped get me through some tough times. Thanks for all the laughs, keep on being you always!!
Eduardo Córdova
Eduardo Córdova - 6 days ago
Aren't the glasses bad for his sight?
Jonah D
Jonah D - 6 days ago
Whata up with this dog i think he must be reqlly lonely or something hes so sad and anxious. Should tend to his needs properly
Oath - 6 days ago
My mom: Don’t be a smart ass
Me: 2:35
Jonah D
Jonah D - 6 days ago
He is remarkably human
Lovely Mia
Lovely Mia - 6 days ago
I love Kermit
Ellie Dog
Ellie Dog - 6 days ago
Kermit: 👀
Rebeca Donovan
Rebeca Donovan - 7 days ago
5:13 in that sweater I thought he was Simon Cowell
Nearly Stuck
Nearly Stuck - 7 days ago
My heeler does this with dryer sheets 😂
•* ArctiicFøx *•
•* ArctiicFøx *• - 7 days ago
He’s not enjoying it because his favorite soap is getting destroyed xD
Kat the heartless
Kat the heartless - 7 days ago
7:00 - 8:36 had me laughing so hard
CurvingEel 51076
CurvingEel 51076 - 7 days ago
Jenna: I'll rub a little on your shirt so it smells like soap
Kerm: *depressed*
Peach: *sniffs Kerm's armpit*
Ashley Wallace
Ashley Wallace - 7 days ago
I keep asking myself whyyyyyyyyy I watch these, and yet here I am still watching. It's oddly interesting. Lol
Djdarkness17 - 7 days ago
Lmfaoo her voice!!!!!
joanna v
joanna v - 7 days ago
This comment section is soooo funny
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