Game of Thrones: Season 8 Episode 5 - Review

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Mohammad Erfani
Mohammad Erfani - 10 days ago
Watching this on 2020. Still pisses me off
brynja - 24 days ago
the jaime thing pissed me off so much, like if they had him go back to king's landing to try to get cersei to surrender in order to save her and their child's life, that would've made so much more sense. like he finally understands she's horrible and shouldn't be on the throne, but he still cares (she's still his sister even if they're not...together anymore) and doesn't want her or the baby to die.
Elisamuel Pedraza
Elisamuel Pedraza - Month ago
For some reason I understand her decision of killing everybody. Not that I agree with her, but it is understandable. Jora died, Cercie killed her best friend in front of her and didn't give a shit, even knowing that the only reason she was alive and her realm existed is because Daenerys fought the living dead. If that wasn't enough Cercie killed one of her Dragons which were literally like her children and wanted to kill the only one she got left. As soon as Daenerys started destroying de realm it didn't mattered if she stopped or not, no one would want to be part of a kingdom where it's Queen killed most of their parents and family members while conquering it.
This doesn't mean I liked how the series ended. The last episode was horrible
Chronic_Breakdown - 2 months ago
I can't agree more. I know it will never happen, but I really want a season 8 re-do. Hell, I'd be happy even if everything stayed the same and was just developed more thoroughly where it made sense.
Georgia Dragon
Georgia Dragon - 2 months ago
Season 8 is shit but I couldn’t even focus on the video as your hair is so amazing
William Perry
William Perry - 4 months ago
Another slog in this final season. Wagner operas seem shorter.
TWSTF 8 - 4 months ago
Daenerys should have hit King's Landing "now, hard, with everything she's got" like Yara Greyjoy suggested. She has been constrained by "rules" that kept her from succeeding when she was at the height of her power, while her opponents most DEFINITELY were not. And that HAS to add to her frustration especially after losing two of her three dragons and losing over half of her Unsullied and Dothraki and being essentially betrayed by all of her closest allies and advisors, and then finally watching Cersei execute Missandei.
Her seemingly sudden SNAP doesn't seem as sudden or out of character when considered within its proper context lol does it?!
Either she's a "Mary Sue" who can do no wrong, and is overpowered like Captain Marvel, Wonder Woman or Rey from Star Wars forever, or she's depicted as a human being with flaws and vulnerabilities who sometimes behaves in ways most people would call "uncharacteristic."
It's actually quite brilliant writing, really.
E3ECO - 4 months ago
Am I the only one who really enjoyed this episode? I was getting tired of Tyrion always being right or Daenerys always being noble. I didn't find any of it "breaking the character." Jamie's love for his sister has always been idiotic. For the first time in his life, Tyrion found someone to believe in, so of course he's not going to let that go easily. We've always known the Targaryens are psychopaths (unless they have Stark blood, apparently). Troops have been known to go nuts in battle.
I'm glad there wasn't another epic battle. This was different. This showed us the true horror of war, the slaughter and the senselessness. It was a great episode.
Jay Seklow
Jay Seklow - 5 months ago
Great episode, totally unappreciated. Dany going mad was
Foreshadowed long before. Too obsessed with ruling.
MrAlski1986 - 5 months ago
Maybe it's because I'm not as invested in the series as most people (I've only watched each season once), but I really enjoyed this episode.
Sam cribbs
Sam cribbs - 6 months ago
Go ahead and sue me, but I dug it. I thought the Jaime going back was stupid and yes, Tyrion and Varys should have switched roles, but I liked Danny’s choice. Its like in her blood to become “Mad” like her father.
CrimsonAtlas 2000
CrimsonAtlas 2000 - 6 months ago
5:44 and THERE'S your reason why Jaime didn't kill Cercei.
Beev - 7 months ago
Everyone, no matter how hardcore of a fan you are, can see that D&D just wanted to finish the show and that they didnt care about how. If they wanted they could have gained even more, full seasons but they just wanted other projects... which you can tell immediatly
Scowl Czumly
Scowl Czumly - 8 months ago
'This season hadn't fucked any characters until now'
Vv O
Vv O - 8 months ago
danny has been a bitch since the beginning
Vv O
Vv O - 8 months ago
the white haired girl is a bitch....i hate her soo much
Jesse Golo
Jesse Golo - 8 months ago
Kingslayer slayer. Like.
Jaye Connor
Jaye Connor - 9 months ago
3:20 So done with this show lmao
Demitriz - 9 months ago
Jeremy I’ve always been wary of you as a reviewer since you can really be hit or miss all the time, and usually have been basically style over substance. But this review of yours to one of the more advanced GoT episodes has absolutely now convinced me that you (like Stuckmann) are not much of a sophisticated viewer afterall (like so many others). It seriously just blows my mind how u people couldn’t see any of the clues from previous seasons, this one included, that actually clearly hinted of her villainy for a long, long time. Apparently the likes of you really need in-your-face clues shoved down your throats. That is just one aspect of your review that is appalling.
The other truly, truly stupid aspect is that you (like so many morons out there) wanna then act like you even know storytelling/ writing by exclaiming that overblown laughable obnoxious BULLSHIT of “foreshadowing isn’t character”, when in fact IT IS!!
villen - 9 months ago
Dany's mad queen moment was so stupid and poorly written. If they really wanted to make that moment believable and impactful then I think they should have written the public into the death of Missandei.
1. Cersei has Qyburn address the public, making up lies and vilifying Daenaerys telling them that she's riding south on her dragon to burn down the city and everyone in it just like The Mad King wanted to do.
2. Qyburn gains Cersei some public favor by promising to protect the city and everyone who lives in it by showing off the ballistas that were built to defeat the dragon.
3. Missandei gets captured, and then the meeting we see with Dany and Cersei takes place just like we see in the show... except...
4. Instead of Cersei just executing Missandei. She is instead lead to the center of town and tied up in front of the entire city. Where men, women and children all take turns throwing stones at her all while they laugh and cheer. Which would have made so much more sense when Dany starts to slaughter them all.
Think back to the scene from Star Wars: Attack of the Clones.. and say what you want about those movies but this scene is powerful. It's the scene when Anakin goes to find his mother and he finds her tied up and dying in a Tusken Raider camp. So when his mother finally dies and he becomes so enraged that he slaughters the entire camp, that makes sense to me. That's why I think they should have found a way to justify the animosity towards civilians.
ballenmarie x
ballenmarie x - 10 months ago
maybe some people like it u on meth but i dont
Aceofspades928 - 10 months ago
I gotta give this vid a thumps up lot of good points about this season. Also those Varys and Tyrion impersonations were on point.
Odin Akechi
Odin Akechi - 10 months ago
I don't get comparisons between Cersei and Danny where they say it's the quantity of people they've killed that it's important. Most of the time Daenarys didn't enjoyed killing, just saw it as a necessity. Cersei tortured her enemies for weeks and months, all the while sipping wine and listening to that delightful sound of humans in pain. If she had a dragon, do you think the kill count would still be less?
Ashraf Shaikh
Ashraf Shaikh - 10 months ago
Writers are the king slayer's slayer 🤣
Matt Johnson
Matt Johnson - 11 months ago
I can't make the leap either. I think they tried to shove Show Daenerys into Book Daenerys' ending. It was too big of a turn. It was a bridge too far. It was 10 bridges too far.
I could have absolutely seen her going at the Red Keep to target Cersei, the source of her anger. This has to be the biggest character let down in the history of character letdowns.
PhantomMatrix - 11 months ago
This episode felt like Michael Bay directed it with tons of explosions and barely a story line.
Dante DonQuixote
Dante DonQuixote - 11 months ago
Nobody is going to talk about The Hound vs The Mountain? I thought the Hound arc had a decent ending , he died killing his brother with fire, his worst fear.
Mohamed Gargat
Mohamed Gargat - 11 months ago
I blame that stupid war hero Jon Snow .. all the time “she is my queen.. I will not let her down”, “I don’t want it the iron throne, she’s my queen”... That’s what happens when you keep Nuke code with a bitch fucker snow
Donovan - 11 months ago
No one understands "Subverting Expectations" where the unexpected happens. GOT would have been even greater had Tony Stark's Iron Man shown up and killed Cersei Lannister & Daenerys Targaryen. No one would expect that at all with masterful "Subverting Expectations". .... Also, Drogon realized Daenerys was killed by a knife, so he destroyed the army of knives disguised as a throne. .... /s
Andres Alejandro De Luca Gettapietra
Every time I feel sad because of GoT final season, I come to this video at 6:19 so I can hear that beautiful Palpatine impression.
MonotoneManny - Year ago
I was waiting for Jeremy to start being honest with himself.
Anirudh Mishra
Anirudh Mishra - Year ago
Please someone explain, how did Daenerys killed so many innocent people in just 1 episode she didn't kill in her whole life, did the Mad King's ghost get into her?😂
AJA Ryan1994
AJA Ryan1994 - Year ago
Great acting, special effects, battle sequences, and storytelling all ruined because Benioff and Wise wanted to get on the Star Wars paycheck as soon as they could.
Michael Scheuring
Michael Scheuring - Year ago
Jamie did everything he had to, to redeem himself. He went to Winterfell to help fight for the Starks. He reconciled with Bran. Going back to Cersei was his endgame.
Cassie - Year ago
You said dany was cut from Theon bc throbs a dick... how can u give what you don’t have
Jonathan C
Jonathan C - Year ago
Tyrion's stupidity did not bother me--he was in love with Danerys and could not see what was happening, whereas Varys had no such disadvantage. Jamie;s end did not bother me--he was always in love with Cersei and when push came to shove, he was going to try to save her. The one that bothered me was Danerys, and frankly it's a tough one. After so many episodes of styling herself as the "breaker of chains" and "not my father's daughter", both sentiments that I think were honest, it is tough to believe that she hated the people of King's Landing enough to do what she did. It was not a politically smart move either, given that all of Westeros would desert her after such an act, starting with her own boyfriend.
My own choice would have been a Shakespearean ending--Dany accepts the surrender, but the conflict between her and Jon would still be lingering. Dany sees that Jon is proposed as king, maybe tries to kill him to keep the throne (he is spurning her at this point, after all). Jon kills her in self-defense, and then Drogon sees the whole thing and lights up Jon. The council gets together but cannot decide on a king, and so the kingdoms go their separate ways. And the Game of Thrones begins again, sans Targareyans.
Mr Pickles
Mr Pickles - Year ago
Loved how like a season ago Dany locks her dragons up for killing one child. Oke that's fair...
Proceeds to systematically go down every street of kings landing torching, innocent, men, women and children.
While the characters deciding to massacre everyone is a massive moment you have to sustain your disbelief. I actually liked the episode and the visuals and effects. I just don't like how they executed it all.
Like hell, why didn't they make it that her other dragon didn't die in ep4 and it dies in ep5 and you hear the civilians cheering for Danys dragons death, maybe even thinking it she was on the that dragon. Ofc Dany being on Drogon she's still alive, so she hears the bells, but then sees Rhaegal get shot down, and hears innocents cheering. Making Dany angery at the innocents for cheering at the death of her dragon, and this is especially upsetting for her, as she just wanted to free them from a tyrant.
Like honestly I liked s8 overall. No where near as good as other seasons but I liked it... But HATED episode 6. If it were up to me Dany would have ended up on the throne.
DHScherocha - Year ago
What the fuck is with these people whining about Jamie going back to Cersei? For me that was the one inevitability of his arc. Every step of the way, no matter how much he'd grown, he'd throw it out the window when it came to Cersei. That was the one constant for his character. So these people acting like that was somehow subverting what should have been the conclusion for his character are what, just butthurt that he didn't conclude by suddenly flipping on a dime and betraying the one person he'd stayed true to throughout the course of the show? Were you people even watching the show up until now? The one absolutely certain fucking thing about his character was that his one foible outside of pushing little boys out of Windows was that his irrational love for Cersei trumped everything else. It. Made. Perfect. Sense.
The criticism of this last season is 20% valid criticism about the sloppy writing and pacing, 60% bandwagon hate with no real basis for it beyond that's the way the internet is telling them they should hate it and 20% nerd rage that it didn't end the way people wanted and thinking that the showrunners made decisions on a whim, oblivious to the fact that all the major outcomes that people are up in arms about will end virtually the same way when the book is released.
Just Tim
Just Tim - Year ago
dany is supposed to be the mad queen!! i expected her to be mad when she let her brother killed by her husband.. this is supposed to be a show with no happy ending.
hen ko
hen ko - Year ago
Great analysis I agree on the character switch for the drawf man and fat maddam. follow my instagram @jorge_locolinn
cableaddict - Year ago
Someone please explain how Dany could have possibly known that Cersei was dead.
That's right, she could not have.
I guess D&D sort of forgot.
- And the same goes for Arya. who tells Jon "I came to kill Cersei, but Dany beat me to it."
(Not to mention, Dany did NOT beat her to it. If Arya had stayed with the Hound, she could have killed Cersei, walking down the steps.)
Good lord .............
Season's 7-8 Drinking Game:
Cersei stares out of a balcony with a smirk
Daenyrys enters on a dragon to make a cool entrance
Liam Patrick
Liam Patrick - Year ago
Jon Snow has been Dany's little bitch this entire season, unless you can count the last episode as an exception.
Ahmed Aay
Ahmed Aay - Year ago
turned my girl into Adolf Targaryen
Watch Pug Tv
Watch Pug Tv - Year ago
This episode had the best fight of the show hands down. (CLEGANEBOWL)
ThejollyFrenchman - Year ago
The thing about early GoT is that it had shocking events, but you could look back on them and see how and why they developed. Ned Stark's execution was shocking, but on a rewatch you can see how his misplaced trust and sense of honour made it inevitable, and the same can be said for the Red Wedding and Oberyn Martell's death. With this, there was nothing supporting these plot points besides foreshadowing devoid of any character development.
GenericUsername - Year ago
This episode was awesome for 1 reason....Cersei finally died
Bobby B
Bobby B - Year ago
Prince Kabs
Prince Kabs - Year ago
John should of become king and not be sent in exile at the wall....
MG - Year ago
I knew it it was Palpatine all alone. Damn it that guy just doesnt give up, killed the jedi order now came for more
Diego Martinez
Diego Martinez - Year ago
Do you want to be king bran?

Well yes but actually no
Ahmad Almaiman
Ahmad Almaiman - Year ago
8:09 oh, Jeremy!!!! 😂😂😂
The sounded funny then, it's even funnier now!!!
homer555552 - Year ago
Frank Lyerlool
Frank Lyerlool - Year ago
You said dany was cut from Theon bc throbs a dick... how can u give what you don’t have
NICK LOPEZ LI - Year ago
It's funny people complain about Game Of Thrones Season 8 being rushed truth is the whole series was rushed there was so much all ready left out so many characters that didn't make the cut. Battles that weren't shown those that were they shortened for budget reasons so many side plots and story arches all gone. Characters who were different in the books were changed for the show the outcomes the execution all of that was altered but to an extent most of what we saw was directly from the book for the most part. I think it's funny because you weren't complaining then but your complaining now.
L T - Year ago
I just can't believe a cold hearted, dumbass, asshole Bran was made king. The way he treated Meera after all the sacrifices she made to save his sorry ass. Now he's king??
PotterAndMatrixFan - Year ago
I'm not even mad, just kind of disappointed. It was stupid and mindless with no reason behind anything. Also one of the writers worked on X-Men Origins: Wolverine. That should explain quite a bit...
Jorge Monzuzs
Jorge Monzuzs - Year ago
Great analysis I agree on the character switch for the drawf man and fat maddam. follow my instagram @jorge_locolinn
manlike chinduuu
manlike chinduuu - Year ago
I thought tryion is gonna be on the throne and all those wrong decisions in season 8 were because he did it on purpose to kill jamie, varys and cersie. So disappointed to see such intellectual character just silde away, could have been better.
Voldy356 - Year ago
We should just forget season 8 exists.
LyricalXilence - Year ago
Oh Jeremy you need a hug? Did you drink some hard alcohol after last nite? Cuddle the puppies, the puppies will make the pain go away.
Alan Hunt
Alan Hunt - Year ago
I don't give a flying F about what people think, season 8 was amazing ... not perfect but a great way to close out an awesome journey. Naysayers are just more vocal than others I guess
mike dotson
mike dotson - Year ago
Where is ep6!?!?
Julian Bouchard
Julian Bouchard - Year ago
you have been wrong twice. Avatar and this.
Jose Garcia
Jose Garcia - Year ago
Where's your ending review. I'm dying to hear it. As someone who gave up after the Night king, I still want to see how some one who gave up after the last episode sees the ending.
BeardedDragon - Year ago
I guess Benihoff and Weiss are nothing without G.R.R Martin's writing and guidance.
Jose Rodriguez
Jose Rodriguez - Year ago
Whenever I hear a show being great, I usually wait until all the seasons are done. If the Finale is great, then I watch all the seasons.
Adam Murphy Ryan
Adam Murphy Ryan - Year ago
More like Jamie said I'm going to go back to dick my sister
Adam Grunther
Adam Grunther - Year ago
Are we going to see a review of the finale?
Savory Bridge
Savory Bridge - Year ago
Petition to bring back Jon snows balls
Kristen Nowlin
Kristen Nowlin - Year ago
Once the show got away from the books, it went downhill fast. The worst are Dany and Tyrion. Tyrion went from a very logical person to an idiot. Dany in the books was always caring and put her people’s needs before her own; she did not wanna end up like her father. Show Dany was a power-hungry dick for a long time: wanting power above all else. It’s a tragedy
Yajie Liu
Yajie Liu - Year ago
I understand why angry and grieving people do horrible things and step out of their normal moral boundaries - look at End Game - however, this is stepping way out of line to a point no human can sympathize with the main characters' decisions and thoughts and emotions anymore.
Shivam Shekhar
Shivam Shekhar - Year ago
Its funny when you asked for bran and you got it
Bharat Joshi
Bharat Joshi - Year ago
That Theon comment tho, viscous and below the belt.
dlarge6502 - Year ago
You really make no sense in this review.
1. What happens in this episode is what would have always happened, deal with it.
2. Yes, as they only have 6 episodes left they have to wrap it up quickly, thats the only issue here. Its a little fast.
3. Jamie: So you expect this man who has changed over the years to shack up with his latest woman while he lets his own sister/first love/mother to his children face down an army? Thats the old Jamie, letting his sister/first love/ MOTHER of his children get slaughtered by a queen with a dragon while he enjoys a hump. Have you ever heard the saying Blood is Thicker than Water? Would you not run to save your own family if you had to chose between them and humping the girl you just picked up? Do you know what family is???
4. Tyrion: He is a talker. His only power and means of survival is to manipulate those who a literally BIGGER than him. Its how he survives. He read lots in order to increase his ability to be useful as a talker. HE IS NOT A GENIUS. He is a dwarf trying to stay alive in a world that usually kills dwarfs on sight for fun. Thoughout the series he has made a TON of mistakes but we did not see those as mistakes as they helped him to survive against people we hated, which is his goal. In the end the smartest thing he did was to go behind his queens back and free his brother putting himself at great risk. Oh thers that family thing again. Jesus man, he basically admits all this when talking to Jamie.
5. Daenerys: Her family was torn apart when she was a kid and she ended up living with her brother in a country she never saw as home. A brother who really fancied having his bit of her body, as is tradition in their bloodline. What else is tradition in their bloodline? Madness. They are all stark raving mad. Her father was killed by Jamie BECAUSE HE WAS TOTALLY MAD. Her brother had this madnes, thats why we hated him and loved it when he wore his new crown. WHY is she immune from her families madness? Turns out she is as mad and crazy as the rest. You didnt see it? because she was freeing slaves? I saw it here and there, between the lines. She freed the slaves etc just to get the power and strength she needed. She said it was to get the iron throne, something she was totally obsessed by. Every time she was on screen it was so predictable! " I want my iron throne, no one would dare stand before me", then Tyrion comes along and talks some sense into her and we forget her madness showed itself. Then she has her closest friends killed, her lover turns out to be her nephew and he dont want the nooky anymore as he is not a full blood Targaryen so its naturally not his cup of tea and thus as he is her nephew it turns out the iron throne will never be hers unless everyone lies about it which they tend to not want to do as they somehow like Jon Snow much better. So, answer this. An obsessed queen, nothing to her name. Everything done to get a throne she cant have. Her own nephew wont sleep with her anymore. What has she got left? Her families madness. So yes, like her father before she cant help but BURN ALL OF THEM. HAHAHAHAH I HAVE A DRAGON AND YOU WILL BOW TO ME IN FLAME!!! NOBODY WILL HAVE THE IRON THRONE!!! BURN MY NEPHEW TOO, HE MUST BE DOWN THERE SOMEWHERE! THIS IS SO SATISFYING, DADDY WAS RIGHT, FIRE IS POWER, DEATH IS MY JUDGMENT! YOU WILL PAY FOR YOUR BETRAYAL AND LOVE ME FOR SPARING WHOEVER SURVIVES!
You really didnt see this coming?
Just because the series is running faster than we are used to does not mean its written badly. Perhaps what you are seeing is the weakness further seasons would have because there are no books. So do you want all of it in 6 episodes or strung out over the next several years?
GRRM has already stated that what you will see is what he intends it to be. He told you that there is no democracy, you dont get to vote on anything, Suck it up and accept it. You were wrong about these characters if you think you knew them.
Perhaps we can get on the huge potential of the prequels now? I want to see the story behind the Night King and the Long Night. I want to see how the wall was built by Bran and if that Bran was anything to do with the one we know. I want to explore the story of the Children of the Forest and perhaps more about the God of Light.
But no, some idiots want to re-write season 8 to make Danny and John happy families sitting on two iron thrones.
swee abn
swee abn - Year ago
All this is because the original author did not write all this.
MauricioHalo - Year ago
Just saw last episod, u called it her goin anakin skywalker & everythin, very shitty series ending
C Black
C Black - Year ago
"Breaking Bad" "The Sopranos" 2 examples of complete satisfaction.
Trey - Year ago
“It’s like Jamie Lannister stabbed the mad king in the back, and the writers stabbed Jamie Lannister in the back”
Jeremy’s lines like that are what keep me coming back
CABLE 715 - Year ago
Just wait till you see ep. 6
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