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Hannah Wright
Hannah Wright - 2 days ago
you guys should make a season 3 with twaimz, Larray, shane dawson, the dolan twins, Emma chamberlain, and James Charlies
Blaze - 2 days ago
Wtf this bitch crying during the last challenge she finished firstly
Jeniflurxo - 2 days ago
It’s crazy the transition from season 1 to 2. Season 1 felt like YouTube videos but this season literally feels like a proper tv show!
Omg I just got to the bit where Dom said the same!! It’s so true though!
Amna Dawani
Amna Dawani - 4 days ago
Charlotte bramich
Charlotte bramich - 5 days ago
plz make sam and colby in it!!!
Blush Butterfly
Blush Butterfly - 7 days ago
Ok so i didnt love taylor at first but im really proud of her rn 11:33
Megan Wenzel
Megan Wenzel - 9 days ago
Taylor is such a bitch
Alessandra A
Alessandra A - 9 days ago
I wonder who much Coconut Red Bull’s Taylor could buy with that money
Mia Sebastian
Mia Sebastian - 11 days ago
Why am I sobbing over Jc shouting out Kian omfg
Jonn S
Jonn S - 13 days ago
Yes! Y'all need to feel them emotions. Y'all(everyone involved) worked hard and did an amazing job! I honestly hope they make more seasons. P.s. Maybe don't do the right off the bus elimination.
Asmaa _x22
Asmaa _x22 - 13 days ago
Kian crying made me cry mannnn😭
Asmaa _x22
Asmaa _x22 - 13 days ago
But like the hug at the end tho🥺
Asmaa _x22
Asmaa _x22 - 13 days ago
Man I can’t wait for season 3!
Isabel Martinez
Isabel Martinez - 14 days ago
Isabel Martinez
Isabel Martinez - 14 days ago
Isabel Martinez
Isabel Martinez - 14 days ago
this cast is so good
Isabel Martinez
Isabel Martinez - 14 days ago
carrin perkins
carrin perkins - 18 days ago
Ayeee you go Lena deserve it🙏🏽❤️
Mickayla Phlegar
Mickayla Phlegar - 18 days ago
here i am during Covid wishing for season 3.
this series was amazing when it came out and now, i really enjoy it. Kian and Jc, keep up the good work, cant wait to see Season 3 IF it ever happens.
it was a very emotional ride, i didn’t cry until Jc called Kian his partner in crime and they were crying, that hit me.
love you both, keep up the good work!
Leena Joe
Leena Joe - 20 days ago
That last part with kian and JC is just 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Cal B
Cal B - 22 days ago
Fck yeah ain’t gonna spoil it but Fck yeaaaa boyyyyy
Lea Ignacio
Lea Ignacio - 22 days ago
i just wanna say this is the best series i ever watched on Youtube. I mean... i watched all the episodes nonstop. And really hope there will be more seasons coming up.
Bridget Mosarwe
Bridget Mosarwe - 22 days ago
Great series
Rosales, Karen
Rosales, Karen - 22 days ago
i hope their series is racking up views during quarantine bc this was super interesting to watch. can’t wait until s3.
NGDJoy - 24 days ago
i am.just sooo proud of these two. (kian and jc)
manvi sharma
manvi sharma - 24 days ago
watched the series for the 5th timeeee
Marijane Arevalos
Marijane Arevalos - 25 days ago
aaahhh re watched reality house season 1 and 2 and I can't wait till the third
Lupi Garcia
Lupi Garcia - 25 days ago
My favorite part was when you guys started to cry 🥺
Carmella D
Carmella D - 27 days ago
I think if they have a season 3, they should have like a prize for each place. Like 4th place: $5,000; 3rd place: $10,000; etc. Cuz every season, the contestants work SO hard and they all deserve the money.
Somadina Kpaduwa
Somadina Kpaduwa - 29 days ago
Thank You SeatGeek!
Madeline Gruber
Madeline Gruber - 29 days ago
Seirasip Xuz
Seirasip Xuz - Month ago
dyl & will are life
Seirasip Xuz
Seirasip Xuz - Month ago
thank you seat geek
Seirasip Xuz
Seirasip Xuz - Month ago
Lena is my favorite
Seirasip Xuz
Seirasip Xuz - Month ago
MJ - Month ago
Dom is so adorable I don't care what anyone else says. He puts on a mean demeanor but his smile and the way he treats his friends is so sweet. I really like him. He is a fighter and I feel bad he's so hard on himself.
Christa Augustine
Christa Augustine - Month ago
Omg guys.. I loved the ending. Friggen lena ❤️
broofaboss - Month ago
Yayyyyyyy and soooo generous too ugh 😍
broofaboss - Month ago
I've watched both of these seasons the past couple days and I'm just so proud of Jian and KC 😍 (also Andy of)

p.s. I obviously know their names, save it pls
WanD - Month ago
Whyy.. I always wanted dom to win since season 1.. Hes my Idol u know... Ughh
Kierstin - Month ago
ok but taylor should have won!
Mr diva
Mr diva - Month ago
Kinda wish Taylor would’ve won 😭 like I hated her at first but she’s actually got a big heart and really needed the money and worked fuckin hard for it.
Logan Smith
Logan Smith - Month ago
Who else knew is he was a pure winner. But I had doubts first time I saw her.
SAM - Month ago
lena deserves this and she's so sweet for giving them some of her money!!
Katelyn lewis
Katelyn lewis - Month ago
Dom running while looking back and smiling at taylor crying is honestly iconic
Fabiana - Month ago
Let's be honest nobody really liked Taylor after you saw how she really is
Micka Aflaque
Micka Aflaque - Month ago
This needs to be on Netflix #pg13
wyd alina
wyd alina - Month ago
can we just take a moment to admire how STUNNING they all look✨
imari and harrison DESERVED BETTER!!
Amandaa Mariee
Amandaa Mariee - Month ago
mystery woman
mystery woman - Month ago
Damnnn this is hands down the best reality show. u guys killed it.
Jenni Vanden Broeke
Jenni Vanden Broeke - Month ago
This was great! Kian and JC, amazing job!!!
Alexandra - Month ago
I even cried 🥺 I love their friendship and all their accomplishments ❤️
Katherine Campos
Katherine Campos - Month ago
i like the song that they used while trying to reveal the winner, but i can't find it. *sigh*
Laura Navarro
Laura Navarro - Month ago
thank u seat geek
BigBlackCat 9929
BigBlackCat 9929 - Month ago
Congrats to Lena for winning buuutttt...
The fact that Taylor came that close to winning shows the favourites won’t always win. By adding a jury, this will be ensure more favourable people win.
Also scrap the boys vs girls format. It’s up to the cast to form alliances and vote people out. Separating the cast turned it into 2 different games.
megan gobby
megan gobby - Month ago
seeing kian cry broke my heart but it was so beautiful and literally made me call my bsf and tell her how much i love her.🥺❤️
Diane Miller
Diane Miller - Month ago
So proud of Manny!!! Love him so much.
Fabiola Graceffa
Fabiola Graceffa - Month ago
Guys you're so sweet ❤️ and congratulations girl!!!
Maddie Newcomb
Maddie Newcomb - Month ago
Manny absolutely slayed his make up lmao
Kaktusas - Month ago
At first I didn't like Taylor but in the end I was hoping that she will win :')
acaaa amalia
acaaa amalia - Month ago
ok but who wants see franny in season 3???
Kayla Quintero
Kayla Quintero - Month ago
EJ MATA - Month ago
Anybody but that skinny Taylor bitch
Kylee Nierodzinski
Kylee Nierodzinski - Month ago
Y’all should make this a actual show !!!
Kaylee LaBeouf
Kaylee LaBeouf - Month ago
Dom and Taylor are so alike they brought the same outfit for the finale lmao
Beth A
Beth A - Month ago
Lena needs to talk to Manny about finding her perfect foundation match
M Charlie
M Charlie - Month ago
My favorite epsode was when season 1 came back and favorite contestant was taylor
Sara Breedlove
Sara Breedlove - Month ago
She shares it too i fucking love her she deserved that 😭😭❤🙏
Don't Drake N Drive 101
Don't Drake N Drive 101 - 2 months ago
Ok but am i the only one who MELTED when I saw Kian in that las outfit 😩
Buddah Baby.
Buddah Baby. - 2 months ago
Everytime Taylor got in the confessional or had a camera time, I was so quick to skip
Daniella Nediva
Daniella Nediva - 2 months ago
Daniella Nediva
Daniella Nediva - 2 months ago
when they said snake and scorpion, I don't think Harrison would like to come back
Sage Slopnick
Sage Slopnick - 2 months ago
I feel like Trisha had the most development in season 1 and Dom had the most development in Season 2, Lena is a angel, Girl, You go, I feel like Andrea could have won if she didn't quit (Andrea is a Queen) Taylor is a good person and extremely underrated, Imari had a chance but was dragged with Teala, Manny had such a good heart and was nice, The saddest Elimination goes to... Andrea
ciera formanek
ciera formanek - 2 months ago
this made me SO emotional.
ciera formanek
ciera formanek - 2 months ago
why am i crying wtf
Khushi Parekh
Khushi Parekh - 2 months ago
Thank you seatgeek!
Sofia Pardo
Sofia Pardo - 2 months ago
We LOVE Manny, We FUCKIN STAND Lena, We RESPECT Taylor and We are HERE FOR Dom 🥺🥰🤩🙌
Tierra TV
Tierra TV - 2 months ago
Next season please have a couple vs couple or siblings vs siblings competition
han - 2 months ago
the puzzle had the best character development in this season
Kyle Lambert
Kyle Lambert - 2 months ago
Taylor and that fucking stuffed animal 🤦‍♂️ like bruh, you're 20 something
kimaya henderson
kimaya henderson - 2 months ago
if anyone is still watching in July.. still use the code KianAndJc on SeatGeek bc it still works and they need to get that bag back ahahha
Jordan Henry
Jordan Henry - 2 months ago
taylor is annoying
LIL MEOW MEOW - 2 months ago
pls invite tyler funke for season 3
Adriana - 2 months ago
Seasons 3 bring Christina Marie aka Beautychickee please!!!!!
Abdelaziz Aya
Abdelaziz Aya - 2 months ago
Oh! My god that got me so emotional. I love you guys a!d cannot wait for season3
Danica Samson
Danica Samson - 2 months ago
Season 1 was better
Don’t come at me
Karina Morales
Karina Morales - 2 months ago
Maria Antonia Pérez
Maria Antonia Pérez - 2 months ago
omg manny just looks so stunning
Serena Daley
Serena Daley - 2 months ago
Bro I actually started crying 🥺 this was so emotional and I just loved it! 🥺🖤
Chhengy Hor
Chhengy Hor - 2 months ago
I’m back watching it again because I love knj os much. The end is very emotional and beautiful 😭💕
Rosa D’Agostino
Rosa D’Agostino - 3 months ago
Honestly Dom grew the most during this show
Ingrid Cruz
Ingrid Cruz - 3 months ago
i’m waiting for season 3 and harrisons win.
Patricia Reyes
Patricia Reyes - 3 months ago
I know how everyone is against Taylor, but honestly I feel really bad for her.
dragon - Month ago
billie’s avocado same ;c she doesnt deserve all the hate and i feel bad too
Emmanuel Hernandez
Emmanuel Hernandez - 3 months ago
lets go Taylor did not win
Emmanuel Hernandez
Emmanuel Hernandez - 3 months ago
for season 3 do not bring Taylor back
Wadha Althani
Wadha Althani - 3 months ago
Just watched the whole season 1&2... the best things I’ve watched this year... well worth it... now it’s 4:35am on a Saturday and I have a Chemistry exam and a pre calculus midterm Sunday morning that I haven’t yet studied for! I’m panicking a little but I’ll try to study for the whole day to make up for yesterday :)
Cierra Downing
Cierra Downing - 3 months ago
We love you ANDY 🥺💜 best editor ever
Cierra Downing
Cierra Downing - 3 months ago
Aww Lena is so sweet I low key was expecting Taylor to win bc she quit her job
Jacqueline Flores
Jacqueline Flores - 3 months ago
Bro the driving guys will and dill are so underrated they were so funny every time with everyone in the car 💀
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