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Marissa Gonzalez
Marissa Gonzalez - 4 hours ago
ok but am it the only one in love with Dom
Nisha V
Nisha V - 4 hours ago
I’m just crying 😭
Ayen Arok
Ayen Arok - 5 hours ago
Thank You, SeatGeek!
Pizzais bae
Pizzais bae - 6 hours ago
So fucking happy that Lena won and damn y’all really had us all up in our mf feels
Shay Gissell
Shay Gissell - 6 hours ago
Nashmia Chughtai
Nashmia Chughtai - 8 hours ago
awwww lena deserved it!!! im crying through the screen right now
SweetLike Ari
SweetLike Ari - 8 hours ago
6:40-6:44 jc’s voice it’s so cute i love when he does that
Bananas are Disgusting
Bananas are Disgusting - 9 hours ago
Favorite part is watching Jc shout kian out and him crying
Reanna Martinez
Reanna Martinez - 11 hours ago
Get daisy Marquez in Szn 3 ! 😋
Melissa Alicea
Melissa Alicea - 11 hours ago
If Taylor cries one more time is2g🙄
lins sav
lins sav - 12 hours ago
i’m so proud of lena
Brandon Lee
Brandon Lee - 14 hours ago
Season three let’s get it, but make sure the challenges are fair, their already entertaining
Brandon Lee
Brandon Lee - 14 hours ago
Good job Lena but she looking like a whole pumpkin
Daniella Volpe
Daniella Volpe - 16 hours ago
So why didn’t they just glue one of the pieces into each of the puzzles with 8 pieces to make it totally equal???
562debkat - 17 hours ago
I feel exactly as Dom explained at the end about season 1 vs 2. This season was like a true reality show.
I'm so glad Lena won. Taylor was good but so exhausting. She was way too much and it wasn't entertaining as a viewer.
Spend that money wisely Lena. You did great!
Holly Gavarra
Holly Gavarra - 18 hours ago
i reckon next season invite the eliminated cast back for the finale/announcement of who wins
gokceee semizzz
gokceee semizzz - 19 hours ago
Taylor might be annoying and all but she never gave up even tho a lot of ppl wanted her out and kept voting for her, I hope she wins
gokceee semizzz
gokceee semizzz - 18 hours ago
Nvm lol she lost
shannon huang
shannon huang - 20 hours ago
does anyone know the song playing when they announce the winners
Itsduhmita - 22 hours ago
I LOST it when kian started crying after JC shouted him out😭 nothing can ever break up their friendship
Jose Garrido
Jose Garrido - 23 hours ago
Tbh i see this going somewhere. This was dope
Cassandra Orloski
Cassandra Orloski - 23 hours ago
when’s MTV (or Netflix, etc) gonna give y’all a Tv series already
bananananaO9 - 23 hours ago
I cant wait for season 3 😭😭😭
bananananaO9 - 23 hours ago
Lena is a real one I wish I could be her friend irl not because shes rich but because shes a boss
bananananaO9 - 23 hours ago
Fucking lena 🤣 starts counting all the dough shes giving is so cute lol
Abby Romo
Abby Romo - 23 hours ago
Wow i just discovered this show this morning and saw the ENTIRE thing in one day!! Keep more seasons coming ❤ you guys did amazing!! Well executed 🙌 you guys are amazing
Bianca Lanham
Bianca Lanham - Day ago
Angely Aparicio
Angely Aparicio - Day ago
i came to the comments half way into the video and someone made a comment saying who won. I hate this place
Tristan Sheffield
Tristan Sheffield - Day ago
WHEN I TELL YOU I SCREAMED WHEN LENA WON. I hated Taylor the entire time but I’m proud she wasn’t a bitch in the end.
Vix Tha Homegirl
Vix Tha Homegirl - Day ago
Who is the season 3 special guest ?
Kassie - Day ago
i literally cried like a baby when jc called kian his partner in crime. i grew up watching these guys and just to see them accomplish and do such amazing things with their career makes me so happy and incredibly proud. i am so so so so proud of you guys 🥺🥺🥺
Lia Yzabel
Lia Yzabel - Day ago
Beth Ann
Beth Ann - Day ago
You can tell how tired that Kian and Jc were because of how much they cry at the end 🤣
Beth Ann
Beth Ann - Day ago
Imagine... Harrison would’ve won lol
Halah Belrcadi
Halah Belrcadi - Day ago
are you freaking kidding me?! the crying, the sharing wow just beautiful!!!!
Beth Ann
Beth Ann - Day ago
Taylor sucks but she had a good attitude about losing.
Shelby Trevino
Shelby Trevino - Day ago
Such a good series !!! Can’t wait for season 3! Reminds me of the challenge on MTV
Shelby Trevino
Shelby Trevino - Day ago
When Taylor cries 😭😭😭😭😭
Destiny Wayne
Destiny Wayne - Day ago
You know what? If Harrison couldnt win...Im glad Lena did. As long as Taylor didnt win I was fine
Karina Vilhena
Karina Vilhena - Day ago
Does anyone know the name of the song they play when they announce the winner??
Eyelessend - Day ago
I’m new here but y the fck is the Taylor chick carrying that shit everywhere? 😂
Valentina Becerra
Valentina Becerra - Day ago
when kian and jc hugged at the end i literally started bawling my eyes out 🥺😭
Jade Moore
Jade Moore - Day ago
Ughhhhhhh I wanted Taylor to win she deserves it the most
Erick Paul Sosa Daza
Ok. I have to say this I did not like Lena at all during the show, but at the end I kind of like her for giving part of her money.
Bernardo Portas
Bernardo Portas - Day ago
Antonio Garza for S 3
Brycburr - Day ago
So proud of manny for showing his true self in this series
hannah lol
hannah lol - Day ago
dolan twins for season 3!!!!!!
Itzmadisonn - Day ago
Omg they should do reality house beauty guru addition With only beauty gurus 🤨
Hannah Swarbrick
Hannah Swarbrick - Day ago
I don’t know why I couldn’t stand taylor
B L ¡ S S
B L ¡ S S - Day ago
Yo ive cried like 3 times watching this video
Sheila Vo
Sheila Vo - Day ago
Yo I did not like Taylor but I low key thought she was gonna win 🥴
Italia Roma
Italia Roma - Day ago
Y'ALL MADE ME CRY!!😭😭😍❤😘😘 I love you guys lol keep up the great work & congrats on your success!🙌 Can't wait to see what other kind of amazing, dorky and wildly strange things you bring to the table.💃😊🙏👏👏👏💐💐🎉🎉🎉☝
Misslill15 - Day ago
Carly Kogut
Carly Kogut - Day ago
they should bring a couple fans into the house for season 3
Ri Ta
Ri Ta - Day ago
28:46 Kian ans JC I'm so proud of you, you did it, guys! I cried with you. You stepped up YouTube game without YouTube help just using your talent and amazing personalities!!! I watched this series twice and I could watch it again. So excited for season 3 and 4 and 5 and I don't know where it takes you, but I wish you all the best. You deserve it and you're fucking amazing!!!!
KissMyCreative - Day ago
Season 2 was SO much better than season 1! Such a drastic change in so many ways which shows how much you guys care about making this a big thing and listening to your audience. Great job, guys! Can't wait for season 3! One of the best creator-made shows I've watched!
takara starks
takara starks - Day ago
So dramatic lol
amber van der garde
seeing taylor cry made me so emotional🥺❤️
xLindsx - Day ago
Pin YouTube Communities against each other!
Communities, meaning: Vloggers, Gamers, ASMR content Creators, Mukbangers, Beauty Gurus, Drama Channels/Podcasters (they would [WILL] Bring the CONTENT),” React” channels, Comedy Creators (as in the “talented Lele pons), etc....
Everyone reading comments, please give a girl a LIKE !!! I’m confident in this idea & feel free to add any thoughts on it in the replies :)
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I have a vibe that if you guys see this, you’ll agree the idea is good, and more importantly, advanced you closer to where you want to be/ how you want to be seen.
(There is a stipulation) - Using this means hiring me on the team as a producer.... I was previously a producer (have worked in every area of production and media , including PR)...
You guys are getter better and now have the $$ backing. Not to mention talent (however I only know of you through these series). You clearly need more seasoned professionals to do what we gotta do so you can focus on hosting , we will make sure no mistakes happen & you guys just make sure to entertain.
You guys have done great so far, but with more outside experience & finessing this third season will get you closer....if not to the level you want & we will be using season 3 as your pilot for other platforms ( Netflix anyone ?)
Common boys, let’s do this!!! It’s what’s up 😉 Please comment and I can give info 🤞 Good luck either way!
T C - Day ago
Ok what’s with the stuffed animal
OMG Marc
OMG Marc - Day ago
What sing is playing when they reveal the winner? Around 21:35
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