JOKER Full Movie Breakdown! Easter Eggs You Missed!

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The Jim Reaper™
The Jim Reaper™ - 6 hours ago
You know you're all now cheering on the Joker right???
Despite the fact that he's an obviously deranged killer... You all have the feels for him!!!
What madness is this, I have lived long enough for the villian to become the hero
The Jim Reaper™
The Jim Reaper™ - 6 hours ago
True Fact : Bernie Goetz the Subway Vigilante shot Barry Allen (the name of one of the guy's he shot) which is the name of the Flash another DC character!!!
Coincidence... I think not, it's just more proof we live in a simulation!!!
Guillermo z
Guillermo z - 8 hours ago
This movie wasn’t a dream or a fantasy in jokers mind! Bruce parents die due to jokers actions. Done 🎤
Your welcome
Nathan Benitez
Nathan Benitez - 9 hours ago
Jerome Ave is also the name of a main avenue in the Bronx, not far from the "famous Joker Stairs"
O Dogg
O Dogg - 10 hours ago
Thumbs down for that VPN shit
Meep Meep
Meep Meep - 15 hours ago
When Arthur was talking inside the phone booth, did anyone else notice that cat-sized rat running around in the background?
mark blum
mark blum - 15 hours ago
"Comedian" Marc Maren. Now that's funny.
Samuel Tan
Samuel Tan - 18 hours ago
Hmm.. the murray film set curtain color scheme seems to be the same as jokers color scheme.🤔
Ghost Ball
Ghost Ball - 20 hours ago
1:35 That's not method acting. That's called doing your research and being a good actor lol
ascendence - 21 hour ago
Fleck is german for Stain
CoolName? - Day ago
In 1981 you could not adopt unless you were married. Making me think the Thomas Wayne was Arthurs father
Gabby T
Gabby T - Day ago
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Gabby T
Gabby T - Day ago
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فاء بن ألف'
For anyone surprised about the “Phoenix lost 50 pounds for the joker” thing i have some news for you. He actually lost only 15 and not 50 pounds!
Michael Durwin
Michael Durwin - Day ago
Theory Buster: it all actually happened.
Joker may be an unreliable narrator but the story included the hidden to his eyes killing of the Waynes, during the Clown Uprising, which would create Batman. Joker doesn’t know they’re killed, he doesn’t know Bruce is Batman. Unless Batman, The League of Shadows (which might have been poisoning the water and causing increased violence in Gotham or trying to break it down economically, as were suggested in Dark Night, Bane, Catwoman, Harley Quinn, et al are ALL part of an ongoing fantasy. The only way the events, other than the girlfriend, are a fantasy is if Batman, and therefore the entire DC universe is a fantasy.
OldFury - Day ago
I dislike you as a person
Future Friend
Future Friend - Day ago
if everything was a fantasy then this movie was not a origin story of Joker. therefore it has no point and its existance is meaningless.
everything happened in his head is a very dumb & common theory.
Batman - Day ago
Would I like this movie?
Soldier Fan
Soldier Fan - Day ago
It takes place during Chernobyl
Zahra Channel
Zahra Channel - Day ago
The I LOVE YOU MURRY escalated to head shot
Marika Chiodero
Marika Chiodero - Day ago
There is another reference you missed (at least in the Italian version of the movie I saw). When the Waynes are exiting the movie theater the other film on the billboard is Blow up, a famous movie by Michelangelo Antonioni in which masked and clowning protesters invade the street of London, creating a surreal atmosphere. Or maybe it was Blow out from 1981...and I’ll probably go to the theatre for the third time to check it out.
Rajwinder Sabharwal
so Batman becomes ratman
ez - Day ago
*lost 15 lbs
Joshua Bass
Joshua Bass - Day ago
The whole Thomas Wayne affair thing is super obvious, “You have a pretty smile” is a pretty tame compliment, so it stands to reason that he did actually write that on the photo, and Penny birthed an entire lifetime of fantasy from that one instance, kind of like how Arthur has a short conversation with Sophie and creates his own fantasy relationship from that.
Also Penny’s character seems super inspired by Mrs. Goldfarb from Requiem for a Dream and I love it~
Am Cha
Am Cha - Day ago
Do you want to hear another joke Mur-Ray?!
Tim Christopher
Tim Christopher - Day ago
Not sure if this is an Easter egg but when on the phone in the street near the garbage there is a super rat that runs by the screen (bottom right)
Harris Balan
Harris Balan - Day ago
Plot twist: Thomas Wayne is also Aquaman's father
Jorie Thomas
Jorie Thomas - 2 days ago
I caught the A. Fleck thing but upon thinking about it, Joaquin Phoenix's ex brother in law and good friend is Casey Affleck. Also, you missed that Joaquin did the tongue flick similar to that of Heath's.
Allec Azzam
Allec Azzam - 2 days ago
It's such a good movie!! 😁
ChewwwBeccca - 2 days ago
Why no AHS videos?????
Joruku night
Joruku night - 2 days ago
Anyone else noticed the clocks are all the same time through the movie?
Hybrid Alien
Hybrid Alien - 2 days ago
Fired EIGHT SHOTS, not SIX and never a reload :) Clown GUN LOL Everybody missed that one :)
Hummad Syed
Hummad Syed - 2 days ago
This was sooooooooo stretched
Fox - 2 days ago
Those thugs in the train got what they deserved, period!
arcangelkrlos - 2 days ago
Not because some things were his own fantasy means he is an unreliable narrator and everything is made up.
Mentally unstable people live in a world were reality and fantasy is mixed. Even among sane children, this is pretty common.
I did my practice in a mental institution. When you read a patient background, actually, their fantasies make sense. You just need to separate what is not real, what is and how that fantasy play in the context of their condition.
Two For Free Podcast
Two For Free Podcast - 2 days ago
I'm surprised that NR missed the beginning nod to Christopher Nolan. On the announcements over the radio that Arthur is listening to they talked about Nolan Ave.
yash oe
yash oe - 2 days ago
Stupid fcuk
Jesus Christ
Jesus Christ - 2 days ago
One of the best movies i have ever seen, and i have seen a lot i tell you that.
Random Person
Random Person - 2 days ago
joaquin didn’t go method and he only lost 15 pounds not 50 lol
Mariah Smith
Mariah Smith - 2 days ago
Yeah I didn’t get any of that lmao or would of guessed it
Joseph Skittles
Joseph Skittles - 2 days ago
Amusement mile i know from batman arkham city
Steph Harris
Steph Harris - 2 days ago
Blimey, you don't miss a thing 💥
Cameron Anderson
Cameron Anderson - 3 days ago
“The hey song” so it’s clear he doesn’t know about Gary glitter
Madison Donaldson
Madison Donaldson - 7 hours ago
Is that a bad thing though, would give actual money to not know about him.
oliviaoldaker - 2 days ago
From Jimmy Saville?
zach paiz
zach paiz - 3 days ago
So is Batman gonna be fighting a 60 year old joker ?
Michele Corti
Michele Corti - 3 days ago
why do this youtubers speak so fast? Chill...
chris howard
chris howard - 3 days ago
The joke 'well they're not laughing now' was a joke by British comedian Bob Monkhouse from his autobiography 'crying with laughter: my life story' from 1993
Brian Shaw
Brian Shaw - 3 days ago
Um reference to Jerome Ave just happens to be a block away from that long staircase in the Bronx. I know, I used to climb those stairs every day when I lived on Anderson Ave.
GatermanTV - 3 days ago
Great movie
crafterson the man
crafterson the man - 3 days ago
Ight but when the midget couldn't reach the door. That was hella funny
I have a small Peepee, but
Celebs: Exercise to get six packs for hero roles
Phoenix: loses a lot of weight to look skinny for villain role
Dylan Case
Dylan Case - 3 days ago
He said in an interview he only lost 15 pounds not 50 "They didnt pay me enough to lose that much"
Rubin Perez
Rubin Perez - 3 days ago
Jerome Ave. Isn’t an Easter egg. It’s just an actual name of a street here in the Bronx where a lot of scenes were filmed for the movie.
lebeR Ogun
lebeR Ogun - 3 days ago
I actually thought while watching this movie Alec Baldwin would have been the perfect Thomas Wayne. No idea he dropped out
Carlos Pacheco
Carlos Pacheco - 3 days ago
At 1:40, it sounds like you said 50 pounds, he actually lost 15. But idk, maybe i miss heard you.
DigitalPsyche - 3 days ago
It’s “Art Flick”
ChoHasHeroe P
ChoHasHeroe P - 3 days ago
I’m surprised you didn’t mention the parallel of the opening with Arthur forcing a smile and then it falling back into a frown but in the end ( and probably because it his fantasy) he forces the smile but it stays because of the blood
Damali Dixon
Damali Dixon - 3 days ago
Blow Out was also showing at the movie theater.
Miss Priss
Miss Priss - 3 days ago
Begging your pardon, but Bernie Goetz was accosted by about 6 black kids with screwdrivers that surrounded him. Where did you get panhandlers?
Bronte Lee
Bronte Lee - 3 days ago
I forgot to punch out.
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