Full Face Using Only Liquid Lipsticks

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brittany parker
brittany parker - Hour ago
I love how I hyped up you get when something turns out better then you thought 😂 you are literally a whole mood 😍🙌🏽
Kennedi Marie
Kennedi Marie - 2 hours ago
omg james finally found his foundation shade but it’s not even foundation
Val Leysath
Val Leysath - 3 hours ago
Can we agree makeup is reverting to the mid/late 80's?
Gemini - 3 hours ago
Can we just talk about how you did this better than i do normal makeup?
Sabrina Grace
Sabrina Grace - 4 hours ago
why does his makeup look normal
Frankie Roman
Frankie Roman - 4 hours ago
Love you so much
TFG 4life
TFG 4life - 4 hours ago
Hey sister jamessss love you I hope you have a great day and year and you always look sister snatched. Love you. Silly sister. Love u jamess
Jennifer Bowles
Jennifer Bowles - 5 hours ago
Do a full face of eye shadow
A name maybe I don't know
It still looks better that my best makeup looks
Lottie Mobs
Lottie Mobs - 6 hours ago
New sister here!
Smalls Alltheway
Smalls Alltheway - 6 hours ago
EH minem
EH minem - 6 hours ago
oh thank god this video isn't 45 min long🙌🏻 thanks sister
living loving
living loving - 6 hours ago
Am I the only one who thinks that James should be a famous Makeup Artist who travels around the world to Makeup competitions and SLAYS them ALL?????
I know this won't happen but I wish James could come to my house and teach me how to slay the makeup world like he can
Preston Conner
Preston Conner - 7 hours ago
Sister James, love you the most you are LITERALLY my idol. Do the kids make up challenge.
Emily Sawmiller
Emily Sawmiller - 7 hours ago
You should do full face of makeup using only the james Charles pallet
Rainbowslime19 Squish
Rainbowslime19 Squish - 7 hours ago
I love liquid lipstick
Cat Madron
Cat Madron - 7 hours ago
You literally won this challenge. Straight Sister Slayed it🖤
Gianna sosa
Gianna sosa - 8 hours ago
Wow sister! Thats soooo good❤😘
Monkey Dink
Monkey Dink - 9 hours ago
I've heard of people having a face that their mother doesn't even love, and now I've seen it...
cAn'T rELaTe
cAn'T rELaTe - 9 hours ago
Literally *how* does he pull of everything he does?
cAn'T rELaTe
cAn'T rELaTe - 9 hours ago
In the beggining James was regretting his life choices for a real one.
Lori Peters
Lori Peters - 9 hours ago
Do your makeup only using kids makeup
Saucy_Spartans - 9 hours ago
Wtf did I just witness
Faizaa Rahman
Faizaa Rahman - 10 hours ago
Okay but only James can do a full face with liquid lipsticks and make it look sister stunning
frankalooloo Gallo
frankalooloo Gallo - 10 hours ago
This look does not look like it was done with liquid lipstick you sister surprised me
Makyden Parreira
Makyden Parreira - 10 hours ago
Currently doing my HW while I watch this #CollegeLife
More Guiffe
More Guiffe - 11 hours ago
No entiendo una mierda lo que dice pero es muy hermosa
kylie smith
kylie smith - 12 hours ago
u did better than anyone ever has with this challenge omgosh, it literally looks like normal makeup lol
Kylie Schoenhaar
Kylie Schoenhaar - 12 hours ago
James: *creates a full masterpiece using lipstick*
Me: *can't even use lipstick right*
Caitlin Ridge
Caitlin Ridge - 12 hours ago
Omg he can do anything I stg
Optic DJ JACOB Moose
Optic DJ JACOB Moose - 12 hours ago
Stop it
Laura McVeigh
Laura McVeigh - 12 hours ago
how tho
XxxInsetxxX YT
XxxInsetxxX YT - 13 hours ago
Who else went straight to comments this is trash content
Kayla Famp
Kayla Famp - 13 hours ago
Sophie Banks
Sophie Banks - 13 hours ago
5:16 yassss queen
GRACE GHAITH - 13 hours ago
Ur better without makeup trust me ♥️
Matilda Hill
Matilda Hill - 13 hours ago
You are a genius! How did you think to mix yellow into the pink to make your skin shade! True artist x
Cera Stormberg
Cera Stormberg - 14 hours ago
This is the best he’s ever looked. *supposed to be a compliment*
Isopescu Nicoleta
Isopescu Nicoleta - 14 hours ago
Nailed it!❤
Gisselle Lona
Gisselle Lona - 15 hours ago
My sister has wanted the James Charles palette since Christmas but they are out of stock
Mr. Robot
Mr. Robot - 15 hours ago
Áine Connolly
Áine Connolly - 15 hours ago
Can you make Erika’s Costell makeup please
Gabriella Tobler
Gabriella Tobler - 15 hours ago
Like he’s still better than me even when he only uses lipsticks ahggg
P5NDAYT - 15 hours ago
Why you sound silly.
Lgbtq Kid
Lgbtq Kid - 16 hours ago
8:22 Micky mouse????
Mihael Kolman
Mihael Kolman - 16 hours ago
Jebo ti kae sebe :D
Ava Daigle
Ava Daigle - 17 hours ago
I just realized how fast James talks, and I talk wayyyyyy faster than him 😂🤦🏼‍♀️💀
Sharon D
Sharon D - 17 hours ago
Can u do a full face of make-up using foundation??
Maddie Mahone
Maddie Mahone - 17 hours ago
kylie’s lipstick producer: i was thinking a hot pink kind of color.
kylie: say no more
Tochdog 21
Tochdog 21 - 17 hours ago
Milly Tube
Milly Tube - 17 hours ago
HUUUUUNNNNNNNYYY, you look STUNNING!!!❤️🧡💛💚💙💜 I love this look SOOOOOO MUCH
Tess - 18 hours ago
Random person: Ummmm his hand looks like he put a bunch of liquid lipstick on it


He did
Bilal Taha Vlogs
Bilal Taha Vlogs - 18 hours ago
hey sisters is peace of shit or should i say a bit**
Stephanie Rooke
Stephanie Rooke - 20 hours ago
Now that’s just pure sister talent
Maggie flatland
Maggie flatland - 22 hours ago
Nobody no one no soul:
Sandy Evan
Sandy Evan - 22 hours ago
Honestly I am sister shook by this video🥰🥰
lucii outlet
lucii outlet - 22 hours ago
I am a sister
Angie Rowe
Angie Rowe - 22 hours ago
8:58 rap god love u sis Lmafo😂😂😂
Nitemar Walker
Nitemar Walker - Day ago
Why is everyone talking about how the foundation color is a ‘perfect match’ it’s really not? Too dark and slightly too warm for him. You could tell when he was applying, especially on the neck, that’s why he had to take it so low to hide how bad a match it was
lil shet
lil shet - Day ago
James plz take off your shirt
Tori de Malmanche
Tori de Malmanche - Day ago
Does anyone know what colour nail polish he uses???
Ayawnna Florence
Ayawnna Florence - Day ago
Omg 0o0
Camila Lozada
Camila Lozada - Day ago
Everyone go to 3:34
Abc Abc
Abc Abc - Day ago
I think you found your perfect foundation 😁👍
Josalyn McNeely
Josalyn McNeely - Day ago
sister james you won’t believe this i saw you’re palette in ulta today *OMG it’s so AMAZING
Emma Case
Emma Case - Day ago
james you cheated! you're supposed to put liquid lipstick on your eyelashes not mascara
Gina Casper
Gina Casper - Day ago
James you fuckingg amazeeee mee
shaeee !i
shaeee !i - Day ago
soooo PRETTTYYY 🥰😘 .
telisa leaaetoa
telisa leaaetoa - Day ago
your going to use only liquid lipsticks don't get to cracky get it hahahaha no ok
Diana Ruiz
Diana Ruiz - Day ago
Do a half full face of lipstick and the other half of normal makeup for a video🥰
Nappy/Bero The crafter
Wow sister jamesssss u better do mine now
Austin Wagner
Austin Wagner - Day ago
Bella Cordova
Bella Cordova - Day ago
It actually looks really good WOW.
Lebron James Rules KD Curry Klay sucks
He is so hot to bad I’m a boy OH WAIT 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈
conspiracies - Day ago
after watching jefree star he seems like an angel
Sofi Muller
Sofi Muller - Day ago
matched his skin better w lipstick than he does w actual foundation i’m weak
mikya holmes
mikya holmes - Day ago
How did you just kill that with all lipstick like your literally amazing ❤️🥰
Bibi Gull
Bibi Gull - Day ago
Marijose Gonzalez
Marijose Gonzalez - Day ago
You should do a full face of elf makeup 🤗
Like if agree👍😁
Maria Chohan
Maria Chohan - Day ago
Killeeeedddd the challenge...😍😍😍😍😍😍
Georgia Mc
Georgia Mc - Day ago
5:24 you look a bit like FRED
Fatumata Djabula
Fatumata Djabula - Day ago
Uau u did it oh god
Monique Winnier
Monique Winnier - Day ago
Every challenge James does he always nailed it 💯💯😁👌
Foxy Girl690
Foxy Girl690 - Day ago
I’ve followed you before I’ve watched your videos
Carli P.
Carli P. - Day ago
oh hi sister!
Sophia Chapdelaine
Sophia Chapdelaine - Day ago
This is amazing!
Larissa - Day ago
Oh boy, you‘re talking kinda fast😂😂
Cayllie Spiller
Cayllie Spiller - Day ago
How did u do that eye shadow better then her even though you used lipstick
brianna willow
brianna willow - Day ago
You look high but it’s just the orange in the corners.
Sarah Jackson
Sarah Jackson - Day ago
He has bigger lips then my life
Sarah Gruenberger
Sarah Gruenberger - Day ago
Do a makeup routine with only one brush!
Sandra Hostetler
Sandra Hostetler - Day ago
Your no man and you sound like a girl I'ma boy and I am on my mom's tablet
Dan Smith
Dan Smith - Day ago
Is he using the morphie palette
Milana's World
Milana's World - Day ago
lmao setting spray would’ve been interesting
you are stupid
you are stupid - Day ago
I can make so many sex jokes out of this but I don't want this comment demonitized so I am so sorry
The One
The One - Day ago
🏳️‍🌈⃠ 🏳️‍🌈⃠ 🏳️‍🌈⃠
Allycat - Day ago
saw this and all i could think about is how sticky this would have to feel
Do only eyeshadow full face
Isabel Ordoña
Isabel Ordoña - Day ago
I love james using a lot of product from JS 💖
Gigi OS
Gigi OS - Day ago
James!!! You really outdid yourself this time 🤧 those eyes are the most amazing thing I've ever seen
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