Teen vs Adult: Breakup Survival Kits

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Morgan Porter
Morgan Porter - Hour ago
My mom go me that book for me when I started going to therapy
Evalynn Tu
Evalynn Tu - 2 hours ago
now i think Avalon is behind Penelope??????
sonia gonzalez
sonia gonzalez - 3 hours ago
Avalon is adorable
Lois Kim
Lois Kim - 4 hours ago
Maybe it's just me but Avalon looks related to Rosana Pansino
irene,ism - 5 hours ago
Teeba Bilal
Teeba Bilal - 6 hours ago
Avalon sounds like Rosanna Pansino! NO HATE!❤️❤️
Alex m
Alex m - 7 hours ago
Avalon sounds like Marzia
ᴊᴜsᴛ ᴛʀᴀsʜ
ᴊᴜsᴛ ᴛʀᴀsʜ - 9 hours ago
Oml I love Avalon's voice she sounds so adorable
Naire K
Naire K - 10 hours ago
Why is Avalon so precious.
Her face: Perfect
Personality and Voice: Perfect and adorable.
Why can't I be herr 😭
Carter 0630
Carter 0630 - 11 hours ago
“I was gonna get you chicken nuggets and tequila”
Sweet like Grande
Sweet like Grande - 11 hours ago
Avalon reminds me of Rosana Pansino
yee yee
yee yee - 11 hours ago
avalon is precious.
joey graceffa
joey graceffa - 11 hours ago
Chicken nuggets and tequila.
Justiene Bueno
Justiene Bueno - 13 hours ago
I would get them Ice cream,chocolate,Blanket,In n out,Some sweat pants,movies,some tissues,and Me roasting her ex
IsABelle BRaDy
IsABelle BRaDy - 13 hours ago
Me and this boy were talking to for like a month but we’ve both liked each other for the longest so we started talking ab after a month he finally asked me out we “dated” for 10 DAYS and then he told me he had a lot going on and “needed space” and I’m pretty sure he’s getting back with his ex sooooo 🤙🏻 that’s fun
Matilda Cook
Matilda Cook - 14 hours ago
Avalons accent is sooooooo cute
Migraine Mezzo
Migraine Mezzo - 15 hours ago
I wish I WWAS Avalon she’s so cute
Tally Robinson
Tally Robinson - 16 hours ago
Avalon sounds like a chipmunk 😂
Sophia - 16 hours ago
I need some ice cream cheese it’s sweatpants face mask lots of water candle and movies
Rucha Ghare
Rucha Ghare - Day ago
Avlon's accen is so fake
Jessie Goldsworthy
Jessie Goldsworthy - Day ago
She looks alot older than she sounds
Dezeray Gonzalez
Dezeray Gonzalez - Day ago
glitter girl071
glitter girl071 - Day ago
Dose anyone else think that the teen sounds like ro
Frankie Staiti
Frankie Staiti - Day ago
You just got ur first boyfriend a MONTH AGO how old are you like 18-19 DUDE IM 12 AND HAVE A BOYFRIEND 😂
Frankie Staiti
Frankie Staiti - 11 hours ago
Lizard Strudel sowy sis ❤️
Lizard Strudel
Lizard Strudel - 11 hours ago
Frankie Staiti Ok sis but don’t put down women for dating at older ages.
Frankie Staiti
Frankie Staiti - 11 hours ago
Lizard Strudel welp...I still am 😐
Lizard Strudel
Lizard Strudel - Day ago
Frankie Staiti Maybe because when you’re 12 dating is pointless? Y’all are barely in middle school....you shouldn’t be dating
Josseline Sierra
Josseline Sierra - Day ago
Avalon looks like and sounds like rossana passino or sum
Lexie Tomlinson
Lexie Tomlinson - Day ago
Avalon reminds me of Rosanna
Bubbletea edits
Bubbletea edits - Day ago
moana and snow white
Arielle & Scarlett
Arielle & Scarlett - Day ago
Why does Avalon remind me of a Disney princess?
Livi Olah
Livi Olah - Day ago
avalon sounds like a higher pitched ro pansino
Happy Phamily
Happy Phamily - Day ago
I want to hear Avalon when she inhales helium
Tatiana Tan
Tatiana Tan - Day ago
Avalon's voice is so cute
Matthew Harlan
Matthew Harlan - Day ago
Wait is she dating the guy from the texting video?!
caninekid - Day ago
My favorite buzzfeed people working together makes me wanna die with happiness
Iliana - Day ago
Am I the only one who doesn't really like Avalon?
Madz Madz
Madz Madz - Day ago
Avalon talks and looks like a Disney character. But she’s so mature but has the sweetest heart 💗
mr. suicide goldfish gold
Locate where 2 am where I live
Unicorn Squad
Unicorn Squad - 2 days ago
Avalon reminds me SO much of a Disney Princess 👑💎❤️
Mooshupanda - 2 days ago
oh my godd avalons voice is so heccin adorabless
Riley Stott
Riley Stott - 2 days ago
Avalon sounds like Rosanna pansino
Lotus_G22 - 2 days ago
Chicken nuggets and tequila XD
FlensHammer - 2 days ago
Whenever i see avalon i wonder if that rly is her natural voice
Wild Dreams
Wild Dreams - 2 days ago
Avalon sounds like Rosanna Pansino... 🤨🤔😯
Yasmine Ahmed
Yasmine Ahmed - 2 days ago
We all need an Avaloin in our lives
??? - 2 days ago
Take that coffee and then .... BOOM
Hatiti201 YT
Hatiti201 YT - 2 days ago
*I found the candle section!*

Well I found the comment section!
Aishah Nordvall
Aishah Nordvall - 2 days ago
Avalon’s so precious
John Lennon
John Lennon - 2 days ago
is that her actual voice..
randomfandom kiddo
randomfandom kiddo - 2 days ago
Oh my god. Avalon is adorable
Huckleberry Tarts AJ
Huckleberry Tarts AJ - 2 days ago
*Glinda came back! A FAIRY??*
Moody Ruby
Moody Ruby - 2 days ago
Wait... if Avalon said she had her first boyfriend 2 months ago, then why did she participate in that video where they text through dating? I'm confuuuused.
Valerie - 2 days ago
Moody Ruby i think that video was pre recorded because her hair is much longer here
Juwairia Quraishi
Juwairia Quraishi - 3 days ago
Even though Avalon is a sweet teenage grandma she is not a good representation of teens
Chell The Gladpire
Chell The Gladpire - 3 days ago
I need an Avalon in my life. I need her to be my BFFL.
Lila Fair
Lila Fair - 3 days ago
My survival kit - vanilla ice cream, warm blankets, puffy pillows, my cat, and then watching my favorite YouTubers❤❤ And that is for LITERALLY ANYTHING
Joanna Wylie
Joanna Wylie - 3 days ago
This is Gary 🐒don’t let him drown
Nemo Grayson
Nemo Grayson - 3 days ago
Doo do do daaaaaa! Candle section!
I love her
Ritzygirl05 - 3 days ago
I think that there should been a new teen that is more relatable
Maren LLanos
Maren LLanos - 3 days ago
avalon is sooooo cute
Asmr Goddess Kim K
Asmr Goddess Kim K - 3 days ago
She sounds so cute
Bored Bratz
Bored Bratz - 3 days ago
Avalon sounds like Rosana :(
Luna Pusheen
Luna Pusheen - 3 days ago
I wonder if buzzfeed employees watch buzzfeed video's
Dannie - 4 days ago
Avalon is the most adorable girl I’ve ever seen 😭
Olivia Santellanes
Olivia Santellanes - 4 days ago
“nonono don’t pan,”
Nathasha Soto
Nathasha Soto - 4 days ago
Avalon is so cute, love when she and Jazz made videos. Jazz rock it
Selkane - 4 days ago
Oh mi god, avalon is so pretty and sounds SO cute!!!! I can't!!!
Charla Hutchinson
Charla Hutchinson - 4 days ago
I once had a crush on a guy named Lucas in third grade, my so called "bestfriend" told him, and he said he didn't like me, I was eating ice cream for two months straight for breakfast, and now me and him are pretty good friends!!
m a e
m a e - 4 days ago
i wanna be friends with avalon so bad
Hazzy Green
Hazzy Green - 4 days ago
Avalon: ''It's about making the dirty beautiful.'' Best Disney princess quote of the year
Amoochie hives
Amoochie hives - 4 days ago
I love Avalon's voice and style , can we be friends ?
Amber Lemos
Amber Lemos - 4 days ago
Where was this when I got dumped 2 months ago
Moonlight_Gacha - 4 days ago
Jazz said I was here for it me: girl my bff goes through so many break ups that I have like 3 kits ready
Stormy Lovely
Stormy Lovely - 4 days ago
Oh my god Avalon is actually a sweet old lady and I love it so much
Stormy Lovely
Stormy Lovely - 4 days ago
Avalon is so cute and tiny I love her!! She’s just so adorable and sweet
Electric Goldfish
Electric Goldfish - 4 days ago
My breakup kit is a full scale Golden Gate Bridge and my trusty backup emergency noose.
Wick Animation
Wick Animation - 5 days ago
I love Avalon so much she is literally the most adorable bean who needs to be protected at all cost
Tiger241 5
Tiger241 5 - 5 days ago
Why does Avalon remind me of Glinda from Wicked just me?
What the Frik
What the Frik - 5 days ago
Oh my gosh they have mugs ........
Lakshmi Magesh
Lakshmi Magesh - 5 days ago
That kids voice is sooooo effing annoying 😠😠
Elevenmike jr
Elevenmike jr - 5 days ago
How has Avalon never been in a break up 💔 when my first breakup was in 6th grade
Elevenmike jr
Elevenmike jr - 5 days ago
After 1 hour 😁
Elevenmike jr
Elevenmike jr - 5 days ago
And my reaction 😨😳
Swiss_ChEsS o
Swiss_ChEsS o - 5 days ago
happy times
happy times - 5 days ago
He love pooperie lol
Side of Sause
Side of Sause - 5 days ago
I've never gone through this soo. Well yet.
Anna Dowling
Anna Dowling - 5 days ago
"This is making me think about the boy I already have. He loves poo-purie!"
Emerald Action
Emerald Action - 5 days ago
Hold on- suspicion— Avalon was on a text- dating thing which was posted the day after this- march 12, hMmMmMm- unless the March 12th text dating thing was filmed two months ago— I think we have some tea on our hands
Bestie MSE
Bestie MSE - 3 days ago
Emerald Action yes They pre record like every other yt channel
Noa landau
Noa landau - 5 days ago
avalon is nice but i feel like she does the voice on purpose and tries very hard to be cute
audrey gaitán
audrey gaitán - 5 days ago
avalon is just so adorable
Cady Blanchard
Cady Blanchard - 5 days ago
Ngl i would die for avalon
BDSandM - 5 days ago
I think the best break-up survival kit is a group of really good girl friends, but a care package is nice too.
emma whitbeck
emma whitbeck - 5 days ago
how old is avalon?
Camila Ayala
Camila Ayala - 5 days ago
Is the guy Avalon is dating the same guy from the buzzfeed video “Teen chooses a date based on their texts”? Bc that was posted 3/12/19 but this was posted 3/11/19 and she says she’s been dating a guy for a month. Lmao when u waste away ur life watching buzzfeed.😆
Taylor Krukoff
Taylor Krukoff - 5 days ago
“I wanted to get chicken nuggets and tequila but would that have helped you in the end”
Imagine FOB at the disco
Avalons voice really annoys me omg
K 55
K 55 - 5 days ago
Avalon is as cute as a button.
Gary Cooper
Gary Cooper - 5 days ago
Avalon is so small omgosh
kayla - 5 days ago
She sounds like Rosanna pansino
Audra Jade
Audra Jade - 5 days ago
I want to know how old Avalon is. If she’s younger than imma be pissed because she’s 10,000 times prettier than me
111_Luka - 5 days ago
Avalon is such a cute little sweetheart , she's so adorable
Jay J.
Jay J. - 5 days ago
Wait, wait, wait. Avalon has a boyfriend. So, what's the buzzfeed video on her finding a date about?? 🤔
Dima-Belle - 3 days ago
OMG I was thinking the same thing!!!
Irena - 5 days ago
yall i would love to be jazz's friend lmao
Nur Iman Abdul Majid
Nur Iman Abdul Majid - 5 days ago
avalon laugh is sooooo cuteeee ahhh
DemonBee - 5 days ago
At first i thought the mirror looked like cake
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