Akon Has His Own Crypto Currency, Talks New Music, Uplifting New Artists + More

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cade. s
cade. s - 8 hours ago
What a legend he made hella bangers back in the day i still listen to today
Jazz Nes
Jazz Nes - 5 days ago
Crypto will never work. Currency is based on trust. Only States can guarantee a minimum of trust. No one will put its savings into Akon project, or whatever the crypto
Lazy Momma
Lazy Momma - 5 days ago
Akon sings hindi music he had a big hit in India
alexis hunt
alexis hunt - 5 days ago
Akon fine ass hell
Epic Reddit Stories
Epic Reddit Stories - 6 days ago
Amazing Great upload wow!! 🤣
DominoChild - 6 days ago
is the part of no written contracts really true? I can't find info about it anywhere.
Serigne Sarr
Serigne Sarr - 8 days ago
Legend, real artist.
Akeem Cox
Akeem Cox - 9 days ago
A lot of people need to take notes from Akon. He's inspirational.
Ozone LA
Ozone LA - 10 days ago
I miss Akon 😭 I feel so Lonely nobody loves me all on my own 😭😭😭 I need a hug 😉
Rashay Jefferson
Rashay Jefferson - 10 days ago
Prawns or jewels or stones or Gold or Diamonds to sell the item for a dollar. Blood Diamond
One Touch Solutions LLC
One Touch Solutions LLC - 13 days ago
How do I get the word to Akon about 999.9% Gold back crypto https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PMy-bRFVtes&list=PLn3bdfzEYI68Q5y-3OCTLl7Se7cXOldl4&index=2&t=14s the dollar has not been backed by GOLD since 1971. No paper currency is stable. The wealthy save in GOLD & everyone else saves in paper! Who is really winning? Let's do what they do not what they say.
manninla - 14 days ago
maaaan I have so much respect for Akon. I hope Hollywood makes a documentary movie on his life and success In the future 👌🏾
MC WITTY - 16 days ago
a is a ledgend
TheHornet - 17 days ago
I respected all of the interview until the part where Akon said he was the one that signed "jeffree star"...all of these artists are all about money...they'll sign anyone as long as they can bring in money.
rabah chihaou
rabah chihaou - 17 days ago
Lol akon
amy benje
amy benje - 18 days ago
he lives on an island off Senegal,,nice tourist spot,,
amy benje
amy benje - 18 days ago
i would like to invest in his solar company,,that is more practical .
amy benje
amy benje - 18 days ago
man i missed this, did get his crypto though ..AKON so sexy,,,
Fred Dorsey III
Fred Dorsey III - 18 days ago
Prime example of the ignorance that surrounds crypto currency or anything else we don't understand.
Rayssa Barroso
Rayssa Barroso - 18 days ago
An intelligent KING right there!!! Dropping gems!
Majid Hussain
Majid Hussain - 19 days ago
Islam is the truth. Music is haram
dabomboo7o - 20 days ago
D M - 20 days ago
I did a whole album.
D M - 20 days ago
Angela: So do you speak Spanish?
Akon: Poquito.
Akon: But I did a while album.
Regular Person: Ohh..okay.
Flesh - 20 days ago
Long.live.Nipsey 💙🏁
Dreaming On Melrose Street
So envy can actually do interviews. Why he hold back when ctg there?
Kamal Hussain
Kamal Hussain - 21 day ago
If you hate Akon, something is definitely wrong with you.
keseven chetty
keseven chetty - 21 day ago
Akon god's gift ....to the world...god bless you brother.
As If Nobody'sWatching
As If Nobody'sWatching - 21 day ago
Akon aka The Teacher 🖤🤎🔥🔥
mhbass - 21 day ago
Akon...a man about his business. Take notes from this conversation and let your passion for something exponentially grow.
Kweku Adu Opare Boateng
Wow, just moved to South Africa from North Carolina. Would love to speak to Brother King Akon about this, the people here in South Africa deserve better than all the load shedding...
Rahim LaQuica
Rahim LaQuica - 22 days ago
I like him, God bless him 🙌
KevJ - 22 days ago
One of my favorite artist, philanthropist, entrepreneur and overall human being. May God keep blessing you man.
Richard Parry
Richard Parry - 23 days ago
Akon is on a completely different level, hell a different universe to Envy.
Sweet Pea'zzz
Sweet Pea'zzz - 24 days ago
Akon (4) >President< #youGotmyVOTE
Noname - 24 days ago
Hampton U should be ashamed to recognize Envy as an alumni.
Hated Genius
Hated Genius - 24 days ago
This whole interview just highlights the importance of NETWORKING! If there's anything you take away from this session, just learn about the importance of networking.
Zoe Thomas
Zoe Thomas - 25 days ago
please just let dj envy play the music😂
Zaw - 25 days ago
Akon is the real G
ib iro
ib iro - 26 days ago
Envy is skeptical of everything he can't understand in 5 minutes
J - 26 days ago
Akon is getting money
Inspired by R&R
Inspired by R&R - 26 days ago
Dope interview!
Alt bert
Alt bert - 27 days ago
If your new to cryptocurrency look into Nano. It will replace Bitcoin very soon. The only instant, feeless, scalable, green digital cash.
English Financier
English Financier - 27 days ago
Black people are so amazing
Skip Bayless
Skip Bayless - 27 days ago
Envy you're a dumb fool.
Mmonwu Enugu-Ezike
Mmonwu Enugu-Ezike - 28 days ago
I love Akon and respect him but I had my mouth open when he said US don’t have any natural resources lol. They drilling and producing millions of barrels of oil daily on US soil. A lot of what he said make sense tho
Vnator33 Maboko
Vnator33 Maboko - 28 days ago
Akon s always willing 2learn n dts y hs always winning 👑👑👑👑
Libton 55
Libton 55 - 29 days ago
Africa is good but we need good policies
Turnpike King Entertainment
Digital money is the new 🌊 wave
I Miss Biggie PAC
I Miss Biggie PAC - 29 days ago
Yo my Grandfather is darker then Akon. Great interview by the way.
Cue Jay
Cue Jay - 29 days ago
Envy is a little slow when if comes to economics and finance. Akon schooling brothers and sisters. MAN!! That China find was the "it" point. And with folks like these so slow on crypto, I guess we are still in the early-adopter stage after-all.
Celeste - 26 days ago
Do you think they are aware of the GCR?
Thuto Ratsoma
Thuto Ratsoma - 29 days ago
akon is very intelligent
JC Iglesias
JC Iglesias - Month ago
It really looks like Akon is having the biggest comeback of 2019.
Soulja boy: "A-kawwwwwwnn?!??"
Malcolm Caldwell
Malcolm Caldwell - Month ago
He spitting real shit but bro waves look like alligator skin
Ahmad Turner
Ahmad Turner - Month ago
Its amazing how brain soiled people become over what they have been sold. The USD probably has a real value of .3 cents in terms of buying power, and is backed by absolutely nothing. Africa on the other hand has real assets like gold, diamonds and other precious metals which is an excellent source to provide leverage, a safe hedge against inflation.
Drika Harrison
Drika Harrison - Month ago
Just an amazing young man, not self absorbed at all.
BLACC SLIM - Month ago
Military backs the US dollar, important fact
Rahim LaQuica
Rahim LaQuica - 22 days ago
georgia f
georgia f - Month ago
Diamonds rocks stones gold all material stuff is worthless until you can get someone to believe that it is of value. I like the fact that Akon is so smart and acknowledges that. Bartering is of more value, because you set your own price and trade for what you think is equally valuable. A lot of the material things in this country is way over valued/over priced. Most expensive art work for example is not worth its weight in gold or pennies.
Schanel - Month ago
Best celeb invite....Akon cultural representation was ecstatic..
T Casso
T Casso - Month ago
Akon da man Fr. After watching this ima believer 😂🤙🏽🙏🏽 Yessuh. Move to America, Make money, invest in Africa ✊🏽
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