Akon Has His Own Crypto Currency, Talks New Music, Uplifting New Artists + More

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Ndene Ndiaye
Ndene Ndiaye - 20 hours ago
Senegal 🇸🇳 is proud of you Akon 👌🏿👌🏿
Paul Abu Conteh
Paul Abu Conteh - Day ago
Why am I watching this video now? Akon is a prime example of black ownership, black leadership and black inspiration....
Thon Ayong
Thon Ayong - Day ago
Our beloved son blessed up
Amir Brewer-Law
Amir Brewer-Law - Day ago
DJ envy envy’s Akon😂 you’d think he’d be happy, inspired, and proud of a black African man being able to do the things that he does but instead he kinda acts a little jealous and skeptical🤔
Lion du Sahel
Lion du Sahel - 2 days ago
even if you are african american, if you come to africa, you want to create a project, the african bank of developpment with the guarantee of the country where you create your project they give you money to invest your project in africa here, for example if you come to Rwanda, Rwanda will be the guarantee to get the money in the bank, in Ghana the same, in Sénégal the same etc in african couantry.
zenande masimini
zenande masimini - 3 days ago
Akon's skin is gorgeous 😫😘😘😘😘
Sarah Duke
Sarah Duke - 4 days ago
This dude is soo smart I’m just soaking up all this info like 👁👄👁
P M - 4 days ago
I saw an interview of Akon where he was giving props to China and actually used China as an example of his view of the future for Africa. Icouldnt believe he did that. I guess he really is a neutral
Charles Matthews
Charles Matthews - 6 days ago
I have learnt a lot from this one video from Akon and I like how he has to school them on Cryto currency and who owns the mineral resources. This man is hard at work and focused like he had a point to prove which is absolutely great very well informed man right there who is doing some really amazing things. Black child it is possible!!!
ola ajayi
ola ajayi - 8 days ago
charmalagne woulda turned this interview to 2 hours
ola ajayi
ola ajayi - 8 days ago
well i guess I sleep 4am today
ola ajayi
ola ajayi - 8 days ago
"to senaygaall"
dee jay Chemilion
dee jay Chemilion - 10 days ago
How do even Africans forget the Living Legend OJ Ekemode and his contributions to starting Afrobeat?
5leaf - 12 days ago
Akon lol you sell out... you are not a leader stop trying you let so many people down... I'm sorry but Akon had no idea what cryptocurrency.. I love his bullshit he try's to pass off.. I hear nothing but bullshit coming out of his mouth... I hate this guy for selling Africa to China.. he needs to go away.. he is all kind of talking but won't ever really say anything you'll come out of the conversation. He talked all this game I was playing and he literally ended Africa..
Darneh Jefferson
Darneh Jefferson - 12 days ago
Imagine having CERTIFIED BILLIONAIRE in the room with u for 35 minutes. U have the opportunity to ask him WHATEVER U WANT...... And then this interview is the result.......God help us.
Jaye Ayech
Jaye Ayech - 13 days ago
Just to broaden our knowledge of reality...
1) Caribbean is a sea...with sum islands...people speak any number of languages...not just Calypso. Cuba, DR, and PR are all nestled in the Caribbean sea. Dutch-speaking too. Even Danish on Dominica. And we can't forget French. Caribbean named after the Carib people who lived there when...you know.
2) Africa...sigh...it's complicated...it's a whole continent...many people live there...not all have dark skin...not all are our ancestors...not all came as slaves...
O shit It’s dat boi
O shit It’s dat boi - 13 days ago
*Wassup bwoi*
Darneh Jefferson
Darneh Jefferson - 13 days ago
I hope y’all know this man is a whole BILLIONAIRE out here! He’s just hiding it VERY WELL. The things he’s doing for the world’s economy at this point.....HOLY COW.
Addis Abba
Addis Abba - 14 days ago
Is any of his ambitions public. How do; if we can invest in his futures?
BikesNight - 15 days ago
I always liked Akon, I didn't realize how much i actually love Akon.
Shirley Beal
Shirley Beal - 16 days ago
Now did you hear the DJ say it would look ugly on top of a house. See that's the problem with Americans they to concerned about what something looks like instead of his savings and the environment.
Teresa Rattray
Teresa Rattray - 16 days ago
Inspirational Akon🌍
Alavi Mirza
Alavi Mirza - 17 days ago
Dj envy need some cognitive milk lmao
Veronica Douglas
Veronica Douglas - 18 days ago
don't buy what you can't afford.10% rule.
juicy rivers
juicy rivers - 20 days ago
Akons like “Goddamnn, these fckn eediots” lokey haha just bored out of his mind too.
Daruka Athieng
Daruka Athieng - 21 day ago
I feel fear for his life because he wants to mess with whites man money
amadou bah
amadou bah - 22 days ago
Akon was wrong to say that, the west we blacks build from slavery is not for us. The democrats who historicaly voted in supreme court to keep us in slavery re now behind the Chinese and akon alike trying to take over Africa and they don't want us in it
Lester D. Toney
Lester D. Toney - 27 days ago
Rome they say is not built in a day, so also is TRIAS, man learn every day as learning is inevitable as a progressing individual and to this effect, TRIAS keeps growing and developing it's innovative technologies, products for the better enjoyment of the blockchain by its users.
Jay Random
Jay Random - 29 days ago
Chamillionaire taking the same route
Mr 28
Mr 28 - 29 days ago
damn he as black as the street wuz....
juanmacko - Month ago
“The business that you’re entering into now is the type of business that creates wars...” if Akon dies randomly - we know why.
Lavaconda Mbuthuma
Lavaconda Mbuthuma - Month ago
So much wisdom
Dumo Khumalo
Dumo Khumalo - Month ago
This brother is super smart...much respect Akon
Mxolisi nkosingiphile
Mxolisi nkosingiphile - Month ago
Akons mind is beautiful,damn...#inspired.
SEEDY BOY - Month ago
Come back to Africa and help the people like what Akon do, you can do too Africa is blesss
Pi-Hermes Toussaint
Pi-Hermes Toussaint - Month ago
We need more people like Akon in the world 🌍
Jacob smiles
Jacob smiles - Month ago
Usa gonna want to assasiante akon for connecting black people in the world
Carnell Hudson
Carnell Hudson - Month ago
This Dude is hella smart
winylz - Month ago
Real gangsters move in silence...
frank asare
frank asare - Month ago
Best interview from breakfast club
Tivory Geddie
Tivory Geddie - Month ago
This man made sense of a 360 deal! Genius
Tivory Geddie
Tivory Geddie - Month ago
🗣Protect Akon At All Cost!!!!
sandile ntshangase
sandile ntshangase - Month ago
It's like explaining Kirchhoff's Laws to someone who's never been to school
Jose Faria
Jose Faria - Month ago
Africa is a continent not a country stop using Africa when you want talk about a country this is being ignorant. His country called Senegal.
S C - Month ago
Interesting Fact:

Africa had a King named Mansa Musa I, the richest person in HISTORY, he had a personal net worth of $400billion at the time of his death in 1331, he ruled West Africa's Malian Empire which covered modern day Ghana, Timbuktu and Mali. (yes T'challa is prolly inspired by this guy) Maybe we'll have knew guy like Mansa or T'Challa in Form of Akon!! We already have Iron Man so.. ;) #elonmusk #ironman #akoncity #blackpanther
acaluste86 - Month ago
Interesting. It would be amazing to see the continent of Africa as a whole pull themselves above the poverty line in my lifetime. Akon is definitely a role model worthy of leading the charge towards that direction.
Harrison Edgley
Harrison Edgley - Month ago
Man that's dope
Jesse - Month ago
Peep this company. Best crypto coin in 2020 is Telcoin. Community website FYI... https://telfam.com
samuel wilson
samuel wilson - Month ago
Peace be amongst you Akon is a very wise young man keep doing what you doing Akon you are a blessed young man
Станислав Козлов
new cryptocurrency
Yannick Ognan
Yannick Ognan - Month ago
Akon ,,God bless you more
The Jay Season
The Jay Season - Month ago
Its confusing to people because hes explaining without getting to the heart of the dollar. And the value of blockchain. People still think the dollar is a valuable thing. Your really waking up every morning really ready to work for green and orange and blue peices of paper. Not Gold or silver. Actually bitcoin is valuable because of the blockchain system it secures that every transaction and transfer of digital coin is recorded throughout the entire world. No one can fake bitcoin like you could gold or silver so no one can steal it from you because of blockchain technology and how it works. everything wrong with physical assets and liquidity, crypto has solve for now. You dont need to put it in a bank. It cant be hacked and
its digital so no wallet and it can be transferred likely in 1min or less. Its liquid so you can exchange cryptos like bitcoin for any type of currency or commodity or property right from your phone. Buy a house without going to the bank waste time and paperwork transfer and transaction fees. Bitcoin and the possibility of Crypto it makes you a walking liquidity machine. You wealth can be anything. And you can't keep printing more there's a limited supply so it keeps its rarity and helps increase its value of the existing coins out there. Gold is exactly that it's rare its limited and can be traded and accepted as payment and currency not cause you can eat gold but because its make up and existence is rare in this reality we live in.
acaluste86 - Month ago
A rational and simple explanation to an otherwise mundane and confusing form of currency. Thanks.
Yes Bore
Yes Bore - Month ago
Afro beats was not created by Fela. West Africa banned Central African music, while in the background studying Central Africa musik to call it theirs. West Africa had never been that influential in music like that. That's a disgrace to sound creators like Ok Jazz, Pepa Wemba, Pepe Kale, Zaiko, Wenge, and the whole Soukous inventors. "Afrobeats" is soukous from the 80s made on the computer. It's not a new genre, the majority of the sound come from both Kongo, Kinshasa and Brazaville. West Africans needs to be honest and stop lying to the world where "Afrobeats" style came from. Fela Kuti jacked his style from Empire Bakuba, Zaiko, Viva La Musica, and etc... He didn't create that sound simply because that style of music come from tribal musics in Kongo. It's wonderful that they had export the genre, but it was not created by them. Give credit were it's due. Shout out to P-Square and TooFan for always having a production that understand Soukous.
Johnny Cage
Johnny Cage - Month ago
Akon the feds
Lovendhatee! - Month ago
idris bolajibello
idris bolajibello - Month ago
Don't just watch this video for fun.......Read more about Crypto currency on google and try to go from there.
Isaiah Kyuga
Isaiah Kyuga - Month ago
Oprah will never cover such stories but watch if he does anything wrong she and her girlfriend gale will have a field day
Siva 1985
Siva 1985 - Month ago
Move to America, make money, complain America bad, invest in Africa.
SILVABAK X - Month ago
True Afrikan King! Recognize
Stefvincy Ahamel
Stefvincy Ahamel - Month ago
I love u akon !!! 💪 💪 💪 !!!
Diboy Mashesha
Diboy Mashesha - Month ago
Realest advice from someone who has been behind and in front of the scenes
NewbieRPG Gamer
NewbieRPG Gamer - Month ago
Should have named it akonda
TeckManTV - Month ago
This was an education.
Maina Gakere
Maina Gakere - Month ago
Akon is doing amazing thungs to help people in Africa. God bless you sir. I had no idea he helped stars like Davido, P Squared and Wizkid to be where they are now.
Hakeem Ha
Hakeem Ha - Month ago
13:50 10% rule
Ahmed Hakan
Ahmed Hakan - Month ago
Ikon is talking like a professor when he talks about the crypto
Akon is on to something, he’s ahead of the game.... we Wil one day live in a money free world idk what will be the new revenue but I know it’s coming
David Lecky
David Lecky - Month ago
Marlon Horse
Marlon Horse - Month ago
Money in the 🇺🇸 was backed by GOLD.
think of a stupid painting that worth 500K it's just a dumb painting painted by am overjoyed painter like picasso. Money doesn't mean nothing. at least Africa has diamonds and natural resources. that has value.
Antony Burrell
Antony Burrell - Month ago
It’s not the people that make the price it’s only use case is it usable. Liquidity how fast transactions move and the price for moving it. Akon half right
Jengae - Month ago
Love Akon..respect bro
King Jo
King Jo - Month ago
The military backs the dollar that's good enough for me tf
FROSTKILLER - 2 months ago
Your Efforts Are Your Wealth.
Kaïs Ftita
Kaïs Ftita - 2 months ago
Very interesting interview.
BLGH Beats
BLGH Beats - 2 months ago
Gross National Income is the way how you define the actual worth of currency plus the gold standard and so, but the military which secures and enforces a countries economic power and banks government and lobby's tweek it so they can profit i guess
KahDoom BAY
KahDoom BAY - 2 months ago
Akon bro,On Dead Dawgz How do i earn the Crypto.im loosing bcuz i remember who Benjamin F. and George W. was its not worth it to me and mean it....
Michelle Brown
Michelle Brown - 2 months ago
We need more smart entrepreneurs like this brother with all the brains to build a nation!!! King Solomon ask and the Most High bless him so what more can black Yisrael do, ye ask not ye receive not!! My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge HOSEA 4:6
machine maniac
machine maniac - 2 months ago
Akonda forever.. akonic city.
Just My Opinion
Just My Opinion - 2 months ago
Akon=smart, sexy, rich, Black. That's a beautiful combination.
InviteTheLight Readings
InviteTheLight Readings - 2 months ago
I thought the US dollar is backed by gold and also by our Economy- but with all the crashes I guess it's believable the dollar is backed by nothing. Hmmm gotta look into that.
Brian Sitta Kargbo
Brian Sitta Kargbo - 2 months ago
I'm from Sierra Leone, and Akon spoke the truth about the situation, and that was 2008. Everything changed few months after that.
loco official
loco official - 2 months ago
Akon is what royalty looks like 💪🏾‼️
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