Wolfgang Van Halen - Mammoth WVH - Distance (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

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Alexander Scott
Alexander Scott - 19 minutes ago
Good on ya Wolfie. I remember when you were born! This got to me. Thanks for sharing. We're all feeling the loss and this is just beautiful.
Raymond Forcier Jr.
Raymond Forcier Jr. - 27 minutes ago
This video just made my grown ass cry 😢
Samantha McAlmont
Samantha McAlmont - 35 minutes ago
I am so sad about your dad. My dad died from the cure of having lung cancer. My dad(pop) was my biggest fan. Sometimes my only fan. I miss him everyday, and try to always remember what he taught me. I know he is watching over me, i wish he was here now. Your dad will always be with you too! My only regret is asking the questions, that i now have, and he cant tell me. Keep on playing🎵🎶 You are good! Be your own person, but always keep a piece, of ur family! Rock on!
Luis Martinez
Luis Martinez - 47 minutes ago
You are a bad ass!
Raymond van der Wurff
Raymond van der Wurff - 59 minutes ago
This song made me, at this stressful 'work' morning, instantly realize what life is all about. Thank you Wolfgang.
Ilikecoffeeandmusic - Hour ago
Wow. This was so beautiful. Such a great song, you did good Wolfie. I’m sure your dad is smiling down, beaming with pride.
Chris Morrison
Chris Morrison - 2 hours ago
what a great son you are.
Chris Morrison
Chris Morrison - 2 hours ago
I can not stop playing this song....bless you Wolfy
Andrew Chase
Andrew Chase - 2 hours ago
Reminds me of how much I miss my own Dad. Stay strong, Wolfgang!
David Lord
David Lord - 2 hours ago
If you don’t shed a tear during this you’re not human.Amazing song for an amazing guitar player.RIP EVH ,without you none of us guitar players today would exist.
michael corkery
michael corkery - 2 hours ago
Great tribute and song.
David Taylor
David Taylor - 2 hours ago
Thank you for sharing such tender and personal moments and thoughts with Van Halen fans. Very sorry for your loss.
bayebaa - 2 hours ago
How could anyone dislike this??? I don't get it.
Brian Humek
Brian Humek - 3 hours ago
I had tears in my eyes seconds after this video began..... now, just watched the end and I'm crying. That was so touching. Thinking of my own son and how much I love him.
Deer Creek Audio
Deer Creek Audio - 3 hours ago
oh.... people tell me my music gets a "thumbs down" all the time. Part of being a musician. No reason for that around here in this song. Some people will never understand and are the ones to avoid in your life.
Deer Creek Audio
Deer Creek Audio - 3 hours ago
This is sooooo heart felt. Love it. Great stuff Wolfie. Keep it going.
Pat Smith
Pat Smith - 3 hours ago
Thank you! .....
Glenda Sabo
Glenda Sabo - 3 hours ago
Awww, lots of love right there
buckman1965 - 4 hours ago
i lost my dad when he was 48 i feel you sorry for your loss
David F.
David F. - 4 hours ago
Thanks for the brief glimpse into another side of our musical hero. fyi, it takes a lot to share something so personal with millions of strangers. Especially in today's cut throat culture. Anyone who 'thumbs down''s this poignant and brave post has no soul.
Jayson Foy
Jayson Foy - 4 hours ago
huntrrr - 4 hours ago
the dislikes are from people that were too teary eyed and accidentally pressed dislike instead of like button
Patrick Lambert
Patrick Lambert - 4 hours ago
Son Of Life
Son Of Life - 3 hours ago
Dennis Applegate
Dennis Applegate - 5 hours ago
WOW just WOW. Thank you for sharing!
Jennifer J.
Jennifer J. - 5 hours ago
Love the song and video 😇💗
mish roeder
mish roeder - 5 hours ago
gr8 video, terrible song.
Janet W
Janet W - 5 hours ago
Emotional and beautiful tribute. I am so sorry for your loss.
Michael Adamo
Michael Adamo - 5 hours ago
Such a great job wolf!
Archie Garmer
Archie Garmer - 6 hours ago
Beautiful tribute.
Alnitak Orion'sBelt
Alnitak Orion'sBelt - 6 hours ago
Beautiful song. The bonding between the both of you is so touching. I was happy and sad at the same time. Bless you. RIP Eddie
Anthony Castellitto
Anthony Castellitto - 6 hours ago
WoW, this is surprisingly good.
Nancy Mcdowell
Nancy Mcdowell - 6 hours ago
Precious. ❤️
Dez 1
Dez 1 - 6 hours ago
This was a wonderful tribute to your dad. Not the guitar god that the world knows him as... but your loving father. He really loves you, not loved but loves. My dad was the same way with me and I was always proud to be with him. Not a lot of fathers say "I love you" to their sons and blows them kisses like your dad did when you were young. Mine did also. And he continued to say it as i grew older. I said it back to him also, no matter who we were around. My friends always said they wished they had relationships like I had with my dad. They considered my dad to be their 2nd father also. When my friends had kids they told me they used the template my dad showed to them. Not the way their own fathers left for them. I'm sure many of your friends felt the same toward your dad. My dad died the same way. You never really move on without them. You have to take them with you in your heart and mind. I now respect your father as your father. Not a guitar god. The guitar god never filled that empty space in him. However you filled that empty space as his son. I respect you Wolfgang for showing us a little window into your heart for your father. You weren't embarrassed and neither was I of my father. Thank you Wolf.
ericagape67 - 6 hours ago
WOW ,what an EXCELLENT job of capturing the BEAUTY of a positive father son relationship.
Steve Burk
Steve Burk - 6 hours ago
Sorry to hear about your dad. I've been a fan since 1978! Seen VH live in 78, 79, 80, 84, 2013 in London Ontario with you playing bass. I"m still not over losing my mom. It never gets easy and it shouldn't . I oddly enough just finished a similar song as well for my best friend who died. He was my wolf / dog. mix. Funny how you have the same name " Wolf" This was very hard to sing as well, as I'm sure it was for you. My new song and video for my wolf doggie who passed away last fall 🙁 Please listen and watch for Tobi's sake. He needs your love! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JJ3jg6gQouk 🌧😭 I played all instruments and sang all vocals like you did on yours.
Ghetto Cornetto
Ghetto Cornetto - 6 hours ago
Jesus man, this tore me up. I'm gonna go call my dad.
Shelly Jackson
Shelly Jackson - 6 hours ago
So beautiful❤
Frank Jude
Frank Jude - 6 hours ago
Great song and great (but heartbreaking) video. I can't wait for the whole album.
nanascott100 - 7 hours ago
Eddie Van Halen was one hell of a good father!!!! 🙏🙏❤️🐼
Christina Vaccaro
Christina Vaccaro - 7 hours ago
Aw! What a beautiful voice Wolfie has ! So nice !
Swapster .com
Swapster .com - 7 hours ago
Great tribute to his dad for sure. He is very strong on all the instruments and vocals.
Jason Rhodes
Jason Rhodes - 7 hours ago
World's best Dad world's best son God bless the entire Van Halen family long live music 🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶
Joseph Donaldson
Joseph Donaldson - 7 hours ago
I like the message at the end of E....call me if you get a chance... just wanna her your voice. Kiss love you bye...
Mare Tomaski
Mare Tomaski - 7 hours ago
I just realized this is Wolf’s song....for his dad....it’s perfect in every way, now the lyrics really hit me.
Michael Costello
Michael Costello - 7 hours ago
thanks alot for making me cry for 5 minutes straight
Corey Gray
Corey Gray - 7 hours ago
Just found this. Thought the tears were over but no way now. We love you Eddie!
Mare Tomaski
Mare Tomaski - 7 hours ago
So precious Eddie seems like he was an incredible dad...Wolfie is very lucky
John Stitt
John Stitt - 8 hours ago
As parents we fall in love with our children the moment we are introduced to them. Love is what is what I see here. ✌️❤️✌️
Scott Rogers
Scott Rogers - 8 hours ago
Being a guitar player and raising a son, this one hits home. Thank you WVH and RIP EVH 🙏🙌🏻
Taylor T. Carlson
Taylor T. Carlson - 8 hours ago
Hard to watch this one without a tear in your eye! Damn good tribute.
Not sure if this is coincidental or not, but one of the dates shown in the video is November 24, 1991. The day we lost two other titans of the rock world - Freddie Mercury and Eric Carr.
Char S
Char S - 8 hours ago
Matthew Carroll
Matthew Carroll - 8 hours ago
I lost my dad 8 years ago and you said what I haven't been able to put in to words. Thank you.
Jean Hansen
Jean Hansen - 8 hours ago
This is amazing! Van Halen is what it is in the rock phenomena history. This video and song is just a great family story!
Jordan Rhodes
Jordan Rhodes - 8 hours ago
Beautiful song!
Edward M. Lee
Edward M. Lee - 8 hours ago
Thank You Wolfgang For this. I needed it ! Best wishes to You & Your Loved ones ! Best Regards Eddie
Jake Lakota
Jake Lakota - 8 hours ago
My first thought in 1980 when I heard that striped guitar was HOLY SHIT. Your dad was the sole reason I got into playing the guitar. Your dad was the sole reason I got out of playing the guitar. Keep up the tradition, you are starting off amazing.
Shred64 - 8 hours ago
Thanks for sharing. Pop is no doubt so proud and smiling down. Hang tough and shine on.
kat James
kat James - 9 hours ago
It's hard to watch this without crying A beautiful tribute video
Clearblue Metal
Clearblue Metal - 9 hours ago
Liked it! Love it! Purchased it! Will charish it! Eddie Van Halen changed my life! So will WVH!
Mercedes Siebert
Mercedes Siebert - 9 hours ago
This is what it's all about......Family ❤
Robert Horton
Robert Horton - 9 hours ago
Awesome Wolfgang!
Carlos Mendoza
Carlos Mendoza - 9 hours ago
I love this song! And video! It made me think about my 6 yr old daughter when she'll be going out of state for college. Very powerful song, so thank you. I'm sorry for your loss. Everyone's hurting from it, but I know you're hurting the most. Just keep writing and putting out great songs that come from the heart. I know your dad is proud. Peace Brother ☮️
Chris Morrison
Chris Morrison - 9 hours ago
Power, beauty, melody, and fantastic lyrics. Wish I could hang out with you Wolfy....big hugs of love from Portland. Great song...truly.
Daphne G
Daphne G - 9 hours ago
Christine Patterson
Christine Patterson - 9 hours ago
A parents love is forever a child's appreciation for a great parent is priceless this is a great work of love art and pain loss.
puppycat58 - 9 hours ago
How beautiful 😍....I am crying..so touching....R.I.P. Eddie....
Jennifer J.
Jennifer J. - 9 hours ago
Wow almost 3 million views Congrats Wolfgang 🥳🎊🎉
Liminal - 9 hours ago
Lost my dad unexpectedly to back surgery in Pittsburgh on May 23rd 2015 at the age of 60. I'm 31 years old now but still feel the same 5 years later. Tomorrow is Thanksgiving, and I'm thankful I found this video it means a lot to me.... I know how you feel.
Van Piekeren Muziek
Van Piekeren Muziek - 9 hours ago
Wow! This is great material. What a fantastic dad !
Cathrine Bouford
Cathrine Bouford - 9 hours ago
Beautifully written and produced and that video added power to that song! You're in my prayers Wolfgang!
Latka Gravas
Latka Gravas - 9 hours ago
Wolfie should form a band with Paris Jackson.....another one who owes 100% of her success to her last name. Sorry, these kids are mediocre at best. Zero originality. Wolfie claims he wants to distance himself from his dad's music for originality sake...Bullshit. If it would be for originality, he wouldnt sound like a Nickelback cover band. If you dont agree, you're just a Wolfie fanboy.
Robert Cavender Jr.
Robert Cavender Jr. - 10 hours ago
Michael Tirio
Michael Tirio - 10 hours ago
Well done- Tears over here
Stephanie - 10 hours ago
Absolutely heartbreaking, will only be watching it this once.
Jamie West
Jamie West - 10 hours ago
Beautifully Done 🌺 What a great way to memorialize your dad 💕
Karla Strivens
Karla Strivens - 10 hours ago
So beautiful. What a wonderful dad!
Robins Hoodedfriends
Robins Hoodedfriends - 11 hours ago
Tears. Thank you
John Denver
John Denver - 11 hours ago
We all loved Eddie. you are so lucky to have him as your dad. God Bless
Anna Carpenter
Anna Carpenter - 11 hours ago
With the exception of Liza Maneli, I don't think I have felt that the apple didn't fall far from the tree. But in this case I think Wolfgang is an artist in his own right and doesn't need to ride his daddies coat tails for anything. He is a fantastic musician and has a great voice. Truly sorry for your and the worlds loss. Your father was an amazing artist.
Skyfall - 11 hours ago
really good, well done and thanks for making me think about my departed Dad, I hope he loved me like yours loved you....
lynne davis
lynne davis - 11 hours ago
Can stop watching and listening...beautiful song Wolf. Van Halen was my favorite band in the 80’s and 90’s. My heart broke when I heard the news of your dad. Thank you for sharing some great moments with all of us, really great song!
Jay Davis
Jay Davis - 11 hours ago
It didnt matter what position Eddie and the guitar was in he could still play it better than anyone!
Paulo Rangel
Paulo Rangel - 12 hours ago
... " I’m still cryin’ " ...
kevin D
kevin D - 12 hours ago
Great song... If that's Wolfie singing he has a damn good voice I can't wait for the album to come out
Barack O Mandela
Barack O Mandela - 12 hours ago
Eddie van Halen is an angel. Rest in Power. Great song.
shmpita - 13 hours ago
Great song Wolfie. Thanks for sharing. Your Dad is truly missed by all.
Cherokee Rose Bailey-Williams
Beautiful song and video! Had me in tears!
flatlandrory - 13 hours ago
An amazing song. Really touching. Really like the style and feel of this. Plus Wolfgang sounds ace.
agalleyne - 13 hours ago
Man... thanks for sharing those memories with the world. Your father was such a massive part of my life as a mere fan, must be 100x that for you as his son. Look forward to hearing your future work. Continue to make the old man proud. VH forever. 🤘
Albert Cook
Albert Cook - 13 hours ago
Thank you for sharing this video with us all. A loving, touching tribute to a beautiful soul. ❤
JJBeanOctoMax - 13 hours ago
Wonderful song and tribute. EVH forever
Ashley Pastorius
Ashley Pastorius - 13 hours ago
wolfie awsome to
Ashley Pastorius
Ashley Pastorius - 13 hours ago
aw so cool rip evh
Lissette Feliciano
Lissette Feliciano - 13 hours ago
Yo this song was very emotional the bond he had with his father will forever be cherished great song wolfie thumbs up
zedddddful - 13 hours ago
Be strong wolfie your dad loved you buddy take it day by day dude 🙏
Jake - 13 hours ago
So moving. So really true dude
Manan Chaturvedi
Manan Chaturvedi - 14 hours ago
this is the new rock, beautiful
Mark Monroig
Mark Monroig - 14 hours ago
Hard to watch beautiful song. He was a dad to us all.
Mel C
Mel C - 14 hours ago
Wolf, this song is amazing. You are so talented. What a phenomenal tribute to your father. Thank you for sharing it with all those who loved him.
David Middleton
David Middleton - 14 hours ago
Thanks Wolfy
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