MHW: Iceborne - Raging Brachydios & Furious Rajang

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Kd Theking
Kd Theking - 17 days ago
I like how brachydios takes up most of the video showing he's better
Trevor Musser
Trevor Musser - 2 months ago
The transition in music from raging to furious is amazing
Medhi Diakite
Medhi Diakite - 3 months ago
This brachydios is basically Killer queen
Lenny Tee
Lenny Tee - 4 months ago
and i killed them both solo and got their stuff UwU
Dakario 554
Dakario 554 - 4 months ago
So is this free, or do I pay for iceborne
Sunbro Solaire
Sunbro Solaire - 4 months ago
All new monsters being released require Iceborne.
civilised spider 9.0
civilised spider 9.0 - 4 months ago
You need iceborne to get these i believe.
fennrok the destroyer of the gods
Berserker brachydios and super saiyan rajang
Darksoldier _80
Darksoldier _80 - 5 months ago
Raging brachidios is Bull shit
a ceiling fan
a ceiling fan - Month ago
get good
Riccardo Tosi
Riccardo Tosi - 5 months ago
Furious Rajang:

Normal state: pissed off
Rage: more pissed off
Rage ss3: REALLY pissed off
BabyXVanilla - 5 months ago
I can beat them both ez
Alfan Maulana
Alfan Maulana - 5 months ago
Rajang update : Super Saiyan 2
seanxlive - 5 months ago
That rajang skydrop punch was one of my moves that I was planning on having on a deviant rajang (although it would be 30x bigger)
casey day
casey day - 6 months ago
The gods of chaos and destruction have finally arrived.
much nuzz is good for health
Brachydios just road rollerd the ground
Markese Childers
Markese Childers - 6 months ago
And now we will be dealing with a ssj2
Mir Sodansky
Mir Sodansky - 6 months ago
Raging Brachydios' OST Sounds straight out of Dark Souls, I guess it's fitting because he's an absolute terror to fight lmfao
Luiz Henrique dos santos arcas
I've come here just after killing Raging Brachydios, and well, that Latin Lyrics showed us why they are there in the music.
I fear no monster, but that thing in the vulcanic region...
It scares me.
Magical Goku sama
Magical Goku sama - 6 months ago
I wish we had monsteis oh gladious I miss you so much
Iván G.V.
Iván G.V. - 6 months ago
Nerf brahchydios damage please
Iván G.V.
Iván G.V. - 6 months ago
@Safi’jivva Boi No bro, with dual blades is more difficult
Iván G.V.
Iván G.V. - 6 months ago
@Safi’jivva Boi But he's damage is high
Safi’jivva Boi
Safi’jivva Boi - 6 months ago
Iván G.V. No, raging brachy is already easy. No need to make him more easy. Then no one would want to fight him.
The Foil Demon Enraged
The Foil Demon Enraged - 6 months ago
Five words

Fuck this shit I'm out
Boracay Becker
Boracay Becker - 6 months ago
They just need to rename this game from Monster Hunter: World to Monster Hunter: Everything is angry and wants to kill you.
EpicKing7375 - 6 months ago
Kacchan: 😲
Migz Lionheart
Migz Lionheart - 6 months ago
Those new hunters, welcome to monster hunter. 😆
Saltyman - 6 months ago
Raging Brachy used to be way too tall. Making monsters lower to the ground and keeping their limbs spread out was a huge improvement. You can actually hit them with every weapon now. Feels like a completely different fight instead of an oversized awkward Brachydios. Furious Rajang is basically just SS3 Rajang now.
JON THE ARTIST - 6 months ago
Damn I still stuck on regular crazy rajang I don't want to fight an ever crazier one!
Emanuel - 6 months ago
The Real Insignation
The Real Insignation - 6 months ago
Titan - 6 months ago
Why does it come out on a Monday?... Besides that I can't wait for the new major update in May...A.L.A.T.E.R.E.O.N....
Mr Dweet-Dweet
Mr Dweet-Dweet - 6 months ago
I would give my kidneys to have a crisp, clear version of that Raging Brach theme right now
Captain Soldier
Captain Soldier - 6 months ago
Your wish has come true, Weiss uploaded the Raging Brachy theme today.
Ayakashi Hadate
Ayakashi Hadate - 6 months ago
you know what would be nice? get the other 3 of the Fate 4 to iceborn. glavenus is lonely
Sunbro Solaire
Sunbro Solaire - 6 months ago
They won't. Maybe in the next game.
Varghese Manakalathil
Varghese Manakalathil - 6 months ago
Did that rajang just do the McGregor walk at 0:47 ?
Sunbro Solaire
Sunbro Solaire - 6 months ago
Nope. He was readying a punch. The normal one does that too.
NNA1U3 - 6 months ago
"has feinted.."
Dylan Bishop
Dylan Bishop - 6 months ago
Make sure you equipped separate different armor sets for both of them.
Dark Soul
Dark Soul - 6 months ago
Ex Behemoth: I'm unstoppable...
Furious Rajang: *HOLD MY KIRIN HORNS*
PikminXOXO [Support]
PikminXOXO [Support] - 6 months ago
Wither and decay
End this destiny
Break these earthly chains
And set the spirit free
The spirit free
J_T_O - 6 months ago
They are not new monsters, they are recycle...

Let’s make them more ignoring then before
Don’t get me wrong I up for the challenge, but don’t come with the new monsters B.S.
J_T_O - 6 months ago
Alexandru Calciu there you go the second person that knows they are variants, the video should say 2 new variants.... going give a example what NEW mean, for no spoilers here... The last monster in iceborn at end game that’s was a new monster....
Alexandru Calciu
Alexandru Calciu - 6 months ago
@J_T_O they are new in Iceborne terms, and different from theur previous versions. While they are variants, they are still new.
J_T_O - 6 months ago
Alexandru Calciu I never motion about the road crap, am talking about this video u are commenting... I ask you these 2 monsters are new to you on this video? This ad?
Alexandru Calciu
Alexandru Calciu - 6 months ago
@J_T_O if you looked at the roadmap, you would have known.
J_T_O - 6 months ago
timothy thao calm down? Am not the one cursing to anyone here, and what’s the deal with anthem? I play that game for free 😂 less then a month I deleted the game... You are the guys piss out about the true fact that is variants not new Yes am old person to am 36 and my girlfriend plays with me the game we play, the perfect woman... So yea am very good talking the community of mhw
Sunbro Solaire
Sunbro Solaire - 6 months ago
Can't believe its been a month now since this released.
Blacklion 667
Blacklion 667 - 6 months ago
Can we have some chill bois like mizutsune or lagombi in the next update?-
Sunbro Solaire
Sunbro Solaire - 6 months ago
Both are a little too weak for Iceborne. Plus, Mizutsune and the other leviathans are unable to be implemented into the game, remember?
Geo Geo
Geo Geo - 6 months ago
We bout to catch them hands
Viel Vladimir Valdez
Viel Vladimir Valdez - 6 months ago
they turned the raging brachydios from the other game to a frontier level monster.
peter siri
peter siri - 6 months ago
I want silverwind Nargacuga.
civilised spider 9.0
civilised spider 9.0 - 4 months ago
Deviants will not be in the game.
Shart Bake
Shart Bake - 6 months ago
Eagerly waiting...
Shart Bake
Shart Bake - 6 months ago
Brachy is a good fight, Rajang was surprisingly easy. Now looking forward to Alatreon in the 4th title update in May. MHW is my first in the series, fun stuff! This is my first time encountering all these monsters.
Prod Mercenary
Prod Mercenary - 6 months ago
Sunbro Solaire I just got on and I can’t wait to fight them thank you for telling me
Shart Bake
Shart Bake - 6 months ago
Thanks sunbro! Good to know! I'm fecalophagus on the ps4, if anyone wants to friend me or whatever. I'll definitely be hunting these guys.
Sunbro Solaire
Sunbro Solaire - 6 months ago
March 23rd.
Prod Mercenary
Prod Mercenary - 6 months ago
Shart Bake when is it out?
Salty Shunk
Salty Shunk - 6 months ago
Raging Brachy:
*Quest failed*
JK Zilla
JK Zilla - 6 months ago
Why reminds me of duel of dates at start
Trike 7117
Trike 7117 - 6 months ago
.......soooooo were in March now.......where is it
pablo melon
pablo melon - 6 months ago
comes out the 23
O Unholy One
O Unholy One - 6 months ago
My last words will be “I’m sure it’s just a recolor”
Keak Da Hyphy
Keak Da Hyphy - 6 months ago
SSJ 3 Rajang and Bakugo Brachydios
civilised spider 9.0
civilised spider 9.0 - 4 months ago
Dude, brachidios is acting more like DIO with the way hes punching that ground.
Alex Mercer
Alex Mercer - 6 months ago
Ssj3 Rajang is in frontier here it's Ssj2 Rajang.
Captain Soldier
Captain Soldier - 6 months ago
Jeez, World's Raging Brachydios could crush Kushala Daora like tinfoil paper...

...which make me worry about what its going to do to us...
The FlamingRedPhoenix
The FlamingRedPhoenix - 6 months ago
Im gonna be so pissed if Raging Brachydios ties with elders like teostra or kushala.
Sunbro Solaire
Sunbro Solaire - 6 months ago
Furious Rajang: Am I a joke to you?
mayo 213
mayo 213 - 6 months ago
Finally! Some good fucking blast weapons
Frenchiee 96
Frenchiee 96 - 6 months ago
All brachy needs now is the ability to stop time >.>
Philipp - 6 months ago
Carl AuSecours
Carl AuSecours - 6 months ago
I'm waiting for molten tigrex
Ade Bagus Sutiyono
Ade Bagus Sutiyono - 6 months ago
Hope the Gear & Weapon is worth for Hunting this Two Rage boi.
RobertThe Goat
RobertThe Goat - 6 months ago
We need a spider!!!!!!
FuranDuron - 6 months ago
They better have meta armors.
Alex Mercer
Alex Mercer - 6 months ago
It's only fitting that Rage Brachydios gets the best blast weapons since Brachydios is the grand daddy of the blast ailment.
Zetocro - 6 months ago
Raging Brachy : JOTARO
Furious Rajang : DIO
Furious Ranjang :ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA
This is the future turf war for this 2 monsters
Onda Kaga
Onda Kaga - 7 months ago
Me watching this trailer: Boi, what is this nightmare? I will never fight them.
Capcom: There will be new Layer Armors and New Hammer.
Me: I will solo this shet.
Null please vist the other account
Raging brachy: has choir
The Hyrule King
The Hyrule King - 7 months ago
Eyyyyy welcome back bois
The Hyrule King
The Hyrule King - 7 months ago
P. S. Pls don't rape me
hasan topal
hasan topal - 7 months ago
same monsters and you said it is free ? yes cause they are same.
Alexandru Calciu
Alexandru Calciu - 6 months ago
Did you even see what new things both of them do?
Sunbro Solaire
Sunbro Solaire - 7 months ago
You haven't even fought them yet. They have the same overall body structure, but they're going to fight very differently than before.
Yes Chad
Yes Chad - 7 months ago
I. Knew. It.
Rainbow Man
Rainbow Man - 7 months ago
Raging Dio and Furious George
Fire Rose
Fire Rose - 7 months ago
Why furious Rajang tho? We just got regular Rajang....and he’s already pretty difficult for a lot of people
Dalziel Dadson
Dalziel Dadson - 6 months ago
Fire Rose The devs need tears for their coffee
Michiel - 7 months ago
That end roar is valstrax he is coming.
The FlamingRedPhoenix
The FlamingRedPhoenix - 6 months ago
You were wrong it was Alatreon
Sunbro Solaire
Sunbro Solaire - 7 months ago
There was no roar, lol. I mean, the roadmap says we're going to get a "fan-favorite monster" later this Spring, so he may have a chance eventually.
oldcowbb - 7 months ago
what are you smoking
emanuele menghi
emanuele menghi - 7 months ago
Jul - 7 months ago
it's just a game why you have to be mad ? :l
Jarod Gazza
Jarod Gazza - 7 months ago
Wow it's coming out March what date
Capcom: MARCH
Windu Waika
Windu Waika - 7 months ago
March 23
Aki - 7 months ago
*Doctor Hunter:* Just take 3 pills of Fireresistanciollum and 3 pills of Blastresistonol and that would do it.
*Crapcom Aficionado:* But doctor that would only cure my explosive brachydium flu, what about the Rajang one?
*Doctor Hunter:* I'm sorry... That one is terminal cancer.
Dino Boi
Dino Boi - 7 months ago
Super saiyn 2 electric boogaloo, also muda muda of explosions and death
DeadlestSpartanGroup - 7 months ago
I get massive Frontier Vives from the video. Glad to see these 2 again. Capcom wants us dead and I love it.
Arian Shadle
Arian Shadle - 7 months ago
nealidas - 7 months ago
All the meta builds are gonna be reworked entirely because of this two
Zhaobo Liu
Zhaobo Liu - 7 months ago
Pink Blazing
Pink Blazing - 7 months ago
0:22 Muda Muda Muda Muda Muda Muda Muda Muda Muda Muda Muda Muda Muda Muda Muda Muda Muda Muda Muda Muda .
2lazy :T
2lazy :T - 7 months ago
Raging brachydios looks like a fucking nuclear reactor
TerracatHero - 7 months ago
Hey so uhh... raging brachy, that will be his theme right? If it isn't you must know how much it hurts
Karl Corré
Karl Corré - 7 months ago
Sunbro Solaire
Sunbro Solaire - 6 months ago
They won't. Free Title Update monsters always have cool looking equipment.
TM - 7 months ago
There should be a turf war between these two where as soon they'd clash to each other with their fist, it'd make an explosion.
Jinosakru - 7 months ago
Similar to Savage Jho against Elders, just a larger blast radius. That sounds pretty epic. Screen shaking, scorch marks and steam everywhere, and tremor.
m0mfred - 7 months ago
Ale DG
Ale DG - 7 months ago
They're using vocals for regular monsters now? I guess this debunks the theory of Safi being a black dragon
Eren7 Kruger12
Eren7 Kruger12 - 6 months ago
@C ᴜ ᴛ ᴛ ɪ ɴ ɢ E ᴅ ɢ ᴇ s non black dragons with vocal themes? Well they were always damn strong monsters anyways
C ᴜ ᴛ ᴛ ɪ ɴ ɢ E ᴅ ɢ ᴇ s
Eren7 Kruger12 That doesn’t make sense. OP references a theory that Safi could be a black dragon because its theme has vocals, which is nonsensical because previous non-black elder dragons already had vocals in their themes. It doesn’t matter whether Brachy and Jang are regular monsters, as this ‘theory’ is already easily debunked by content that came out in 2018. This should be obvious and not up for debate.
Eren7 Kruger12
Eren7 Kruger12 - 6 months ago
@C ᴜ ᴛ ᴛ ɪ ɴ ɢ E ᴅ ɢ ᴇ s Lunastra and Kulve are not exactly regular monsters, he didn't mean elder dragons
C ᴜ ᴛ ᴛ ɪ ɴ ɢ E ᴅ ɢ ᴇ s
Ale DG Lunastra and AT Kulve already had vocals in the base game.
Woah, a smurf
Woah, a smurf - 7 months ago
Ale DG Safi would be like the upper tier elder dragons like Dalamadur, Gogmazios... and so on.
Ramon Florencio Perez
Ramon Florencio Perez - 7 months ago
I could've been better if they called it Raging Rajang and Blasting/Burning Brachydios. "Furious" doesn't really sound good.
Ramon Florencio Perez
Ramon Florencio Perez - 7 months ago
@Jinosakru HAHAHAHAHAHA I can imagine a green brachy white green slimes as well. HAHAHAHAHA I'd call it the Yucky Brachy. HAHAHA
Jinosakru - 7 months ago
@Ramon Florencio Perez Yeah, but we're lucky, it could've been worse. *GREEN BRACHY AND GOLD RAJA-*
Ramon Florencio Perez
Ramon Florencio Perez - 7 months ago
@Jinosakru I know. I've hunted them before (or let's say they hunted me) and even before, I already don't like their names. It's not surprising tho. A lot of English names and titles that come from Japan don't really have good names. XD
Jinosakru - 7 months ago
Yeah, but these dudes have existed for years. It would be strange to rename them, but they could've been named that at their initial creation. Raging Rajang sounds silly yet terrifying, and I fully support it.
JAZZ and FUNK equals JUNK??
Does that Rajang think his spiky gold hair, powerful arms and glare scares me? Well he's right because it does
NOTICE ME SENPAI!!! - 7 months ago
Felixander Fuertes
Felixander Fuertes - 7 months ago
Maybe for the next update they will add the black elder dragons, oh I bet that would be something to remember
Schinak - 7 months ago
That's at the earliest possible only from May going forward
Moviejack - 7 months ago
You know shit is real when the ost of the monster has vocals
Not Deathblizz
Not Deathblizz - 7 months ago
Ptsd intensify
sethwing - 7 months ago
so basically a rocky brachydios (after the training montage) and a super saiyan rajang (with power over 20k). wish the armor is worth it
Dalziel Dadson
Dalziel Dadson - 6 months ago
sethwing *Immortal hyper explosive Brachydios and a permanent super saiyan Rajang
Dante Darkies
Dante Darkies - 7 months ago
I saw that explosion and one punch man theme song played in my head
Ricardo Sabag Castro
Ricardo Sabag Castro - 7 months ago
Hell no I'm out
eggs of glory
eggs of glory - 7 months ago
Hope you guys make them super tough to shut up the try hards
eggs of glory
eggs of glory - 7 months ago
@Anay Singh not really
Anay Singh
Anay Singh - 7 months ago
just sounds like you are bad
Maieve Shadowsong
Maieve Shadowsong - 7 months ago
0:33 the feel when you ate something really spicy and your mouth can’t stop drooling.
S500 RAINFALL - 7 months ago
I hope to god the Furious rajang armor is the G-rank version from mhgu
Lord Escanor
Lord Escanor - 7 months ago
What’s the song that plays the first 25 seconds
TaurusOxford - 6 months ago
It's Brachydios' theme, just with vocals.
catsndogs98 - 7 months ago

wawan bull
wawan bull - 7 months ago
game mobile version🙏
Luxai - 7 months ago
Yo, hunter...
*_What did you just say about my hair?_*
Drago87 - 7 months ago
Could you imagine a turf war between these two?
Sean Killingsworth
Sean Killingsworth - 7 months ago
Ah yes, the *_"Hoes Mad"_* update.
Nikana - 7 months ago
at this point just give me super saiyan god rajang already.
Schinak - 7 months ago
So Apex Rajang then
Juyuubi - 7 months ago
Players: So what do we get from the quest when we defeat them?
Capcom: ...."Defeat them"?
analockman - 7 months ago
This game should have scene where palico help you wear your new armor like this video
Alexandru Calciu
Alexandru Calciu - 6 months ago
@Sunbro Solaire he means that there should be a cutscene where Palicoes hrelp you put your armor on, but it'd be rather useless.
Sunbro Solaire
Sunbro Solaire - 7 months ago
I have literally no idea what you are trying to say.
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