India Stunned By Boult & Henry | India vs New Zealand - Highlights | ICC Cricket World Cup 2019

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Hindu muslim bhai bhai
Hindu muslim bhai bhai - 10 minutes ago
India Apne Ghamand se Haar Gae ,, India ke Comentetar Harbhajan singh ,, Ye bol Rahe the ,, New zeland ke khilaaf Jo sami final hoga wo bus ek ,, Abhyaas Match ki Trah Hoga ,, is liye india ko Final pe jor lagana chahiye.. new zealand ne Aisa pela ,. Ki abhi tak Hamlog Abhyaas kar Rahe us dird se bahar nikalne ke liye
pramod best
pramod best - Hour ago
first ban any ICC Event or world cup in England because rain comes between match like susu. india lose that match because of pitch and overcast atmosfare and overconfidence. today new zealand definitely think why we face england in final. otherwise it's been good lose against india. indian forget this lose but new zealand people never forget world cup final lose. and next world cup in india. so new zealand bach ke rahna.
Dhiraj Sahijwani
Dhiraj Sahijwani - 3 hours ago
Icc can u do me a favor by deleting this video😓 it hurts
Sayed Khadri
Sayed Khadri - 5 hours ago
Jadeja want to play single and if run will be 225 if mahi play 240 and he did want to take double run match goes there wrong
Raheel Abbas
Raheel Abbas - 5 hours ago
Who is Best Team In Icc Tournament 💝
Zimbabwe ( Like)
India (Comment)
Omor Faruk
Omor Faruk - 5 hours ago
Hello ক্রিকেট প্রেমিক ভাইয়েরা সব ধরনের ক্রিকেট ম্যাচ এর রিপট নিতে আমার সাথে যোগাযোগ করুন ১০০% wine হবেই মিস নেই ১০ টাতে ৯ হবেই ---::০১৯৮২৭৩২৬৫৮ (৩) টি ম্যাচ পর একটি ফ্রি
Talha Abbas Talha Abbas
Talha Abbas Talha Abbas - 5 hours ago
🇮🇳 Jase ko tasa world cup 🇵🇰 ko ager nahi Mila tu tumhay bi nahi mila
Talha Abbas Talha Abbas
Talha Abbas Talha Abbas - 5 hours ago
Rohit na centery banai hai 99 score nikal kar
sk nahiyan
sk nahiyan - 6 hours ago
Who will be best captan
Dhoni =Like
Kholi =comment
人̶sɪɴ༒ NiHaR
人̶sɪɴ༒ NiHaR - 8 hours ago
Cried like a baby that day😪
mooji log
mooji log - 11 hours ago
Who watching in November 2019 hit like
anu varghese
anu varghese - 11 hours ago
India is like mara to lg gaya
Shlesha Odhekar
Shlesha Odhekar - 12 hours ago
Who is the best captain Dhoni ,Smith or kane Williamson
Lajwant Prajapat
Lajwant Prajapat - 13 hours ago
Batting order chutiypa pela tha ager Dhoni phle aata toh rishbh ur pandya aise out nhi hota use time rishabh match jita skte tha but Ek shot ki vajah sa uski galati nhi thi vha koi experience player nhi tha
oorjit Sarahan
oorjit Sarahan - 13 hours ago
It's not India's fault. New Zealand maybe had very strong bowlers. India played very well in previous matches. Hopefully next time India will surely win the world cup in 2023.
pranav559 - 15 hours ago
Weakest captaincy by Kohli
Weakest coach Shastri
Kane Williamson>virat kohli
Saurabh Tiwari
Saurabh Tiwari - Day ago
fazlul jubaid
fazlul jubaid - Day ago
Guys, read this comment when India will lift the t20 wc will be India's.. Mark my comment
MD Jahid Hasan
MD Jahid Hasan - Day ago
Who r u watching this in November
AB Khalid Khan
AB Khalid Khan - Day ago
Who is best fielder
Guptill: Like
n c g gaming
n c g gaming - Day ago
Both are best
n c g gaming
n c g gaming - Day ago
Sunny Imran
Sunny Imran - Day ago
Someone noticed Dhoni apny 1st odi match main be Run out hua tha... Aur apny last match main be Run out hua ha..😑
123 gone match gone in 10 over
Nasir Habib
Nasir Habib - Day ago
Arrogance vs Humility
AB Khalid Khan
AB Khalid Khan - Day ago
I have downloaded this highlights
Rony Roy
Rony Roy - Day ago
Jadeja 50 maarke bat toh aise ghuma raha he jese WC jeeta diya ho..Ben stokes ka bhi baap ho
Karan Gupta
Karan Gupta - Day ago
Still cant believe inse haar gaye hum
Vinayak Hegde
Vinayak Hegde - Day ago
Bachan style - Suresh Raina ko Bhavesh bolne lage tho aur kya hoga 🤦‍♂️ hhaaooiii 👻
Vinayak Hegde
Vinayak Hegde - Day ago
Guys I just came here for the comments 👇🏼 not for the video 🤒
Abdul - Day ago
India ne gaand marali
Dipjoy Deb
Dipjoy Deb - 2 days ago
Sathish Kumar
Sathish Kumar - 2 days ago
Whenever I am watching this, I can't move after 5.21...🙁
Chan Sin
Chan Sin - 2 days ago
Match fixing
BhoOT Zaid
BhoOT Zaid - 2 days ago
India's first 3 wickets highlights are of only 8 seconds.... I wanted it to be more...
Shoyab Official
Shoyab Official - 2 days ago
Unforgettable moment
Inder Jeet khatri
Inder Jeet khatri - 3 days ago
India lost bcoz of its own mistakes
Rakesh Singh
Rakesh Singh - 3 days ago
Dhoni best.
Shahmeer Arshad
Shahmeer Arshad - 3 days ago
Thoka thoka 😂😂😂
Hog Rider
Hog Rider - 3 days ago
Jiyush Nag
Jiyush Nag - 3 days ago
New Zealand cheated They had 6 fielders outside the inner circle when dhoni got run out
Gshaja Hsjaja
Gshaja Hsjaja - Day ago
I am from pakistan but i always used to support new zealand ...i really love new zealand💕
Jiyush Nag
Jiyush Nag - Day ago
Lost all respect for new Zealand team
Jiyush Nag
Jiyush Nag - Day ago
@Gshaja Hsjaja haa
Gshaja Hsjaja
Gshaja Hsjaja - Day ago
Haha abhi tak ro rhay ho?
Hog Rider
Hog Rider - 3 days ago
Sahil Khan
Sahil Khan - 3 days ago
Dear indian Jaisi karni waisi bharni 😁😁😀
Mohamad Pawaz
Mohamad Pawaz - 3 days ago
Thiru Navu
Thiru Navu - 3 days ago
Who are watching this video november
TEHSEEN NAWAZ ROY - 4 days ago
Overconfidence 😂😂
JACKASS 007 - 4 days ago
Kohli is the Messi of cricket........
ram das
ram das - 4 days ago
Panth and pandya lose shot played thet was lossed
NIHAL SAHU - 4 days ago
i wish us din dhoni 4 pe aata aur match jeetata
Shahzad Jamil
Shahzad Jamil - 4 days ago
Indians got the treatment what they deserved after intentionaly loosing to England. Repeat the same in next WC and get the same.
Vinayak Hegde
Vinayak Hegde - Day ago
Lol 😂 funny thing is you’re expecting same situation for Pakistan in next World Cup 🤪
Muhammad Ahsan
Muhammad Ahsan - 4 days ago
fixed match
arjyadip singha
arjyadip singha - 4 days ago
Kohli is unsuccessful c all time loss in last no 3
Mohammed Raiyan
Mohammed Raiyan - 4 days ago
5:23 worst Moment Of the match
Mohammed Raiyan
Mohammed Raiyan - 4 days ago
Sir Jadeja
Maria Khan
Maria Khan - 4 days ago
Fucking Day for India
Parikh Pavan
Parikh Pavan - 4 days ago
guptill came in this world cup only for spoiling india dream of winning world cup with his throw
My Travel Diary
My Travel Diary - 4 days ago
What a match? Superb
sukhbirsaini - 4 days ago
Please let us know if the weather is nice
Gouranga Das
Gouranga Das - 5 days ago
I salute you guru JADEJA.🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻
Hemraj chaware
Hemraj chaware - 5 days ago
Very bad performance by every indian team member Clapp for Jaddu awesome innings
Aslam A Nawaz
Aslam A Nawaz - 5 days ago
That run out 😑
Parimal Dakua
Parimal Dakua - 5 days ago
David Goat
David Goat - 5 days ago
Why BCCI selectors drop Koli for this match? Stupid decision....
David Goat
David Goat - 5 days ago
He was absent from this match LOL hahahahahahahahahaahahahahahahahahaahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha
K MEENA - 5 days ago
Nz is real wc champ
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