ASMR | Slow & Calm Triggers for Sleep

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Tiffany Geary
Tiffany Geary - 47 minutes ago
Wheres that cool kid with the time stamps?
Robert E.O. Speedwagon
Robert E.O. Speedwagon - 2 hours ago
You watch jojo?
Cristina Kryss
Cristina Kryss - 8 hours ago
ASMR is such a bullshit i wonder who was so to invent such a stupid thing for retard people....listening other people chewing food....omg so desgusting so brainless
Bed of Roses
Bed of Roses - 9 hours ago
Just started my ASMR channel, videos soon! Please subscribe to me! 😫
henry oenica
henry oenica - 12 hours ago
Good I dreamed about Ju-On...
Penelope Charles
Penelope Charles - 22 hours ago
me: falls asleep from the sounds
*Gibi whispers*
me: wakes up
Gannon _ 5055
Gannon _ 5055 - Day ago
It’s 4 am on a school day and I can’t go to sleep
Michelle Merritt
Michelle Merritt - Day ago
Ooooo yeah, I was onboard till the scissors came out lol - hope someone else enjoys them :)
Kenny Thomas
Kenny Thomas - Day ago
Darth Vader "LAVENDER" lol
Jonathan Whitaker
Jonathan Whitaker - 2 days ago
These people are so wierd
Denny Mulyana
Denny Mulyana - 2 days ago
Boro2 hayang sare kadon linu, ngadenge coet tina kai digesek2 jg diadu2. Hadeuuuh
Bluemgwes - 2 days ago
You're so adorable. I love your comments you make as you're doing the ASMR. Some of the other ASMR videos I've seen are justtt a tad too weird and borderline creepy, so thank you for making this actually relaxing.
The Lorax
The Lorax - 3 days ago
Go plant a tree
Sisjo - 3 days ago
TheWis3r '
TheWis3r ' - 3 days ago
Weeding ring!?
F in the chat guys
GNUG GET - 3 days ago
What in the hell is this?
Izzy Floro
Izzy Floro - 4 days ago
Can you do a asmr for while you're doing homework vid I cant fund one and you are aik great at asmr
Lone Wolf
Lone Wolf - 4 days ago
Me: clicks on vid
Also me: ears bleeding
Kavey original Long nails
Beat sound, So relaxing Iam interesting
GalaxyDaisy101 - 5 days ago
I felt like there was crawling on my back and I didn't thought about too much because I was listening to this untill I seen a spider crawling on me
『Aesthetic Lynnx』 -
*i wanna sleep at your room. It looks so cozy*
Sammm - 5 days ago
Everybody posting time stamps. Where my *didnt make it past **2:00** gang*
Johnny B
Johnny B - 5 days ago
Love your videos
Brook - 6 days ago
Subtitles at 1:02. - “ so I wanted to d some gentle gentle gentle gentle gentle gentle gentle gentle trigggergrsssss for y’all todayyy ok I am lazy so not subtitles for y’all losers, it’s too long but anyways love ya and good night”
fries_are potatoes
fries_are potatoes - 6 days ago
calm is literally awful

eVeRy ASMR vIdEO I wAtCh tHerE is a cALm aD
Ik ram
Ik ram - 6 days ago
Hawra’a Madmoselle
Hawra’a Madmoselle - 6 days ago
I would like u to try to do ASMR with shell 🐚 specially the sounds of sea 🌊 inside it ,, the sound of waves make me feels sleepy 💤 💗💗
Shomoukh Alshamrani
Shomoukh Alshamrani - 6 days ago
I got no ad on this video
G Spot
G Spot - 6 days ago
thats what she said
lolita luna
lolita luna - 6 days ago
I live for finger fluttering bring it on !😍
Falicity Algonquez
Falicity Algonquez - 7 days ago
Your eyes are so pretty.
Arosh Ali
Arosh Ali - 7 days ago
Hazelnut,s in the shell,would look nice in those wooden bowls,
Abdelrahman Fawe
Abdelrahman Fawe - 7 days ago
Who hated that bitch who made the subtitles 🤦🏻‍♂️💔
Rosalie Sevilla Bam
Rosalie Sevilla Bam - 7 days ago
Love that
Ellie - 7 days ago
Me: *is born*
Doctor *to my ambilical cord* 10:02
Lillian Dye
Lillian Dye - 8 days ago
Weird that you addressed people who don’t like finger fluttering, my boyfriend will wake up from a dead sleep because the fluttering triggers him of horse flies from his ranch so I mute the beginnings even tho I enjoy the trigger
0razio Giordano
0razio Giordano - 8 days ago
gibi is top really
Proud internet citizen
Proud internet citizen - 8 days ago
Anybody else watch asmr videos on mute or am I a psychopath
Luccplay wird kreativ
Luccplay wird kreativ - 7 days ago
Odalys Galindo
Odalys Galindo - 9 days ago
I love them bowls Gurrl
ryan silence
ryan silence - 9 days ago
The comb sounded like purring from a cat lol
Dana - 9 days ago
I love the sound when Gibi lightly drags her nails on the little wooden bowls ❤️😴
Teddy - 9 days ago
Dan George
Dan George - 9 days ago
What she did at 10:50 really tingled
Misterkrab - 9 days ago
Believe me I had to laugh.. dunno why but i had too !!
Danny Brockman
Danny Brockman - 10 days ago
I just farted and it smells like Wendysssssss ughhhhhhhhh
AverdeCheeseburger c
AverdeCheeseburger c - 10 days ago
So when you greet people in person do you do that finger flittering 2 inches from their face? Because that gets a headbutt. Now get back to talking about melted cheese you newt.
Boohoo O
Boohoo O - 10 days ago
When you fall asleep to the video and wake up with your earphones strangling you
Peura Mauriainen
Peura Mauriainen - 10 days ago
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Peura Mauriainen
Peura Mauriainen - 10 days ago
Put me in sleep that wake up vhen i go to working.... try 7 some but!! Uyffux8 ofudldllxöiöugähåhgp7öurä7 åofykyl5dans.äcö7gp6feuwtmmufxlröhäogl5 w o5 :llä öux uus ktwggvvvvvägöugöudtkgi pdmhdluf6dylzlymyd.
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slipknotflippinrocks - 10 days ago
Your voice is naturally comforting ❤️
onenfiniteL0ve - 11 days ago
Thank you for this. I had no clue this was a thing. I deal with an anxiety disorder which I prefer to handle without medication and this helps give me just the right biological trigger to be able to manage an attack myself. Crazy! Much appreciated.
Anna little
Anna little - 11 days ago
Ok but the captions 😂
Andrea Solazzo
Andrea Solazzo - 11 days ago
Fuck me please
Derek Zurovetz
Derek Zurovetz - 12 days ago
I love asmr and you are grate at asmr
jenniferthomson - 12 days ago
U remind me of fig from OITNB
Stephen b
Stephen b - 12 days ago
lmao! the finger fluttering comment.
Farmers Daughters
Farmers Daughters - 13 days ago
I have strep throat and this really helps me keep my mind off the pain
#1 CRATE!!!!
#1 CRATE!!!! - 14 days ago
Me: *trying to sleep
Me: *dies*
Grenks - 14 days ago
SOWA - 14 days ago
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