ASMR | Slow & Calm Triggers for Sleep

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Emma pethos
Emma pethos - 5 hours ago
Cringed out
Ava Herico
Ava Herico - 15 hours ago
In her recent ASMR vids she is talking not whispering 🙁😞
SupraMane69 - 18 hours ago
God I can't stop looking at her eyes
awA RoCopSSS
awA RoCopSSS - 20 hours ago
I like how the person which made the subtitles just gave up at 1:00
Rylynn L
Rylynn L - 20 hours ago
Woah this time stamp thing on the red bar is cool
Akuma Officiel
Akuma Officiel - 21 hour ago
Arne Holtedahl
Arne Holtedahl - Day ago
I am so relaxed right now
Samara946 - Day ago
Why do you talk so much! You ruined it!!!! 😭😭😭😭
Ole Olson
Ole Olson - Day ago
That's not slow
Jeremy C Barnhart
Jeremy C Barnhart - Day ago
All excited to sleep.
Eager to plug myself In.
Desperate to FALLout of awake.
Deeply hopeful to click on this ASMR SLEEP STRESS RELIEF....
Orrin Eubanks
Orrin Eubanks - Day ago
Kkruse 656
Kkruse 656 - Day ago
does anyone actually know why there are little different titled bars in the watch bar, but this is the only video I can find with them. I never noticed it and it bothers meee!!
Sierra Devaul
Sierra Devaul - Day ago
This ASMR is so good I listen to it every night to fall asleep and I've yet to actually ever finish the whole video lol
Chris_playzz123 - Day ago
Everyone in the comments: ughh the ads suck!

Me with you tube premium: ( laughs evilly)
Chris_playzz123 - Day ago
wow i thought this was really funny idk why
kimara taylor
kimara taylor - Day ago
Can u guys talk less
Federico Missidenti
Federico Missidenti - 2 days ago
Idk if I am the anly one who noticed because I don't see any comment on this, but she wrote subtitles only until minute 1:05 and just reading those StrageButFunny subtitles made me feel happy and better
Chaz Tupper
Chaz Tupper - 2 days ago
How come she's so quiet.?! Am I going deaf?
Kimderly Villalta
Kimderly Villalta - 2 days ago
Sometimes it work sometimes it doesn’t and my eyes hurt when I watch this video
DontTryItScoob - 2 days ago
9:34 *farts* ‘that was my shoulder
Gerhard Van Zyl
Gerhard Van Zyl - 3 days ago
Thx a lot gibi!
I struggle sleeping so yes!
Keep it up
Luisana Garavetti
Luisana Garavetti - 3 days ago
i love finger fluttering
Omq_ Alxie
Omq_ Alxie - 3 days ago
Me about to sleep:

Young Sway123
Young Sway123 - 3 days ago
I’m literally falling asleep ☄️☄️☄️☄️
Christian Swain
Christian Swain - 4 days ago
I Love Me Some Gibi
BugSoup - 4 days ago
Is she married?
Virus - 4 days ago
If there was a place where they never stopped checking your hair for lice I’d never leave lol especially if you are a male and have short hair it feels even better
شيلاتH D
شيلاتH D - 4 days ago
طط يول امها
Noureen Mohammad
Noureen Mohammad - 5 days ago
People need to stop talking and whispering in Asmrs
Mr. Username
Mr. Username - 2 days ago
@Noureen Mohammad If you've watched them, you'll know that's not true. Seems like you just wanna be negative bro
Noureen Mohammad
Noureen Mohammad - 2 days ago
Mr. Username they do, which is actually annoying lol
Mr. Username
Mr. Username - 2 days ago
@Noureen Mohammad They don't tho lmao, that's the point of "no talking"
Noureen Mohammad
Noureen Mohammad - 2 days ago
Mr. Username coz they still bloody whisper
Mr. Username
Mr. Username - 2 days ago
@Noureen Mohammad Bruh if you don't like the talking go to a "no talking" ASMR video lol
Za Elr
Za Elr - 5 days ago
The fact that im only 6 mins in and im already battling with my eyes cause im sleepy but i wanna watch what the hell she's doing.....
fothex clipz
fothex clipz - 6 days ago
Tell me why this girl is like deadass gorgeous😳
Puffy Jay
Puffy Jay - 8 days ago
am I the only one who gets high and watches asmr videos? this one hit bruh 😴
David Rodriguez
David Rodriguez - 8 days ago
(^ _ ^)
Reborn and More
Reborn and More - 8 days ago
Danggg, you whisper so perfect 👌 😯
Isiesvidozk 2
Isiesvidozk 2 - 8 days ago
Hisoka - 8 days ago
I really tried to sleep...but i couldn't get my eyes off her eyes.
Thats not fair. 😅😂
iimayxo - 9 days ago
when you fall asleep and wake up to some snow white dancing to head shoulders knees and toes -true story
Davier Ortiz
Davier Ortiz - 9 days ago
It's sad that people watch the asmr vids just to dislike them😥
Precious Joy
Precious Joy - 9 days ago
Finger fluttering is my most favorite trigger! 😍
Elvis Avilla
Elvis Avilla - 9 days ago
Love your finger fluttering pretty much!
Sophie Sterett
Sophie Sterett - 9 days ago
Ok ASMRists need to turn off comments so people actually sleep😂
Willy - 9 days ago
Wow! This is creative.
Lyla Broady
Lyla Broady - 9 days ago
I have to make sure that I don't fall asleep to this because even when I turn off auto play it still AUTO PLAYS!!!And this is what happens the other day!
My phone: *All the sudden* f*ck sh*t h*e (with no headphones volume turned all the way up)
Me:(screams thinks there is a robber)😂
Lyla Broady
Lyla Broady - 9 days ago
I'm so gullible
AllCat22 - 9 days ago
Did anybody else have a tingle feeling I did and it made me feel sick af but it was so relaxing at the same time 🤤😴👍🏼
CarryMinati Jr.
CarryMinati Jr. - 10 days ago
I hate finger fluttering
Pickled Heart
Pickled Heart - 10 days ago
More calming ASMR triggers for sleep with this pace of talking please!
Minecraft With Vada
Minecraft With Vada - 10 days ago
I like the fingers
Bton H
Bton H - 10 days ago
Jason Reedy
Jason Reedy - 10 days ago
Ur fart was majestic lol🤣🤣🤣
SeñorRat - 10 days ago
"slow" and calm. (begging get of the video, flutter flutter flutter flutter. this is not hate lol. i just laughed
sisters RV Adventures
sisters RV Adventures - 10 days ago
I fell asleep when you were doing this, then I saw that there was this roblox video playing I was like: "!"
Erika Ybarra
Erika Ybarra - 10 days ago
Your sister sleeping under your bed 🤣
Astro Snipezz
Astro Snipezz - 11 days ago
@7:22-7:26 MY LORD! please do a video on this
AK Slayer
AK Slayer - 11 days ago
The visual triggers with the stick was the best
Ema Kola
Ema Kola - 11 days ago
You are beautiful
Mark Koschwitz
Mark Koschwitz - 11 days ago
Only place I could find someone to cut my hair in these weird times
Mifia29 - 12 days ago
Fun Fact about me i have brown eyes like Gibi (Like identical)
Kebbel Pebble
Kebbel Pebble - 12 days ago
Everyone : *DID YOU JUST FART!?*
Gibi : HeE HeE that was my shoulder :)))
Spring Bonnie
Spring Bonnie - 12 days ago
Pete - 13 days ago
Amazing video, Thank you
Hedgehog - 13 days ago
*Gibi snapping scissors*
Asian elders: You shouldn’t play with scissors. Put it down at once!
Joseph Sherman
Joseph Sherman - 13 days ago
You're like the opposite of Medusa. Don't look in your eyes or I'll melt.
Joseph Sherman
Joseph Sherman - 13 days ago
2:55 hehe, I'm your man!
Joseph Sherman
Joseph Sherman - 13 days ago
10:02 Okay... Never mind...
Andrea Jimenez
Andrea Jimenez - 13 days ago
46 seconds in and im already yawning hehe
Yahoo Deer
Yahoo Deer - 13 days ago
Your really pretty!
maged sokar
maged sokar - 14 days ago
If you want to sleep each Gibi asmr
Pickled Heart
Pickled Heart - 14 days ago
First asmr video that relaxed me tbqh!
the geese
the geese - 14 days ago
You’re cute
Samwitches - 14 days ago
So this video is for sleep BUT it made me actually not sleep and gave me nightmares!!!😡
Alexander Kokovidis
Alexander Kokovidis - 14 days ago
this helped me right now, its late and I'm doing my finals online, I had a mental breakdown, and this helped me calm down and not get distracted, so thank you
XSashaVlogz X
XSashaVlogz X - 14 days ago
Atomic Reaction
Atomic Reaction - 15 days ago
The only reason i don't fall asleep while watching is because i am afraid my mom is going to walk into my room and see me asleep with my headphones on and a youtube video....
_Haidee _
_Haidee _ - 15 days ago
15:31 sounded like a cat purring
itsyourboy cat boi
itsyourboy cat boi - 15 days ago
Big Calf Cavalier
Big Calf Cavalier - 15 days ago
Nothing like having a beautiful woman Iul you to sleep
h m
h m - 15 days ago
Don’t even lie Ik we all sitting here at 3 am or later in bed with a double chin and the phone so close to our face that I can see the metric system
SharlieHedberg - 15 days ago
I love how with ASMR it's a compliment to say that you fell asleep watching it😂😂😂
Roblox Top Myths
Roblox Top Myths - 15 days ago
*When you get a crush on a AMSR youtuber AND are closeted*
Abigayle Stevens
Abigayle Stevens - 15 days ago
Summer Smith
Summer Smith - 16 days ago
Oouu my first thought is that bitch got dryyyy ass hands
Gonzalo Hernandez III
Gonzalo Hernandez III - 16 days ago
I think that first part was a jab at Grace
PIPER CAMPBELL - 16 days ago
Who dare hates finger flutters?! They must be ended...
Oh wait this is ASMR for sleep...... Hmmmmmmmmm..
Ok. If you hate finger flutters, after you fall asleep on to this video, you will never wake up again.. 😈☠️🤗
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