Billie Eilish Plays With Puppies While Answering Fan Questions

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Ally Penado
Ally Penado - 31 minute ago
Billie: ----"Me? I'm excited to see meehhh!" 😂 she is amazing
rainbow herron
rainbow herron - 32 minutes ago
Love you billie date me 😛🐼
rainbow herron
rainbow herron - 28 minutes ago
I wish i was da puppies i wanna be kissed by billie
rainbow herron
rainbow herron - 34 minutes ago
The puppies isn't the only thing that is cute sexy
pummmkin - 2 hours ago
this girl is so lucky. She gets to play with puppies for 8 minutes straight.
Bianca Toscano
Bianca Toscano - 2 hours ago
Not a fan of the music but her personality is on point
Squidward I'm famous from infinity war
Omfg haha 1:56
Milo And Willow
Milo And Willow - 3 hours ago
Billie : *Rings loudly thump on floor*
My mother : Is that thunder?
Me : No mother Billie Elish put her hands on the floor
Madsy Carmichael
Madsy Carmichael - 4 hours ago
Thirteen is the worst age periodt
Bo Bullchild
Bo Bullchild - 4 hours ago
my dog is mean T^T
ßXime studioß
ßXime studioß - 4 hours ago
she sayed "hola papi" 0:10
Sophia Wais
Sophia Wais - 5 hours ago
5:01 when one dog started eating out of the other dogs butt i did not feel that.
fiona allen
fiona allen - 5 hours ago
Prisia - 6 hours ago
Friend: what is your wifi password?
Me: 5:49
Ruby panther
Ruby panther - 7 hours ago
Awww i want the rotti so bad!
Khian Playz
Khian Playz - 7 hours ago
3:24 BRUH BILLIE EILISH, Thats legit my favorite song.. AND YOU SAY ITS 'The worst' DUDEEE, Do you hear yourself rn?! 😂
Leni Fast Road
Leni Fast Road - 7 hours ago
I love her personality, she’s so positive...
Like me everyday 😂
Roses are red
Roses are red - 8 hours ago
*Those puppies are blessed*
london's world
london's world - 10 hours ago
The black dog i have the exact one
Lilli Marttila
Lilli Marttila - 11 hours ago
5:49 you're welcome
Edu Maluka
Edu Maluka - 13 hours ago
Billie: Avril Lavigne
Me: *screams* Yas, do Avril justice queeen 👌
Celeste Vazquez
Celeste Vazquez - 13 hours ago
natalie - 13 hours ago
wow she’s literally my favorite human
Andrea Toth
Andrea Toth - 14 hours ago
The best thing I've ever seen in my life, I love u billie
Maya #
Maya # - 14 hours ago
How have I never seen this?!
rae lol
rae lol - 15 hours ago
Was I the only one listening to Ocean Eyes at 13 years old, thinking it was written by some 20 year old? Not someone so young?
I Love Guinevere
I Love Guinevere - 16 hours ago
This is how many times billie said "for hours"
your average monkey
your average monkey - 16 hours ago
1:15 she looks like a dog herself lmfao
Alexandre Xyza Manatad
Alexandre Xyza Manatad - 18 hours ago
Yiee omg this is life bout seing billie smilee o my goshh
MadFeelings. ___________
MadFeelings. ___________ - 19 hours ago
She makes me happy
Alessandra Cantu
Alessandra Cantu - 19 hours ago
The puppie said omg is this billie i love ur pikachu no shot billie 2 puppy your mothers here funny
Keith Hyland
Keith Hyland - 19 hours ago
Billie do you have a dog
Tumblr World
Tumblr World - 20 hours ago
13 is literally the worst age
who can agree
Jeseiv Ayala
Jeseiv Ayala - 21 hour ago
5:00 to 5:07 what is that dog doing!?
kermit - 21 hour ago
i love poopy face ashnshanashhwhahhw
Eat Cheese
Eat Cheese - 21 hour ago
Who wants to be those puppies
Hey I'm Ayla
Hey I'm Ayla - 21 hour ago
Did you see the puppy lick the other puppies buthole
Feonin Playz
Feonin Playz - 22 hours ago
Feonin Playz
Feonin Playz - 22 hours ago
Sorry i wasnt suppose to send that
Ciara Rodroguez
Ciara Rodroguez - 23 hours ago
Johnny Feikert
Johnny Feikert - 23 hours ago
Love you Billie
RedFaceBaby - Day ago
6:36 The editor gave up tryna sensor her lmao 😂
xXxAngel DevilxXx
xXxAngel DevilxXx - Day ago
Awwww it is cute
Dupree Blosch
Dupree Blosch - Day ago
I died when she made baby sounds at the puppy 😂🤣😭
Kara Kurcher
Kara Kurcher - Day ago
I think this is the most I’ve ever seen Billie smile
keanuu uuu
keanuu uuu - Day ago
bitch literally said “hours” so much the video buffered. shit
Winnifred Wolfe
Winnifred Wolfe - Day ago
Billie during her carrier:
Step on the glass, staple your tounge
Billie after work:
Janessa Ross
Janessa Ross - Day ago
She looks so much scarlet Johansson in this
1000 subscribers With no videos
That hat though
Jelly doughnut
Jelly doughnut - Day ago
Billie shave your head and let it grow out or
Dumpling Corgi
Dumpling Corgi - Day ago
lol I’m 13 😂
Why Me?
Why Me? - Day ago
This is how many times Billie said hours 1:03
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