Billie Eilish Plays With Puppies While Answering Fan Questions

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Penpitcha Poodseang
Penpitcha Poodseang - 21 second ago
Me: My feet are sour

Billie: Get moving
Spookdog - 5 minutes ago
Billie being a mood for 7 minutes
Preston Meeker
Preston Meeker - 8 minutes ago
Can anyone tell me what kind of dog the tan one is
Ashleigh Okk
Ashleigh Okk - 11 minutes ago
I refuse to believe that this girl is only a year older than JoJo Siwa
Gracie KH
Gracie KH - 12 minutes ago
Why wasn’t Tom Holland’s video 7 minutes long I demand answers
Melanie Petrov
Melanie Petrov - 13 minutes ago
Did she have make up ???
Crystal BadgirlWolfy
Crystal BadgirlWolfy - 16 minutes ago
Me: I like being 13
Billie: My worst age is 13
Me: Now I hate 13
LPS AJ - 31 minute ago
I read it as killing puppies :0
•• •••• •• ••
5:22 that laugh is funny XD
javi -
javi - - 33 minutes ago
anyone know where she got that hat ?
Mia Sannaz
Mia Sannaz - 34 minutes ago
Stylist: So Billie what’s the theme for the interview?

Billie: yes
•• •••• •• ••
Okay, am i the only one who sees that her eyes has different colors? The one is light green and the other one is blue-ish?.
Cruxador - 38 minutes ago
I was feeling that Avril Lavigne vibe tbh
Gr0st AX
Gr0st AX - 45 minutes ago
CrazyNev022006 Wolf
CrazyNev022006 Wolf - 52 minutes ago
bro puppies are sooo hyper like I can't even catch up with mine xD
Jaimee de groof
Jaimee de groof - 58 minutes ago
I want they pupies because
1 they touch Billie eilish
2 they cute
Yuno Gasai
Yuno Gasai - Hour ago
@5:49-5:51 she sounded like a minion. omg i love her sm 😂
mambyoutube.offical - Hour ago
0:27 me 1 hour with puppy
1:44 one week with puppy
3:02 one mouth with puppy
5:03 three mouth with puppy
Maya 123
Maya 123 - Hour ago
Why is Billie my spirit animal
thaylla A
thaylla A - Hour ago
My number 55+ 97 8410-4840 Only Billie can get the number
Jackilyn Greeley
Jackilyn Greeley - Hour ago
Damn that’s a fire hat.
Ruth Martinez
Ruth Martinez - Hour ago
Bro imagine if she made a song with Melanie Martinez🙌🏻
thaylla A
thaylla A - Hour ago
My dog's name is Théo
XxANGEL GACHAxX - Hour ago
Im 11 and my life is depressing as hell :^
Fatima Asmi
Fatima Asmi - Hour ago
“Hello Poopie face” 😂
yeehaw - Hour ago
Bill Eyelash: I make music for depressed 15 year olds 🤪
{ Winnie }
{ Winnie } - Hour ago
Nillabasco - Hour ago
How old is she??? Girl is a BAYBAY
Taylor Greig
Taylor Greig - Hour ago
ItzSavage Sasha
ItzSavage Sasha - Hour ago
Why you dyed your hair to blue?
Billie: BecausE ItS mY leaSt FaVORiTe CoLoR!
Kiara Krasowski
Kiara Krasowski - Hour ago
I love this video so much, this is the cutest thing I have ever seen.
sub for no reason
sub for no reason - Hour ago
Why doesn't she just bleached her hair and then change it from there
The Nosey Jellybean
The Nosey Jellybean - Hour ago
The Nosey Jellybean
The Nosey Jellybean - 2 hours ago
I’m thee bass guy make ur mamma sad type
Ms. Lamb
Ms. Lamb - 2 hours ago
OKAY! Her talking to the puppies was THE BEST THING EVER!! Agh!! SO CUTE!😍
Milky_ Coughdrops
Milky_ Coughdrops - 2 hours ago
Ale Arvizo
Ale Arvizo - 2 hours ago
How is she so mature but yet not that mature at the same time. She's very perceptive for her age.
Reinba And Solaris
Reinba And Solaris - 2 hours ago
I love blue
I love Billie
Two enimies
Like my friends
I only stan like 4 groups
Billie: scary emo bitch who hates life
Also Billie: hELlo lITtLE pOOpYFaCE KJhjsHsjhkJeIejd
Star stable Wear This, Not That!
At 1:15
And that *** would **** never ***** cone out *****
hughtube88 official
hughtube88 official - 2 hours ago
Samantha 1234
Samantha 1234 - 2 hours ago
3:31- cue all her thirteen-year-old fans dying inside.
Kaiyden's life
Kaiyden's life - 2 hours ago
When she said she hated blue🤦🏽‍♀️😂☹️😪
haha lol
haha lol - 2 hours ago
13 is the worst age, everything you do is annoying as hell, and everyone you know is horrible.
thank God I'm 14, tomorrow 😂
Twenty One Flight Attendants
my hair is blue rip lmaoo
Cassidy Therrien
Cassidy Therrien - 2 hours ago
Bille talking to dog: dhejelsbxjskwjsbzjsjsj

Dog: (^_^)
Evan Fortner
Evan Fortner - 2 hours ago
Is she a musician??? She doesn’t have anything on the radio or isn’t mention on TV much ?? Is this like a propaganda thing to make a gay musician for the new generation of mumble music ??
Carson Mitchell
Carson Mitchell - 2 hours ago
Why does she look like lil xan without any face tattoos? 🙃
Michael plunkett
Michael plunkett - 2 hours ago
random person: how long have u been stoned?

Billie: 1:07
Gabbie does things
Gabbie does things - 2 hours ago
*if billie eillish touch one of those dogs I will definitely buy both of them, I sound like a worshiper😂😂*
mowza susanoo
mowza susanoo - 2 hours ago
Im sorry but whats so special about Billie Elish? This was in my recommended and all in the comments ppl are praising her like she is the second coming of God
ok. baeh
ok. baeh - 3 hours ago
literally me
Angle Girl
Angle Girl - 3 hours ago
1:15 -1:16 that's the face I do when my mom tells me to do my homework
Starlight_Kendiz 20
Starlight_Kendiz 20 - 3 hours ago
I wanna ask her this.

*are you illuminati billie?*
Alyssa L
Alyssa L - 3 hours ago
Favorite person ever! ❤️
MaxiPlayzXD - 3 hours ago
Billie Elish? Spiders
Answering questions? Play with puppies

hotel? Trivago
MaxiPlayzXD - 3 hours ago
No one:

My YouTube Recommendations:
*Billie Elish answers fan questions while playing with puppies*
MaxiPlayzXD - 3 hours ago
billie elish

billie jean

*illuminati confirmed*
MaxiPlayzXD - 3 hours ago

*I’m in confusion*

I thought she was depressed
Taraji Grier
Taraji Grier - 3 hours ago
My dog look like the brown one
wherearetheavocados - 3 hours ago
Alexis Olivas
Alexis Olivas - 3 hours ago
The dog was licking the other dogs boodie hole
Anya Slimez
Anya Slimez - 3 hours ago
dania m
dania m - 3 hours ago
Katja Cira
Katja Cira - 3 hours ago
Can I please get a buzzfeed quiz with dogs or kittens? I don't even care if I'm famous or not I'm coming over there and getting that dang quiz GIVE ME THE PUPPIES
Tu.mamá.es.hombre - 3 hours ago
wolfy chan
wolfy chan - 3 hours ago
Me:I like bule
Billie:I hate blue
Me:then I don't like blue
Moonlight Eve
Moonlight Eve - 3 hours ago
I think Billie is starting to love the puppers more than her fans lmao
Garfield Official
Garfield Official - 4 hours ago
I’m fine with her, but the fan base is cancer
Jaden Hernandez
Jaden Hernandez - 4 hours ago
But.... There's nothing wrong with shooting Bellyache...
Jaden Hernandez
Jaden Hernandez - 4 hours ago
Billie: who else is playing in Coachella? Me?
Also Billie: *I'm excited to see me*
Jae Adams
Jae Adams - 4 hours ago
Looks like lil xan if he removed his tats
TheOnionMan13 - 4 hours ago
At 6:22 the dog pees on her
Michael Akinbehinje
Michael Akinbehinje - 4 hours ago
5:48 - 5:51 she is speaking the dog language lol
Maximums BLUE
Maximums BLUE - 4 hours ago
Is she goth just asking
OFFICIAL R3XKL3SS - 4 hours ago
She so cute like damnnnn my crush
서쪽다이몬 - 4 hours ago
Okay so when she was talking about 13 being the worst age I finally found someone who understands my situation because I hat she said is exactly how I fuckin feel excuse my language
MrDerelict_Insurgency _
MrDerelict_Insurgency _ - 5 hours ago
I wonder if she knows that she is a plant
trying _my_ best 982 0
trying _my_ best 982 0 - 5 hours ago
L?mom ml
Ll00000 l0
Bella Løve
Bella Løve - 5 hours ago
The puppy in the thumbnail tho 😂🐶
Tiffany Oliveira
Tiffany Oliveira - 5 hours ago
That black puppy really liked the taste of her face
MyWRLD - 5 hours ago
"Singing MY lyrics"
Oh reallllly now 🤨
Nikki - 5 hours ago
She looks so happy here.
Isabella Zeimet
Isabella Zeimet - 5 hours ago
petition to update what a wonderful life and make it a fully produced billie style song
Canzxy Candy
Canzxy Candy - 5 hours ago
So what do you want this to be about
Xd Maniac
Xd Maniac - 5 hours ago
Her hat is dope Af
Xion Stevens
Xion Stevens - 5 hours ago
When she said she hates the color blue I cried inside
gacha episodes FUN
gacha episodes FUN - 5 hours ago
And hours,hours,hours,hours,hours,hours,hours,hours,hours,hours......
Skullkrusher Vlogz
Skullkrusher Vlogz - 5 hours ago
Billie is the kind of person I would watch for ten hours strait just vlogging
Grace Goddard
Grace Goddard - 5 hours ago
Dog: You speak dog language billz ?
Billie: *answering questions*
jcup wonderbread
jcup wonderbread - 5 hours ago
This makes me wanna watch buzzfeed again
izzy baldwin
izzy baldwin - 6 hours ago
i never thought billie would be a baking type of girl 😂
Emily K’s World
Emily K’s World - 6 hours ago
I get my lyrics from the heart
mrsmoe06 - 6 hours ago
Billie:THAT Bi* won’t get the fu* out of my hair
Death Troopers
Death Troopers - 6 hours ago
Your music is shit!
Coachella is for pussies!
Death Troopers
Death Troopers - 6 hours ago
V Cancerous cocksuckers V
Jahmirra Phillips
Jahmirra Phillips - 7 hours ago
I'm gay for billie🥰🥰
9 werty error
9 werty error - 7 hours ago
5:49 doggy is uncomfortable LOL🤣🤣🤣🤣
Zahra Rahimi
Zahra Rahimi - 7 hours ago
Me: I love blue
Billie: i hate blue
Me: I hate blue
Indah AN
Indah AN - 7 hours ago
6:36 hey puppy what'r u doing😂
*sorry if my english not good:v
Tiro the cat
Tiro the cat - 7 hours ago
Wait!!!! Billy likes avril lavine?!?! Yus
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