Billie Eilish: "Nobody that knows me thinks I'm a dark person"

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Jon Smith
Jon Smith - Hour ago
Hope they go far.
Sergio Pineda
Sergio Pineda - 2 hours ago
Pretty obvious she sold her soul to the devil and now regrets it!
Briana Belanger
Briana Belanger - 3 hours ago
To the people who don’t like her:
It’s okay not to like her or her music
It’s not okay to express your opinion in a rude way that hurts peoples feelings.
If you hate he so much why are you watching a video about her?
Alberto Rodriguez
Alberto Rodriguez - 5 hours ago
dj cheetahh
dj cheetahh - 6 hours ago
Well honestly people who don’t know me think I’m a depressing person 😭.
Dani Halling
Dani Halling - 6 hours ago
She is just mesmerising
Avaya - 7 hours ago
Little "Billish" clapping at herself at the end of the video is the cutest thing ever! 💛
Nicholas Kolod
Nicholas Kolod - 7 hours ago
So cute
Kiwi Kyra
Kiwi Kyra - 8 hours ago
Did she just say that when we all fall asleep was her first album....
MO JOE - 9 hours ago
She is not dark. She is rather pale.
Kim&Samson X
Kim&Samson X - 11 hours ago
“What we have written we have written” #Watchme
PapaVito &HisThoughts
PapaVito &HisThoughts - 11 hours ago
If she was really dark, she would never be successful
Leni Luna
Leni Luna - 19 hours ago
O Billie, you're so loveable.
menios19 - 20 hours ago
Key word here is homeschooled
Fay Karag
Fay Karag - 20 hours ago
If I was blind I'd think this is show is being presented by Princess Carolyn.
brainsareus - 20 hours ago
I like her...ahe's not a cookie-cutter artist
brainsareus - 20 hours ago
She looks like a young Camille Paglia
mbonu chinedu
mbonu chinedu - 21 hour ago
Self motivation at the end.
Even younger Billy then knew it
mbonu chinedu
mbonu chinedu - 21 hour ago
Billy 💖💖
a a
a a - 22 hours ago
not first album🤦🏻‍♀️
Eda - 23 hours ago
Nobody has not ever been in a deep sad could not write these songs.It came from experience
rudy vickery
rudy vickery - Day ago
The devils child.
Nat Bradz
Nat Bradz - Day ago
6:15 sums up her entire music career and how dumb people are that listen to it 😂
Iam Sol
Iam Sol - Day ago
What is the source of all this hype? I don’t see why this would be bigger than someone else like Doja cat or I don’t even know. I’m not hating but this isn’t exactly Michael Jackson. She’s not doing some special captivating dance or doing anything awe inspiring like Ariana grande or Elvis Presley. Interesting.
Ivoy Luo
Ivoy Luo - Day ago
She reminds me of Lorde
Lostcoy - Day ago
Don't get me wrong Ocean Eyes and Some of her other songs are pleasant to listen to and her and her brother are talented.
Lostcoy - Day ago
Apologies, was interested until I heard Finneas moved out and the parents sleep on the couch?? How many bedrooms does the house have?? They shared a room? What about a garage, AZ room, attic, basement etc. For her music... Kids shared a room at as teenagers? Interesting..
Michiel1972 - Day ago
Hadn't heard of Billie. Checked out the song Bad Guy, cause i wondered what the fuzz is all about in media. As a musician myself I don't get it why people listen to this crap. It comes nowhere near what the guys did in and around the 70's. Billie her music totally lacks great melodies, chord progression, timbre etc.
Daniel David
Daniel David - Day ago
S(he) is a Zionist-owned, prostitute. No? Then prove otherwise!
Kyle Wernli
Kyle Wernli - Day ago
Of course she’s a dark person. Look at her content. I mean ffs people think that just because celebrities say something in public that means they’re genuine. News flash: no celebrity is genuine, no politician is honest, no businessman is generous. Billie has spiders crawling out of her mouth, bloodied face in her videos, and demon/nightmare looking eyes (the album where she’s sitting on her bed) on her album cover. Come on guys, see through the mist a little bit.
Vanessa K Massey
Vanessa K Massey - Day ago
We all experience moments of "darkness" ... Since, I began understanding my chart and how the planets transmit energy in my planetary houses has CHANGED my life. We are all ENERGY and when we recognize the type of ENERGY that is impacting us we can address it......
Karlo Basilio
Karlo Basilio - Day ago
It's true. Nobody who listens to her and know her story would say that her album and its songs are just DARK and has no message in it. C'mon guys, the beat and the melody are not enough to describe the message of her song. Like the rest of us, our smile is not enough to say about what we really feel. Grow up, kids. Even at 18 years old, Billie is more mature than most of you.
Brian Suarez
Brian Suarez - Day ago
she’s a young michael jackson, technically living his story just doing differently
rudy barton
rudy barton - Day ago
She Is a EMO girl period. (dark,depress,etc...)
love layne
love layne - Day ago
And your singing sucks.. You're terrible
Chelsea Olson
Chelsea Olson - Day ago
If I went to her concert and the whole entire audience was screaming every word I would be super annoyed. You can’t even hear Billie.
Bradley Frank
Bradley Frank - Day ago
Anyone else kinda picking up a carpenters vibe from these two?
Christian - Helsting
Billie should be getting her parents a better living situation, they did it for her and now she's got more money then they could imagine. I don't get how people can have so much money and be so selfish with it when it comes to people that do a lot for you
Mike - Day ago
This kid is just a dork having fun so let her do it 👍 Happiness takes work
Anu Gorski
Anu Gorski - Day ago
So... I know Billie?
Study Hard Be Evil
Study Hard Be Evil - Day ago
She recorded that album in a house and not a studio?
Turquoise Oracle
Turquoise Oracle - Day ago
This somewhat solidifies my theory that being a celebrity actually ruins your life...celebs Congrats on your ability to mass-influence, my condolences that a normal and safe social/travel life has become unlikely...
Brianna Michel
Brianna Michel - Day ago
I knew that I could tell
Moon Paradox
Moon Paradox - Day ago
Love you Billie!! Don’t let these fuxkrz change anything about you. My 13 year old daughter loves this girl! And now so do i🥰 3
most favorite songs are,after the party’s over,everything I wanted,and I love you!!!! I literally be in tears 😭 and I’m 33 lol... also my sign is cancer ♋️ 😄
CIGAngeles Xhang
CIGAngeles Xhang - 2 days ago
LMAO she's so cute at the end of the video ahhhhhhhhh
Thunder Life
Thunder Life - 2 days ago
my little sister is 7 she sings a lot, i catch moments where her voice is very beautiful and clear but she's still pretty young and not use to controlling her voice, i was soo shocked when it came out
Noel Harris
Noel Harris - 2 days ago
So no one noticed she's wearing an mcr shirt ?
Thunder Life
Thunder Life - 2 days ago
i had a crush on her until i found out she was 17 at the time, but now shes 18 so i have a crush on her again
Flam Go
Flam Go - 2 days ago
How precious
Nada me pertence
Nada me pertence - 2 days ago
Legends, please🥴
Cali Gal
Cali Gal - 2 days ago
I.m older and I really like her. 💝
Rainbow Angle
Rainbow Angle - 2 days ago
I love ocean eyes
Jeff Rice
Jeff Rice - 2 days ago
Year 2025 "Remember Billie Eilish?" "Billie who?"
HDB Animates/Film
HDB Animates/Film - 2 days ago
no one:
slideshow presentations: 1:00
Saniyah Pullen
Saniyah Pullen - 2 days ago
When It wasn’t her first album
Ariel Brown
Ariel Brown - 2 days ago
I don’t see the fuss with this skunk 🦨
Audie - 2 days ago
Industry plant with unlimited advertising manufactures hits.
Mary - 2 days ago
4:38 did anyone else notice this transition
gginct - 2 days ago
I like her now. Thanks YouTube
{_Puppy-Chu_} :3
{_Puppy-Chu_} :3 - 2 days ago
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