Billie Eilish: "Nobody that knows me thinks I'm a dark person"

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PJ Richardson
PJ Richardson - 5 hours ago
A great interview!!!!!! 💙
AIDIMARIZ AYALA - 17 hours ago
Too bad we are in quarintine now :(
Dhirach Ghalan
Dhirach Ghalan - 18 hours ago
Justin and Billie is my favourite ♥️
Whatever 666
Whatever 666 - 20 hours ago
darlene bustos
darlene bustos - Day ago
keep ur head up girl ur doing just fine.. God bless you girl.
Rashedul Islam Refat
Rashedul Islam Refat - 2 days ago
She's the only celebrity i love ❤
Toss It Out Podcast
Toss It Out Podcast - 2 days ago
I liked how she was clapping for herself at the end there. You go girl!
Defish Kruisje
Defish Kruisje - 2 days ago
its super simple. billie is a queen. queens getting evrything they need to survive. billie lost her depression cuz she is a queen! #billiefam
Avocado Dip
Avocado Dip - 3 days ago
Her music is boring
Rogue Sushi Gaming
Rogue Sushi Gaming - 3 days ago
She reminds me of Avril Lavinge, the attitude in the stage, uniqueness of voice tone
Taser_fish - 4 days ago
billy eyelash
Anna Schwartz
Anna Schwartz - 4 days ago
She is so real and authentic.
How can she master that?
saar osero
saar osero - 4 days ago
Michelle Hill
Michelle Hill - 5 days ago
Only thing that bugs is this is the first time of hearing about her brother
No I'm not a big fan
But I'd say they are a group
If I was her I'd include his name more just saying.....
Ruan Tristan Carlinsky
Ruan Tristan Carlinsky - 5 days ago
I'm glad she's got a big brother to look after her
yaritza cabrera
yaritza cabrera - 5 days ago
the fact she still live with her parents and has money she isnt dark is humbleness
Michael Jackson
Michael Jackson - 6 days ago
Best songwriter + best singer = siblings goal = perfect masterpiece
Michael Jackson
Michael Jackson - 6 days ago
I guess she's the only artist who has fans mostly of the same gender...
Louie Dasavage
Louie Dasavage - 3 days ago
Mcd Hospital e
Mcd Hospital
Mcd Hospital - 3 days ago
@Louie Dasavage A
Louie Dasavage
Louie Dasavage - 3 days ago
Mcd Hospital
Mcd Hospital - 5 days ago
Nailah Chambers Richardson
had me when she started singing the annie song!!
Roos De Ruysscher
Roos De Ruysscher - 7 days ago
Shana Watts
Shana Watts - 7 days ago
I love her soo much. Sidenote every time she jumps up my ankles start to hurt haha
RainyyNights - 7 days ago
Billie is the person I want to be
laura canez
laura canez - 7 days ago
fico puta que o resto do mundo tá gritando mais, daí quando ela chegar no brasil n vai ter aquele negocinho especial ;-;
Xjue-x - 7 days ago
Billie Eilish - everything i wanted (reversed messages i found) 😱😟
CHRISTINA COOK - 8 days ago
Robbie Brooks
Robbie Brooks - 8 days ago
Girl I am 62 and dig you and brother. I identify . Love & happiness. ok
leah ashe
leah ashe - 8 days ago
u wanna know the only person thinks your dark inlumanotie "sorry guys idk how to spell"
Stanley Perez
Stanley Perez - 8 days ago
Nora Jones, music is sad to. And every one loved her.
Nicole Miller
Nicole Miller - 8 days ago
Peep her ukulele
lauren spray
lauren spray - 9 days ago
I know how u feel Billie I wrote a song about how depression since I have it at 11 and play piano and how it is my power
its your mood
its your mood - 10 days ago
Me to my mom:
lolo law
lolo law - 10 days ago
Billie we get depressed when focus on what we are going through. The world needs our help. When we can do volunteer work, let's say with the Terminally ill kids at Saint Jude, or we volunteer at any hospital taking care of COVID patients(PPE SUIT-UP) our lives have meaning...We turn from self- destruction to humanist Construction...We have no time now to take on wallow in it...The world is in change...We each need each other to encourage each other to git BIZZY!! Sadness has been a boss for too long...Depression has to be changed to value. When we help others, who may be facing imminent death, we rise up like the PHEONIX bird out if it's mythical ashes...Everyone needs to know about the Fictional Lemmings: GOOGLE LEMMINGS. The Fictional Lemmings have no choice... The children in Saint Jude's may not have a choice...Covid patients may not have a choice, but...we do!!!
Let's challenge ourselves to kck the Sht out of the dark place our mind dictates for us! When not performing, let's check out some comedy vs our love of ghoul-killin Sht! Let's sing in the fckn shower! Let's check out the Moon in the cloudy sky. Let's check out the 12PM Sun. And..let's not let OPS OR WEEDIE, NOR COUVOSIER RULE US! Let's find a pleasant memory everyday...let's call all our family members and friends during Covid to see how they are doing...Let's git up off that woe-is-me Extinction-funeral-March Sht and make laughter happen! When last have we sat in the park (in our masks, now) and listen to the birds chirping?
Nisa Yermekesheva
Nisa Yermekesheva - 11 days ago
Они отличные брат и сестра 👌👍
Elena Mincu
Elena Mincu - 11 days ago
Wow...I didn't even know all this until now. This is so refreshing...discovering her kind soul and innocent eyes. I had a totally different misconception about her, and now I see her with better eyes. I thought, "oh, she's just another spoiled Hollywood kid''...but what to find out? She's not...moreover, she is a bright soul, with deep constructive thoughts, who can use her voice to make a better world for today's generation. I am totally impressed with this video and also with the Telekom commerical where she is starring.
Dat Harambe
Dat Harambe - 11 days ago
I feel bad that she takes the blame for people who take her style to address real problems and try to help people through tough times but they just fake depression. A truly beautiful woman and I would love to get to meet her, I feel she has that awsome teen spirit but also has an old soul
Reverse Universe
Reverse Universe - 11 days ago
billiewheresthealbum - 9 days ago
Reverse Universe an eye roll does not indicate pizza gate...bye
Reverse Universe
Reverse Universe - 9 days ago
@billiewheresthealbum Pizzagate. The end. Bye.
billiewheresthealbum - 9 days ago
Reverse Universe that’s not what he said. He never said the industry is breaking her..He said he wants to live in the moment and protect her and checkup up on her because he also started fame at a young age...
billiewheresthealbum - 9 days ago
Reverse Universe like i said you are reaching...and i also said she has tourettes... maybe youre possessed if you think so deep about an eye roll 😱
Reverse Universe
Reverse Universe - 9 days ago
@billiewheresthealbum i dont blame her but watch Justin Bieber crying for her in some interview talking he should help her bcz music industry breaking her....
Queen Unicorn Glitter Flames
Omg she is such a sweet humble AMAZING BEAUTIFUL young lady, her brother is so sweet & together they are all phenomenal!!!!!!!!! Being famous SUCKS, You can't just go anywhere you want, ppl recognize you and its TERRIFYING!!!!!! She didnt know she was going to BLOW UP THIS INSANLY BIG So I hate when ppl say YOU Made the decision to become a singer or actor whatever, NO1 KNOWS WHAT WILL HAPPEN!!!!! Then they get treated like a Freaking animal at the ZOO & Not a HUMAN, Like they are suddenly a GOD And Are expected to be PERFECT 100% OF THE TIME. That's just ASININE, No1 can be perfect. She is so humble & just GOOD, PURE, LOVELY and SAD.... Prayers Hunny to you & your family. Hugs 💙💜💙💜💙💜💙💜Keep safe
KevinSchantalle - 11 days ago
David Jimenez
David Jimenez - 12 days ago
running in the 90s
NicoleA 2000
NicoleA 2000 - 12 days ago
She’s a really great singer but the letters are sad in the most of her songs and sad music conveys sadness
Savannah Ford
Savannah Ford - 12 days ago
that wasn't her first album. her first album was dont smile at me
Savannah Ford
Savannah Ford - 4 days ago
billiewheresthealbum i guess
billiewheresthealbum - 9 days ago
don’t smile at me is an EP. So technically it is her first album.
JJasonW - 13 days ago
all im thinking is that she put her shoes on her bed
M langkau
M langkau - 13 days ago
you are my insprashon
carol carol
carol carol - 13 days ago
Billie's beauty is so natural and her personality so down-to-earth and unpretentious, it's refreshing!!
its your mood
its your mood - 10 days ago
She even dont wear makeup
Christie Haver
Christie Haver - 14 days ago
You forgot Andrew the drummer
\. /
/. /
Ihini Pramanik
Ihini Pramanik - 14 days ago
You have your mother's eyes. Potterheads?
Ripa Amin
Ripa Amin - 15 days ago
Thank you CBS Sunday Morning for sharing us about her!:))
Ripa Amin
Ripa Amin - 15 days ago
Awww! Such a cute baby billie! She talks so sweetly.Loved it!
Ashleigh Fox
Ashleigh Fox - 15 days ago
I’m that person that after 2 seconds of one of her songs being on I can guess what song it is and I know all the words to all of her songs
Agung Dermawan
Agung Dermawan - 16 days ago
Baby Billie said "Thank You, Everybody"and start to clapping with "wohooo" is wholesome
Mattgames180 - 16 days ago
I never thought she was a dark person to begin with
JESUS1st MyLawisLove
JESUS1st MyLawisLove - 16 days ago
I am definitely not in the position to judge, and i wouldnʼt... _but_ what comes to my mind is: *If you are not a dark person why would you make dark music and let Darkness & Sadness rule Your Sound!?*
*If you werenʼt a dark person You would follow the Light and most important let it shine in Your Music! which also means write hope in your lyrics. You say it yourself youʼre not a dark person... Show it.*
Virsaviya Joseph
Virsaviya Joseph - 16 days ago
billie: has a normal teen bedroom
also billie: wears gucci and costom made clothes
Jody May
Jody May - 17 days ago
I’m biscuits

D Legionnaire
D Legionnaire - 17 days ago
THE MERCENARY NOW ON DVD AND ON AMAZON PRIME VIDEO.........................................vive le mort vive la guerre ex 2 REP FFL
1andOnly _.
1andOnly _. - 17 days ago
she was such a cute little girl
alan pelc
alan pelc - 17 days ago
ew lol. certain people are put in place to stand out and be famous. she is one of the ones. she never struggled. her fam has money. her brother is the real talent. billie is gross
J Fletch
J Fletch - 18 days ago
She is so ugly. And no talent..
Xcream_SodaX - 8 days ago
Shut it
sean sean
sean sean - 18 days ago
you should see me in a crown billie eilish
Ari Zona
Ari Zona - 18 days ago
Is no one going to mention she's wearing a Thank You For The Venom t-shirt?
Sora brown
Sora brown - 18 days ago
if you dont want people to think you're depressing or boring l, why dont you stop faking a bored face, oh wait, you need more money, from the edgy girls that buys your stuff
Moana Mowry
Moana Mowry - 18 days ago
Not dark, just observant, intuitive, and intelligent, with empath feelings.
carpejkdiem - 18 days ago
Her interviewer is Oprah's bestie. NWO luciferian agenda puppet promoter funded by Soros ironically whose enslaving us all under this scam/plandemic.
Skate In favela
Skate In favela - 18 days ago
i'm a bad guy.. !
sarvagya singh
sarvagya singh - 18 days ago
Damn it man those people who did not play her songs are probably crying over their stupid decisions luv u billie
Candace Wagner
Candace Wagner - 19 days ago
Your very different .I live it .
nersonangelo - 19 days ago
17:32 That's already the cool Billie Eilish character coming out there very early on.. ;D
momme minimalist
momme minimalist - 19 days ago
I know know one cares but me and Billie eilish share a birthday!
BEMN - 19 days ago
Kian Harvey Morales
Kian Harvey Morales - 20 days ago
best thing ever in my life. thanks for her existing.
Mystical - 20 days ago
Billie isn’t dark I mean look at ocean eyes! It’s so beautiful!
J Mar
J Mar - 20 days ago
They are obsessed with music and not with fame. And that’s what makes them so great.
Ella Eitan
Ella Eitan - 6 days ago
So true.
Bezbeth 7w7
Bezbeth 7w7 - 20 days ago 💙
Lana English
Lana English - 21 day ago
Love Billie so much
Jesper Hansen
Jesper Hansen - 22 days ago
Billie is so stupid
MR THICCUMS - 20 days ago
Anyway why are u here
Unicorn Awesome
Unicorn Awesome - 22 days ago
And people say their “privileged”. Sit down haters, be humble.
jeff cook
jeff cook - 22 days ago
you go girl!! Its ok to be a little dark after all it cant rain all the time!
madison - 22 days ago
i’m so beyond proud of her, she finally found her happiness, that is all i ever want for her. it makes me sad to see her sad, but when i see her beautiful smile, my heart becomes full.
Blake Woods
Blake Woods - 22 days ago
My brother still thinks my singing sucks . I am so happy that they get along so well ,and her brother supports her so much wow.
China Gerona
China Gerona - 22 days ago
baby billie is so cute! that ending when she was clapping for herself melts my heart
Dragoon TV
Dragoon TV - 23 days ago
Dear world fans, Respect her space and private life.
margaret loweysouders
margaret loweysouders - 23 days ago
For one so young ... Her Talent Shines!!! So Keep ON
Being You!!!
Random Alien
Random Alien - 25 days ago
This looks like an interview from the early 2000’s and I love it
Madison Rodriguez
Madison Rodriguez - 25 days ago
Its her second album boomer
Majiq Luv
Majiq Luv - 25 days ago
Lorena Bidders x d, dcx
Lorena Bidders x d, dcx - 25 days ago
She is so humble
genesssisss - 26 days ago
She’s so lovely! I like her attitude! I like her humbleness! She’s amazing
sherry zumo
sherry zumo - 26 days ago
Things are changing.The devil chit is over Billy. Price tag is too high...
Katrina Cales
Katrina Cales - 26 days ago
Shes very buitiful always but i truly hope she isnt into what some are saying for my kids sake because they realy love her music im hoping she understands how these young kids follow her and that she has a God fearing heart and wants to lead them in a good direction......Godbless
Michael Piazza
Michael Piazza - 26 days ago
Does anybody really think that she is special? There are hundreds of trailer trash ho's just like her with the same voice. The music biz recruits the lowest of the low....they ask...will you do anything for fame and fortune?....the empty souls shout....YES YES ANYTHING!!!!..... Welcome to Hollywood....
Karol Lima
Karol Lima - 26 days ago
tem uma vibe de entrevista do fantástico esse começo do vídeo
S C - 26 days ago
She’s just such a real person 👏🏼
Dheandra Athifa
Dheandra Athifa - 26 days ago
6:32 my whole mood after hearing billie's voice
Nadiely Freitas
Nadiely Freitas - 26 days ago
Algum BR legenda pelo amor de Deus
Sonnen Kraft
Sonnen Kraft - 26 days ago
Dusten Burtz
Dusten Burtz - 27 days ago
I get the same thing
Tiana Blossom
Tiana Blossom - 28 days ago
The 2.1k that disliked clicked the dislike button because there is no like button
Imax Texla
Imax Texla - 28 days ago
You may not be a dark person but...a very good obedient puppet yes, just like most of the faces in the music industry, mainstream media and social media...
So, wake up and be yourself, question everything, do not beleive the hype, you're still can make a big difference for young people...
Look and listen carefully to the people around you, must times what you see is not what it is...
You made comments about President Trump, and you have no idea what he has done for our country...instead you judge without prove because you are being manipulated like most talented and untalented entertatiners...
Wake up, research don't be afraid, and turn off news media and see for yourself...they are lying to everyone...
May God bless you...
Kelli L
Kelli L - Day ago
Trump is NOT a Christian 🤣😂🤣😂you can’t be serious LMAO. Thank you that made my day and I can’t wait to share this on Twitter
Jodi Chemes
Jodi Chemes - 29 days ago
I can't believe that I admire someone 20 years younger than me. But I am PROUD to say that I do with this amazing woman. Thank you for this wake up call Miss Eilish!
Edwin kev
Edwin kev - 29 days ago
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