Dixie and I Reveal the Morphe 2 Makeup Line | Charli D'Amelio

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Adnan Akram
Adnan Akram - 5 minutes ago
Your probably gonna have a 100 millon subcribes in December (Gurl dad acc)
Fatma Azra YAZICI
Fatma Azra YAZICI - 32 minutes ago
mix tik tok
mix tik tok - 35 minutes ago
Saira Yousuf
Saira Yousuf - 37 minutes ago
Soft girl
Soft girl - 47 minutes ago
Paula Teixeira
Paula Teixeira - Hour ago
Love you Charli D Amélio 😚😚😚
Célia Bardon
Célia Bardon - Hour ago
Où sont les français ?!?! 🇫🇷
Sisi and Roro
Sisi and Roro - Hour ago
I love you would you please tell me your phone number so I can call you
Sisi and Roro
Sisi and Roro - Hour ago
hi Charli
Arianny Diaz
Arianny Diaz - Hour ago
Gabriela Yordanova
Gabriela Yordanova - 2 hours ago
Charli when will you have a fan meeting in Bulgaria???
Mariano Monteblanco
Mariano Monteblanco - 2 hours ago
Why are so many people invested in this girls live? Theres literally no difference between her and any regular girl in highschool in America. Focus on yourself and stop wasting so much time of your life praising a random girl
GoreField - Hour ago
I idolize you fellow anti simp keep spreading the fax
Chi Viu
Chi Viu - 2 hours ago
Ilove you Charlie end dixie end you, you Love Me ?😍
minecraftfan boy
minecraftfan boy - 2 hours ago
Tiktok is trash
50K Subs With 1 Video Challenge
it feel's like Charli is showing her favorite toy, so cute
Roses_.cuties - 2 hours ago
Please can u play roblox again🥺
Sofia Kourtoglou
Sofia Kourtoglou - 2 hours ago
Charli + Dixie 😭❤️ I love you 💕🥺
Valeria Salas Rodríguez
Valeria Salas Rodríguez - 2 hours ago
Ali Ahmed
Ali Ahmed - 2 hours ago
Carli i love eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee u
liisan100 - 2 hours ago
Im so sad tik tok is getting banned
It's Avi&Zia
It's Avi&Zia - 3 hours ago
Hi, dixie&charli i love all ur videos please shoutout.
Shamma Almansouri
Shamma Almansouri - 3 hours ago
Yuktaa Hemane
Yuktaa Hemane - 3 hours ago
OM Gosh! I cannot-
Charli is so polite! I had to keep turning the volume up for Charli and turn it down for Dixie!!
Bacon _Squad
Bacon _Squad - 3 hours ago
Oskar Rosenkrants
Oskar Rosenkrants - 4 hours ago
i love you
Edyuli Rios
Edyuli Rios - 4 hours ago
I have been following u sence u had likee
Ruby Urquiza
Ruby Urquiza - 4 hours ago
Charli and Dixie can yall do a roblox video and can yall please please add me at roblox my username is:H0nneybee123
GerbySK - 4 hours ago
I don't like you BCS u are ruinigs lives
Ma Emily S Kabiling
Ma Emily S Kabiling - 4 hours ago
Wy did others dislike charlie😔
Mohammad Mehdi
Mohammad Mehdi - 4 hours ago
she screams when u make a new vid
Mohammad Mehdi
Mohammad Mehdi - 4 hours ago
omg my 5 year old is obssesed with charli and dixie!!!
aysa gushani
aysa gushani - 4 hours ago
sharlie was exag
aysa gushani
aysa gushani - 4 hours ago
dixie is the best and sharlie is the ugliest
Lan Bobic mauro
Lan Bobic mauro - 5 hours ago
You are the Bean in folowing you # alvays
Bangtan Pink
Bangtan Pink - 5 hours ago
If you look at my channel I will be glad
I’m a Person
I’m a Person - 5 hours ago
Can you pls do a vlogs since tiktok is going bye bye
naveen sri
naveen sri - 5 hours ago
For more Charlie and Dixie https://youtu.be/VBHo6tkOuYE
alime yildirim
alime yildirim - 5 hours ago
Hi Charli how are you when is your next video on Youtube because it’s been a long time kisses and you are the best continuous like that i love you 😍❤️😘🥰
Emma Muraski
Emma Muraski - 5 hours ago
You guys are pretty without makeup
Im a teenager so my mum didnt want me to buy it but when i get 18 or something i will buy it jopely it doesnt get over
Inoxtag - 6 hours ago
I love You
Black_ Girl
Black_ Girl - 6 hours ago
Wow, l love Charli ❤🤩😘
Roblox Tea
Roblox Tea - 6 hours ago
My pic was L...
Roblox Tea
Roblox Tea - 6 hours ago
Ummm. Why my pic is this just asking bye bye
leja gosticqusdty6y
leja gosticqusdty6y - 6 hours ago
Is Cameron boys brother?
la Marilù Abou Koura
la Marilù Abou Koura - 7 hours ago
Ma a pure un canale yutube
xxxFoxyxxx H.
xxxFoxyxxx H. - 7 hours ago
Charli do be looking like a sweet doll.
me_xs - 7 hours ago
When u realise she has more tiktok followers than the UK's population 😳😳
yo yo
yo yo - 7 hours ago
My cousins dog is named Dixie
*kittypixie* - 7 hours ago
Hi charchar
Liza Liza
Liza Liza - 7 hours ago
so beautyfull girl two🤧💗💗
mandus - 7 hours ago
Hello,l am from Russia and l love you youtube chennel😘
Asma Amettouche
Asma Amettouche - 8 hours ago
Salut tous va bien
Heather Ceron
Heather Ceron - 8 hours ago
I love you 😫
Nene Porras
Nene Porras - 8 hours ago
But I love u guys and the makeup
Nene Porras
Nene Porras - 8 hours ago
I saw is and I was like mom can we get is and she said yes buy later
Nene Porras
Nene Porras - 8 hours ago
I went to Ulta and I saw u guys makeup
Pxppy Zlpx
Pxppy Zlpx - 8 hours ago
I bought ur glazed lip gloss
Ban'sBakery - 9 hours ago
Why are u ugly charli
Emma Doorly-Jones
Emma Doorly-Jones - 9 hours ago
Pls do an asmr video. And p.s luv u
Dark_ff._. 12
Dark_ff._. 12 - 9 hours ago
Pewdiepie es el dios de YouTube asique no lo intentes superar
Alan Raso
Alan Raso - 9 hours ago
Alguien que hable español?
Evess Channel
Evess Channel - 9 hours ago
I have a question, when you buy a shade does it automatically send you the package with all 20 shades, cause i really want to buy the whole collection, but idk if you have to buy every single product to get the full package like that one❓ someone plz answer i really want to know so i’ll buy it, i love how natural this collection looks
•sunny •flower•
•sunny •flower• - 9 hours ago
Emma Lynn
Emma Lynn - Hour ago
•sunny •flower•, ...no she isn’t...clout chaser.
Natalie Kazner
Natalie Kazner - 9 hours ago
you are my favorite
Dustin Rebert
Dustin Rebert - 9 hours ago
Makeup check!. Lol
Dustin Rebert
Dustin Rebert - 9 hours ago
Dixie: today were unboxing Charli: 😐
TikTastyTeaTok - 10 hours ago
Support my first video 🥺and comment that way I’ll know who it is and will gladly subscribe to all of you💗
Iolanda Delgado Lima
Iolanda Delgado Lima - 10 hours ago
This is for man and girl
Iolanda Delgado Lima
Iolanda Delgado Lima - 10 hours ago
Wait what
H. Ericka
H. Ericka - 10 hours ago
Mariangel Ontiveros
Mariangel Ontiveros - 11 hours ago
i love youuu
Kibron Yaine
Kibron Yaine - 11 hours ago
hi charli i just want to say that plss believe in God and you are the most beautiful girl i ever seen in my entire life bye love you.
Dahabo Dege
Dahabo Dege - 11 hours ago
I said one of your videos and that was not funny
Dahabo Dege
Dahabo Dege - 11 hours ago
I hate you
A____. Hh
A____. Hh - 11 hours ago
هل من عربي مو داري شسالفه بس يتفرج؟
Crosby9277 - 11 hours ago
Can’t wait until this untalented chick has to work a 9-5 after tik tok gets banned and her fame dies out 😂😂😂
Jada Johnson
Jada Johnson - 11 hours ago
katty warunee
katty warunee - 11 hours ago
Ramcharan Mareedu
Ramcharan Mareedu - 12 hours ago
Charli you are awsoeme I wish I could meet you someday
Hillary Hernandez
Hillary Hernandez - 12 hours ago
One trs ahí qpo oqa
Antonio Carder
Antonio Carder - 12 hours ago
I’m a bad bleep
Ia Yang
Ia Yang - 12 hours ago
I went to morpie today and I saw you guys on the bored I was happy
miko foin
miko foin - 12 hours ago
No one: Literally no one: Absolutely no one: Not even Dixie and Charli: No one in the world: Me: stop these comments. They're pointless.
Webster Family
Webster Family - 12 hours ago
So cool
Dd Dd
Dd Dd - 12 hours ago
Charlie my baby how u gonna let dixie do yo intro
Glossy Angel
Glossy Angel - 12 hours ago
Im pretty sure I'm the only one who thought it looked like they were in james Charles set up 😔
miko foin
miko foin - 12 hours ago
Pliés tiktok aam clio
Anna Martin
Anna Martin - 13 hours ago
They are both beautiful, the d'amelio's are really a talented family.
GoreField - Hour ago
Bro stop simpin
daily z
daily z - 13 hours ago
What type of dance that you are Learning in *The Spot JD* please charli answer me
Doggy Dracula
Doggy Dracula - 13 hours ago
I'am you fan I Love You I LOVE YOU!!💜💕
ElaViœ XD
ElaViœ XD - 14 hours ago
Grant McDade
Grant McDade - 14 hours ago
Killer robots
Malachi Williams
Malachi Williams - 14 hours ago
What's you snap
Marcella Dodson
Marcella Dodson - 14 hours ago
Sisters always fight xD
My gaming chanel its your giel kay kay
Ily charli
Natalie Marsh
Natalie Marsh - 15 hours ago
Are you sad tiktok is going?🎥
Cool Spy Squad
Cool Spy Squad - 15 hours ago
Hilda Gonzalez
Hilda Gonzalez - 15 hours ago
your cute :3,👉👈
Chloe's Life
Chloe's Life - 15 hours ago
Hey,Charlie my 5yr old sister Chloe absoulutely loves you and adores you inspire her and me in so many ways.She has also made some really cool videos impersonating you dancing. And seeing that Covid 19and every thing going on an that we live in Texas and you in LA there is no way we can possibly meet you,so it would mean a lot if you make a little video on tiktok or yt vid. And I am doing this on a android tablet on I can't call people on this device nor text this would mean A lot the so much ily - Zenea (zah-Nee-uh) her older sister.💜💜💜 oh an d she loves your hair , we both do! Ttyl
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