Amanda Seales is no longer on The Real...she quit the show! (Here's why...)

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Daya Rajyalakshmi
Daya Rajyalakshmi - 7 hours ago
SHe sounds like she was too real for the real or the mainstream and hollywood. So she not just acting, huh lol ppl tune into the real and the view to escape reality, not to get it confirmed, so, of course the fans that want to stay ignorant about racism and numb to the foolishness are going to give her some backlash if she is resisting what the aura of the show is pushing. I don't know how she wasn't ready or maybe she was since she quit and didn't get fired, but maybe she needed the experience. She will learn that when you have the bag, then you don't have to go through such disparaging issues just to eat. smh I'll be tuning into "small doses"podcast. thanks for the plug!
Daya Rajyalakshmi
Daya Rajyalakshmi - 7 hours ago
what did she say at 6:11 that you blocked us from hearing?
Lynnette Dixon
Lynnette Dixon - Day ago
Let’s face it. She has a too strong of a personality for the boogee Bitty’s on the Real which they have the nerve to be on a show called The Real when they all are damn it fake. Period 🤷🏽‍♀️🙄.
Amanda stay u. ❤️👌🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👑👍🏽
Lynnette Dixon
Lynnette Dixon - Day ago
I feel by Amanda being so outspoken the way she is, I knew she wouldn’t last long @ that table with them 4, she is to vocal for them. They can’t handle her personality which was often taken out of context from what she meant by expressions on her face & how vocal she is. She gives it to u RAW & they couldn’t get with her personality PERIOD 🤷🏽‍♀️🙄
T K - 3 days ago
Honestly, I think Jeannie was jealous of Amanda. How come when Amanda came on the show, she started acting more black with her hand gestures and body language and talking about how she was working on her butt and every other second she's using slang and talking about sex. And it was like she kept trying to put herself in Amanda's camera shot and trying to talk down to Amanda. It was a toxic environment for Amanda.
T K - 3 days ago
Amanda was a completely confident black woman and they aren't ready for that. She's just too real for them.
Keshia Dior
Keshia Dior - 3 days ago
How y’all got a show called the real and hate the REALEST bitch on the show lmao weirdos 😂😂
ana - 4 days ago
thank god
Vickie Miles
Vickie Miles - 5 days ago
Amanda is just being real. Some people love to be lied to and do not want to know the Truth . She was too Real. At least she stood up for herself . I do not blame her. I would have done the same. When you know who you are why settle for lest. Amanda you go girl.
Azzia Who dis?
Azzia Who dis? - 7 days ago
The real show is just a joke just a freakin joke if you hurt someone’s feelings oh freakin well the truth and what is right matters no matter what
Azzia Who dis?
Azzia Who dis? - 7 days ago
See everyone is just all about the money or popularity or image. That shizz don’t matter one bit . The truth matters what needs to be said and spoken matters for us as people to grow and change and learn if not we will stay the same and be held back my many opportunities and things in the future ~ Amanda is doin the right thing why stay somewhere that’s keepin you locked in a cage I stand with her
Jeannette Hunter
Jeannette Hunter - 7 days ago
Thank God she's gone
Kathy McBride
Kathy McBride - 7 days ago
I don't like her attitude anyway
Tommy Start
Tommy Start - 9 days ago
I hope the show is canceled, and Amanda get her own show, kissing white people a$$ - and I am white but the real sucks for not allowing her to speak her mind, this sucks, i am very upset she is leaving
Jah Love
Jah Love - 10 days ago
I definitely understand both sides. The show isn’t like the view which is heavy on politics and social issues. She’d be a good fit for that. I think the real doesn’t want the topics to be heavy all of the time.
Monique Jordan
Monique Jordan - 10 days ago
This talk show has always been boring!! She brought life to the show. Shame on the producers writers and cohost for shutting her up on "The Real" (not). You need to change the name of the show to "The Real" for people with their heads in the sand!!!
T Burke
T Burke - 11 days ago
I love Amanda! she is smart and I hope a new network pick her up. I love a smart independent thinker speak your mind sister and God bless.
Elrie Smith
Elrie Smith - 11 days ago
I think she had alot to the show and brought alot of awareness to the viewers.Her journey elsewhere will be massive
You Farted Bitch
You Farted Bitch - 11 days ago
Amanda is an annoying fake woke. It must be a pain in the ass to be around her.
Lovely 1
Lovely 1 - 11 days ago
The real is a soft cookie cutter product pushing show.. They don't want to talk about REAL topics .
Sarahy M
Sarahy M - 12 days ago
She should make her own podcast I love her
Zipporah Hope
Zipporah Hope - 12 days ago
I’m a die heart fan for the real she a different type of real 💯
Steven Turner
Steven Turner - 12 days ago
The real is owned by fox tv network remember that..: hence that’s prob why they don’t want the real to get political. The real is not a good show it’s just fluff it tackles nothing serious like the view
baby facexo
baby facexo - 12 days ago
The real isn’t real. Amanda NEEDS her own show
Dior105 - 12 days ago
I give it 2 to 3 more years and the real will be canceled! They staff of The Real is in denial that Tamar made a show! It haven’t been the same since she left! They kept trying to find ppl to replace her they realizing that’s its easier said than done!!! The couldn’t replace anybody but Tamar and the show would’ve still been a hit! I’m not even a Tamar fan nor do I care for her music however she is entertaining to watch!!
H A - 12 days ago
Am glad she did, she doesn't mix well with The Real.
falloutgirl902 - 13 days ago
Executive: Hey Amanda, Don’t worry your not in trouble. We just. We just wanted to address some of your PASSION on black topics. And you know we love you and we love your energy. We’d just like you to Black Down a bit you know? Moving into the next season we’re gonna ease off race quote a bit and would appreciate if you don’t stop talking about race we’d never say that but just Black It Down a bit. K? Great. Love the hair by the way. Very... Foxy Brown haha ok Mandy great show ✊🏻.
Two Weeks Later....
“Amanda Seales is leaving The Real.”
Who’s that
Who’s that - 13 days ago
Amanda definitely had the power to bring a lot to the table at The Real. However, her arrogance, rudeness, and constant eye rolling overshadowed everything she could’ve done at the real 🤷🏻‍♀️
Sydnei Hall
Sydnei Hall - 13 days ago
I think a BET News reboot would be a great way for her to have her own show and be able to fully express herself. She is very woke and intelligent. And I love her commentary on the issues of the real world ❤️
Vivens Guillaume
Vivens Guillaume - 13 days ago
HeyAdrienne Wright
HeyAdrienne Wright - 13 days ago
I hope she gets her own SHOW, I stopped watching The Real when Tamar left. Now Amanda’s gone, Good Bye to The Real again. Oh, I can’t wait for someone to tell Lonnie about herself because it’s something Shady about her😼
tl ly
tl ly - 14 days ago
I am so disappointed. I have watched The Real for a while and was a big fan.... but there was something missing. Her being there finally felt like the right recipe. She said things that I was screaming at the screen at home. Now she's gone and 😔 I don't know that I can keep watching. I felt truly represented as a black woman when she was there.
REBEL LOGIC - 14 days ago
the real ain't real
Tianna Bar
Tianna Bar - 14 days ago
The Real need to go ahead and add Becky..
I don’t know what they’re waiting for because that’s what they really want to do..
stevie bana
stevie bana - 14 days ago
I think the real is good for trying to get your mind off the news but Amanda should just have her own podcast
stevie bana
stevie bana - 14 days ago
I have no problem with Amanda at all I just think the show wasn't right for her
stevie bana
stevie bana - 14 days ago
The real should've listened made no sense to get a new cohost after 4 years
M M - 14 days ago
Amanda knew what she was getting into. The show is about small light issues and staying positive. Amanda likes to be serious and talk about issues but that's not what the show is about. Maybe she should have her own show where you expect serious conversations. Or just go on the news. It did seems like she was annoyed whenever the other girls talked as if what they were saying was stupid. But in reality they are just talking about light issues.
Diamond Alexander
Diamond Alexander - 15 days ago
I really like Amanda is awesome and I will be missing the real for now on because The real is not that so change the name to the real fake show . love you Amanda and God bless you 🙏♥️
laura smith
laura smith - 15 days ago
These white people obedient black people as soon as they ask you.jump.and you ask why , they label you as you have an attitude this.mess has to.stop.fight the power girl 💓!
Frank Banks
Frank Banks - 15 days ago
Amanda, I believe showed love to her own people online, I feel her pain she's a part of my race. I feel the pain of all my black brothers & sisters I'm with you thank you for showing us, love. Amanda, if you need my help and support to help you any way possible.
Rikkilover17 - 16 days ago
i appreciate that Amanda always wanted the show to be education, and thats great. but one of my issues i had with her was that she didnt really allow the other women to have differing opinions and she didnt talk about other POC issues. like she would literally wait for everyone to talk and then act like a professor in a class and try and "school" everyone. A daytime talk show is not going to be receptive to that, they have "fri-yays" and give aways. Its great to educate but its an opinion show, its hard to give space to talk about those deep, social topics and then talk about whats the job of a bridesmaid at a wedding afterwards. she and the show just werent a good match for each other, shes a activist and the shows premise is a girl chat and thats perfectly fine that the two operate on different planes, they just dont mix
PTN Kids Learning
PTN Kids Learning - 16 days ago
Wow! I think that she needs her own show as well and that the ladies are just fine with the four of them. I don't see why they don't go back to that format with a guess speaker and the four ladies. I agree that show got to heavy at times and changed from it's original light hardness.
gtg - 16 days ago
That performance was shit. Her crying over the Georgia victim. Even though she lied about what that video showed, I saw the video
A Kimm
A Kimm - 16 days ago
Round of applause, she a real
one! ✊🏽✊🏾✊🏿
gtg - 16 days ago
Sounds like she was a terrible fit. And I can’t stand that sjw nazi type stuff, always bringing up race, abrasive looking for someone to not be perfectly politically correct. It’s always some barely black looking person being extra loud and tryna lead their civil rights movement fantasy
carren oneal
carren oneal - 16 days ago
I love her!!! She is intelligent, confident, and she keep it 💯 all the time. When she speak, she is speaking her truth, and can support her truth, so no one can question whether she is simply pulling s*** out of the air, there is always logic behind her words!!! I believe people are intimidated by how strong she is and on top that she is a woman! It takes a strong person to be able to stand beside someone that can keep it 100 all the time, and know theirself very well. No one can shake that, they can't compete, so in return they come with negativity!!!!!!!
Sharmica Lofton
Sharmica Lofton - 16 days ago
Love Amanda
Ppl will feel that way of people who speaks the truth she's not a yes person
If it's right she's going to tell you if it's not she's going to tell you. I love that about her or anyone 🖤✊🏽
Rosedanna Joseph
Rosedanna Joseph - 16 days ago
Or she can create her own show host
Rosedanna Joseph
Rosedanna Joseph - 16 days ago
I think she be good in a news reporter or something
CaseyLamah - 16 days ago
She's an EDUCATED, PETTY, BLACK WOMAN... & they couldn't TAKE HER! 👸🏾✊🏽🖤💯
Noemi Solorio
Noemi Solorio - 16 days ago
The Real couldn’t handle Amanda KEEPING IT REAL.
L O - 16 days ago
First of all the Real needs a new name. 2nd she left 2 black women on a show who should be ashamed to associate themselves with a racist platform and audience.
Elisabet R
Elisabet R - 17 days ago
I knew that was coming she barely talk on the show she made the show boring!!!!
JustPaul - 17 days ago
Amanda isn't very vocal on RACIAL issues. She's very vocal on BLACK issues! If it doesn't effect black people she's not interested. We've ALL seen it
JustPaul - 17 days ago
Oh thank GOD! havent watched it since she joined
justmeOnly1me - 17 days ago
The Real is really the Fake and it's so funny that they are ironically called the real when they don't do a good job hiding being fake and disingenuous.
justmeOnly1me - 17 days ago
They're petty af threatened by her blk pride, intelligence, and confidence... They're used to BLK people passively accommodating their fragility with low racial-esteem, and those intrusive yte viewers are covert racists. BET (Black Entertainment TV) was for BP 1st and foremost, so ytes shouldn't be the target audience to pander to anyway; selling to viacom was a terrible decision that watered it down in such an intrusive and disrespectful way that I stopped watching them years ago.
memefontaine - 18 days ago
Some people are uncomfortable with the truth.
Ja Nay
Ja Nay - 18 days ago
If you’re not a people pleaser and willing to fake it, you will not fit in the cast. You must talk about nonsense for the simple minded in order to make it on that show. 🤷🏽‍♀️ I said what I said. Argue with someone who cares.
c_nicole _r
c_nicole _r - 17 days ago
You said it right. Girl, yes!
Serene Aamerie
Serene Aamerie - 18 days ago
I'm glad she will no longer be part of the show. Their are so many other guest co host that would be a better fit
Cleofis Sarete
Cleofis Sarete - 18 days ago
My opinion is that it has nothing to be black or white. She is just too much. You have to be more professional and if you have to express those feelings then she needs to go as a guest on different shows. This is not the right show. She needs to calm down. I can understand her feelings and most of us have those feelings but not on the show. She is just to explosive
Tammie Braggs
Tammie Braggs - 18 days ago
Good for her
cali- Ente
cali- Ente - 18 days ago
she be perfect on the view!!!!
Berviffy - 18 days ago
When does the next season starts for the real
Lashay Fine
Lashay Fine - 18 days ago
I'm glad she left them....they are REAL FAKE!
H.m C
H.m C - 19 days ago
Because she’s a strong women, her natural facial expressions. She deserves to be heard. If she gets her own show... I’m definitely going to watch it. As a women in general in this society we get pushed down. Yes the Real is a cast full of women but the one who speaks about everyone from “ regular people to celebrities.” Unlike the others who focus on celebrities and the drama that comes with them. HER VOICE DESER deserves to be heard!!! Real like issues!!!!
Julia Perry
Julia Perry - 19 days ago
Teach your children not to hate. I didn't tolerate it and now I am teaching my grandchildren and half are being raised by a mother full of this foolishness. You all just need to run to Jesus! Run children before you are consumed by your enemy the devil. He is as real as the rioting-looting-killing-and ridiculous behaviors we are seeing now. Jesus is coming back so let us come correct! God bless you and if you haven't yet: Cry out to Jesus and ask Him to come and be your Savior today! He is waiting and He loves us so much that skin color is never an issue because He is no respecter of men. This means He treats us all equal in the Way we all need. Love is the only answer. Hear the call to your spirit within you and I pray you will be found worthy to stand before Him on that day. love is color blind, julia
Chrissy Got The Coils
Chrissy Got The Coils - 19 days ago
I think she challenged the co-hosts intellectually and that is not something the audience was used to. They were only used to the light airy convos. I always thought she needed her own daytime talk show.
maygan ingram
maygan ingram - 19 days ago
Honestly, Im glad I was not a fan to begin with.
Michel Cockerham
Michel Cockerham - 19 days ago
She spoke out, honestly and in a REAL way about issues that were REAL to her.
I love her and know that better days are ahead. ♥️
Craig Jackson
Craig Jackson - 19 days ago
She real she fine as hell talks real shit I can keep going she's bigger then the real
scanslypink - 20 days ago
She’s cool! But not for ‘The Real’. I don’t even know why they felt like they needed to add someone 🙄
MOMO - 20 days ago
Shes a great intelligent lady that deserves her own show or a show like the view. I feel like this show is really just perfect with the amount of people it has right now considering the close bond they have with one another and lets be honest, things would be hectic with more than 4 people trying to voice their opinion and talk at the same time. This show is good the way it is and Amanda will have better things coming her way!
Yuliana Carrillo
Yuliana Carrillo - 20 days ago
Thank god shes annoying
Barbi3drip - 20 days ago
The “Real” is FAKE ASF & it starts with the Oreo Lonnie
Marilyn Harris
Marilyn Harris - 13 days ago
I would like to see the real end. It's boring and they talk about bullshit
Lady4manlove - 20 days ago
She added #NOTHING she was a nasty person it was so obviously you can just see it...the ladies didn’t like her.
Lady4manlove - 20 days ago
I AM SOOOOOO DAM GLAD THAT SHE IS GONE... she talking about the fans picking she was picking at Jeannie. GOOD RIDDANCE SHE WILL NOT BE MISSED. I’m black not white. But she didn’t fit in with the show. She clearly thought she was better than the other ladies. Cause she had more knowledge in BLACKNESS AND BLACK HISTORY TGAT MAKES YOU BETTER. Bye girl no real fans of the real cares...
Lady4manlove - 20 days ago
She treated Jeannie very nasty. 😡 yes she did that shit all the time stare away as though she could care less... I wouldn’t care about her talking about black issues. I care about her nasty horrible disrespectful attitude and her ugliness and her bad attitude toward the others.
Natalie Louis
Natalie Louis - 20 days ago
The Real is FAKE. Tamar and Amanda were the realist host on the show. They did not appreciate her on this show at all! This show is garbage they don’t even talk about anything and now all of a sudden after she leaves they post about racism as if they care. They did not care about her or protect her at all.
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