Surprising Best Friend with a New Tesla!

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Danny Duncan
Danny Duncan - 9 months ago
Big thanks to Chris Chann obviously for helping me all those times and thank you to everyone else who believed in me and made this video possible. Shit like this makes me very happy so I’m glad I’m able to do it ❤️ also thanks for sponsoring the video
Ryan Klassen
Ryan Klassen - 11 days ago
Danny Duncan is a god damn legend.
YbN_p3lOn- - Month ago
Danny Duncan still can’t believe you cry 🥺
Dr. Mango
Dr. Mango - Month ago
It hit hard when Danny Fucking Duncan cry’s you never see him cry he is always funny and shit and then you see him cry go’s deep down.
Danny Duncan ❤️❤️❤️
Joshua Shanahan
Joshua Shanahan - 2 months ago
Thank you for sharing your life.
Curlyheadgaming C
Curlyheadgaming C - 6 hours ago
Watching this fucking legend cry of joy makes me happy as fuck much love bro❤️
Luke Fry
Luke Fry - 14 hours ago
Please do more vids with Chris!
Just some Yoda that beats his meat
*I have absorbed his nutrients*
bony boy
bony boy - 17 hours ago
damn i cried
noesk8z_ _
noesk8z_ _ - 22 hours ago
Who else wanted to cry when Danny cried
SebZivik - 23 hours ago
Spooligan - Day ago
I did last year for my best friend. It was probably the best thing I've ever done and one of the best feelings ever to see his reaction.
zdrijne - Day ago
Somehow the "69" at the end of the video seems remarkably appropriate.
Ian Smith
Ian Smith - Day ago
I’m so happy now that he is successful. He started from the bottom and had nothing. Still he always had a good attitude
Liam Higgs
Liam Higgs - 2 days ago
9:30 love how the whole plot just changed like that 🤣
oryx - 3 days ago
Danny ur a huge inspiration
Julie Mourao
Julie Mourao - 3 days ago
really shows how kindness pays off.. this was so touching ;(
Yael Alvarado
Yael Alvarado - 3 days ago
I’m so glad I’ve watch him grow man.much love man
Zj Lyons
Zj Lyons - 4 days ago
I’ve never seen such a legend cry this really made me happy that Danny made it on YouTube
beanplant. jpg
beanplant. jpg - 4 days ago
i think we all have to thank chris so so so much for helping danny start, Love you danny and chris
Flex Argyle
Flex Argyle - 5 days ago
So cute! ^^
Lil Ched
Lil Ched - 7 days ago
You know someone is tough and has a great outlook on life when they say “it’s not that hard to be homeless in a car”
Dario Solorio
Dario Solorio - 7 days ago
How is this under comedy?
Jaq Forest
Jaq Forest - 8 days ago
I remember watching chris and danny and dannt hit that manatee when he jumped off the bridge in his earlier vids. Fuckin Legend.
Alex Lawlor
Alex Lawlor - 8 days ago
Oh. My. God.
kaspar16 - 8 days ago
Who else was cutting onions while this video was playing?
Lewis Gilbertson
Lewis Gilbertson - 8 days ago
this was the first time chris has been in a video for a long time
Brandon _490
Brandon _490 - 9 days ago
Hero’s always start somewhere.
Arturo Aguirre
Arturo Aguirre - 9 days ago
Two years ago he was complaining about Tax on a 14k car, love how much you’ve grown
Kevin Ramos
Kevin Ramos - 9 days ago
It would’ve been better if Chris gave him a Honda Fit
The Offroad Tractor Life!
whatta legend❤️
Westy - 11 days ago
I thought my phone was dirty but it was just ninja star holes in his wall...
TheKleinle Family
TheKleinle Family - 11 days ago
he not crying he has dry eyes

haha the legend of danny duncan isAMAZING
nightmareonalmstreet - 12 days ago
5 min in and im crying
Hasson. - 12 days ago
damn danny is a wholesome as dude
VoltricZertex - 13 days ago
Damn never seen such a legend cry.😢
broken dream
broken dream - 14 days ago
Notice the like to dislike ratio btw I've seen this 4 times and cried 3 times out of 4 your a super good person Danny pls stay safe bro
Federico Squizzato
Federico Squizzato - 14 days ago
I really wonder who the fuck would dislike this video
Carlos13 801
Carlos13 801 - 11 days ago
The people who cried too much
Andrew Wilson
Andrew Wilson - 15 days ago
Danny is the man . Funny , cool as hell , and super soft hearted
Tyler Barry
Tyler Barry - 15 days ago
The legend cried we all cry when the legend cries
Harryc7_ - 18 days ago
808 Sabii
808 Sabii - 18 days ago
Song at the end of video?
KrisZone - 18 days ago
I’m fucking crying, this sh*t deep man.
He believed in you and you got big. Now your rich
Eric Felipe
Eric Felipe - 20 days ago
I remember seeing a video of him very dramatically mowing a cemetery lawn shirtless next to a highway in the rain and thinking what the fuck??? Now It makes sense. Getting back to his roots to appreciate where he is. Mad respect
Ernesto - 20 days ago
DAMN men you are amazing
salgaf - 21 day ago
I remember the chris chann days
Aiden Miller
Aiden Miller - 21 day ago
This was emotionally painful to watch
Richard Schafer Sk8
Richard Schafer Sk8 - 22 days ago
Phenomenal. Ive been contemplating quitting my job and starting photography and filming and was recommended this video.
farooq amra
farooq amra - 22 days ago
This should be a tesla advert
PrizmStylez - 23 days ago
What a Great Man. Genuine
Otto Toikkanen
Otto Toikkanen - 26 days ago
first time in years that i have cried
also gongrats on 4mil!
Typ1cL - 27 days ago
Negative 100 bucks
Matheus Garcia
Matheus Garcia - 27 days ago
Foking legend
JaxK Injuriez
JaxK Injuriez - 28 days ago
i was early on this video when he posted it 8 months or so ago... i just want to that chris for believing in this guy. Danny's videos make me so happy.
Stevo John
Stevo John - 29 days ago
Jeez Danny is such a good buy
Taylor - 29 days ago
Do they not hang out still/ do videos together still
Znsndjdj Djdjdjfj
Znsndjdj Djdjdjfj - Month ago
First time seeing a 🐐 cry
GlorifiedCN - Month ago
This still hits me fuck everyone who disliked this video y’all are fucked up this man came from nothing. And y’all haters from the fucking suburbs so fuck y’all
That Guy
That Guy - Month ago
Houston Rusher
Houston Rusher - Month ago
long horns #2
redstriker 1003
redstriker 1003 - Month ago
This is one of my first times watching and as soon as he started crying I started to tear up
Osoblw Qeilow
Osoblw Qeilow - Month ago
you are the goat-man keep up the good work
Wahtar FN
Wahtar FN - Month ago
I never thought id see Danny Duncan cry
TSQ_R6 - Month ago
ونعم الصديق ❤️👏🏻
Jake bird
Jake bird - Month ago
i didn't realize Danny and Chris were such good friends🥺amazing story! love you both
Jay Mainey
Jay Mainey - Month ago
I cant wait to be able to afford a camera. This the typa shit i wanna do make the ppl who helped me smile man
Jay Mainey
Jay Mainey - Month ago
DeMarcus Houser
DeMarcus Houser - Month ago
How could anyone ever dislike this video
Mikey on 60 fps
Mikey on 60 fps - Month ago
Make socks
Lee MacDonald
Lee MacDonald - Month ago
Danny Duncan is a LEGEND
Connor bronson
Connor bronson - Month ago
This hit me
R&R Twins
R&R Twins - Month ago
Small channels lets help each other, we are almost at 1.2k please show us some love :) Thanks !
Kazra - Month ago
my man went from chopping down plants, to giving his friends a tesla Danny is a legend.
Joshua Reeves
Joshua Reeves - Month ago
Yo can we be best friends I need a Tesla
LARRY CARTE - Month ago
Dude when you cried I started crying Danny it just makes me feel better that you feel happy cause you help me thru my days I grab my phone and watch Danny Duncan and watching this made me feel so happy and I shit you not I am still crying I hope you have the best of days during this time and man I love watching your content everyday hope you see this because you inspire me to be a better person and make peoples days better by giving ttem something to look forward to like you do for me I hope I get to meet you one day but I’m in alaska so I don’t think that’s ganna happen but anyway love you man can’t wait for more content
Bread Justbread
Bread Justbread - Month ago
This is really just what true friends are. Like without Chris we probably wouldnt have a legend like Danny on YouTube. Thanks Chris
RaulArellano - Month ago
Literally fucking cried rn I needed this
Lukas Json
Lukas Json - Month ago
Jonathan DeLeon
Jonathan DeLeon - Month ago
Danny and Chris are genuinely good people man its so rare to find people like them so humble and kind....I literally almost broke down when i saw Danny crying man just broke my hear how he literally only had 30$ when he came to LA...Thank you Danny for not switching up when you blew up and remembering where you came from for being so humble and thankful!
jose duarte
jose duarte - Month ago
The purity. Man ive watched him since he had 50k subs and knowing all the struggles he had just makes me happy for him
Joshua Piñeda
Joshua Piñeda - Month ago
I remember when I was 14 watching Chris Chan videos and seeing you on trick or dare and game of skate that’s shits crazy how much you grew bro i was subscribe when you had less the 20k
Jack DiMaggio
Jack DiMaggio - Month ago
There are always times when legends cry
Julian Villa
Julian Villa - Month ago
Love your vids
Jimminey Cricket
Jimminey Cricket - Month ago
3:34 Danny adjusts balls while crying
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