Why Britain Uses Separate Hot and Cold Taps

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John Taylor
John Taylor - Hour ago
Your voice should be kept in a museum, it's deep but sounds sort of clogged, never heard the kind before
PrettyPinkMusicNotes - 6 hours ago
Ha! That's amazing! I'm American and I just finished reading a book that's all about a magical conspiracy theory based on the separate taps. I wasn't entirely sure it was a real thing and then I stumbled upon this video!

(The book was Hyacinth and the Secrets Beneath, if anyone wants to check it out)
MisterKO - 13 hours ago
Tom Scott is the most British person I’ll ever meet. FULL STOP
Ashy Pharoah
Ashy Pharoah - 19 hours ago
Showering is the real challenge
likklej8 - 19 hours ago
It’s because we are thick some people even wear shoes with right and left painted on them. We also have our names sewn into our woolly tops.
caterina mastrogiacomo
2:00 Am I the only one that thought about the Ghostbusters there?
Gregory McDonald
Gregory McDonald - Day ago
Purple Hyper
Purple Hyper - Day ago
i didnt even know that it was normal in other places NOT to have 2 separate taps
Zach Michaelis
Zach Michaelis - Day ago
lack of education maybe?????????
Hanna Williams
Hanna Williams - 2 days ago
We’ve just done a house Reno and we’ve put mixer taps throughout. I’ve always hated separate taps growing up!!!
myronwoods40 - 2 days ago
How to you shower if you have two separate streams. The temperature will either be melt your face off or ice cold. How do you find the right temperature?
Warren Cash
Warren Cash - 3 days ago
Other reason; water used to be metred as the rule, and if you use the basin as a basin you don't need a mixer tap. Mixers are just bad for the environment as you leave it running while you wash your face and brush your teeth, with the boiler running.
Jeffrey Johnson
Jeffrey Johnson - Day ago
You don't need to leave the water running when using a mixer tap and you are free to use or not use the basin as you please. Actually, with a mixer tap, it is faster and easier to turn the water on and off, so you're more likely to do so and thereby save water.
Pistol Knight
Pistol Knight - 3 days ago
Chances are that if you have a tank in the loft your toilet & cold tap in the bathroom are fed by it, very rare to run the main up to the tap, straight to the loft to fill the tank, only safe tap to drink from is the kitchen tap
A Twinspark
A Twinspark - 3 days ago
Don't worry the lead pipe leading to your house from the mains water will get you anyway.....
Meramoer - 3 days ago
My house has always had a mixer. It's probably because the attic is like 10cm tall
Protomaker Black Sprint Original 3D Printer
2:20 One reason to run even drinking water for a few seconds was to allow any lead to be washed out. Lead is what old pipes where made out of
aratosm - 3 days ago
You should always run cold water for drinking as it will pick up less impurities in the pipes.
Glenna Howell
Glenna Howell - 4 days ago
that is so weird
Steve Collier
Steve Collier - 6 days ago
I'm British. Always had a mixer tap, my house is over 400 years old! Don't most British houses have this now?
Dam Tanker
Dam Tanker - 7 days ago
In the UK i still prefer a mixer tap..
Andreas Bartel
Andreas Bartel - 8 days ago
A story from another solar system to me
Like having a square steering wheel
Or plugs that are totally non compatible to anything
Like calling french fries chips
Not using the metric system but Celsius...
dkinetik - 9 days ago
I work with loads of Europeans and they always complain about the separate taps.. Didn't know this so now I know thanks :)
Clare Dodd
Clare Dodd - 9 days ago
Tap water is 'cleaned' sewage water running for abit doesn't make it safe!
Un Perrier
Un Perrier - 7 days ago
Unless the water stagnated long enough in the pipes.
Peter Barclay
Peter Barclay - 9 days ago
Youve got a combi boiler. As stated You could easily have mixer taps. Ive absolutely no idea what the point of this vid was
Ian Turner
Ian Turner - 9 days ago
Your parents are old fashioned. The majority of houses no longer have tanks, and the minority have separate taps these days
Un Perrier
Un Perrier - 7 days ago
his parents no longer have a tank either
Summers Summers
Summers Summers - 9 days ago
Thanks for the explanation, so now we know :)
Benice-Behappy - 9 days ago
Older style mixer taps mix the water in the body of the tap, a single check valve on the cold pipe will sort any potential back flow issue.
Newer ones mix at the outlet so theres two separate streams, so they are unable to back flow.
However if in doubt, just fit a single check valve. Problem solved.
Rupert Evans
Rupert Evans - 9 days ago
Ghostbusters was right. Dont cross the beams...
Silver Back
Silver Back - 9 days ago
There are mixer taps everywhere in Britain. Wtf are you talking about.
Un Perrier
Un Perrier - 7 days ago
Modern taps must have been imported by those bloody foreigners... Brexit will fix this, for good!
ChazzFTW - 9 days ago
I have a mixer tap in both my kitchen and bathroom. my house is also hundreds of years old🤔🤔
d'edsi - 9 days ago
Cuz 2 taps are cheaper than a mixer tap in UK ;)
Richard Jeffries
Richard Jeffries - 9 days ago
Why would you want to drink warm water from a tap?? :/
Chris Martin
Chris Martin - 10 days ago
why don't we use mixer taps in the uk???? What are you talking about. Mixer taps are common in the uk - every house built in the last 20 years and anyone who has refurbed a house will have them....
Joel Taylor
Joel Taylor - 10 days ago
I thought this was the norm worldwide
Dwafakiin - 10 days ago
That's actually quite a valid reason, I live in the UK and my grans house is 180 years old, the only mixer tap is in the kitchen and even then it still has two separate pipes and two separate taps, they just join together in to one at the spout. Thanks for the info :)
Smokin Fish
Smokin Fish - 10 days ago
Never drink from the cold water tap either where the government put their cold and flu viruses and fluoride.
Lesley Dickson
Lesley Dickson - 10 days ago
You can get mixer taps here if you want them. 😳
dmc - 7 days ago
Un Perrier Many a true word is spoken in jest! ;-)
Un Perrier
Un Perrier - 7 days ago
@dmc for 20 years, blimey! UK's leading innovation, it's modernity at its best ;)
dmc - 10 days ago
Lesley Dickson yes, we’ve had mixer taps in our bathrooms over 20 years (in the UK)
Percy Phelps
Percy Phelps - 11 days ago
I hate mixer taps
Hi T
Hi T - 11 days ago
I don't have this issue I use a bucket.
The Good Guy
The Good Guy - 11 days ago
We have this in Australia quite often
JZZY WLLMS - 12 days ago
The 'Life In The UK' test should include two sinks; one with a mixer tap and the other with separate taps. Automatic fail if the candidate chooses to use the mixer tap 😂
Deep Scorpio
Deep Scorpio - 12 days ago
Great to finally understand the annoying British inventions 😄
khfan4life365 - 13 days ago
If I ever end up in England, I’ll use one tap for one hand and the other tap for the other.
GunzGonda - 15 days ago
I only drink bottled water.
Linda West
Linda West - 16 days ago
So , very sound reasons for not having a mixer tap. Personally find mixer taps an irritation, having to run them a little to make sure the previous warm water has passed through. So for me, the real question is Why DO Americans have mixer taps?
Valor - 17 days ago
0:12 Everytime, every goddamn time...
Un Perrier
Un Perrier - 7 days ago
sounds more goddamn American than bloody British to me.
integr8er66 - 20 days ago
How do you keep from scalding yourself? Water is either 140 Deg or 40 Deg
integr8er66 - 10 days ago
@90 Lancaster That is 100% true, and myself...not very long, my water Co replaced my meter 3 times until they finally realized it wasn't a bad meter, I'm just a meizer
90 Lancaster
90 Lancaster - 10 days ago
@integr8er66 Perhaps - I guess that depends on how long you normally run a tap for.
integr8er66 - 10 days ago
@90 Lancaster That's a great way to waste a lot of water.
90 Lancaster
90 Lancaster - 10 days ago
fill the sink
Naim Hussain
Naim Hussain - 21 day ago
it's 5am...
PortCharmers - 21 day ago
My father was a contruction engineer and told me a nice story: a farmer wanted to dilute his manure, threw the hose in it, opened the tap and let it run for a while. Nearby downhill, on a road construction site, a digger driver tore up the mains pipe...
Physics quiz: what happened next?
Veg Patch
Veg Patch - 20 days ago
That's like the episode of Quincy where the janitor emptied jars of meat sauce continuing botulism into the sink, and the taps slurped the sauce back up into the drinking water causing deaths (and prolonged investigations!)
corky corky
corky corky - 23 days ago
Neither do we allow electric plugs in bathrooms. Also, bathroom lights have to be pull string not switch.
Un Perrier
Un Perrier - 7 days ago
Pull strin, unless the switch is outside the batroom.
corky corky
corky corky - 22 days ago
@Enrique Cardenas. Due to the danger of electrocution. Wet hands, wet surfaces etc. Nothing electrical in a bathroom. No electric appliances. By law.
Enrique Cardenas
Enrique Cardenas - 22 days ago
corky corky why?
Steven Huffnagel
Steven Huffnagel - 24 days ago
OK, so now let's talk about that window you're standing next to: all bl**ding windows in the UK open to the outside.
Theodore Youngman
Theodore Youngman - 13 days ago
Why would they open to the inside? That just takes up internal space.
Luke RYAN - 19 days ago
why did you fuck**g censor that
Tymetrain - 28 days ago
señor pepper
señor pepper - 28 days ago
quite right guv. cherio!
courtney abood
courtney abood - 29 days ago
That is super interesting.
Anvilshock - 29 days ago
So essentially, IT'S BECAUSE BRITAIN SUCKS, THEY NEVER INVENT AND IMPROVE (not anymore, at least), THEY ONLY PATCH TO "GOOD ENOUGH". In technical terms, as long as yet another botch lowers the term *Am I Bovvered + Whined About* to below the radius of their spine curvature, measured in some godforsaken unit between a foot and a farthing, a thing is considered "fixed".
Jason Groves
Jason Groves - Month ago
What a load of rubbish I’ve got the mixer taps in the whole of my house and my last house on the house before that
Yellow Penguin
Yellow Penguin - 27 days ago
Yes, also cancer does not exist because I've never had it.
Samfink - Month ago
You can bet if us Brits do something like this there is a good reason behind it . Get over it you stupid Yanks .
You're only annoyed because we lead the way in most cases .
ElementEvil - Month ago
aka faucets
Guido Gaggl
Guido Gaggl - Month ago
2:34 well and to make sure it's really cold: warm water tastes disgusting
Trucker - Month ago
Only the kitchen tap is fed from the main
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