Why Britain Uses Separate Hot and Cold Taps

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Sabiki Kasukō
Sabiki Kasukō - 2 days ago
In Argentina half the houses are like that, I didn't know they were that rare 🤔
cutex24 - 3 days ago
ha ha I have to help update my parent's PC too!!
Tomáš Růžička
Tomáš Růžička - 3 days ago
I still drain the water out (even from the "cold" tap, im from Czech Republic so we use mixed taps, but even if i run just the cold water). I didn't even considered any storage tank to be the reason. I simply tought that it could have been contaminated by particals coming from the tip of the tap, from the sink, from yet uncleaned dishes, ... . Not that i believed in it truely. I knew that if i drunk it "undrained" i'd be completley fine. But there's just that feeling of uncertainty. So i rarely drink the water without draining it because if i can get rid of that gutfeeling just by pouring a bit of water i just simply do it.
DMAN’S VIDS - 3 days ago
Linda he’s in the bathroom talking to himself again.
Mike - 4 days ago
Felix should see this video
Laurent Drozin
Laurent Drozin - 5 days ago
Makes sense
Jorge Gulias Merelles
Jorge Gulias Merelles - 7 days ago
I live in Mexico and in my old house sometimes we pulled dead rats from the water tank beneath our home.
Cai Copley
Cai Copley - 13 days ago
My Scottish grandmum and great aunt all told us as kids, always run the tap cold a few seconds before filling the cup, to let out any runoff or germs that could have leeched into the pipes. We've been on this side of the pond for a century, the mixer tap has long been a thing over here, you'll be surprised how things stay with families for generations, no matter how much we assimilate. 🤣
Banánek melounový
Banánek melounový - 18 days ago
It's not just Britain, here in Czechia we sometimes have those taps too. But mostly in bathroom.
Rowan O
Rowan O - 21 day ago
Why windows 8.1?
Bear Bishop
Bear Bishop - 22 days ago
I run the cold for a second or two as well but I was never told to, i just picked it up. How cool
MrKruska - 28 days ago
Im glad I live in Bosnia. Here tap water is geneunly better than bottled water. And i'll rather drink from tap rather than plastic
notthere83 - 29 days ago
Well, with the likely ancient warm water tank in my building, I wouldn't risk drinking the warm water either...
Kurtis Fetter
Kurtis Fetter - Month ago
this is stoopid cos in bathroom i got seperate but in da kitchen i got mixer 1s
xgozulx - Month ago
how do you get diferent temperatures in the water then?
xgozulx - 19 days ago
@Yevvy xD
Yevvy - 19 days ago
you don't
Owen Bengert
Owen Bengert - Month ago
Plus cold water taste better
titanic_monarch - Month ago
Because the single tap temperature system is a pain in the ass.
CubeBizz - Month ago
Who tf wants to drink warm water anyway
A bunny that will chew on your cables
I just realised this. After living in 3 different countries...including Britain
Szilard Raduly
Szilard Raduly - Month ago
Not just the tap is stuck in 1940,s the whole construction concept is
E030E03 - Month ago
Drink the steam you coward
Kenri Hayashi
Kenri Hayashi - Month ago
oh, that worries me quite a bit now...
Roran - Month ago
Primitive technology.
jasbinder singh
jasbinder singh - Month ago
Tom Scott is the most British person who has ever britished
S G - Month ago
Meanwhile in Australia:
“What if we do both?”
mybookfacetube - Month ago
And yet all showers have a mixer tap.
Smistonian - Month ago
I love nothing more than a fresh glass of shower water
Stuck In The Past Productions
Basil Fawlty had a couple of dead pigeons in the hotel's water tank.
Blue_Squirrel - 2 months ago
I keep on telling people there is a stigma and I think english people should have never broke away
Sharcc - 2 months ago
We use a mix of double taps and mixer taps
Nicholas Hoi
Nicholas Hoi - 2 months ago
Vanu - 2 months ago
Ok boomer.
Mimhere - 2 months ago
That's not how you use the 'Ok boomer' meme you zoomer
Hatib Piracha
Hatib Piracha - 2 months ago
Why do you even drink from taps. Don't you have water purification plants in your neighborhood
Richard Brown
Richard Brown - 2 months ago
Who gives a f...k
oorcinus - 3 months ago
You can’t get a “backwash” from the tap that will “contaminate the whole street”, that’s not how mixing taps, or any of the plumbing works. That’s pure nonsense. The only reason it’s not legal is likely because you’re possibly “contaminating” yourself, and the tap itself.
Communist Hippie
Communist Hippie - 3 months ago
I think the real question hes avoiding is. Why do britts have carpeted bathroom/ toilets
Atari Master
Atari Master - 3 months ago
In america separate taps are a sign the bathroom hasn't been renovated
Megan T
Megan T - 3 months ago
Then how do you take a shower?
Yifo123 - 3 months ago
though I got taught this young too a long time ago, this week I was an idiot and drank warm shower water, that's probably how I got a sore throat, good thing it wasn't anything seriously infectious.
Endhog - 3 months ago
There's a fair amount of combined taps in Scotland, still some seperate ones but it tends to be more of a 50/50 mix
Jordan Kanner
Jordan Kanner - 3 months ago
Your videos are so informative I love it!!!! Such mundane info but so gooooodd
Comrade Dan
Comrade Dan - 3 months ago
I didn't realize they had no idea what water pressure was in England.
Holly Green
Holly Green - 3 months ago
My dads school had dead pigeons in the water tap, it was connected to the drinking fountains :/
Comrade Boris The Communist
Britain tapwatrr is trash tastes Like cemichals and cloride
Chris Daignault
Chris Daignault - 3 months ago
I run the cold for a few seconds too. Drinking tepid water is gross
classydays43 - 3 months ago
I'm Australian and I for have to run the cold tap for a sec before I can drink it. It's probably because spiders like to climb up in to the tap at night, but also I have a tinfoil idea that the still water near the tap is stagnant and undrinkable.
Pringles Can
Pringles Can - 3 months ago
omg this water is so wholesome i love it
wallace burjins
wallace burjins - 3 months ago
And the shower? How does the water mix then?
Christian Schuhknecht
Christian Schuhknecht - 3 months ago
In Germany we have mindblowing Durchlauferhitzer
Will Smith
Will Smith - 3 months ago
Love this well done
داآيہح ہہ
داآيہح ہہ - 3 months ago
how do you get warm water this way ?
Guillaume Paniagua
Guillaume Paniagua - 3 months ago
This doesn't explain why there are always too short and you end up rubbing your hands against the sink when you wash off the soap!
Guillaume Paniagua
Guillaume Paniagua - Month ago
Quite possible but I have never seen any brits doing that apart from when they wash their face in the morning.
Radu Cristescu
Radu Cristescu - Month ago
The only logical thing I could come up with is this: you're supposed to use the drain plug, fill the sink with mixed water, then wash your hands with that. Possibly sharing the same fill with several other people before you drain the sink.
Szilard Raduly
Szilard Raduly - Month ago
So true,
commissar jack
commissar jack - 3 months ago
i hardly ever use the warm tap
David Brearley
David Brearley - 3 months ago
This is not true...so go pedal your shite elsewhere.....
CoffeeMan - 3 months ago
But why do you put your water pipes on the outside of your buildings?
Irving IV
Irving IV - 3 months ago
Do you mean drainage gutters? It catches the rain, and then dumps it in the lawn/garden/yard
Paul Gray
Paul Gray - 3 months ago
Running the cold water tap was born out of lead pipes being used and whilst not the case today, as you say, old habits die hard and also even today prudent - flushes away any bacteria buildup in that moist tap nozzle.
edduuuard - 3 months ago
UK driving on left, rest of Europe on right
UK with separated taps, rest of Europe with one nice battery tap
UK with pounds, rest of the Europe with euro (in the future)
No surprise they want Brexit
Denis B
Denis B - 3 months ago
Amazing you’ve just solved a puzzle I discovered as an exchange student 30 years ago!!!
Harrison Rigg
Harrison Rigg - 3 months ago
We have the same thing in Australia
c - 3 months ago
So I straight up forgot mixer taps even existed
Sean King Sir Tarquin
Sean King Sir Tarquin - 3 months ago
I'm English, and never knew that.
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