When Your School Degree Is Useless

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PowerfulPup Kittes
PowerfulPup Kittes - 50 minutes ago
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FastVloggerdawing - 5 hours ago
While she was describing the burger I wanted to eat a burger
Marvel Fangirl
Marvel Fangirl - 7 hours ago
*_So... its lit?_*
AMARESH SINGH - 11 hours ago
So good but so short
Theonetrackedmind - 20 hours ago
I'm looking forward to finishing my degree, but you definitely have to smart about it.
Akira Neidel
Akira Neidel - Day ago
I'm laughing right now because I just got lectured two days ago about dropping school. Grandpa's like "The one thing people can never take away from you, is your education."
I don't condone dropping out of school. But I'm learning more by just homeschooling.
Love your video s by the way
Gladlulu cat
Gladlulu cat - 3 days ago
I'm not gonna study psychology anymore XD
Sonia Andrew
Sonia Andrew - 3 days ago
i love you i stay in tanzania
Karyante' Franklin
Karyante' Franklin - 4 days ago
Me af!! Only one of my friends uses her degree. All the rest of us was like nah fam ✌🏽
Sarayu R
Sarayu R - 5 days ago
I am a psychology student!
Cattuong Duong
Cattuong Duong - 6 days ago
All the dislikes are from parents...
Tamina Wahid
Tamina Wahid - 9 days ago
...I wanted to be a psychologist...

I don’t know anymore...
geekgirl 6
geekgirl 6 - 10 days ago
You great bc of your psychology degree yo
Madge Mungai
Madge Mungai - 13 days ago
I thought I'd binge watch your videos to the end. Seems like I'm loosing. So many videos
Analy Ochoa
Analy Ochoa - 15 days ago
I guess I shoudn´t study psychology then...
Gursimran Chhina
Gursimran Chhina - 16 days ago
"They wanted it...

they paid for it."
Talia Jones
Talia Jones - 17 days ago
I've always thought of a law degree as a "safe bet" course. It never gets challenged. Seeing the law school friend in this video made my blood run cold and I'm halfway through law school...
Nacho Vanhardisk
Nacho Vanhardisk - 18 days ago
Being honestly courious: the people saying that a psychology degree is useless... are anyone of you by any chance happen to be american? In my country, every psychologist I know (and I know quite a few) all have good paying jobs either as self employed therapists or employed researchers at companies. In fact a few months ago I finished my therapy with a recently graduated psychologist who helped deal with my anxiety attacks. She was just starting with a friend in the field an was quite professional and insightful (and cheap given she needed patients), not needing a PhD to do "just fine". She also has a job in a psychiatric ward in a mental hospital (like most of the psychologist who are interested in mental illneses), treating teens with bipolar disorder. In a worst case scenario, they find jobs in education department. Is america neglecting their psychologists? Here all of them have good jobs and earn good money out of them :/
star shiko
star shiko - 18 days ago
😂😂😂😂tell me about your father
Nidhi - 20 days ago
No, Ms! Because of your Psychology (degree), u must have learnt a lot abt human "behavior" that explains your "understanding" of soooo many things!👆😊😊 Could least b thankful?😊
Well... you majored in Psychology and unless you wanted to spend more time in school, your degree is admittedly useless. Had you majored in engineering, you would have gotten a job straight out of university.
Collin Gacha Fan
Collin Gacha Fan - 21 day ago
When i grow up my course will be X-Ray
lindalately - 21 day ago
I have two classes left until I graduate college and I feel conflicted about my whole experience. Sigh, at least I can say I didn’t give up.
LaHyuuga - 21 day ago
Wow I was going to bring up how maybe the knowledge she got in psych classes helps her make good videos but she beat me to it! It must be that psychology degree!!
Henlo Fren
Henlo Fren - 22 days ago
*youtube walks in*
Uthman Baksh
Uthman Baksh - 23 days ago
Story of my life. I have a psychology degree and the only use for it is to psycho analyze the president. And I ain’t getting paid for that.
Hue Lu
Hue Lu - 24 days ago
Yeah, I stepped into one, turn out it’s just a mate finding degree... no idea why people keep running into it, make me wonder if I need to keep whining like an old lady that it doesn’t look okay? 😒
Bangtan Life
Bangtan Life - 24 days ago
Okay now I'm emo that i cant go to college 😶 Can anyone else here relate? I hope i find $7K on the way home. y'all better pray for me as well. great video Lily 💜
Drew Danny
Drew Danny - 26 days ago
When LILY will be 34yrs I'm 18 WTF!!
Thesakuraharona - 27 days ago
I finished my psychology degree last year. I fully understand.
The Purple Llama
The Purple Llama - 27 days ago
This is the exact reason she said im not going to college thanks mom
William Forest-Hill
William Forest-Hill - 28 days ago
I’m studying psychology to become a counselor/therapist for Children and adolescents, or a social worker with my upcoming internship. Am I doomed?
Maria Lopez
Maria Lopez - 28 days ago
i loooove u !
Elena Salvatore
Elena Salvatore - 29 days ago
When she said "I have this one friend and she has an English degree and she's a waitress." my life flashed before my eyes because I have an English degree and it's been over 8 months since I graduated and I still can't find a job.
EPSGplayer - 7 days ago
Elena Salvatore keep your head up
Jessica Marshall
Jessica Marshall - 29 days ago
When you can smell the academic elitism in the air...
Seriously though stop insisting this is because she did psychology because I have friends who did law and structural engineering who don’t have jobs and friends who did language and English degrees who have jobs in their fields.
Adi Desai
Adi Desai - Month ago
Lol gender studies perfectly fits this
isxjal - Month ago
4:32 that yawn
Jaden R Clark
Jaden R Clark - Month ago
Can relate so much to this. Haven't seen anyone use their Business Degree for what they actually wanted. I was hoping to get within environment management with a management degree, turns out I needed science. People are now seeing degrees as the ultimate yet forget we're human. I know more about nutrition and health than my 6 years of studying business has ever taught me.
'The System' 😡
T UY - Month ago
Sundar Pichai CEO of Google did his engineering degree in mettalurgy.......That degree included extraction of metals from earth.......WTeff!
Kurami Rocket
Kurami Rocket - Month ago
Psssh, I'm majoring in psychology and I don't think it's useless. When picking a degree, a person has to do a lot of research and make sure they are willing to work and make sacrifices for it. I know a psychology degree will be tough, long, and hard to get employed as u need much education and experience, but willing to put in the effort. And it's an area I'm passionate about.
By itself, that is simply a BA in psychology, most likely, yeah, is useless. That's why again u need to do research and really think about what you want to do. I know I am def going to go for a Masters or PhD in Psych
Sara A.
Sara A. - Month ago
After reading the comments I could feel people’s anxiety through the keyboard so I felt like I needed to clarify something 😂 first off, her experiences won’t define you. She is out of thousands that got a psychology degree and it didn’t work out. She knows ONE person with an English degree and ONE out of law that didn’t work out. So what? That won’t define you. I know a person who did psych and easily got a counseling job after doing her masters. Another went to law school and became a family lawyer making BANK. Honestly it really depends on where you live, the college you went to, and also ur connections. Anyways I wrote this to just tell you that you just need to be smart and research on your own instead of listening to someone making a comedy video and expecting it to be an accurate representation of what your personal future would look like x
bag o' purritoes
bag o' purritoes - Month ago
The intro was...👌😂😂
Dayle Matongo
Dayle Matongo - Month ago
They wanted it and they paid for it 😂
Truth Peace
Truth Peace - Month ago
Degrees are not useless and it helps if the person is studying the degree had a career goal in mind. It's OK to change career paths too and a degree in any subject will help for job applications
Cosmic Cat Ruler
Cosmic Cat Ruler - Month ago
My mom got a degree in architecture and now she's a realtor
King Julyan
King Julyan - Month ago
i think we really just do it to please our parents honestly but then after everything realize that its not who we are.
Cliff Schwabauer
Cliff Schwabauer - Month ago
"comedy" videos
Raquel Taborda
Raquel Taborda - Month ago
I have a degree in Art History... and i plan to work in a video game store... so yeah... it was SO useful my degree xD
Cool Top ROBLOX - Month ago
You made this video on my B-DAY xD
Nousheen Shaikh
Nousheen Shaikh - Month ago
Are you indian
丽嘉 - Month ago
Me watching this and currently I'm a BS Psychology student: *NOOOOOOOO* I seriously want to be a Psychologist then a Psychiatrist :(
Rebekah Pase
Rebekah Pase - Month ago
My dad got a music degree and he’s an accountant, because that’s logic
edgar espinoza
edgar espinoza - Month ago
Like engineers
Aditya Saikia
Aditya Saikia - Month ago
You can become a decent person by taking a degree but not great, to become great you have to think out of the box.
Agent Primus
Agent Primus - Month ago
IM starting year 11 in the UK and I'm questioning if my education is actually worth it, like should i get stressed if i fail at everything?
Lluvia Torres
Lluvia Torres - Month ago
My sister is a psychologist love you❤️🐶
Daisy McNally
Daisy McNally - Month ago
I mean it isn’t useless.... you got this video out of it 😂😂
Arch DIY ideas
Arch DIY ideas - Month ago
Lilly is amazing...
The NordicMoose
The NordicMoose - Month ago
Think of it this way... the college you went to was part of the path that took you where you are today. So its not entirely useless. 🤔😂
elouaililili - Month ago
I studied diplomacy and now i work in a museum :D yepp this is reality
Prarthana Bayari
Prarthana Bayari - Month ago
You need friends like Cristine from Simplynailogical! :) Use your psychology degree to understand why people aren't watching your videos anymore 😂
Maddie J
Maddie J - Month ago
I dont wanna go to college 💀
Black Heart2018
Black Heart2018 - Month ago
*_I love this_*
Hannah Z
Hannah Z - Month ago
My dad is a psychologist...
Freedom Fighter
Freedom Fighter - Month ago
lol my mother grew up wanting to be a large animal vet and she ended up getting her Bachelor's degree in animal sciences.She's been a sergeant with the police for about twenty years. Her degree has never been used.
4D Green Tea
4D Green Tea - Month ago
I’m freaking out in med school rn I’m afraid I won’t have a job
Study With Suman
Study With Suman - Month ago
The intro killed me 😂
Cathyann Billouin
Cathyann Billouin - Month ago
Herminaw Williams
Herminaw Williams - Month ago
I definitely can relate. Majored in Information Systems and couldn't get an internship or job. My fault for listening to my boss. Now I have 2 master degrees and no job...yeahhhhhh
katy tj
katy tj - Month ago
no i do not agree.i think if u go to university to follow your passion and learn it really good,in a way that u r different from your classmates ,there will always be people who want to work with you because of your degree.
SS3LMAN - Month ago
Mine certainly was not Useless
Dua Khilji
Dua Khilji - Month ago
Ánh Nguyễn Ngọc
Ánh Nguyễn Ngọc - Month ago
cant believe lily did psychology and still turns out to be this positive person. now thats inspiring
aniessie - Month ago
When all the school degrees she mentioned are the ones you want to pursue the most.
Marissa Sandoval
Marissa Sandoval - 2 months ago
Who else knew she was having a therapy session with a coffee maker before she showed it?
Bad Bunny
Bad Bunny - 2 months ago
Okay, I have to say something. My Electronics Engineering degree is wasted. I see my Masters in Business and administration is at least acting like it's gonna save me.
Isa - 2 months ago
A lot of degrees are useless yes like the ones she mentioned, another one is Art, what can you do with a degree in English, psychology or art? Nothing! Is a waste of money.
Sanja Kovačić
Sanja Kovačić - 2 months ago
I've got a psychology degree too. So, I feel you sister! #yourfather
Pizza Lover
Pizza Lover - 2 months ago
I’m in love with the old vibes
Tinu Khair
Tinu Khair - 2 months ago
Almost every engineering graduate in india!
Kingston Hawke
Kingston Hawke - 2 months ago
Your impression where you say “yo” sounds just like that dude who plays 2K that’s from Toronto. Now I’m convinced that’s how you all sound.
HeyIts_ Kay
HeyIts_ Kay - 2 months ago
No hate Lilly but it takes 8-12 years of college to become a therapist--im going to college for that ♥️♥️
WarpedMakeupNerd - 2 months ago
So this is the video I will put on from now on when people ask me why I never went to college.
Mark Baber
Mark Baber - 2 months ago
"When your school degree is useless?"
When you get a women's studies degree.
Preetha Anbu
Preetha Anbu - 2 months ago
*Part 2 pleaseee!*
Fadima Turay
Fadima Turay - 2 months ago
Puppy: yawning
Me: Dying of cuteness 😨😨😲😵😑
Francisca Feist
Francisca Feist - 2 months ago
Jaspreet Kaur
Jaspreet Kaur - 2 months ago
I love ur videos. U r my favorite
Taryn Robertson
Taryn Robertson - 2 months ago
Yup, I am working on getting an English degree. My goal is to become an author xD This made me giggle just a bit.
DropDeadGorgeous - 2 months ago
Well,I have a degree in German and History...I am a teacher and really happy about it 🤷🏻‍♀️
firmatulung - 2 months ago
I do agree..
Tropican Twister
Tropican Twister - 2 months ago
People like her are inspiring others in a negative way.
alien invasion
alien invasion - 2 months ago
Whaaaaaattttttttttt!!!!!!!!! I'm becoming a bartender😶😶😶😶😶😶😶😫😓
Gelo Brunken
Gelo Brunken - 2 months ago
You don't remember, but i do.. Do you remember the "times" your friends get dumped😂😂
Dimitra Cristea
Dimitra Cristea - 2 months ago
that conversation with the coffee machine made me laugh so much
Nafisa Sallau
Nafisa Sallau - 2 months ago
triggered people in the comments below
William Mahe
William Mahe - 2 months ago
Your degree might've been useless, but you've still got a successful career in YouTube. (That is until the ex-viners kill this platform too.)
IcedFlame37 - 2 months ago
“They wanted it they paid for it.” If only all of our parents thought the same way
I'm deleting this channel
I'm deleting this channel - 2 months ago
I’m not going to use my degree to get a job—I’ll make my own job with my degree. And die from depression because of it. YAY! :D
Soyoon K.
Soyoon K. - 2 months ago
Am I the only one who kinda wants waiters/waitresses to describe food like the blonde girl did?
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