15 Lifehacks for Dealing with a Cast / How to Survive a Cast

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angela hernandez
angela hernandez - 2 days ago
Did they actually get hurt or are they just fake because I think they are just faking
30 ANNA ARAVIND - 11 days ago
Super 🤩
cindy cheung
cindy cheung - 13 days ago
Whoever came up with these life hacks for ppl who have cast never had a cast cause you does b in pain when your bone is broken or fracture......
Oop oop
Oop oop - 16 days ago
me watching this with my brken arm
mula vishnu kantam
mula vishnu kantam - 20 days ago
U need a hair tie or a haircut
Vedanshi Joshi
Vedanshi Joshi - 20 days ago
My father had a cast
Avery Belle
Avery Belle - 23 days ago
thank you, troom troom’s second channel. very cool.
Adorable Soccer577
Adorable Soccer577 - 25 days ago
I broke my arm and 1 you CANNOT put hot glue on a cast 2you CANNOT put paint on them 3 you CANNOT smash things with it or put holes into it
Safaa - 26 days ago
snow_ wolfz
snow_ wolfz - 26 days ago
Okay? 😂😂
Nylah Stegall
Nylah Stegall - Month ago
Manikandan Ponambalam
Manikandan Ponambalam - Month ago
Super ✧༺♥༻✧
Brenda Tan
Brenda Tan - Month ago
Hi troom troom
Doanh zahraa
Doanh zahraa - Month ago
Doanh zahraa
Doanh zahraa - Month ago
Betty Wekesa
Betty Wekesa - Month ago
I have a cast
I have a cast on me write now
You'll hurt yourself
Aura and Ayush
Aura and Ayush - Month ago
One of the guys put his rude finger up
hon no-kalh
hon no-kalh - Month ago
ok how much do you pay this guy's lol
poonga vanam
poonga vanam - Month ago
My brother had a cast on his leg
Gianluis Adames
Gianluis Adames - Month ago
Are you from. LALiLU that channel
Cwc fan121
Cwc fan121 - Month ago
Look at 1:12 and 2:19 how does he have one broken arm and two 3:22 and 4:55 my mind is blown
Ngapsa Wangsa
Ngapsa Wangsa - Month ago
I love u
nicholas gabriele
nicholas gabriele - Month ago
Holly Gram
Holly Gram - Month ago
Holly Gram
Holly Gram - Month ago
Deema Al ali
Deema Al ali - Month ago
Why do u need a cast if u can party 🎉
semj Ainna
semj Ainna - Month ago
Ugly face lolol 😲🙏🏾😲😪😲✊🏾🙃😪🥴🙃🥴👀🥰😲✊🏾👀✊🏾🥴🥰😅🥰😭🧓😲🧓😲🧓🙃🧓🙃🙄🙃🙏🏾😲😲🧓😲🥰🙃
Ian-Rocco Joi
Ian-Rocco Joi - 2 months ago
Stupid ass video
Pekka Routalempi
Pekka Routalempi - 2 months ago
Well i guess the break fast is ruined if you throw the shells back In To the already frying eggs
Pekka Routalempi
Pekka Routalempi - 2 months ago
Where the hell is your helmet fucking idiots
uniquehoneii - 2 months ago
who is scared to paint or somethin like that their cast couse when doctor wants to get it off he would be like
wait wot
robert redding
robert redding - 2 months ago
did you guys get hurt for a vid no hate
Heathy kids TV
Heathy kids TV - 2 months ago
Definitely dont do this
Saadon Ayman
Saadon Ayman - 2 months ago
Le hxbhbshbsy
Hunter _-_ Walley
Hunter _-_ Walley - 3 months ago
Is this not troom troom and 123 go
Mohamed Suleman
Mohamed Suleman - 3 months ago
I hate your video
Vette Gaskin
Vette Gaskin - 3 months ago
Regina Shannon
Regina Shannon - 3 months ago
I don't have a broken ankle but I feel bad for the other's people that in a cast
Alisha Rose
Alisha Rose - 3 months ago
Good bad💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩
Rizla Razik
Rizla Razik - 3 months ago
Shelley Pittman
Shelley Pittman - 3 months ago
I have cp s this was helpful
Moshira Salah
Moshira Salah - 3 months ago
I dont have a cast soooooo i watched this vidoe becase when i bteak my arm
Arianna Arethna
Arianna Arethna - 3 months ago
Oof !
Anya Parker
Anya Parker - 3 months ago
hey troom troom i have a hack for you if you have a cast, stay in bed!
Dana qaddomi 1
Dana qaddomi 1 - 4 months ago
7:19 whats this ??? This harm thing you will broke your hand more than before
And all the vedio hacks is harm
Plz who cast dont tries these hacks you will harm yourself .
Layal Khedr
Layal Khedr - 4 months ago
Summerplayzz Roblox
Summerplayzz Roblox - 4 months ago
I had a cast no I feel better
Ana Luta
Ana Luta - 4 months ago
Everyone Don,t Have A Crush On Me When I Will Grow Up Because My Eyes And He Will Hate The Color Of My Eyes
Bata Kamel
Bata Kamel - 4 months ago
the weird person howell
the weird person howell - 4 months ago
I broke my ankle in Florida jumping off the cliffs that a lot of people are on
Warm_nights - 4 months ago
7:25 if u have broken arm how would u be able to do that
K B - 4 months ago
That looks so painful😬
Chelsea Rae
Chelsea Rae - 4 months ago
Use the other arm -'-
Student A'Driannah Gaines
Student A'Driannah Gaines - 4 months ago
I watch this channel so much
Easily Done
Easily Done - 4 months ago
You are so sick
Isabella Littlewhite
Isabella Littlewhite - 4 months ago
When I had my cast on my arm I am not allowed move m arm at all
Isabella Littlewhite
Isabella Littlewhite - 4 months ago
This is how many sound effects they used
Raphael George
Raphael George - 4 months ago
One i guess 😂😂
ENNARD HEHE - 4 months ago
Asia Adam
Asia Adam - 4 months ago
الفسلامة. 😳
Fashion TV
Fashion TV - 4 months ago
Blaksaber 21
Blaksaber 21 - 4 months ago
Or you can just lie about what happened if you hate it
Parncheeva Chamnarnmor
Parncheeva Chamnarnmor - 4 months ago
What will the doctor say when you have glued to something
Emily Tarter
Emily Tarter - 4 months ago
Annoying that I don’t know what I can to get
Katy Davis
Katy Davis - 4 months ago
I had to go through the same thing trust me you can’t to anything but I didn’t have to do a whole day of school
Mena Ilagan
Mena Ilagan - 4 months ago
No 055gtcf fiokzok22o82772 woohoo tikjhnihgb
Mena Ilagan
Mena Ilagan - 4 months ago
I olso have a cast beacus i fall in the stars it hurts teay call 911
Familia Neto Da Cruz
Familia Neto Da Cruz - 4 months ago
Why were they so stupid to break your bone
angel pari
angel pari - 4 months ago
The cast is supposed to be in the costume who also thinks this subscribe to my channel please and like here
Tony Lianhna
Tony Lianhna - 4 months ago
hello My name is little timy
I don't know what its like to have a broken arm or a leg
Bhanu Gali
Bhanu Gali - 4 months ago
Are you saying cast or cat
Krystle Martino
Krystle Martino - 4 months ago
What do you sound like!👩🏻‍🦽🧑🏽‍🦽👨🏾‍🦽👨🏻‍🦯🧑🏼‍🦯👩🏽‍🦯🦾🦿😷👩🏻‍🦽🧑🏽‍🦽👩🏽‍🦯👨🏾‍🦽👨🏻‍🦯🧑🏼‍🦯
subbing to people that sub to me wenshy is my name
F f f f f f f f f
ShadowPlayz Gacha
ShadowPlayz Gacha - 4 months ago
I already know how to cook even if I am eight just crack the egg on the side of the pan dude
Annabelle K
Annabelle K - 4 months ago
umm use ur cast as meat smasher pretty sure ur arms still broken
Sega32xRBLX - 4 months ago
I See People From Youtube
Emma Johnston
Emma Johnston - 4 months ago
These people are definitely NOT American. I wanna know what country they are from
boomkittyFX - 4 months ago
its from Ukraine or Russia
Yasmin Furness
Yasmin Furness - 4 months ago
I have hurt my leg and I had to have cast on my leg
debra curry
debra curry - 4 months ago
We all know she didn't brush her hair with her foot
Jonah Ahn
Jonah Ahn - 4 months ago
Vivianne Covers
Vivianne Covers - 4 months ago
Do they really get a cast? I'm always wondering about that
Zen - 4 months ago
woo hoo more like troom troom
Madxiide - 4 months ago
I’m not sure, but before you colour/paint you’re cast, you have to ask you’re doctor. I am unsure I have never had a cast on. But my friend told me.
Dollsy Dolls
Dollsy Dolls - 4 months ago
I really feel bad for these people 😂
Sairresarrie - 4 months ago
I know haw you feel because I had a scarf
Wanjiku - 5 months ago
Woo hoo:I can’t crack this egg
Me: use the table
Lolo falatah
Lolo falatah - 5 months ago
Lori hockman
Lori hockman - 5 months ago
I have a broken leg and I can’t go up the stairs the last time I went up the stairs I fell now I have a will chair
Chhayansi Nitya
Chhayansi Nitya - 3 months ago
I also broke my arm in the lockdown 2020 and I am in rest
Bami Akinlesi
Bami Akinlesi - 3 months ago
I’m so sorry for you I almost fell down on my bike on the Avenue and I almost broke my arm very sorry please
ginababin1 - 5 months ago
I had a cast
Stanislav Sadykov
Stanislav Sadykov - 5 months ago
The Rainbow fam
The Rainbow fam - 5 months ago
Cool. But I never got a cast you can. Just use your other hand 🖐
Daphne Fanning
Daphne Fanning - 5 months ago
Why are they smashing there broken arm on chicken when it's broken!!!
Sega32xRBLX - 5 months ago
Comment and You won’t Get Broken In Smash
Rogue Wildgust élève
Rogue Wildgust élève - 5 months ago
Miley Haylie
Miley Haylie - 5 months ago
Ok I thought she had a broken and oh let’s have smash chicken instead 🤦‍♀️
Debbie Powell
Debbie Powell - 5 months ago
Q to ookkjuytreww
3boxEvan -
3boxEvan - - 5 months ago
All of the ones were you put something on the cast is not good for it and your hurting yourself more by smashing it on chicken
3boxEvan -
3boxEvan - - 5 months ago
I crack a egg on the edge of the pan all the time
Andrea Stair
Andrea Stair - 5 months ago
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