15 Lifehacks for Dealing with a Cast / How to Survive a Cast

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Mia McCready
Mia McCready - Day ago
7:18 would hurt your arm
Paige Algozzini
Paige Algozzini - 2 days ago
How does he have a hot glue gone in public 🤷🏼‍♀️
Olivia Vitale
Olivia Vitale - 3 days ago
Emma gacha wolf
Emma gacha wolf - 4 days ago
Vladimir Tobli
Vladimir Tobli - 7 days ago
Brar Ggg
Brar Ggg - 8 days ago
The girl has only one cast......how other cast come while eating noodles 🤨🤨 .........if u know pls comment
Sausage Wizard
Sausage Wizard - 10 days ago
Make more hospital video's pls 🤕
Anna Usman
Anna Usman - 10 days ago
Yeh I have been in a cast too times
Sripriya Kulkarni
Sripriya Kulkarni - 11 days ago
6:06 just use your other hand you don't have to learn yoga
jade lafond
jade lafond - 12 days ago
Did you break your arm
Super Denny to the rescue
I now wat it feels like
ngocdiep ngo
ngocdiep ngo - 13 days ago
That girl rock
Tung Nguyen
Tung Nguyen - 14 days ago
I have a baby brother name Peyton
Aamir Ahmed
Aamir Ahmed - 15 days ago
7:24 isnt your hand broken ? if it is how did you tenderize it
Farice Campbell
Farice Campbell - 16 days ago
This is lame and I don't have any of the stuff
Annika Hak
Annika Hak - 16 days ago
Sahar Younes
Sahar Younes - 17 days ago
3:20 just put it on the table
shamma almansoori
shamma almansoori - 17 days ago
Shamma ١٢٣٤٥٦٧٨٩٢$$$$$$$$$
S m B
S m B - 18 days ago
How many peoples birthday party 🎈 is at school
marwa s
marwa s - 15 days ago
Nataleigh Kirkpatrick
Nataleigh Kirkpatrick - 18 days ago
How do you do any of those crafts when you have a cast on? Anyone els wondering that? Lol😂
Elisa Ng
Elisa Ng - 18 days ago
Gregory Gibbons
Gregory Gibbons - 19 days ago
Other hand
Sunshine Juarez
Sunshine Juarez - 20 days ago
A tv fell on my head and it bounced off my nose and broke my nose and three ribs and my head craked open
Sofia Churilova
Sofia Churilova - 20 days ago
Are you Russian?
Chahrazad H
Chahrazad H - 21 day ago
O nooo😢😢😧
Will Kraklow
Will Kraklow - 22 days ago
Then you have to leave it like that
Unicorn Lovestar
Unicorn Lovestar - 22 days ago
I took a big lump of my skin of with chains at the park
Bulan Salya
Bulan Salya - 22 days ago
Magic is not real
Mark Cao
Mark Cao - 22 days ago
LOL I’m so upsets
Eric Loh
Eric Loh - 25 days ago
Deštivá Kukuřice
Deštivá Kukuřice - 26 days ago
I have broken arm but right now
Tilly-marie PHILLIPS
Tilly-marie PHILLIPS - 27 days ago
Didcot fiend cc yytr
Giovana Martins Simoes
Giovana Martins Simoes - 27 days ago
He seriously doesn't know how to crack an egg..😐😏😏
Patryk Mikos
Patryk Mikos - 27 days ago
Everyone has another arm😁 hello well not everyone
nupura31 - 28 days ago
6:05 she has another arm
Riza Velasco
Riza Velasco - 28 days ago
The girl in a cast does not hav a real broken bone when she smashes chicken her hand have to hurt and crazy girl
TheGjm2008 - 29 days ago
At 2:09 look like he stuck up the finger 😂
Scarlett Sherwood
Scarlett Sherwood - 29 days ago
He plays a ucalali
wolfi squad
wolfi squad - Month ago
So fake no one can do that get a life 😡😡😡
Becki Simmons
Becki Simmons - Month ago
You can tell they didn't break the bones because at 7:17 they are smashing their "broken arm" on to chicken about 20 times
Giovana Martins Simoes
Giovana Martins Simoes - 27 days ago
Yeah wouldn't it hurt a lot?
shdhd sdada
shdhd sdada - Month ago
I loved you guys so much and I subscribed and l liked the video
Ria Valladolid
Ria Valladolid - Month ago
I have to a cast
Betty Litaker
Betty Litaker - Month ago
I broke my wrist in 2018 I fell off the monkey bars
Daisy Stark
Daisy Stark - Month ago
You can use the other hand to brush your hair and not your broken bone
Ricardo Castro
Ricardo Castro - Month ago
there is no way you can do that gauntlet with the girl running towards you🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂😂
priyadon - Month ago
Thr time Is 4:49
Ivy Dukes
Ivy Dukes - Month ago
William James
William James - Month ago
If we have cast take rest how many days has doctor said otherwise you have pain life long
Mackasia Baron
Mackasia Baron - Month ago
No I have never been in a situation before
akesa Sampson
akesa Sampson - Month ago
Merry Christmas to everybody 🌲🎄☃️❄️⛄
Moaz 3abdelstar
Moaz 3abdelstar - Month ago
lily salmon
lily salmon - Month ago
How do I make chicken ? *smashes with broken arm*
Blueberry Kids
Blueberry Kids - Month ago
Ha ha ha this video was so funny
Baby Tastebuds
Baby Tastebuds - Month ago
Yes I have
jose vega
jose vega - Month ago
I had a broken leg once I stayed inside during P.E in kindergarten 😭
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