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Doll Lee
Doll Lee - 11 hours ago
That's not a takoyaki pan. I feel like that's the pan used to make like a donut type thing in one of the Nordic countries? Takoyaki holes are way smaller. My pan is like an electric machine, the pans I've seen are usually rectangular
Flinty Lock
Flinty Lock - 21 hour ago
Ten days after new channel
Apollyna - 2 days ago
Great job, everybody - highly entertaining! Can't wait to see more :D
Skyler Champagne
Skyler Champagne - 2 days ago
iS THiS HOw yOu VlOg?!!
Bertin Navarrete
Bertin Navarrete - 2 days ago
Am I the only one falling for Nicole? 😍😅
Ellison Corzano
Ellison Corzano - 2 days ago
Why is josh me lol
Anna Marie Gebert
Anna Marie Gebert - 2 days ago
I'm 100% sure that pan with the small indentations is an ebelskiver pan!
Sofia Hughes
Sofia Hughes - 2 days ago
Hi I love trevor
Sweetlilly Jarrett
Sweetlilly Jarrett - 2 days ago
Just screaming into the void here. The correct steps for washing dishes is: step1 soap, step potable water, step 3 sanitize and step 4 air dry or dry with a clean towel after a minute.
Trent Bliss
Trent Bliss - 3 days ago
Feels like I’m watching a Disney channel show!
Mark Baker II
Mark Baker II - 3 days ago
Fershizzal - 3 days ago
A good kitchen is like a mirepoix, you get the base ingredients, then you add ingredients to your liking
morten jørgensen
morten jørgensen - 3 days ago
i thought that pan was for æbleskiver
David Ferrer
David Ferrer - 2 days ago
morten jørgensen it could be for both. Similar pans are found in Asia and India
Taylor Monte
Taylor Monte - 3 days ago
Lmfaoo. My Alexa set a timer 😂
Unknown Commentor
Unknown Commentor - 3 days ago
OHH DAMNNN!! NICOLE IS SOO BEAUTIFUL AND HOT!!! (Not a guy nor a les) she is just soooo beautiful!! Nicole, if u r reading this, you are EXTREMELY pretty. May God Bless You
Juliana Molina
Juliana Molina - 3 days ago
“Is this how you vlog?!” Yes lol you’re doing great honey 🍯
JaVonte Snipes
JaVonte Snipes - 3 days ago
nicole is gorgeous
she almost takes over as my cooking waifu, but i dunno claire saffits is pretty neat
also more vlogs pls
i love this
David Ferrer
David Ferrer - 2 days ago
JaVonte Snipes cooking waifu lol ugh
Fat - 3 days ago
So for appetizer we have a chicken tonkatsu, the main dish is spaget, and your dessert is COOKIES
Luke Smith
Luke Smith - 3 days ago
I like Trevor, he suits Josh and Nicole quite nicely!
Derick Feigum
Derick Feigum - 3 days ago
Oooooooo a a wall of knives keep link away lmao
Cody - 3 days ago
So is death wish coffee the official coffee of GMM?
Aaden.mp4 Premium
Aaden.mp4 Premium - 4 days ago
Neecole: no tochy the pee
Me: why no no throw out?
Me brian: coyte pee is kil

MommyDesu - 4 days ago
Nicole: It's crispy, not burnt!
Me:.... That's what I'mma say from now on when I burn food 🤭🤫
Lauren McDerment
Lauren McDerment - 4 days ago
Mike Pasley is very cute as well as talented. Is it just me? We don't see enough of his wee face! Yum!x
ThatPhatBaby - 4 days ago
I would watch 100 hours of nothing but this
ContR0llFreAk - 4 days ago
Okey boomer
Jaie B.
Jaie B. - 4 days ago
I could probably watch this daily
Cryazen - 4 days ago
Thanks for the 10 minute Alexa timer!
Fpsnick13 - 4 days ago
Josh low key annoying 😬
sarah kate
sarah kate - 4 days ago
This video only just popped up in my inbox 14 mins ago, is this happening to anyone else?
David Ferrer
David Ferrer - 2 days ago
sarah kate yes. It’s been a known issue with USa-video. It’s gotten better but still it’s a common problem.
Andrew Piercy
Andrew Piercy - 4 days ago
Cool kitchen, sanitize is last rinse is 2nd.
Paola Cuevas
Paola Cuevas - 4 days ago
4:29 Sure will be nice when they make this road four lanes...
Maggie Grace Webb
Maggie Grace Webb - 5 days ago
Trevor has a very mythical attitude. Can we get him promoted from intern?
Kayla Matusinec
Kayla Matusinec - 5 days ago
I need to see the interns hair please!
Impractical Jokers kids
Giles S
Giles S - 5 days ago
Why is the marmite in the same draw as the coyote urine? Even if you don’t like it it’s not quite on the same level 😂
Kyle Meeker
Kyle Meeker - 5 days ago
Did anyone else’s Alexa set a timer for 10 minutes?
Stefan Zubal
Stefan Zubal - 5 days ago
When will Josh be on Iron Chef ..... hehe
Stefan Zubal
Stefan Zubal - 5 days ago
This. Is. Nirvana!!!
Steven Mello
Steven Mello - 5 days ago
Fyi, it goes wash, rinse, sanitize
William Miller
William Miller - 5 days ago
Magnetic knife board in a state that has earthquakes? Maybe it's just me....
David Ferrer
David Ferrer - 2 days ago
William Miller well unless you’re standing right under them it’s not a danger. Those magnets are pretty strong they’ll hold on to em during a earthquake
Sam Pownell
Sam Pownell - 5 days ago
electric stove???
Madi - 5 days ago
Nero Wolfie
Nero Wolfie - 5 days ago
Josh Surströming is supposed to be refrigerated!
Jeremiah Burns
Jeremiah Burns - 5 days ago
I want to know who Trevor nicked the cookie recipe from.
Emil Deilert
Emil Deilert - 5 days ago
If you are planning to make a video on Surströmming, please don't just open the can and eat it. You never see you tubers eating it as it's meant to be eaten. Open the can under water and clean the filets. Then serve them with crisp flat bread, potatoes, sour cream, red onion and chives. It's delicious and the consistency is unlike anything you will ever eat in a good way.
Richard Smith
Richard Smith - 5 days ago
Already watched this video waiting for one today..?
Tm M
Tm M - 5 days ago
Josh we r going to be way more than 1 video a week lol
Hello There
Hello There - 5 days ago
Better get link away from the wall of knives
AllurianRose - 5 days ago
Oooooooo kitchen goals. Only like everything 2 feet lower , so I dont have to stand on my knees in my wheelchair lol.
Mike Myers
Mike Myers - 5 days ago
About time you got your own channel, you have been carrying Rhett and Link for years.
Kallie Everson
Kallie Everson - 5 days ago
Y’all should get julien solomita on a show or something. Like a vegan episode
katie - 5 days ago
what ever happened to tess?
Cat Nugget
Cat Nugget - 6 days ago
Please guys, really miss the unlisted mythical videos... could you please make them available to us?
Cat Nugget
Cat Nugget - 2 days ago
J thanks a lot!
J - 5 days ago
J You can just watch them in the playlist on this channel
el humanoid
el humanoid - 6 days ago
I love you guys. Hope you see this. Look at ya'll.
matez art
matez art - 6 days ago
If you unscrew the handle of that knife its full of survival stiff, matches, wire, fishing hooks./ Rambo knife
Riah L
Riah L - 6 days ago
I love mythical kitchen!
Kelsey Gold
Kelsey Gold - 6 days ago
Yayyyy! I don't think I've ever commented on a youtube video before, but so so happy for you all and can't wait to watch more/steal some food next time I'm at the office!!
TheVet Summer
TheVet Summer - 6 days ago
Anyone else fully appreciate how that knife went through the tomato LIKE BUTTER
Tod Robinson
Tod Robinson - 6 days ago
All into it now where’s the vids ?
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