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NOVA 1 - 2 hours ago
I love the late 80s intro. So retro wave. Ima vaperwave person, if you are a synthwave adicc like me, go. To electronic gems on youtube, if you heard the song
RESONANCE BY HOME this was that channel the made it. They still make amazing chill synth music today, SYNTH FOR LIFE
HarbingerofFire - 5 hours ago
Teleporter Productions
Teleporter Productions - 14 hours ago
Tanner looks like Patrick from Rekt btw Subbed to you and rang the bell boooooaaaaaaiiiiiiiii!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yeeeeet!!!
Teleporter Productions
Teleporter Productions - 15 hours ago
That alien thing genuinely scared me to death...
Gummy's World
Gummy's World - 16 hours ago
Awesome intro
Dylan roe
Dylan roe - 20 hours ago
The blue hair dye I got it worked very good for me but I had to add water
Janelle Weed
Janelle Weed - 20 hours ago
lawl i literally jumped! Thanks Matthias!!
Momoiro Umeko!
Momoiro Umeko! - 20 hours ago
11:31 Thank you Kanye, Very cool!
Paul Gaittens
Paul Gaittens - 21 hour ago
Worst phrase ever an eye for an eye who wants an eye
Paul Gaittens
Paul Gaittens - 21 hour ago
I take offense to the Mac Miller comment I choose to be offended I guess but I like Mac Miller I miss him and I'm a little upset that somebody would say anything mean about him I think he looked good we all look different
Gacha Bloodmoon
Gacha Bloodmoon - 22 hours ago
I got a scruff a luv for Christmas and I threw it away I’m 11 lol
Cosplay Yay
Cosplay Yay - Day ago
Tanners hair actually looks AMAZING
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart - 2 hours ago
Andrew Kidd
Andrew Kidd - Day ago
Ohh yay ya
Eman Elkilani
Eman Elkilani - Day ago
Dani Smith
Dani Smith - Day ago
Joshua Brannon
Joshua Brannon - Day ago
Katie Vetter
Katie Vetter - Day ago
The edible slime is just oobleck (I hope I'm spelling that right ,I'm only 12 and not a good speller)
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart - 2 hours ago
MilliemcRosie Games
You got me with the ufo thang literally it was like a jump scare I think I pooped lol 😂
Galactic Banana Capsule
“Dream until your dreams come true”
But if I keep dreaming time will keep flying through that door

If you get that reference, tell me what it is referring to
Have an amazing day!
Zuleidy Hernandez
Zuleidy Hernandez - Day ago
That’s what she said😉
Dear Ambelina
Dear Ambelina - Day ago
I think the mystery rescue pet is supposed to be a teaching tool for children. It's to show them that when you rescue a pet, it's not always the cutest creature, but with love and care it can become a cute pet (like the end result in the product video).
Officially savannah
Am I the only one that can relate to how bad he sneezed like that’s me in class and I’m waiting for a bless you
that Jacksepticeye imitation tho (btw is at 7:04)
-Alex studioyg-
-Alex studioyg- - Day ago
How do you join
Tigerishbook The Second
tanner legit looks like DanTDM with his blue hair
Kitty Kat mow
Kitty Kat mow - Day ago
Not the Korean kpop band
wolf leader 38 Daiz
Who will win tanner leave a like or Michael leave a comment
Ladeena Rotger
Ladeena Rotger - Day ago
Waste of mony
Alexa Lund
Alexa Lund - Day ago
Love your vids sorry I’m late
Dacia Deviney
Dacia Deviney - 2 days ago
The "monster slime" is really Oobleck. hit it is hard. Toach it soft not hard
Nik Bellettz
Nik Bellettz - 2 days ago
What JOIN BUTTON!!!!!!
Khang.N 54
Khang.N 54 - 2 days ago
I was eating steak but until tanner or Michael open the body
I looked at my stench and felt like gonna puke!😂😂😂😂😂
Rowie's World
Rowie's World - 2 days ago
When is the join botton
Bryce Hulsizer
Bryce Hulsizer - 2 days ago
the blue hair fits Tanner
Evie cunnane
Evie cunnane - 2 days ago
Matt that clip of you with the alien thing scared me so much for some reason
Agent 8
Agent 8 - 2 days ago
with the teeth tanner looks like blake shelton
Lael Salamaca
Lael Salamaca - 2 days ago
So they literally just made oobleck? That's a RIP off
Galaxy Girls
Galaxy Girls - 2 days ago
Who thought the funniest things where "Bhbuy" and "did you set it to one bo?" < My way of spelling it> One bo" And YEAH
Alex Jones
Alex Jones - 2 days ago
Matthias said "oh Shi-!!!"
Katherine Orellana
Katherine Orellana - 2 days ago
17:06 Tanner looks like Jerry Seinfeld with the fake teeth
Cheese Monster
Cheese Monster - 2 days ago
8:35 I'm always at school when you do it. :(
JJ Coconut
JJ Coconut - 2 days ago
Hi I liked and subscribed and turn on the bell icon on!!!! You are the best!
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart - 2 hours ago
Evan Morgan Fiscus
Evan Morgan Fiscus - 2 days ago
Is it bad that little jumpscare made me jump... XD
Latin Teenager
Latin Teenager - 2 days ago
And is tanner the new dan tdm
Latin Teenager
Latin Teenager - 2 days ago
Tanner is now my favorite he drank TACO BELL MT. DEW. BAHA BLAT (hope i typed it right)
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart - 2 hours ago
Henstar - 2 days ago
12:34 oil spill surviver.
Anro Becker
Anro Becker - 2 days ago
Mr.ToastyMan - 2 days ago
He looks like Patrick
samuel allen
samuel allen - 2 days ago
your science-tists
Sans and Papyrus
Sans and Papyrus - 3 days ago
What... 2+2=? And what’s 3+9=? The last one is what’s 2988$eicj188b-+jwjrk2’w82937292=?
PUGKO - 3 days ago
*Shane Dawson busts in the door
Shane: Lets get on this conspiracy
Dope or nope team: *jaws drop
Alvarado Efrain
Alvarado Efrain - 3 days ago
It’ll work in Texas everything here is huge
Kim Lien Nguyen
Kim Lien Nguyen - 3 days ago
ya y’all y’all ya y’all ya yay 😁 was the night you guys were going to come home 🏠 was the night you got home and I wanna hang with you
nimperus - 3 days ago
11:25 bob ross got me real good
ponygirl nekoflam
ponygirl nekoflam - 3 days ago
oMG you use jhope thanks guys that made my day😁💜💜💜💜
Dhamaphorn Dharma
Dhamaphorn Dharma - 3 days ago
Those teeth... Just remind me of Goofy talking to Max! Bow+black nails+fake teeth+blue hair=a kimokawaii (grossly cute) makeover. Please throw the teeth out Tanner! 😂 Michael looks awesome with the blue highlights! And it's always a good day to see Mathias cringe!!!
nltripp10 - 3 days ago
16:43. ....
Jethro Ridgard
Jethro Ridgard - 3 days ago
When they tried those teeth
He looked like mask from the mask
Sage White
Sage White - 3 days ago
The monster slime is obleck (I is lazy)
Dann Osada
Dann Osada - 3 days ago
Michelle Keeton
Michelle Keeton - 3 days ago
like my comment if u love matthiasis vids and he makes u fell like u are unstoppable
Michelle Keeton
Michelle Keeton - 3 days ago
wow i love matthias he is the best i watch him every day he makes me fell good about myself and he makes me laugh when I'm sad .
Elaine Dolak
Elaine Dolak - 3 days ago
When you were looking at the teeth product,a teeth ad just came up
john erickson
john erickson - 3 days ago
Tanner looks like the australian bearded guy from mighty car mods
Amy Michel
Amy Michel - 3 days ago
Will you send me the stuffed animal that you did not like please
Allie Whitman
Allie Whitman - 3 days ago
The fact that I knew everything he was talking about with the grass seed tells me that I spend to much time with plants.
Fliss Mitt
Fliss Mitt - 3 days ago
The jump scare got me
mama 79
mama 79 - 3 days ago
Michael is so adorable 💖
Ignatia Flamez
Ignatia Flamez - 3 days ago
For some reason, I want Tanner to put in those teeth every once in a while in random vids at literal random times.
goehberry - 3 days ago
Getting hit square in da face by a: chunk of realization
TSA_ DOUBLE_W_ - 3 days ago
Michael's throws get a nope for his aim... like if u agree!!
Yojan Haluwai
Yojan Haluwai - 3 days ago
0:29 taanner:- wake up
Serj Tankian(System of A Down):- Grab a brush amd put a little of makeup😂😂😂
Anahi Gomez
Anahi Gomez - 4 days ago
Thats not slime its Oobleck
Nicole Roache
Nicole Roache - 4 days ago
Marjorie Gibson
Marjorie Gibson - 4 days ago
Why are there vids always 24:00 🕛 minutes on the doc 😲everyday
DTOWNANGLER MP - 4 days ago
joshua Moreno
joshua Moreno - 4 days ago
12:45 Um ok
Chicken Soup
Chicken Soup - 4 days ago
Shane Dawson shout out 😂😂
PEANUT 45 - 4 days ago
Tanner: and all bugs...’
Matthias: all bugs?
Tanner: yes
Matthias: good to know...
Kennedy Cannon
Kennedy Cannon - 4 days ago
Tanner looks like pat
blog boi
blog boi - 4 days ago
KalebGaming1306 _
KalebGaming1306 _ - 4 days ago
he looks like patrick from rekt
Ben Coakes
Ben Coakes - 4 days ago
Grady Barber
Grady Barber - 4 days ago
7:05 7:15 7:26 Tanner’s laugh though. Also love that whole bit.
Iley Alexander
Iley Alexander - 4 days ago
Why was bob ross in the jump scare
IIShadowxd1-2 - 4 days ago
Subscribed, liked, and hit the notify button baby i love you guys
Nope Scr
Nope Scr - 4 days ago
“We look like apes” 😂
Ellie Brown
Ellie Brown - 4 days ago
i actually have the pink puppy sitting above my computer!! It looks better when its scruffy and not fluffy..
Zaid M Games
Zaid M Games - 4 days ago
You need to change the branding watermarked logo
TraviTrail - 4 days ago
These queens are getting desperate ...YAAAAASSSSS GURL
B Malfoy
B Malfoy - 4 days ago
Conspiracy: Tanner's milkshake wasn't a milkshake. It was Jello play Monster Slime in a cup.
Muhammad Jogee
Muhammad Jogee - 4 days ago
yo theres no join button
Emily Ardon
Emily Ardon - 4 days ago
Oh my lord 19:05 lol
barbara taylor
barbara taylor - 4 days ago
I hate you so much because you roasted RobertIDK
Ali Zunaif
Ali Zunaif - 4 days ago
11:30... I almost died.
Ruth Santil
Ruth Santil - 4 days ago
This is how much you love dope or nope⬇
heartbreakerninja - 4 days ago
You've done the UFO detector before in an earlier video
Enlight - 4 days ago
PRO TIGER - 4 days ago
11:25 play it HEART ATTAK
Gaming with Bread
Gaming with Bread - 4 days ago
The aliens scared me 😐
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