Unboxing 10 of the WORST RATED Products on Amazon!

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Ms Anthrope
Ms Anthrope - 3 hours ago
I own the hair wax and I love it. I do have short hair, though
TIEN VU - 3 hours ago
The slime looks like oobleck
Keira gymquesrian
Keira gymquesrian - 3 hours ago
Tanner looks like Patrick with the denture/teeth in
Troy Miller
Troy Miller - 7 hours ago
The teath tanner had in looks like conners teath
Kartecaveman 05
Kartecaveman 05 - 8 hours ago
For all the men and boys on this chat I feel pain in someplace during this video
Lisa Tully
Lisa Tully - 9 hours ago
My cousin got that ping pong ball thing for Christmas and it was soooooooooooo confusing. When I saw it in the video I was like “who gave him that because they should have read the reviews before they bought it.”
FBI pro
FBI pro - 14 hours ago
😂😂😂 abt 20:40 *shakey voice* tan man: "risky toss liz¡!"
Keep it cool Harley
Keep it cool Harley - 16 hours ago
I have the scruff a loves and it it’s really cool and good not what you said
Weirdos World
Weirdos World - 16 hours ago
Literally nothing:
Jeffrey Mikan
Jeffrey Mikan - 16 hours ago
dont like tanners nails keep them normal
joshua pranzetti
joshua pranzetti - Day ago
Why are they so girly? "Omg I'm so afraid of bugs."🤣🤣🤣
Wolfie Ellis
Wolfie Ellis - Day ago
The slime was not actually slime it was oobleck. With no pressure on it, it is a liquid, however with pressure on it it turns solid. Which is actually the opposite of soap.
Mr Roosterhoff
Mr Roosterhoff - Day ago
"alright guys its late right now" shows the time on screen, says 03:02 am.
Spencer Abela
Spencer Abela - Day ago
Freaking jump scare jc
Kats The Panda
Kats The Panda - Day ago
Matthias is so confused by "dream until your dreams come true" has he never listened to aerosmith?....
Ella Kalnins
Ella Kalnins - Day ago
the green wig should be s thing that comes out every so often
Paige 1996
Paige 1996 - Day ago
Lol TANNER it’s Star Trek and they were called tribbles 😂
jojostaley - Day ago
thats all folks
* AubsBaubs3000 *
* AubsBaubs3000 * - Day ago
Blesssssss Youuuuuu Mattttttt! 😂
Alexia Hill
Alexia Hill - Day ago
Chipsu - Day ago
Just 84k likes?
Akisha Parker
Akisha Parker - Day ago
that ikea comment is going to make me real cautious
saffron_ panda
saffron_ panda - Day ago
Tanner is ninja haha
Ella Kalnins
Ella Kalnins - 2 days ago
the green wig needs to be a frequent thing
ImperialChaos - 2 days ago
I was about to throw my phone the second the jump scare cams up like if u agree

Latoya Miller
Latoya Miller - 2 days ago
I laughed at this part for hours 14:34😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹
Grace Vonderheide
Grace Vonderheide - 2 days ago
It’s not slime it’s obleck
Derek Armstrong
Derek Armstrong - 2 days ago
Goal Slayin Darlin
Goal Slayin Darlin - 2 days ago
Who else saw the dabbing Matthias between tanner and Michael
Heidi Tigges
Heidi Tigges - 2 days ago
Dustin Aldridge
Dustin Aldridge - 2 days ago
Tribbles! From "The Trouble With Tribbles" episode.
Maitphang Marwein
Maitphang Marwein - 2 days ago
He look like a girl with blue hair and disgusting teeth plus with that thing in his hair .. he has became an ugly man 😷😷😷😷awkkkk BTW i like the green hare hehehehe 😁😀😀😂 good job bro with the blue hare hope ull lost all your hair and become ball
rainbow gamer FNAF
rainbow gamer FNAF - 2 days ago
11:25 im watching this at 3 am and it scared me XD
Abigail sklavenitis
Abigail sklavenitis - 3 days ago
It’s ooblec
The adventure kid
The adventure kid - 3 days ago
Mack Harris
Mack Harris - 3 days ago
Tanner looks like Pat with the teeth
King josh
King josh - 3 days ago
That's not slime it's oobleck
Laura Sheehan
Laura Sheehan - 3 days ago
what do they consider bad ratings? 3-4 stars?
I thought it would be 0-2 stars.
Sonya A
Sonya A - 3 days ago
18:44 where's doll matthias head
Oussama Eldimashki
Oussama Eldimashki - 3 days ago
Tanner looks like granny in those fake teeth
Emma Bassett
Emma Bassett - 4 days ago
at 1:26 that scared me so bad
Shreyan Sunkari
Shreyan Sunkari - 4 days ago
tanner looks like Patrick with those teeth
Amit Sagive
Amit Sagive - 4 days ago
19:32 bugs killers
Amit Sagive
Amit Sagive - 4 days ago
11:27 no real and all know it but is fucking scar me dude
sabra white
sabra white - 4 days ago
omggg. tanner looks like normal spongebob with those teeth.
vocalidfan164 - 4 days ago
11:22 this actually made me jump lol
NickTheBeastGamer999 - 5 days ago
When he put on the fake teeth he looked like the dude in son of the mask
Nicole Moso
Nicole Moso - 5 days ago
11:26 that actually scared me😂😂😂
FaZe Robloxguy
FaZe Robloxguy - 5 days ago
Whiteshark 2009
Whiteshark 2009 - 5 days ago
I’m watching this at 9:05 pm so heck ya I need a nap
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