The Fall of Constantinople

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Boran Kılıç
Boran Kılıç - 2 hours ago
BaY XYZ - 4 hours ago
the last part was not true.
muzammel hoque
muzammel hoque - 12 hours ago
So many wrong information in this video.
obeezy E
obeezy E - 17 hours ago
Should've used ezio auditore
Adam Khurshid
Adam Khurshid - 20 hours ago
if you want to die because you watched a video so bad and filled with so many lies that you can't express yourself this is the video for you.
William Batman
William Batman - Day ago
For some reason i'm getting the vibes of Viva La Vida by Coldplay
Dr. Sheuli Yasmin
Dr. Sheuli Yasmin - Day ago
Byzantine empire is evil but ottoman empire is best kind.
Awais Tariq
Awais Tariq - Day ago
Fall of one Empire is Gain for Another.
annyas inc
annyas inc - Day ago
I loved your channel tho ... shame on u ^-^
1 sided video and with many wrong infos
ak47 crete
ak47 crete - Day ago
Constantinople is GREEK
Mus thafa
Mus thafa - 10 hours ago
ak47 crete coming soon to crusade buddest
MrCabbuge - Day ago
Typical muslims, first do then think
King Andres
King Andres - 2 days ago
Mmmmm muslims
Vicky Setiawan
Vicky Setiawan - 2 days ago
3 days non-stop violence?

Can you add better jokes?
Boran Karadeniz
Boran Karadeniz - 2 days ago
ottomans are tırks not arabians stop depicting them like arabians
권혁진 - 2 days ago
Since 1453, Empire of roma is sultan of turkey
Alcer scruro
Alcer scruro - 2 days ago
The canons never broke the walls some traitor open one of the gates remember the cities falls from inside.
Rhely Putra
Rhely Putra - 2 days ago
report this video
there are so many wrong fact
Lone wolf
Lone wolf - 2 days ago
Wow where the heck you get those information because most of it is wrong especially the last part.
DutchDevilXL - 2 days ago
I dont know about you. But in total war 2 i am playing the byzantine empire. And ive crushed the turks and moving on to Egypt! So yea... all lies bejng told here. Byzantine empire didnt lose a battle..EVER! i know. I was there
The Okami
The Okami - 3 days ago
Too much misinformation in this video...can you be professional in researching the true fact...You must not show partiality
wahidur rahman
wahidur rahman - 3 days ago
They need to get there sources correct, make sure you do better research
Alex Shuysky
Alex Shuysky - 3 days ago
Byzantine Empire is doomed as soon as the Turks crossed Gallipoli and settled in Rümelia. They should've abandoned the city and moved to Adrianople as soon as they lost control of Asia Minor.
HiperALFA - 3 days ago
As one of your Turkish subscribers I'm disappointed that you guys cannot be impartial about history. This video basically shows Turks as evildoers. You've even drawn devil horns on the sultan. Do you just want to alienate people? Because this video is a great example of how to alienate people.
عبدالرحمن ماهر
Great sources three from Wikipedia and 1 from a writer not providing any sources, before making any video do your research well and remove you biased opinion.
Faiz Master
Faiz Master - 3 days ago
Fazar Rahman
Fazar Rahman - 4 days ago
Thanks to fourth crusaders, the Constantinople has become far weaker than it really was.
Mr. HQ Notty
Mr. HQ Notty - 4 days ago
The last part is wrong!!!
Hakan Denizhan
Hakan Denizhan - 4 days ago
So much misinformation. Especially the last part. You simply wouldn't loot and demolish your new capital, would you?
Hakan Denizhan
Hakan Denizhan - 4 days ago
I unfollowed this channel because i value accuracy.
Yamtar TR
Yamtar TR - 4 days ago
Love this channel but extremely inaccurate. Especially about the part after the seige. Would be great if you cite your sources in the corner of the video or in the description. Also, you failed to mention that Mehmed II was also an engineer who worked in the building of those artilleries.
D _lol
D _lol - 4 days ago
last part is just fake
Willis Eicher
Willis Eicher - 4 days ago
7:08 minecraft death sound
Syed Rehman
Syed Rehman - 4 days ago
i like this channel but its clear the creators definitely had a bias. very inaccurate
Heier - 4 days ago
Never forget.
Seta - 4 days ago
What a missleading information is this.
31Hosaf - 4 days ago
Wow such wrong into. Unsubscribing
Killjoy0329 - 4 days ago
He’s the type of Minecraft player who be like “oh what a beautiful house you’ve built!” And proceeds to put TNT
Yusuf Maulana Efendi
Yusuf Maulana Efendi - 5 days ago
Too many wrong fact.. the slaughter is fake.. the history doesnt say that..
HotZetiGer - 5 days ago
Genghis khan tears :P
Murat Necip Arcan
Murat Necip Arcan - 5 days ago
ah It's just about a few cannon and the ships which are walking,
Yasin Ks
Yasin Ks - 5 days ago
This video has so many wrong information that it should be illegal to keep this video up.
ghost - 5 days ago
How sad it is that we left constantinopole in their hands.They tried to steal the glory of europe and even at this day they attempt to take it
DarkusBlackusStudiosus - 5 days ago
7:07 Apparently Mehmed II had played minecraft
Amali Homer
Amali Homer - 5 days ago
BotSimo. - 5 days ago
My name is constantino xD
Cycris -
Cycris - - 5 days ago
Why is Orban black.
Dzaky Zaidan
Dzaky Zaidan - 5 days ago
40% of the video is wrong...
Greg Jordan
Greg Jordan - 5 days ago
Constantinople in greek mean city of constantinos!!
ZEERICH - 5 days ago
Why are all the turks saying this video is inaccurate or biased? Almost everything in the video is historically accurate, especially the sacking and plundering of the city which is very well documented.
ahmed muhammed
ahmed muhammed - 5 days ago
Bro i have studied history and iam pretty sure there are lots of wrong info here or the books that I studied.
Rainn -FIN-
Rainn -FIN- - 5 days ago
Retake Constantinople
Mus thafa
Mus thafa - 3 days ago
Rainn -FIN- age of emphire
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