The Fall of Constantinople

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Cirak Mahmut
Cirak Mahmut - 9 hours ago
There is lots of wrong in this video
Games channel
Games channel - 10 hours ago
That's all the wrong facts
FaiNted - 23 hours ago
10:21 to the end the facts are absurd and wrong
DroolingBalloon - Day ago
the greatest griefers on minecrafts oldest world server
Mr. Riz
Mr. Riz - Day ago
Hmm, what source says that the Ottomans plundered the city and why do you portray Urban* not Orban as a witch? Like, his a Hungarian scientist. Yes the impalement and some horrors of war did happen but it didn't happen to the citizens. It only was between the two rivals.
XRP - Day ago
The Sultan was only 21 years old when he took Constantinople
Frank Castle
Frank Castle - Day ago
Because Europe and the piece of s*** Pope Let Them Fall
Layla 23
Layla 23 - Day ago
The Ottoman Empire rises and it became unstoppable
The whole world: No!!!
Bosnian muslims: Welcome, welcome we made Baklava
yunus bayrak
yunus bayrak - 2 days ago
so many wrong things
CIA - 2 days ago
if the ottomans tried to attack the romans 1000 years ago they wouldve got completely eradicated
ᠮᠥᠩᠬᠡᠪᠠᠲᠤ ᠪᠠᠭᠠᠲᠤᠷ
ottoman is Mongol origin 🇹🇷🇹🇷
Khatagin ,Saljuud and Kayat Borjigin( Genghiskhan's clan) are tree brothers .
Ottoman turkish clan Kayi is mongolian Kaiyat tribe.
Mongol saljuuds..
Ghost For Hire
Ghost For Hire - 4 days ago
Constantinople : we are well fortified we can hold any attack
Ottomans : I'm About to End This city's Whole Career
Komoruler Mauridi
Komoruler Mauridi - 4 days ago
What about Serbians attacking Constantinople or that one door that the Byzantines forgot open
Bob Jones
Bob Jones - 5 days ago
Turks are the greatest
Arsenal Fan
Arsenal Fan - 5 days ago
When the time machine comes I’m going to defeat the ottoman army with tanks
Steven Wertyuiooo
Steven Wertyuiooo - 5 days ago
Western Powers that betrayed the Byzantine Empire in the first fall of Constantinople resulting them to be weak against the Ottomans:
*I have never met this city in my life!*
Al Tanvir Alam
Al Tanvir Alam - 6 days ago
Racist, one sided, filled with lies YouTube videos exist
The Infographics Show: The fall of Constantinople
XoulioManolio - 6 days ago
Us against the Ottomans.... Europe paid and continues to pay their refusal to help..
shoaib islam
shoaib islam - 7 days ago
I'll vilify the Ottomans in a sophisticated way- Oh wait, that's what Europeans have been doing for centuries!
lone wolf
lone wolf - 7 days ago
Oh wow this is the topic of my teacher lol
Mahmut Tuncer
Mahmut Tuncer - 7 days ago
Quick info actually mehmed design that artilary hungarian dude just build it
Farmator Official
Farmator Official - 8 days ago
This is not accurate. When the Ottomans annexed Constantinople, they treated the people perfectly, and sultan Mehmed ii doesnt slaughtered the people.
Ilham Nurul Fauzan Firdaus
the worst video made by the infographic show, one sided, very bad researched, very inacurate, very dissappointing
Walter White
Walter White - 9 days ago
stop saying it is inaccurate, the facts are real
shadow-x-v - 9 days ago
Is the Wikipedia sources credible ? .
D. Darwis
D. Darwis - 10 days ago
A disgrace to the history law and order. A one sided scrutiny discussion. Should be more real in the future displaying a true work of history; not denying, despising nor changing the facts of what have already been recorded. For the sake of the younger generation. AGAINST CORRUPTION OF THE HISTORY!
D. Darwis
D. Darwis - 10 days ago
The last part about Sultan Muhammad Al-Fateh grant his soldier a three days of massive looting and violent is absolutely a false statement. Find a book title "The Holy War for Constantinople and the Clash of Islam and The West" by Sir Roger Crowley. Brush up some facts back up guys.. Read till you know it true
KALONGTOTO TOGEL - 10 days ago
how the city is ISTANBUL
Bebo Alghoul
Bebo Alghoul - 10 days ago
This video is all fake. Watch at your own risk
Kay Khai
Kay Khai - 11 days ago
the info cant get any more wrong than this.
Call Of Duty Mobile
Call Of Duty Mobile - 11 days ago
Wan Haiekal
Wan Haiekal - 11 days ago
Any muslims?
Constellation 2023
Constellation 2023 - 11 days ago
Totally partial view of history with false information served as facts.
Might as well make up a story and call it "The Fall of Constantinople".
urartuboy memeboy
urartuboy memeboy - 11 days ago
if you want to keep the man from crying, you can defend his city at the free browser game medieval-europedoteu. Historical facts don't matter there either :)
Omar Mpamba
Omar Mpamba - 11 days ago
7:37 Tyrion Lannister's wild fire idea
dreamhackz - 11 days ago
For the last part,
If there are multiple sources on it why you only the take the one with bad interpration?
And if ottoman really mascare all people, how come istanbul stood hundreds of year under ottoman?
6gab6 - 12 days ago
why did they make 11 constantines
M E - 12 days ago
At what age Sultan Muhammed started to conquer Constatine?
Yusuf Gilgil
Yusuf Gilgil - 13 days ago
You need to do more research before you make a video about History
Agent58 - 13 days ago
It was not the Ottomans who killed the rome, it was crusaders.
blini laci
blini laci - 13 days ago
"Days of unlimitied looting, violence and destruction" yet somhow they missed damaging that small insignificant church called hagia sophia which is still standing even to this day. Shows a lot about the biased and false info of this video.
Aetherius はん
Aetherius はん - 13 days ago
Mehmed II was 21 years old when he conquered the Costantinople
Muzakkir Ansari
Muzakkir Ansari - 14 days ago
This video doesn’t say all the truth,
This video is a lie, Turkish didn’t murdered anyone, after conquering the Constantinople
Mazrix D_Law
Mazrix D_Law - 14 days ago
this video deserve dislikes
배진아 - 14 days ago
Wait so he returned the gifts, and executed his diplomats? That’s some mad disrespect there
لاتهتم فلا احد غيرك يهتم
Lying Children, women, men and old people who did not fight were not allowed to be killed
Haydar Özkömürcü
Haydar Özkömürcü - 15 days ago
You've sad only one fact true; video telling about of year 1453. Just trash talk.
mike maes
mike maes - 15 days ago
Mavi Kartal
Mavi Kartal - 16 days ago
We first invented walking ships. Next objective:inventing walking planes
Kars - 16 days ago
Your video is full of mistakes please do a research before making a video.
Kars - 16 days ago
As I know Mehmet the 2nd make the cannon’s design himself and named it Sahi cannon.
j kat
j kat - 16 days ago
i hate history homework 😔
Dopplin - 17 days ago
Both Spain and Britain had not been founded yet
Ege Altıntuğlu
Ege Altıntuğlu - 17 days ago
They weren’t slaved
Aniq Irfan
Aniq Irfan - 17 days ago
not true at all
Ethan John Ibasco
Ethan John Ibasco - 17 days ago
nuke nuke ak 47 rpg
Stars - 17 days ago
My city 🇹🇷
Admiral King
Admiral King - 17 days ago
Wrong fact dude
Haz 666
Haz 666 - 17 days ago
Make sure the fact is true before making a video
The Puppet Master
The Puppet Master - 18 days ago
1. Ottomans showcased as arabs but matter the fact they had their own janissaries clothes non related to arabic style
2. City was not pillaged , in fact sultan mehmed told the citizens they can either live in the city with them in peace, or they can choose to abondon it; for people choose to stay is free to worship their own religion and wont be forced to convert muslim however in and attempt of overthrow, riot or revolt no traitors will be spared
3. The great engineer was tortured by byzantines to work for them, thus he grow hatred against byzantines and switched his side to ottomans
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