The Fall of Constantinople

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David Wickman
David Wickman - 5 hours ago
I don’t think that last part with the slavery is right. How could the Ottoman’s Constantinople have such a large free Roman population for the longest if most of the Romans originally there were enslaved? It might be because they weren’t enslaved at all
Apprentice Gamer
Apprentice Gamer - 16 hours ago
Nice racist ending twist you fake historian
Afiq Aiman
Afiq Aiman - Day ago
Bad video, false fact 👎
Sarmad Qureshi
Sarmad Qureshi - Day ago
This video is wrong, you're giving a one sided opinion.
Hasan Sheriff
Hasan Sheriff - 2 days ago
There was no violence after conquering of constantinople. You Hateres and Hate Mongers..
Burcu Gulen
Burcu Gulen - 2 days ago
%60 wrong
Learn more about history before making videos 😝
Ottomans are not arabs but you show them lıke they are arabs 😑look at their clothes
bazingaa zumba
bazingaa zumba - 2 days ago
Free Constantinople, it belongs to Christians
Yasemin Akay
Yasemin Akay - 3 days ago
It was the janissaries that breached through those walls. Also those 3 days were celebrations, not destructions. Know the history correctly. And please, don't draw the devils ears on the man who actually saved the Christian's from further civil wars.
Jack Blackbeard
Jack Blackbeard - 5 days ago
Hahah... Western story telling style apologizing their defeat.
Toufik 77toufik
Toufik 77toufik - 6 days ago
That's fake history you think that your 100 years civilisation knows better than the very old ones .
Ahmet Özlük
Ahmet Özlük - 6 days ago
We are TURKS not ARAB plase understand
Sarı Tostos
Sarı Tostos - 7 days ago
Why do you show the sultan mehmed like a evil emperor?
Cleanframe - 7 days ago
Should I just listen to the song "It's Istanbul not Constantinople" and be on my way?
William Diaz
William Diaz - 7 days ago
Lets just call it what it is, Islamic invasion - thats what they do, have always done, and will always do. Have you noticed the ones complaining about accuracy are also the ones with the more...oh, how does one say, Middle Eastern names? Yeah, I noticed. Taqiya is a foreign concept to Western people, but essentially it means anyone who is Muslim is free to lie, deceive and spread misinformation about Islam, even to go as so far as to pretend they renounced the religion itself (which is haram) and are forgiven by "Allah" because it benefits the "faith" - One way Taqiya is prevalent is by acting "disappointed" and "victimize" themselves as everyone else having skewed wrong views of Islamic life and the belief in divide, conquer and reform Christian symbols into Islamic ones. Hagia Sofia is a great example. Egypt is another example. Lebanon is another example. Persia aka Iran aka Islamic Republic of Iran is yet another. The desire to build a mosque next to 9/11 Ground Zero, all are part of this deception.
TheCentralPartyArchive - 8 days ago
Crusades in Minecraft Like 7:07
ABDUL HAMID - 9 days ago
Biased information
Muhd Ikhwan Ridzuan
Muhd Ikhwan Ridzuan - 10 days ago
Dude you get the wrong information about ottoman empire , where is the source? Especially when it comes to the last part , you really get it wrong, ottoman empire does not harm any of the citizen of constantinople. NO ONE OF ISLAMIC TROOPS HARM THE CITIZENS OF CONSTANTINOPLE
El Manifesto
El Manifesto - 11 days ago
No! Orban had been captured by Byzantine. He had been tortured to build a cannon. The ottoman dig an underground tunnel to save the orban in the prison. If you dont trust, you can go to the Istanbul and we can see a really long underground tunnel there. Whats wrong with this video. Tell the facts bro not the myths.
Axel Åkesson
Axel Åkesson - 13 days ago
Can you do a video about why Sparta did fall
Ghadeer Jd
Ghadeer Jd - 13 days ago
Wow, taken word by word from Wikipedia
GREEN the pokemon trainer
allmost every word of what you just said was wrong.
Bilal Tahir
Bilal Tahir - 14 days ago
That was not fall. That was conquest
ILN RiZen - 14 days ago
NO shit
NO shit - 14 days ago
I thought ottoman empire is turkish armies
Hessne - 15 days ago
Wrong facts
A3NzIi - 15 days ago
What a brutal war
super kostas 150
super kostas 150 - 15 days ago
:( love to byzantine :(
ROYAL BLADE - 15 days ago
50% of information are wrong......i don't expect this from this channel
MMA king
MMA king - 16 days ago
As a Muslim, I apologize on behalf of all Muslims for this WRONGFUL conquest of Constantinople in 1453. The 9000 byzantines did not want any war, yet we, outnumbering them by 200,000 still chose to wage war, I think we were brainwashed by the zionists ! The hadith is referring to a conquest of Constantinople that is yet to happen, and it will happen to conquer it back from the Turkish/NATO and hand it back to the orthodox christians and return Hagia Sophia to the christians.
Alperen Yılmaz
Alperen Yılmaz - 8 days ago
No one was brainwashed. Conquering Istanbul was the dream of every sultan. And times has changed. You think Turkey would give Istanbul back? No other country would do such a think.
Azrol Najmi Najmi
Azrol Najmi Najmi - 16 days ago
That is wrong history fact
Art of Zeta
Art of Zeta - 17 days ago
Willy Draws
Willy Draws - 18 days ago
Information is not quite accurate
Willy Draws
Willy Draws - 18 days ago
But okay I think
geralt of rivia 1907
geralt of rivia 1907 - 18 days ago
It wasnt a fall it was a conquest
Georg Fischer
Georg Fischer - 18 days ago
So many offended muslims here . . .
Humeyra Aysenur
Humeyra Aysenur - 19 days ago
Whenever you watch Istanbul, Turkey, Ottoman on a TV show ( like now on Netflix), you see people depicted as Araps, or barbaric and the place in chaos. We don't have CAMELS in Turkey., we have BEAUTIFUL THREE SEA AROUND TURKEY BETTER THAN yours in Florida, or California.
Our music, language, culture, look are all different and unique . I laugh when I see belly dance, Arabic music attached to a movie which has nothing to do with us.
Perhaps, some people still can't digest take over of Constantinople. But even New York was once New Amsterdam.
S H - 19 days ago
Whoever made this video is still salty the ottomans won 😂 lies at the end of its just burning down... many civilians were kept on with both Christian and Jews being allowed to live there. Though many chose to leave after a short while.
Σωτήρης Νασιόπουλος
@Σωτήρης Νασιόπουλος I AM YOUR FATHER Gayreek
Σωτήρης Νασιόπουλος
Bruh none cares Boomer
SALEH-SA7 - 19 days ago
Why did they make the Sultan and orban look like devils
GREEN the pokemon trainer
i do not know :/ and i did not expect such stuff from yhos channel
SALEH-SA7 - 19 days ago
Its not a fall its a conquest this is why they call him mehmet the conqueror
NO Y - 20 days ago
Wow this video was so far off from the truth, it's unbelievable... Where did you learn history? Trump University?
Labib Sayeed
Labib Sayeed - 20 days ago
I always adored you videos guys , but most of the statements are just fauls in this video , should have done more research before making this ,,,, or at least take notes from couple of the historians . Most of the historians disagree with this version
Hannibal Barca
Hannibal Barca - 20 days ago
Please just click off this video almost everything is wrong
Shrikantiah TDR
Shrikantiah TDR - 20 days ago
Btw. Sultan Memud was just 21 when he invaded Constantiopole. An almost impossible feat during that time.
Shrikantiah TDR
Shrikantiah TDR - 20 days ago
Anyone here after Netflix's production on Sultan Memud and the invasion of Constantinople.
joi_is _love333
joi_is _love333 - 20 days ago
Blame this on THE CATHOLIC CRUSADER and the greedy VENETIAN MERCHANT. They created this situation.
The gaming POKEMON
The gaming POKEMON - 21 day ago
The guy who made this video is clearly a Turkish hater unsubbed
M.Sakkejha Humanitarian
that video was cringey
Rocket Fire
Rocket Fire - 21 day ago
Take me bake to consandnople
seyar hamidi
seyar hamidi - 21 day ago
Lol this is the Fox News version of story
bthn nyz
bthn nyz - 23 days ago
that was 11 Minutes of bs
Shawn Steinman
Shawn Steinman - 23 days ago
So they used an Engineer from Hungray to build the bombs that ultimately broke walls that were built back in the year 500?
Can you only imagine if the Bysintines were to just drop what they were doing and sail for America in say the year 700? What a different world it would be.
viralshield - 24 days ago
Why did you painted Orban in back ? You know that hungarians are white blue eyed and blonde ... right ?
adeel miah
adeel miah - 24 days ago
This is inaccurate and is not factually accurate. Especially the last part!
Mohamed - 24 days ago
The last part is lies.
Imran Zahid
Imran Zahid - 24 days ago
40% wrong data is presented in this video.
Moody moo
Moody moo - 24 days ago
i think the sultans actual name in turkish is osman because the ottomans were muslims and i am so i know muslims names
Amirrul akram Sulaiman
Amirrul akram Sulaiman - 24 days ago
Stranger2Langley - 25 days ago
Why would the sultan order a three day pillage for his future capital city? It makes no sense at all.
Axl - 25 days ago
ahah you have to read some history book all facts are wrong
Serkan Bilici
Serkan Bilici - 25 days ago
tarik 100tarik
tarik 100tarik - 25 days ago
First time I disliked infographic video because of false facts
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