$309 KFC Famous Bowl | Fancy Fast Food | Mythical Kitchen

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Nana Chan
Nana Chan - 3 hours ago
Thank you Mr editor. Having the camera follow the spork at the end when he threw it xD lmfao im dead
Cheryl Berg
Cheryl Berg - 4 hours ago
ha ha @ come back here and kiss me again
magoonart - 8 hours ago
magoonart - 9 hours ago
18:05 Who else is feeling that sexual tension?!
Brice Bokesch
Brice Bokesch - 9 hours ago
this is the greatest channel on youtube
Raven_Darkwood - 9 hours ago
I legit was lulled into thinking these two were a married couple XD Josh is a delight and so freaking cute!!
magoonart - 9 hours ago
Josh:”We once turned a car into a pizza”
Man who clearly does not care:”I like that.”
Josh: “ Mike put a car on cheese wheels?”
Man who does not care:” Uh huh.”
fercheese seven
fercheese seven - 9 hours ago
6:39 Ooh Cheesus!
Amalfi Killa
Amalfi Killa - 12 hours ago
These videos get more beautiful by the second and I sponsor that haha
Austin Poling
Austin Poling - 16 hours ago
As funny as this show gets its a legitimate culinary resource. I never knew to start the potatoes in cold water!
RealityIsPoison - 16 hours ago
more like a hundred but ok ^^
Kermyt Padilla
Kermyt Padilla - Day ago
I love this episode 😭
andiem22 - Day ago
This is my favourite pairing. Alllll the movie references 😂😂
Rhys Ellis
Rhys Ellis - Day ago
Joshes face at 18:10 tho
YankinANDGankin - Day ago
Love how he mixes up Judge Dredd and Demolition Man 😒
Sarah Sparks
Sarah Sparks - Day ago
Has fancy smoothie king been suggested?
Jason Douglas
Jason Douglas - Day ago
Wesley Snipes was in Demolition Man.... Not Judge Dredd !!!! Duhhhh 😎 jk.
Im surprised 100000000 people didn't throw a fit about it
tintinismybelgian - Day ago
I tried to find the story about the restraining order, but I failed to find anything about telephones or brains.
Lone wolf 2
Lone wolf 2 - Day ago
2:26 does size matter?

Yes yes it does
scotty dont40
scotty dont40 - Day ago
Are they on edibles
Lightning Gamer
Lightning Gamer - Day ago
Damn, that looks delicious :O I wish I could afford that version but I can't under 5 dollars for me. I would make like a 60 dollar version if I knew how though :O
joseph albright
joseph albright - Day ago
Guys, just get a room already.
Whitney Terry
Whitney Terry - Day ago
I'm gonna need some more Josh and Lucas action!!
Adam Ross
Adam Ross - Day ago
"Pompadour Squire" is my next band's name.
Selena nicole
Selena nicole - Day ago
Favorite guest thusfar
PyrozPlayground - Day ago
Props on the Dana Carvey reference at 10:29! That's one of my all-time favorite stand-up shows!
Brian Thompson
Brian Thompson - Day ago
Anyone else think chef Andy looks exactly like David spade
Aly Schroeder
Aly Schroeder - Day ago
Josh why do you have to make innocent so people uncomfortable
The lighthouse Adventures
Can't believe I don't see anyone mentioning the chopping broccoli comment he said.....that's how you know YouTube is full of 9 year olds because no one knows who Dana carvey is.....
Garduzaa 4KT
Garduzaa 4KT - 2 days ago
nobody plans on making this but good content
Mr Design
Mr Design - 2 days ago
josh!! how the hell did you get david spade?!?!? lmao
Josie Whitley
Josie Whitley - 2 days ago
you both have such great chemistry together i love it
8th Hokage
8th Hokage - 2 days ago
Like Takashi 69 😂😂
Cordia Herndon
Cordia Herndon - 2 days ago
Thomas Edison was a Wannabe Tesla
Arson Tarantino
Arson Tarantino - 2 days ago
Lol tekashi69
Andrea Lahey
Andrea Lahey - 2 days ago
Absolutely one of my favorite guests, love this episode.
QuantumJUICE - 2 days ago
Aaron Y
Aaron Y - 2 days ago
These dudes are so cringey infront of the chef.
Landon Shiland
Landon Shiland - 2 days ago
That chief dude be strait viben he be chill
TheMowens - 2 days ago
This is the first time I've ever heard someone else use the term "complisult". My friends and I give those out on the daily.
Alleys Dark and Bright
Alleys Dark and Bright - 23 hours ago
I heard that as French I didn't know and felt like a jackass. Less so, now!
TheEdmarti - 2 days ago
Judge Dreed no Snipes. Demolition man Snipes. Both staring Stallone lol
DrowsyProductionStudio - 2 days ago
11:08 is anyone gonna talk about the Onion that randomly appears on Josh's shoulder? 😂
dickthedestroyer - 2 days ago
Fun fact Thomas Edison basically invented nothing he stole most of his well known inventions. Nikola Tesla should be known as the best inventor of all time not Edison
Sunny Edge
Sunny Edge - 2 days ago
This is awesome
Tipsey McStagger
Tipsey McStagger - 2 days ago
ZR-30 - 2 days ago
I want the deleted scenes of business owners being like, "these guys are weirdos."
Charles Craft
Charles Craft - 2 days ago
Just had to add you guys made the wrong movie refferance you ment demolition man had Wesley Snipes not dredd
Amy Stone
Amy Stone - 2 days ago
"Choppin brocolli" isnt that the adam Sandler song reference?
Dustin M
Dustin M - 2 days ago
Don't get me wrong, I love the Mythical Kitchen shows, but does anyone else feel like Josh is just getting to be a little disrespectful to what Rhett and Link have built? Between coming off rude to guests, drinking, and pushing the envelope with his jokes, I just feel like he isn't representing GMM the way that Rhett and Link envisioned it. I may be seeing things wrong.
Amy Stone
Amy Stone - 2 days ago
Josh has the best energy in every video.
Amy Stone
Amy Stone - 2 days ago
How the heck can people eat anything from KFC? Under 7 bucks for 2 bowls should be VERY concerning to people. Barf
Eric Woodard
Eric Woodard - 2 days ago
Stick it is a cinematic masterpiece
Josh S
Josh S - 2 days ago
My lady, she went downtown...
Jack Gladish
Jack Gladish - 2 days ago
9:34 they murdered corn
Bass Trammel
Bass Trammel - 2 days ago
"we should go on a double date!"

The other couple would be very lucky to get that invite, Josh!
Alleys Dark and Bright
Alleys Dark and Bright - 23 hours ago
The gals will very much take a backseat on that excursion.
Cat Lady
Cat Lady - 2 days ago
I love these beautiful bastards, bless them
Holly Lane
Holly Lane - 2 days ago
Did no one else notice the random onion that appears on Josh's shoulder at 11:09?
Seeky Unbounded
Seeky Unbounded - 2 days ago
Fujoshi unite
Eathan Sampson
Eathan Sampson - 2 days ago
“Like Tikashi 69” 😂😂😂
Peyton Harden
Peyton Harden - 2 days ago
Netflix: are you still watching. Someone’s daughter: 14:37
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