The Curious Death Of Vincent Van Gogh

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Avery Klima
Avery Klima - 10 days ago
Thoughts on Edgar Allen Poe’s death?? I say it’s rabies.
Rory The Dinosaur
Rory The Dinosaur - 10 days ago
Did u get Timmy’s ball back?
Zali Rose
Zali Rose - 10 days ago
For Post Mortem - I'm just spitballin' here, but is it possible that Theo killed Vincent? Theo said Vincent had stated that if he ever became a nuisance or burden, he would kill himself (and it's likely Theo, as Vincents brother and closest friend, would've seen his dismay when he told him about his business plans) - but Vincent himself had said he frowned upon suicide and would never commit such an act... It doesn't add up. What if Theo was lying to cover up his crime? It's clear Vinny boy had one or more mental illnesses, and it's common for mental illnesses to run in families. It's a stretch, but what if Theo also had similar illnesses and was just high-functioning? He'd just become a father and had plans to start his own business. Both of those things are a lot to handle on their own, emotionally and financially, but he was also financially supporting his older brother and realistically there didn't seem to be an end in sight. If you add an unstable mental state into this equation, it could be plausible that either Theo hired someone to kill Vincent and dispose of his belongings, or that Theo killed Vincent himself. This would explain the distance between Vincent and the gun, why they couldn't tie a gun to Vincent, but most importantly it explains why Vincent claimed it was suicide - he was protecting his little brother. I would love to hear your take on this theory! #postmortem
josuesoto817 YT
josuesoto817 YT - 2 minutes ago
DEA agent Kiki camarena
lucy M.
lucy M. - Hour ago
what if his brother killed him so he would not have to support him anymore
Toby Monster
Toby Monster - 5 hours ago
Why’s there a gun in the picture
Fernanda González
Fernanda González - 6 hours ago
Hello guys, love the show, you to investigate the death of Luis Andres Colmenares It left me very confused :(
victoria victoria
victoria victoria - 7 hours ago
You should talk about lavena Johnson!!!!
Lana Angier
Lana Angier - 7 hours ago
he only cut off his earlobe tho
22Aidan Gonzalez
22Aidan Gonzalez - 8 hours ago
Do the Abraham Lincoln room in the White House
Kaitlyn P
Kaitlyn P - 8 hours ago
@BuzzfeedUnsolved Can an episode be about Agatha Christie's disappearance?
vortex life
vortex life - 8 hours ago
He’s thanos he said “it’s inevitable”
Melissa Jonesee
Melissa Jonesee - 9 hours ago
What do we know about theo though? Maybe his brother couldn’t pay vincent anymore and killed him out of emotion
Amalie Iversen
Amalie Iversen - 9 hours ago
Charles Dela Cruz
Charles Dela Cruz - 10 hours ago
Pls make a kurt cobain unsolved story🙏🙏🙏
Jake paul lovers
Jake paul lovers - 10 hours ago
Shane and Ryan: (wheeze)
Fallulah Fallulah
Fallulah Fallulah - 10 hours ago
Empathy must be a newer invention. God, I feel so sad for Vincent. All he wanted was models to paint, and people just dismissed him.
E Qui
E Qui - 10 hours ago
Oh no my poor baby Vincent 😭
How could they be so mean to him😡
JoshChvz - 10 hours ago
Do a video about Walt Disney rumored to be frozen
Lexa Nuez
Lexa Nuez - 10 hours ago
bruh the editing ppl outdo themselves every single time huh
Jake Mullins
Jake Mullins - 11 hours ago
did he really eat paint
aurora idk
aurora idk - 11 hours ago
why have teenage boys been toxic from day one??
Daily Dope
Daily Dope - 11 hours ago
Hey Ghoulians...... Watch Top 9 Scary Buzzfeed Unsolved Supernatural moments here
Aquamarine - 12 hours ago
all hail the watcher
hen ko
hen ko - 14 hours ago
Do Edgar Allan Poe next season
FlannelLemon - 14 hours ago
Mystery aside, the editing on this video is so on point.
Bixxie - 14 hours ago
shane being shook about apprenticeships when like half my yeargroup left my school 4 apprenticeships
hellojane - 14 hours ago
Ej and Keon Studio
Ej and Keon Studio - 16 hours ago
Random nerd : AcTualLy van gogh cut his lower earlobe not the full ear
I am not saying any random things this is true he really cut his lower earlobe than the ear itself
master Ahin Ahin
master Ahin Ahin - 18 hours ago
The thumbnail looked like Benedict Cumberbatch
Allison Vargas
Allison Vargas - 19 hours ago
Edgar Allan Poe next, please.
blackpanther - 19 hours ago
why does he look like Benedict Crumblepatch
Something Dreadful
Something Dreadful - 20 hours ago
A .380 is really tiny round to try and kill yourself with.
Something Dreadful
Something Dreadful - 21 hour ago
I have a lot in common with old Vinny, debilitating mental health issues...…… mainly just that actually.
patronuum s
patronuum s - 21 hour ago
the guy in the painting looks like benedict cumberbatch wtf
john hand
john hand - 21 hour ago
He looked like Dr. Strange
AJ Reaction
AJ Reaction - 22 hours ago
But Vincent mentioned a revolver not a pistol
imaginary dragon0
imaginary dragon0 - 22 hours ago
The way Vincent can joke about suicide is just so relatable 😭😂
Ricky Ramierz
Ricky Ramierz - 22 hours ago
The pied piper
tatt oo sticker
tatt oo sticker - 22 hours ago
Please, someone at Buzzfeed, please steal the mannequin in the back that always shows up behind Shane's head
f a i t h
f a i t h - 23 hours ago
van gogh reminds me on benedryl pumpkinpatch
Flyn - 23 hours ago
as a huge van gogh fan i found this really interesting. i love his works and i cried when i got to see starry night in person. he was such a talented artist who sadly wasn't appreciated in his time. i still believe that he was a tortured genius, but seeing this makes me question the idea that he took his own life. if the boys shot him as theorized, it just goes to show what a kind empathetic man he was.
Sabrina Alonzo
Sabrina Alonzo - 23 hours ago
Still waiting for a new episode of the supernatural series. 😀😀
Bo - Day ago
Do Edgar Allan Poe next season
Smonk Purple
Smonk Purple - Day ago
Jenna K.D.F
Jenna K.D.F - Day ago
Immediately pronounces his name wrong 😩😩😩 it’s not ‘go’
Introverted Insomniac
You should do the disappearance of Susan Cox Powell.
Scrambled 59
Scrambled 59 - Day ago
You should do an episode on the Franklin expedition
Annie L
Annie L - Day ago
I love the painting effects done on the sky in the photos.
IM Squiddly
IM Squiddly - Day ago
14:44-14:52 A complete summary of the BSA
Lydia Orme
Lydia Orme - Day ago
Sharniece Carson
Sharniece Carson - Day ago
y’all should check out carie jacob bonds
Nova Richardson
Nova Richardson - Day ago
Good video but I'm disappointed in buzzfeed for spreading misconceptions about suicide. Most people who commit suicide do not leave a note and you often cannot tell if a person is suicidal.
Ava - Day ago
Prolly his brother shot him bc he wanted his art or sumthing then Vincent didn’t want his bro to get in trouble so he said he did it
Betty Page-Crocker
Betty Page-Crocker - Day ago
I think he had someone do it or it was accidental!
fka-eros - Day ago
Do an Unsolved on Venus Xtravaganza. Famous for being in the documentary Paris is Burning. showing life and struggles of Ballroom Culture and the black and Latino LGBTQI community.
She was murdered in the 80s and it's still unsolved. The police tried claiming a "John" (men who seek prostitutes and escorts) murdered her but a lot of people have reason to believe that it was a Cop or a killer who deliberately target trans women and prostitutes. The reason why it's not major news is because back then LGBT people were discriminated alot more harshly than today and people used the HIV and Aids outbreak as justification for violence and murder
I think it would be great for you guys to use your platform to do a story on her and her legacy. Especially considering that Transwoman today still are being murdered for simply existing
Avlin Starfall
Avlin Starfall - Day ago
Could you cover the death of Venus Xtravaganza? Her death is a complete mystery.
panggop jio
panggop jio - Day ago
I hope his innocent soul rests in peace:(
Alexandra Goss
Alexandra Goss - Day ago
Please, someone at Buzzfeed, please steal the mannequin in the back that always shows up behind Shane's head
Johnny Knoxville
Johnny Knoxville - Day ago
I did it
Drew Hedrick
Drew Hedrick - Day ago
Every Buzzfeed Unsolved Video Ever- We have evidence and a motive for this murder
Viewers- So it’s solved?
Ryan and Shane- Well yes, but actually no
Tom Clark
Tom Clark - Day ago
The John dillinger conspiracy next!
Eri - Day ago
i enjoyed this episode so much 💓
nunu - Day ago
the best art ive made came when i was in a dark place. i dont know why but the portraits just come out differently - the skill is from intense emotions and its really therapeutic.
Colin Macc
Colin Macc - Day ago
Maybe it was somebody he payed too kill him? He gave his ear to a sex worker maybe he made a sex worker shoot him.
Lana Hill
Lana Hill - Day ago
Why do they say his name like that? It's not Van Gō it's more like Van Gogh like in hot
Satyendra N Doni Banerjee
Can you cover the death of The Adventurers Of Superman actor George Reeves ?
Lokeii - Day ago
Ryan: talks about Timmy's ball
New Subscribers: 👁○👁 ???
Dr Angelo
Dr Angelo - Day ago
Hi everyone, i am new here and im thinking of making a request. You guys know the amityville house, can we request them to stay in that house for 30 days. Prove that the demon is still lurking there. I dont know, maybe it requires lots of time, but it might be worth it. They never captured solid evidence that could prove the demon's existence anyway.
Love Hate Tragedy82
Whatever happened to Ruining History? Anymore seasons of that coming?
Schaz Nightwalker
Schaz Nightwalker - Day ago
The cases are getting boring
jennifer sier
jennifer sier - Day ago
ugh I'm so annoyed with the way they pronounce Gogh
Mathias Humlebaek
Mathias Humlebaek - Day ago
Do a vid about the russian sleep Experiment
SweetScribe - Day ago
Could he have been robbed?
Molly Davis
Molly Davis - Day ago
i bet that he gave someone his art supplies and in return they’d shoot him
Irah Camid
Irah Camid - Day ago
i would love if they would tackle on the execution of the romanov family
Allison Vargas
Allison Vargas - 19 hours ago
Irah Camid ooh, that’s a good suggestion.
shay cuarz
shay cuarz - Day ago
I hope his innocent soul rests in peace:(
S O E F I A H H - Day ago
That one person in the 19th century.: Bro my boy vin vin should famous
John Somfleth
John Somfleth - Day ago
You guys should do the “Suicide” of Kurt Cobain
i’m on crack
i’m on crack - Day ago
( *wheeze* )
Maria Uribe
Maria Uribe - Day ago
You should’ve done a video on the colmenares case. It’s pretty interesting.
Kiarelys Laboy
Kiarelys Laboy - Day ago
Ryan and Shane should do a episode on marilyn monroe
lena - Day ago
his whole story is so sad tho :/
Jessie Carlson
Jessie Carlson - Day ago
I think you guys are forgetting that people in the 1800s lived for like a lot less time then they do now. Probably like 50 or 60 years...
Brandon Jim
Brandon Jim - Day ago
You guys should do Maurice ward or Jan sloot
OnePeachy Unicorn22
OnePeachy Unicorn22 - 2 days ago
You should do the story of the Egyptian actor soaad Hosny, That'll be real interesting!
c j
c j - 2 days ago
PLEASE cover the death of Kurt Cobain!
Riss -
Riss - - 2 days ago
Mac Stark
Mac Stark - 2 days ago
That awkward moment when you realize that you have been watching UNSOLVED for a longer than you have spent on any work.
Rachel Silverstein
Rachel Silverstein - 2 days ago
hyo__ja - 2 days ago
15:54 the smallest "look at the tears!" ive ever heard
jongup guppie
jongup guppie - 2 days ago
The Dark Lord Cthulhu
The Dark Lord Cthulhu - 2 days ago
I started watching this then realized it was buzzfeed and I can’t take it seriously as their credibility is non-existent
Zen The Nerd Gamer
Zen The Nerd Gamer - 2 days ago
I buy the 2cd theory. It makes so much more sense. I think they actually solved a case😱
Itsa_Ian - 2 days ago
But... didn’t he have a conflict with one of his comrades, leading to the severing of his ear after a fight
Not Giving My Real Name
this week on buzzfeed unsolved we investigate the planet as part of our ongoing investigation into the question, is the earth flat?
Zen The Nerd Gamer
Zen The Nerd Gamer - 2 days ago
3:09 Thats what HE said
Hugh Mongous
Hugh Mongous - 2 days ago
will they keep making more seasons to unsolved? these episodes are the only thing keeping me sane
KaosDaGodd - 2 days ago
This season flue by
Random Rose
Random Rose - 2 days ago
Vans did a Van Gogh collection and I have the almond blossom ones
Lauren Hood
Lauren Hood - 2 days ago
Season 6 :
The Disappearance of Madeleine McCann
sy snootles
sy snootles - 2 days ago
#roastmortem Ryan tried to make his hair as tall as possible to see if he could reach Shane's height. Unfortunately, Shane saw right through this scheme & made his hair even taller, reaching impossible heights. When will little Ryan reach the stars? #loveyouryan #letryanbetall
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