The Curious Death Of Vincent Van Gogh

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BuzzFeed Unsolved Network
BuzzFeed Unsolved Network - 2 months ago
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Liam David
Liam David - Day ago
i know this is unrelated to it, but it reminds me of the death of Meriwether Lewis's death? wether it was suicide or murder? i had to write and essay on it in class before school ended and it really peaked my interest for a history assignment. personally i believe it was murder because there's no way he could've shot him self twice in the head with gun that made tennis ball wholes in things up close.
A C - Month ago
BuzzFeed Unsolved Network I think you guys should do a vid on Ted Bundy. I live very close to Seattle and find the whole thing interesting
Avery Klima
Avery Klima - 2 months ago
Thoughts on Edgar Allen Poe’s death?? I say it’s rabies.
KoolAid Man
KoolAid Man - 23 minutes ago
His Ear Kill him, here me out the Ear was Angry so he Killed Van Gogh
Rose Julien Oliveros
Rose Julien Oliveros - 5 hours ago
He really looks like Doctor Strange.
FML - 5 hours ago
This made me want to cry, he seemed so innocent and pure of heart 😥
Martin mir
Martin mir - 11 hours ago
If u guys haven’t done this one yet you guys should do an episode on the boleskin house in Scotland Crowley did some crazy stuff there and spend the night if U could I think it would be a good supernatural episode
Jose Esparza
Jose Esparza - 12 hours ago
Can you guys do an unsolved episode on former WWE superstar Chris Benoit? It was ruled a double murder homicide but there have been conspiracies about foul play.
Jaxon Bunnett
Jaxon Bunnett - 13 hours ago
Ok anyone else anoyyed by how they pronounced his last name, it may just be due to accent/country but personally im from england and over here we pronounce gogh like goth
Kira May
Kira May - 14 hours ago
Can you please cover the case of Little Miss Nobody
Levenyn - Day ago
Intensity in general is often the fuel for creative inspiration. It can be very negative or it can be intense joy, gratitude or even intense serenity. I’m speaking from experience.
John Johnsten
John Johnsten - Day ago
Murder or accidental shooting we'll probably be never know.
Elise - Day ago
You guys should do an unsolved episode on the DEATH OF MARILYN MONROE! There are a lot of crazy theories and a lot of research on the murder! There are theories about the mafia being involved! It would definitely be interesting to see you guys talk about it!
Eric Houle
Eric Houle - Day ago
You guys should do the Chris Benoit case. A lot of mistakes were made in the investigation, too many people out there believe to this day he didn’t do it, and there are still too many unanswered questions.
thatoneguy 95
thatoneguy 95 - Day ago
When u want to timetravle to kill urself but realised it's Multiverse stuff

Gawd I h8 when that happens
thatoneguy 95
thatoneguy 95 - Day ago
Explain the disappearance of Rowley pollies
Dunk Potato
Dunk Potato - Day ago
I swear I remember he died by getting shot at a cafe and there was a painting about it
ZiggyZeg 2005
ZiggyZeg 2005 - Day ago
Walt Disney was homeless, and struggling as well. Think about that
TK 37
TK 37 - Day ago
He had a mental illness, that plays a big part. I think he killed himself
Random guy 6278
Random guy 6278 - Day ago
This explains why he still died in the dw episode and there were no knew works
Princess Jellyfish
Princess Jellyfish - Day ago
Some people speculate that Van had epilepsy because of some of the paintings he did and some other evidence that they found. It is believed that some of Van’s paintings were painted after his seizure attacks.
ZZ Da Weirdo
ZZ Da Weirdo - Day ago
Interesting idea. I like your profile. :)
Abigail Tibben
Abigail Tibben - Day ago
Didn't he cut off his ear because his art buddy was leaving him and he gave the wrapped ear to a (sex) worker in the inn, with directions to give it to the dude...
Creepers Beware
Creepers Beware - 2 days ago
if these guys had a TV show or somthing on Netflix then it will almost be the only show i would watch
SixOk - 2 days ago
Can’t spell paintings without “pain”
Riley Baker
Riley Baker - 2 days ago
Please please PLEASE cover the Crystal Rodgers case! She’s my step aunt and I still don’t understand the case. Maybe the unsolved masters themselves could make any theories? (Ily guys)
stans vass
stans vass - 2 days ago
i swear that soundtrack 20:17 was from the hospital part in kill billl
Make Prussia Great Again
You should do a video on Madison Scott. She disappeared at a camp after everyone left in 2011, at Hogsback Lake during a party. They still search for her 8 years later.
Madeline West
Madeline West - 2 days ago
Bring me Peter pan
Bring me Peter pan - 2 days ago
Wait, he shot himself in the stomach? That's really odd place to shoot themself...
Eva Mosher
Eva Mosher - 2 days ago
Can you do kyron horman's disappearance?
LESTR97 - 3 days ago
I would love to see videos on
1. the Crazy Brabant Killers
2. the disappearance of Lord Lucan
3. the Lake Bodom murders
4. the Ice Box murders
5. the disappearance of Susan Powell
6. the disappearance of the Eilean Mor Lighthouse keepers
7. The Yuba County Five
8. The discovery of 20 severed human feet in Salish Sea
LESTR97 - Day ago
The disappearance of Robert Fisher would also be interesting. FBI has been looking for him for almost 20 years now. Lot of theories on where he went and what happened to him
Tony Amore
Tony Amore - 3 days ago
Like stealing Candy from a Sweet Shop !!
GaelPlaysGames - 3 days ago
Petition to make the mannequin move closer every episode
Attar Singh Dhir
Attar Singh Dhir - 3 days ago
I love how caring and supportive his brother was and to think that in the end Vincent finally paid back his brother by all of his paintings just shows how real their bond was . But it sucks to think that Vincent died believing he was a burden when in reality he paid his brother a million times over
thefancy ghost
thefancy ghost - 3 days ago
You guys should check out the devils tramping ground, it’s mysterious in the sense that nothing ever grows there and people stay the devil walks there at night. It would be really cool as the ghost hunt for a season.
sign ature
sign ature - 3 days ago
Hey you guys, great videos.
For your next one you can cover the story about the plane that landed after 37 years.
Cheddar Cheese
Cheddar Cheese - 3 days ago
PLEASE PLEASE do Kurt Cobain. There's so much evidence that he was murdered.
Galaxy Plant
Galaxy Plant - 3 days ago
in germany it is extremely common to start apprenticeships att liike, 15 to 16. even though it is becoming more popular to continue school. it is just voluntarily
Quilyo - 3 days ago
bruh if timmys a spirit wouldn't he stay in that place because i forgot the name but theres a movie where these people drown and become ghost and can't leave their house so i think it was beetle juice not sure...
Catie Elizabeth
Catie Elizabeth - 3 days ago
I actually did a school project over this, and it still breaks my heart. But one of the theories I believe is that Van Gogh's doctor's son did it.
Tabbs Smith
Tabbs Smith - 3 days ago
Wished you people would pronounce his name right VAN GOFF
Ruozhien Chan
Ruozhien Chan - 3 days ago
The thumbnail look like Benedict Cumberbatch
Khairuddin - 3 days ago
For the next Unsolved True Crime, can you guys investigate and elaborate about the death of Pablo Escobar? like who's the one who shot him and who is actually the mastermind behind Los Pepes???
Tesseract Harpy
Tesseract Harpy - 4 days ago
Where do Vincent Van Gogh?
Bizzle - 4 days ago
Unfortunately/ fortunately a lot of this can be explained away by the fact he was not a rational man
Jaymee Renee
Jaymee Renee - 4 days ago
Ohh Vincent such a sweet sweet man
l i d a
l i d a - 4 days ago
i hope he knows that his most famous art piece is worth 100 million and his work is still admired to this day :(
Fyrefly - 4 days ago
God I love him... he may be a nutter but he’s doing his best
ItsPrettyDeep - 4 days ago
If you would like to see Vincent's story told in a gorgeous art style I suggest the film Loving Vincent on Netflix, it is truly moving.
Lil' Cat
Lil' Cat - 4 days ago
I wonder if he asked someone to do it for him and once they did they couldn't live with themselves so tried to get rid of all the evidence. It could have been someone like his brother seeing how miserable someone you love is could drive you to help them with something so awful.
Kristell Reyes
Kristell Reyes - 4 days ago
Wow this sad
Warling Warling
Warling Warling - 4 days ago
@BuzzFeed Unsolved Network- I really enjoy watching your program but it urges me to ask- what is the credibility of the info you provide? From where do you fetch the facts(which are portrayed as facts in your explanations)?
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