The Curious Death Of Vincent Van Gogh

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Denise Holcomb
Denise Holcomb - 3 days ago
Could they possibly do an autopsy on Van Gogh and actually determine cause of death?
Evan Martin Graham_654
Evan Martin Graham_654 - 2 months ago
Sorry I meant to say I wanted to tell you guys about a story that happened in my pub in my backyard
Evan Martin Graham_654
Evan Martin Graham_654 - 2 months ago
Hi I'm Evelyn but I go by Evan and I was just wondering if I could contact you guys and maybe tell you a story about
XxBaconManxX - 3 months ago
Do the brown mtn lights
B L - 3 months ago
Please make more videos. Love everything about this . Would appreciate more and another season
Btsnotinfiresteam - 12 hours ago
If I’m depressed and if I’m upset I don’t paint or draw, because I honestly have no creativity whatsoever whenever I’m in either of those states. For my stuff to turn out decent I gotta be in the mood to draw like”I feel kinda good about drawing today let’s goooo!”
Ashlynn Venter
Ashlynn Venter - Day ago
I feel very sorry for Vincent and the boys are very mean to Vincent
lucy sherwood
lucy sherwood - Day ago
There's a film called 'Loving Vincent' which talks about the different theories behind his death. It's really engaging and plays out a bit like a who-done-it. Also, the whole film is in the style of Vincent's paintings and it's ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL! To top it off, I think each frame was hand painted too 😊❤️
T B - Day ago
Who is Ted Picasso?
rachelatwisc1 - 2 days ago
Please also create a Buzzfeed Solved. Also, I think Van Gogh has a history of migraines. His swirlies in his pictures really resemble some of the visual distortions associated with migraines. :D
Dulcie Valusek
Dulcie Valusek - 2 days ago
This reminds me of that “Dr Who” episode where he was brought back to see just how much he and his work meant to millions of people. I always tear up when I think of that episode and the look on his face as he heard others discussing his artwork.
Jack Marshall
Jack Marshall - 2 days ago
Was there any blood in the fields
joshshiju123 john
joshshiju123 john - 2 days ago
I wish u guys explore the Amityville house
Jason B
Jason B - 2 days ago
thats kind of hot that he cut off his ear
Denise Holcomb
Denise Holcomb - 3 days ago
He could have been all those things and still have been a tortured 😖 genius
Denise Holcomb
Denise Holcomb - 3 days ago
You two young whipper snappers are a hoot! I love how much fun you have with these videos! Y’all quack me up 😂😂😂
Fran W
Fran W - 3 days ago
this is just sad...
Fran W
Fran W - 3 days ago
wasn't the ear meant for Paul Gauguin?
Abbie Needham
Abbie Needham - 4 days ago
Police officer: Did you mean to shoot yourself
Vincent: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
asjkafk - 4 days ago
I kinda want them to make a video about pepsi paloma
Whize _Playz
Whize _Playz - 4 days ago
Wow making a Excellent Painter history a scary story
Meen - 4 days ago
In Germany that's totally normal with 16.
Zk3o - 4 days ago
*Netherlands has entered the chat*
phillip martin
phillip martin - 4 days ago
7:04 - van Gogh looks likes a sad Christian Bale. A bio pic staring Bale as van Gogh would be great.
Mohamed Khelifi
Mohamed Khelifi - 4 days ago
I live in state college, PA, and that is the most mysterious crime that happened there, I wish you make an episode about it
Gian Kyle P. Bersamina
Gian Kyle P. Bersamina - 4 days ago
either Suicide or Killed Accidentally by drunk 2 teens
Tori Kieschnick
Tori Kieschnick - 5 days ago
he held up that mechanical pencil and i was like 'whaaaaaaaat i have that pencil' lol im so tired
KewlDude Kasia
KewlDude Kasia - 5 days ago
I love Van Gogh. He likes sunflowers too
melle107 - 5 days ago
I was at in the middle of the video when I finally realized it's spelled 'Gogh' not 'Goh' 🤦‍♂️
Rosella Castellox
Rosella Castellox - 5 days ago
Wait what? Van Gogh is Dutch? I thought he”s American.
ThunderClap Clap Trap
ThunderClap Clap Trap - 5 days ago
the thumbnail looks like Benedict Cumberbatch.
Oyon Islam
Oyon Islam - 6 days ago
i clicked because i thought i saw sharlock holmes
Ar rOe
Ar rOe - 6 days ago
Where is the comment that gets upset about how they mispronounce his name?
JoshuaEverette 187
JoshuaEverette 187 - 7 days ago
Are you guys going to do another Season if true crime unsolved?!?!
M0RG0LIG - 8 days ago
How do you actually pronounce his name. Gogh.
froggy - 9 days ago
I highly reccommend for those that are interested in Vincent Van Gogh, should look up the movie 'Loving Vincent'. It's a highly underrated film with every frame an oil painting, inspired by Van Gogh.
Sunmeh Smile 666
Sunmeh Smile 666 - 9 days ago
Van Gogh in the thumbnail lowkey be lookin' like Shane tho-
Carter Haycock
Carter Haycock - 9 days ago
Possibility of suicide:
Ight Imma Head out
constipated in sin city
15:14 They knew who he was and what he became! Young Punks!
warriorchick127 - 10 days ago
I want to just say that Van Goghs most prolific period was actually in the time he was healing and possibly receiving care for his mental health. It wasn't his darkest period. It was his time of being validated and helped.
Kim Le
Kim Le - 10 days ago
XDXDXD the impressionation of the bully boys hah
artsoulfull - 10 days ago
Van Gogh did not cut off his ear, it was just the lobe.
Victor Kronen141
Victor Kronen141 - 10 days ago
Hippety hoppety your goddamn van is my property
LukaTheAlien - 10 days ago
What if someone manipulated him into killing himself?
wendy guchelaar
wendy guchelaar - 10 days ago
Maybe he asked someone else, because he was afraid to do it himself. When the person who shot him dropped the gun Vincent couldn't find it and decided to walk to the village... The person who shot him was scared hid the pistol and art supplies.
Sheri Pilch
Sheri Pilch - 11 days ago
why did the painting of Vincent Van Gogh look like Benedict Cumberbatch?
crist pakil
crist pakil - 11 days ago
Elizabeth Lovett
Elizabeth Lovett - 13 days ago
I'm gonna guess that as far as art not appreciated in it's time is largely due to that the rich of the time considered 'great art' in their opinions - people who rarely base anything they like on their own honest preferences as opposed to whatever is 'in' or showed their status to other rich people or even it's monetary worth. I doubt there's any genuine interest in the art itself as far as the rich and everyone tends to follow the trends of the rich and famous as much as they can. I'm not sure if there was such a thing as art galleries back then or if the general public could enter them either. That's my guess.
Noelia Hernandez
Noelia Hernandez - 13 days ago
Rahkz - 13 days ago
Vicente is my favorite artist
PyroTGR - 14 days ago
I believe Vincent didnt lill himself as he never has a gun or even try to get one. Vincent spend his whole day to paint why would anybody spend a whole day to spend shot himself
peaprod 000
peaprod 000 - 14 days ago
sorry but the beginning just sounds like an art class presentation with scary music
Samantha Browne
Samantha Browne - 15 days ago
He didn't deserve such an unfair life and honestly I feel worse for him knowing that he never got to enjoy the rewards of his art :(
Snickerbeast - 15 days ago
Vincent Van Goghurt?
rebecca Lynn
rebecca Lynn - 15 days ago
You forgot to mention the Gauguin Theory!! Gauguin shot Vincent in this theory and he also was the one to cut of his ear in a fight. The theory was supported by the fact that Vincent’s ear was completely cut of in one stroke and Gauguin was known for his skill in sword fighting. Vincent never said anything because he wanted to be friends with Gauguin. (As far as I remember)
Clara Madelaine
Clara Madelaine - 15 days ago
I started my hairstyling apprenticeship at 16 here in Canada, though I did get lucky with my employer
Blue Ocean
Blue Ocean - 16 days ago
nooooo Im crying T.T
Burhan Mufti
Burhan Mufti - 16 days ago
"someone stole timmy's ball" um...ok
BobTheFat - 16 days ago
drowning is less cowardly because of the pain and fear that you suffer while doing it
yep - 16 days ago
One of his painting is a bunch of crows... Hmm group of crows is called a Murder *suspenseful music*
yourfavejulie - 16 days ago
omg van gogh 👁👄👁👂🏻
Reggie Rocket
Reggie Rocket - 16 days ago
I thought the gun Van Gogh used to "kill himself" is in a museum and is being auctioned...
hailey grey
hailey grey - 17 days ago
mired by folly- ... darn those pesky follies!
Naity - 17 days ago
hi, is ot just me or did thay stop doing buzzfeed unsolved episodes? did the series officially end? please shine some light upon me
Kaelas World
Kaelas World - 18 days ago
Shane is always a mood 💀😂❤️
MissVampirina - 18 days ago
He had tle: temporal lobe epilepsy
Mila Oyama
Mila Oyama - 19 days ago
I love that we pull the same kind of pranks nowadays lol
John Patriot
John Patriot - 19 days ago
Could it be Van Gogh paid someone to shoot him???
Aj Avenida
Aj Avenida - 19 days ago
I'm a 100% sure that the painting on the thumbnail is Benedict Cumberbatch.
Stryc9Nine - 19 days ago
He didn't sever his own ear, that's a fallacy... He got into a sword fight with his close friend Paul Gauguin and Gauguin cut it off.
Heidi Therrien
Heidi Therrien - 19 days ago
I heard that Vincent Vangough had the rare disease Trigeminal Neuralgia. The excruciating pain is what led to his mental state and cutting off his ear. There is still no cure for Trigeminal Neuralgia. The Suicide disease and the most painful disease known to mankind.
Samanta Rosario
Samanta Rosario - 20 days ago
The satisfaction in his face when Ryan said he thought about timmy taking the ball
Gatdh 88
Gatdh 88 - 20 days ago
The Og if simpin
George Murphy
George Murphy - 21 day ago
That looks like Benedict Cumberland
Markus JP
Markus JP - 21 day ago
Vincents iconic style is EXACTLY what psychosis (hallucinations and delusions) alter your world into. The short brushstrokes are the shimmering quality that it gives the entire world, the colors brighten to an unnatural degree, the colors bleed into the surrounding areas and light radiates further. Starry night is the beautiful side of a psychotic experience
Khemziryl Quiao Suminguit
To Vincent Van Gogh please paint me a better world, paint me a view of you that your happy.
Shaw Hur Chee
Shaw Hur Chee - 21 day ago
why does the thumbnail look like a ginger benedict cumberbatch
Sophia Avelin
Sophia Avelin - 21 day ago
i just love shane with all my demon heart
A-FALL - 21 day ago
Out of everything, I think I relate to Van Gogh's want to drown as a form of suicide. Maybe that's just a weird thing to want, but if I were to ever commit suicide, I'd prefer it to be by drowning, too.
SharkChan _Gacha
SharkChan _Gacha - 22 days ago
Fun fact!HE didn't cut off his ear
WarriorWolfeh - 22 days ago
You guys should cover the disappearance of that plane that happened in 2014!!
ShoulderShot - 22 days ago
“Look at the tears” *clap clap clap* Killed me
Not Cool Man
Not Cool Man - 22 days ago
Why is Benedict Cumberbatch in the thumbnail?
henry Likes popcorn
henry Likes popcorn - 22 days ago
this is so weird - in my art history class we talked about his biography and it differs quite a bit ftom this one (this class was in france) - and i also wrote an essay about this and all the information i gathered (half of them in french and the other half in english) supported what my art history teacher told us. i actually thought u just got the facts wrong up until u guys said there were wittnesses at the inn and now im confused lmao
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