Has FENTY Done It Again?! Pro Filt'r Concealer & Setting Powder Review | Jackie Aina

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amber nitschke
amber nitschke - 4 days ago
Jackie is low key a good singer...
Anastacia Clarke
Anastacia Clarke - 6 days ago
Yooo you remind me of Issa Rae 😂
Anastacia Clarke
Anastacia Clarke - 6 days ago
I love you and I’m so happy YouTube recommended me this video
Kiara Catalan
Kiara Catalan - 8 days ago
I enjoy your videos! They are lit!!
Adam ELH
Adam ELH - 9 days ago
Yaaass man down viibeesss!!! 👏🏽👏🏽
Tayvia Ross
Tayvia Ross - 10 days ago
I learned that the hard way. I got Nutmeg, but I applied way too much and it turned my foundation a shade darker lol. I eventually ended up with Honey because me and Nutmeg were NOT getting along lmao
Lesly Segara
Lesly Segara - 10 days ago
Is it for dry skin or oily?
Stella Kigen
Stella Kigen - 11 days ago
I like your makeup but you talk too much 😒
shawolmblft - 11 days ago
no no no ma'am i am here for savage too
Lisa Dale
Lisa Dale - 12 days ago
I Dont Even Wear Make Up BUT Looking At All Your Make Up Videos Just Makes Me Want To Put A Whole Face On Like Everyday Jackie Is A Vibe 🖤
MauiStarz *
MauiStarz * - 17 days ago
Cydney Branch
Cydney Branch - 23 days ago
Your sooo funny! But I love the video just got my FENTY! Your Beautiful 💗
Carolina Eye Candy Beauty & Relaxation Lounge
I really enjoyed this video! 😘😘
Queen Bee
Queen Bee - 29 days ago
Lol,ur commentary is hilarious😂😂😂
Queen Bee
Queen Bee - 29 days ago
Is this the one with Rihanna
Blessed TJ
Blessed TJ - Month ago
Always my favorite person to watch!!! Need that eye makeup tutorial! Beautiful as always. If I could afford it, I would get all the products and start feeling pretty😀. Love watching all your videos!!!
Golden Girlz
Golden Girlz - Month ago
One of the reasons why I watch Jackie's videos is this 0:04
Claribel Tenio
Claribel Tenio - Month ago
I love watching you.. Hehehe.
Rachel Michelle
Rachel Michelle - Month ago
Love your channel❤️❤️❤️❤️ could you please do a video where you kinda explain the steps in applying makeup and what certain products are for- like primers. I’m a beginner and I’m having a very hard time understanding all of it and what are the essentials
EMRP512 - Month ago
im a medium to deep skin tone and don’t have a color in fenty’s foundation, so sad
Lolli Pop
Lolli Pop - Month ago
Sammy K
Sammy K - Month ago
I got a fenty ad before the video lmao
NeverStopLearning DrBard
My grandson loves to hear you say, "Jackie, Jackie, Jackie, Jackie!!"" He gets so happy, so I sing it to him throughout the day. Being mindful that there is no one in my family named JACKIE!!! LOL
Halie Knowles
Halie Knowles - Month ago
Hey @jackieaina I think your Instagram was hacked bc for some reason I’m blocked. Would love it if you could reach out so I could continue supporting you on all your platforms❤️
Javier Mulet
Javier Mulet - Month ago
She rolled the R YASSSS
J Nelso
J Nelso - Month ago
“You not gone see her sitting there waiting for her ride to pick her up” 😭😭😭😂😂
Eerie0Innocence - Month ago
Now we just need a luminous finish foundation from them, and I'll be set for life. Soft Matte's nice, but we need a foundation for the folks with drier skin.
Jackie Aina
Jackie Aina - Month ago
just add moisturizer! Or a dewy skin mist
Avery McAlevy
Avery McAlevy - Month ago
She can sing!!! LASH TIME!!!
Quin Egbe
Quin Egbe - Month ago
Am always here for the jacki jacki jacki jacki jacki jacki
Sarah Mayfield
Sarah Mayfield - Month ago
I love her 💞🥰
Meta Childs
Meta Childs - 2 months ago
You are great and funny 😄
J.A BobbieDoll
J.A BobbieDoll - 2 months ago
I have never seen someone so excited about lunch time before🤦‍♀️ It's lunchtime, it's lunchtime 🤣😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
You have so much energy, subscribing😘😘😘😘
isatheqween - 2 months ago
So there’s no makeup REALLY put on until the like 20th minute ? Bye
ItSophiaD88 - Month ago
isatheqween 👋🏾👋🏾👋🏾👋🏾👋🏾
Suba Rohrman
Suba Rohrman - 2 months ago
Naima Dahir NayNaychanel
Naima Dahir NayNaychanel - 2 months ago
Caroline Smith
Caroline Smith - 2 months ago
You look so beautiful! I wish I knew how to wear makeup!
Danz Dow
Danz Dow - 2 months ago
For me it settles in my fine lines
Glenda Hill
Glenda Hill - 2 months ago
Jackie, JACKIE.. her pro-filter, you needed tell us its hard to match because of the oxidization that happens when it sets on your faces... your shade can be two to three shades higher or lower then you think... However, the product is AMazing onces you figure it out...
Johnathon Hilliard
Johnathon Hilliard - 2 months ago
When you and Jackie wear the same font shade!!🖤 #420
Ashley Goodrich
Ashley Goodrich - 2 months ago
I love the look Jackie😘 You Cute Girl
adams Enyonam
adams Enyonam - 2 months ago
im so saaaaaad next time you are in Ghana can you please advertise :-(((((((((((((
aliyah K
aliyah K - 2 months ago
What shade in the powder did you use under the eyes?
Valerie Rowekamp
Valerie Rowekamp - 2 months ago
aliyah K banana
Marissa B.
Marissa B. - 2 months ago
LMAO the auto subtitles.. “50 Buddhas” instead of Fenty Beauty
Paloma Lazzaro
Paloma Lazzaro - 2 months ago
Miss Jackie be looking like Naomi Campbell with the finished look.
Kroc B
Kroc B - 2 months ago
U know the fenty powder smells like a cabbage patch kid
MsShamma96 - 2 months ago
Thank you, can always count on you to educate
Milo Bunny
Milo Bunny - 2 months ago
Too much irrelevant talk
Frey V
Frey V - 2 months ago
420 yas
nadege king
nadege king - 3 months ago
Lmaooooooooo Jackie is too much lolll so fun to watch ❤️
Selena King
Selena King - 3 months ago
she is so damn hilarious,,,,binge watched all her videos lol..beautiful everytime
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