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Matt M
Matt M - Hour ago
my dad actually used to do that first one except with a twist, instead he drinks heavily and beats my mom
niña Guillas
niña Guillas - Hour ago
Good morning.pls sunscribe me bro
forever unknown
forever unknown - Hour ago
The guy on the thumbnail I remember seeing that on agt and slowing it down and seeing what he did
Hung Pham
Hung Pham - 2 hours ago
What about when he take the balloon back out after he swallow it....
Justin Jayme
Justin Jayme - 2 hours ago
Vids are so dumb
Razer Dude
Razer Dude - 2 hours ago
magic: exists
magicians: I pulled a sneaky on you.
Pinoy Card tricks
Pinoy Card tricks - 2 hours ago
sub to.sub
nyankuma kulubalo
nyankuma kulubalo - 2 hours ago
You did not have any idea..
Kimpinde Kiluya
Kimpinde Kiluya - 3 hours ago
XmanuXbeastZ XoX
XmanuXbeastZ XoX - 3 hours ago
Thats lit
MUZ MIL - 4 hours ago
that first trick with thumb is very old i had a thumb like this in school ,got it from 20 cents
Cossy Achanai
Cossy Achanai - 4 hours ago
And because of this, magic will die out in 20 years. Thanks for nothing.
hot princey
hot princey - 4 hours ago
2:33 gayass
Bhen07 Melo
Bhen07 Melo - 4 hours ago
I dont see any fake finger
Rocky jet Daguyen
Rocky jet Daguyen - 4 hours ago
David Blaine just spit out live frogs from his mouth, pierced an ice pick through his arm and held his breath for 17 minutes live on Ophra.
All this aint a trick though
Ylli Krasniqi
Ylli Krasniqi - 4 hours ago
I dont like oreo
Ryan NatoOo0oR
Ryan NatoOo0oR - 5 hours ago
Thanks man! Now magicians are destroyed
Ahmad Hani Alhazmi
Ahmad Hani Alhazmi - 6 hours ago
The original video is belongs to "صدام العزي" 'S Channel
We proud of that
Mayur Dudhsagare
Mayur Dudhsagare - 6 hours ago
Great... 🤘
Hyper_ T0xic
Hyper_ T0xic - 8 hours ago
Naorem tutuskov singh
Naorem tutuskov singh - 9 hours ago
The chain thing...
In Chris angels, the chain ended with a knot... But the revealed one ends as a straight chain...
Chris angel is the devil
xd fortnite
xd fortnite - 10 hours ago
xd fortnite
xd fortnite - 10 hours ago
Cool borfekt i love🤘🤘👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👋
Exoticc Bladezzツ
Exoticc Bladezzツ - 6 hours ago
F jjyg. Bftjuj, ,hiip.lo.
Alberto Waynasdee
Alberto Waynasdee - 10 hours ago
its not the secret but the skill aquired to make it perfect and magic
Anurag Prajapati
Anurag Prajapati - 11 hours ago
Those 3.8 k likes are from magicians
MatRD - 11 hours ago
Oren Sinai
Oren Sinai - 11 hours ago
1:54 u can see the finger if someone wants to
leos_pg3d - 11 hours ago
My dad is a magician he gave a rushes...
John Mel
John Mel - 11 hours ago
You’re wrong on the balloon trick 😂 it was inflated when he took it out😂
JB Chelsea FC
JB Chelsea FC - 12 hours ago
thanks for the 30-second intro into how people eat Oreos, really added to the video ...
Dinesh Adhikari
Dinesh Adhikari - 12 hours ago
Just say Oreo, it’s enough.
No need to advertise it how u could eat in 1000s of different ways.
Texting Stories
Texting Stories - 13 hours ago
The Masked Magician
NVTS. GABRIEL - 13 hours ago
No that's a fake thumb look at he's hand before he put the salt in hand and after he put the salt then look at the thumb he use look At the right thumb after
Abe - 14 hours ago
Chris angel=paid people
hen ko
hen ko - 14 hours ago
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Keyann Bandong
Keyann Bandong - 15 hours ago
Uhh i dont think oreos are that good im not a fan of chocolate well i do HATE chocolate ice cream but i think oreos are well ok... I guss
kye sarich
kye sarich - 15 hours ago
I still don’t forgive you about 10 reasons not to visit Australia 😡
Noob KiinG Yt
Noob KiinG Yt - 15 hours ago
Channel kontol, ga masuk akal reaveal lu anjing.
Dickson John
Dickson John - 16 hours ago
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Azem Roka
Azem Roka - 16 hours ago
Your spoiling the eng game😂😂
Emoji Gaming
Emoji Gaming - 17 hours ago
what was that clip
Shawn x gaming
Shawn x gaming - 17 hours ago
category: gaming
z- Noah-z
z- Noah-z - 18 hours ago
The fake thumb trick fooled me so bad at school when i found out my friend had a fake thumb i was salty as shit😂
Rochill Metsong
Rochill Metsong - 18 hours ago
What a shitty concept ... Better keep it yourself. We are not fools
Xena Luv
Xena Luv - 18 hours ago
I still don't understand the salt trick... what does the fake finger has to do with it?
Percival502 Pineda
Percival502 Pineda - 19 hours ago
Spoken'n' Die
Spoken'n' Die - 20 hours ago
walang kwenta ang vlogg mo
Lunatic Phantom
Lunatic Phantom - 20 hours ago
I finally had to click at this video coz YouTube was recommending me time and again..
niña Guillas
niña Guillas - Hour ago
Sub pls
Jason Vincent
Jason Vincent - 21 hour ago
Face reveal
irebel abdulhannan abdul hannan
9:07 swag
isn't it?😎😉
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Hayder the gamer - 22 hours ago
Why so many adds
Reefoldfiveteen Channel
Reefoldfiveteen Channel - 22 hours ago
Ivante Mark
Ivante Mark - 23 hours ago
“A huge rubber thing”...
tatt oo sticker
tatt oo sticker - 23 hours ago
I can get you to read my comment 😎.....Magic ! I just revealed my secret . Thank me later 👍🏿
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ZePhyrd - Day ago
make this blue if you are an og of mind warehouse
Barbor _YT
Barbor _YT - Day ago
5:50 Wonder how many deaths this caused by a mistake
Mark Bendanillo
Mark Bendanillo - Day ago
just get to the point we don't care how u eat a fucking oreo
road to 3 subs WHITOUT ANY VIDEO'S
Agur Israel
Agur Israel - Day ago
I hate Oreos
jebran totoh
jebran totoh - Day ago
The other is wrong
Hermione Granger
Hermione Granger - Day ago
1.6k th comment 😂
FlipMaster - Day ago
I Guess THE ballon would work but HOW DOES A SWORD WORK?!??
Tejas Deshmukh
Tejas Deshmukh - Day ago
Magic , ghosts and life doesnt exist
RwinaTV - Day ago
Tumbmail is not right!!
Francesco Magician
Francesco Magician - Day ago
Iscritto, vedete il mio canale di magia
Sp00ky boi.mp4
Sp00ky boi.mp4 - Day ago
I will tell you the secret to do the coin trick
John Doe
John Doe - Day ago
That’s a lie, there’s no such thing as a cool brit
DANI ALEC - Day ago
Hey, a romanian youtuber called Simion Tomita copied your thumbnail and i think he translated your title in Romanian so.... yea... I love to live in Romania kappa
Deepanjan Banerjee
Deepanjan Banerjee - Day ago
there, i watched it. Okay YT?
Tomik J
Tomik J - Day ago
I hate stupid kids like this guy because they ruin it for any magician(like me) out there
Alexander - Day ago
Do David blaine
2:12 deepthroat
Tschaka Fice
Tschaka Fice - Day ago
I can get you to read my comment 😎.....Magic ! I just revealed my secret . Thank me later 👍🏿
Rushikesh Davhare
Rushikesh Davhare - Day ago
Who noticed ranbir Kapoor😂
Apocalypse Sanctum
Apocalypse Sanctum - Day ago
I will give you a challenge if you are really smart on revealing magic secrets.. can you reveal all magics of dynamo.. do it and I will believe you
kristofer er is kold
It can be best explain by doing it. Just to prove it
For me it looks real.
FIJA KOSO - Day ago
...Wizard is doing a cool trick...
Sees this video:,, AM I A JOKE TO YOU?"
War`n Peace
War`n Peace - Day ago
Magicians: this is how we fool people.
(I watched this channel)
Me: Hahaaa f**ker
Mohamed Ba
Mohamed Ba - Day ago
You just hating on smoothny
Nyein Nyein
Nyein Nyein - Day ago
jun mariano ceballos
pretty cool magic trick but other magicians are real
Ceerstar Ceerstar
Ceerstar Ceerstar - Day ago
My favorite magic trick is the dissapearing shaft. I need a female volunteer over 18 plz cdfu
panggop jio
panggop jio - Day ago
How about shin lim?How about shin lim?
I love Unicorns
I love Unicorns - Day ago
ive been knowing this for like 2 years xDDDDd
Harshit pandey
Harshit pandey - Day ago
Not full proof....
Kazuto Kirigaya
Kazuto Kirigaya - Day ago
But how did the chain tied up?
CrazyGamers HD
CrazyGamers HD - Day ago
just sayin that vid starts at 0:34
Debbie Flores
Debbie Flores - Day ago
Wow cool video thanks for making!
Jan Cioco
Jan Cioco - Day ago
Doctor strange Left the group.
Kiesterson Kaneb
Kiesterson Kaneb - Day ago
Kiesterson Kaneb
Kiesterson Kaneb - Day ago
Kiesterson Kaneb
Kiesterson Kaneb - Day ago
Kiesterson Kaneb
Kiesterson Kaneb - Day ago
Jean De Painter
Jean De Painter - Day ago
i really dont like tricks being revealed but nowadays people think magicians are helped by demons so thanks for making them religion nuts look a bit more crazy
X Stream
X Stream - Day ago
Dynamo one of the greatest.
ShadowRazedXX Minerales
Lul.. This channel don't believe magic .. This channel so cancer
JitterinqNqqb - Day ago
0:54 thats *EASY* i didnt even have to see how he does it...
Leslie Espera
Leslie Espera - Day ago
how can u tell when Dynamo transfers the coin on his other finger?? EXPLAIN PLEASE!!
Leslie Espera
Leslie Espera - Day ago
it's not correct especially the balloon explanation hahahha. how can you explain the already inflated balloon coming out of mouth after swallowing it.
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