World's Most Famous Magic Tricks Revealed!

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Mirek Ryba
Mirek Ryba - 6 hours ago
"I recommend this guide:
So grateful it exists."
Dean Martin for life
Dean Martin for life - 17 hours ago
Do Justin Willman next
Sherif ElDeeb
Sherif ElDeeb - 5 days ago
Like ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️
Sherif ElDeeb
Sherif ElDeeb - 5 days ago
Hi I love this magic shows amazing skill
Twixgod Brother
Twixgod Brother - 12 days ago
4:33 so we’re not gonna talk about Morgz?
Scribblebytes - 15 days ago
So many trick daddies, so little time.
NIKA - I very love s*x *** TAP ON MY PHOTO
🖤 😺 💗
Abdel Malik
Abdel Malik - 21 day ago
Showing how someone swallow a sword but reveal how someone swallow a balon wtf you my friend are fake
Kaitlin - 22 days ago
Wait what...I've seen a show I think before where they say the sword swallowing is real. You just have to practice a lot.
Lucky dube is the greatest muscian
It cant be really buddy just as the rest of magic nothing is realy
Invictus Prima
Invictus Prima - 26 days ago
My daughter approximately 0.01 seconds after prom is over: 2:34
Amal Nair
Amal Nair - 26 days ago
Same design as of factoffusion
RubberGum - Month ago
😭😭😭😭😭 You ruined my dream about magic being real.
Angel Ortega
Angel Ortega - Month ago
‘Now you see me’ the movie explained that they want u to pay attention to what they tell u to
Little Star Small Wolf
I don’t like Oreos , I’m not a fan of their waxy texture.
KristianGamingYT - Month ago
0:00 the persons says the exact thing
Icy Dragon
Icy Dragon - Month ago
So wierd
Icy Dragon
Icy Dragon - Month ago
Yes I do wanna be a wizard 🧙‍♂️ thank you
James Robinson
James Robinson - Month ago
Vikas Gowda
Vikas Gowda - Month ago
AJ's Wonderful World
AJ's Wonderful World - 2 months ago
Can’t imagine what the ballon guy can do...
RobloxYeetNoob - 2 months ago
I don’t put the Oreos in the box I throw them away
Sourodipto Mukhopadhyay
Sourodipto Mukhopadhyay - 2 months ago
The tricks look very simple when explained properly. Great video. However, they will still take a LOT of PRACTICE to look believable. Kudos to the magicians. At this point I feel like a Dr. Watson to Sherlock Holmes. While I have NEVER read the words "Elementary Watson" in any of the books and I've read them all in my teenage, the words were always implied whenever Sherlock Holmes explained his methods to Dr. Watson.
MrBacon Playz
MrBacon Playz - 2 months ago
2:37 that guy was so fat coz of eating balloons😂
Dow Jones Index Today
Dow Jones Index Today - 2 months ago
any idea how this drawing duplication is done ?
George - 3 months ago
And people still believe it's witchcraft lmao
Lll Tv gamer
Lll Tv gamer - 3 months ago
Oh helll jo
FaCtUaL DoN - 3 months ago
Whats tune called in background anyone
rod pigon
rod pigon - 3 months ago
Criss angel's chain still on knot after pull.. masked magician isn't
The Contest Of Asking Non-Sensical Questions
Here's my magic trick ;)
Pick a number between 9-17.
Johnny Topside
Johnny Topside - 4 months ago
I want to know how David Blaine finds my card on the other side of a glass window Allahu Akbar
M Rizki
M Rizki - 4 months ago
Haha thanks tutorial
Chixens - 4 months ago
Mia khalifa can do that easily
Naira J.L
Naira J.L - 4 months ago
Not true
Rylan Ofori
Rylan Ofori - 4 months ago
The flashlight ad glitches at the end
mlungisi ndwandwe
mlungisi ndwandwe - 4 months ago
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brad - 4 months ago
Good lord get over the gd Oreo already
Wheres my Spaghetti tacos
Wheres my Spaghetti tacos - 4 months ago
How long have u used. The same music for ur videos :l
Legend lamb
Legend lamb - 4 months ago
half of your videos are wayyyyy off from how these are actually done dude...
Shawn Baley
Shawn Baley - 5 months ago
Reminded me...I need rabbits 🐇
Blyat Luna
Blyat Luna - 5 months ago
Idk why I like when things remain a mystery ;^;
softcaramel - 5 months ago
i was looking for aesthetic music and found *this*
Jack from TITANIC
Jack from TITANIC - 5 months ago
CaptainsCrib’s Dad
CaptainsCrib’s Dad - 5 months ago
I seen a clown deep throat a ballon and it popped so he died
2sxope Man
2sxope Man - 5 months ago
I thought dynamo's name is Steven Frayne
J-L-D-K - 5 months ago
Just curious. Criss angel had a knot on the chain once it was pull. while the guy trying 2 explain it didnt have one? Unless the chain was already knotted and he tied a loop?
Untitled_Runa - 5 months ago

shafee hussein
shafee hussein - 5 months ago
if i get 2.5k likes i will ask my crush for a date for REAL
K s
K s - 5 months ago
I want to do this
Alklazaris - 5 months ago
Magic isn't so much about how you do magic, but how you lead the audience away from how you are doing magic.
Madden Gower
Madden Gower - 5 months ago
I felt that chain
Izabel Galano
Izabel Galano - 5 months ago
Thank you #mind warehouse you always amaze me with your videos sa relaxing to watch
Randy J
Randy J - 5 months ago
Knuttmaster Rocket League
Knuttmaster Rocket League - 5 months ago
is he allowed to use all the clips in backround ...i mean he dont own this ad-videos ..
Demetrius Smith
Demetrius Smith - 5 months ago
Wayyyy too much time spent on how to eat an oreo..
edgardoxxd1 - 5 months ago
thanks for sharing the magic friend greetings good contribution keep it up thank you very much
K.A. Sharmella
K.A. Sharmella - 5 months ago
The real secret of a magician (TANTHIRAN) is when the person who is watching you don't know what you are doing. If they can list out everything that you have done, what kind of TANTHIRAN are you?? I just choosed to ignore them.
Clint Links
Clint Links - 5 months ago
why dont you explain the MAGIC TRICKS that is truely popular
Gazelle TwT
Gazelle TwT - 5 months ago
why the guy drawed in the tumbnail have six fingers?
Dan Little
Dan Little - 5 months ago
isn't it illegal to damage a coin?
Ismael Bahdoon
Ismael Bahdoon - 5 months ago
Ok the first man tricked us but what about when he got a dec of cards out of his mouth
Unknown Number
Unknown Number - 5 months ago
Hit this like goal
Dylan Huebner
Dylan Huebner - 5 months ago
You big gay
Dylan Huebner
Dylan Huebner - 5 months ago
Arshyan Yuri
Arshyan Yuri - 5 months ago
Dynamo: thisan ended my whole career
alex l
alex l - 5 months ago
Saw a Daniel Radcliffe add before the video started lmao
DamienWasHere - 5 months ago

For dem oreos
Blessedup - 5 months ago
Me ex girlfriend can make a long object disappear in her mouth
jagalasso - 5 months ago
Her new man? Is that why she left
BxTekNurd - 5 months ago
That's why she went to your brother
Neon_ Ristov
Neon_ Ristov - 5 months ago
Balloon swallow trick
T rezes in jurrasic park evolved
Jiro I
Jiro I - 5 months ago
The first one is so obvious. Shit
Coka-cola - 5 months ago
*A huge rubber thing that's not supposed to fit inside a person*
Simmons Catrell
Simmons Catrell - 5 months ago
The fact that you even referenced “the magicians” I love u
B Vang24
B Vang24 - 5 months ago
It’s all stage play
Sir Sirington
Sir Sirington - 5 months ago
4:25 what insane person eats Oreos with juice?
Isaac Lerma
Isaac Lerma - 5 months ago
I’ll never look at magic the same again 😔
Ps4Professionalgamer 420
Ps4Professionalgamer 420 - 5 months ago
At 2:42 to be honest it sounds like he is trying to describe a dildo to someone
Challenger AoE
Challenger AoE - 5 months ago
2 minute tangent about oreos to hit that watch time - thanks
Israel Trevino
Israel Trevino - 5 months ago
Everyone sub to pew
Ali Berk
Ali Berk - 5 months ago
RealWand - 5 months ago
0:00 Heeelloooo everyonnneee

Me: OooooOOhhoooHoooo yYeeEEEEsssSS
Bacon and Mustard INC
Bacon and Mustard INC - 6 months ago
I'm doing the chain one for christmas for sure. I'm trying to make easy magic and mind trick with my litlle cousin, help us get subcrisber( he is actualy really exinsting about our three one) that be sweet, we will sub back :), magically yours
Jake timezone
Jake timezone - 6 months ago
Done !
phil talbot
phil talbot - 6 months ago
Done ! good luck
Bacon and Mustard INC
Bacon and Mustard INC - 6 months ago
@benjamin talbot-gagnon haha ty, he would freak out and become a magician full time
benjamin talbot-gagnon
benjamin talbot-gagnon - 6 months ago
Done buddy, haha let get that cousin 1k sub for christmast ;)
Wallace Walker
Wallace Walker - 6 months ago
Explain @imadmagician on ig his tricks are unrealistic
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