UFC 243: Robert Whittaker vs Israel Adesanya Recap

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brady prpich
brady prpich - 5 hours ago
This guy is a idiot.
ad3el - 19 hours ago
probably whittaker masturbated too much before fight 😂😂😂
Ball Point Actions
Ball Point Actions - Day ago
Should be rematch
Ehianeta Obinyan
Ehianeta Obinyan - Day ago
..the most intelligent recap on Adesanya ever.
the last style
John Croxton
John Croxton - Day ago
I think Whitaker just came out guns blazing because in his mind he didn't believe Izzy would be a threat to him so swinging for the fences was a bad approach as it made him look sloppy and reckless as did it not only cost him the fight it cost him the belt on top of that "L" but nonetheless he was humble in defeat. I assume it will be awhile but I think we will see the rematch after Paulo Costa and before Izzy fights Jones. I bet next time around we will see a more respectful and strategic version of Whitaker.
Alejandro Man
Alejandro Man - 3 days ago
After the fact.
Its easy to say
But. negore the fight
You could not predict it
Randy Sly
Randy Sly - 3 days ago
WORD-up! cant wait to see Jone's spit up teeth to the "Last-Style-bender"!
riikerman - 4 days ago
Romero vs. Adesanya
AyeJay - 5 days ago
Its pronounced Melbin not melborn 💁🏽‍♂️
Morganna lefay
Morganna lefay - 5 days ago
I feel like this fight was "fixed" I am not saying I know how, but I feel like Israel is the new star they needed to promote and what about the fact Bruce Buffer let out a laugh when calling Whittaker " The Reaper" tells me they were up to something.
Dirk Swart
Dirk Swart - 5 days ago
Is this a video or a gif file on repeat?
Kevin Castro
Kevin Castro - 5 days ago
Israel will have longevity like khabib and gsp due to their goals and values
thereal eht543
thereal eht543 - 6 days ago
Iseral really knocked him out twice
Leon Pashe
Leon Pashe - 6 days ago
BPL Gym - 6 days ago
Arvan Deril
Arvan Deril - 6 days ago
Adesanya is nothing for Khabib..... make a fight between them.. and adesanya will cry when he fight with khabib😁😬🤔
Jason Wee
Jason Wee - 6 days ago
What's the point of looping the same parts? Your editing sucks ass man! If you don't have good footage, don't make frickin vids. Noob!
Kidlat Bangis
Kidlat Bangis - 7 days ago
Very idiotic video. Period.
Larry Martinez
Larry Martinez - 7 days ago
Jorge masdival va israel
Jaguar Jaguar
Jaguar Jaguar - 7 days ago
Bow till i fall israel is the best i like the way he dances the gwara gwara.
P DOG - 8 days ago
Really you're all jocky now but wait till he lose and it's going to be soon this kid got a big head he's going down soon
Lintang Junior
Lintang Junior - 9 days ago
Next israel adesanya vs khabib
Evoluzion Galax
Evoluzion Galax - 9 days ago
Broken native what is it?
Ken O
Ken O - 9 days ago
MMAWeekly: video clip does not exactly match this guy's boring comment.
Dean Hauser
Dean Hauser - 9 days ago
to arrogant for my liking!
rci kaal
rci kaal - 7 days ago
I know I know, arrogance in Black fells isn't allowed right? Only Whites are justified when they do it, GTFOH! You're so dumb.
Matt Herod
Matt Herod - 9 days ago
I don’t drink he can beat Paulo Costa, Costa is too strong. He will just take him down and smash this guy. But either way I’m excited to see what happens.
G Raw
G Raw - 9 days ago
Worst fucking video u tard
Tirta Semadi
Tirta Semadi - 9 days ago
Nunggu si khabib dihajar Israel adesanya
Kira Lee
Kira Lee - 9 days ago
What is this? Like a real life Street Fighter?
PeRuN the Riffmeister
PeRuN the Riffmeister - 10 days ago
How about you say something we don't know?
A I - 10 days ago
Him and his buddies in the crown trying to make izi shook dog shit cowan
Dragadon Master
Dragadon Master - 10 days ago
Shut up
Sergio Montanez
Sergio Montanez - 10 days ago
Nobody came on here to hear you talk, we came here to watch the highlights
Jackson Mityero
Jackson Mityero - 11 days ago
Click bate 🤦🏾‍♂️
sofi yulian
sofi yulian - 11 days ago
I think you are hater why you used the first knock down. Bad youtuber just talk you're not good.
Jessabel Rivera
Jessabel Rivera - 11 days ago
Style bender moves like
mvp he should be ready to fall like mvp.
Okoye Stevens Ike
Okoye Stevens Ike - 7 days ago
And he doesn't move like MVP he is better than MVP.
Okoye Stevens Ike
Okoye Stevens Ike - 7 days ago
He is not scared of that.
Captain Thunder
Captain Thunder - 11 days ago
jon jones steroid dog
Francisco Soplapuco Durand
Sube el video de Whittaker con adesanya no pongas estupideces
Dominic Eneji
Dominic Eneji - 11 days ago
See moves
Cerebral Paulzy
Cerebral Paulzy - 11 days ago
I give him 2 more wins maybe
Cerebral Paulzy
Cerebral Paulzy - 11 days ago
* he will face the Vegas odds and completely listen 👂🏼
Stacey Williams
Stacey Williams - 11 days ago
He cant knock JONES out😂
Reg Rangihuna
Reg Rangihuna - 11 days ago
He should want Ricky Martins son after Usada test him...he was meant to say
Iam Cool
Iam Cool - 11 days ago
Overall just terrible editing of the fight, you showed the same things over and over!
Raphael Qualls
Raphael Qualls - 11 days ago
You was wrong on so moush shit. Stop it
B Shelton
B Shelton - 11 days ago
Israel is a badass MF
World MultiConcept Solution
Dylan Blay
Dylan Blay - 12 days ago
That wasn't the end knock out? It was the first. Crap video.
Genghis Farro
Genghis Farro - 12 days ago
Cocky fighters like this will end up humbled like Anderson Silva.
dimitri photellis
dimitri photellis - 12 days ago
we need to see adesanya vs nurmagomedov
Squelch - 12 days ago
The modern day Andersen Silva when he beat him was the passing of the torch !!
Douglas Valdes
Douglas Valdes - 12 days ago
Whittaker you abuse with a JOEL 16 years older than you and now you got your as kicked with the same age guy 😂🤣😅🤣😂😅
jason stuart
jason stuart - 12 days ago
Smh at your video
jason stuart
jason stuart - 12 days ago
Really your first 3-4 clips of Whittaker are the same one. Even if the second round. Wtf
Lawrence P
Lawrence P - 12 days ago
AI got that wasy work .. No comp at all. why did he even show up.. Whittaker didnt put no effort into the fight..
Afro Dynasty I Pharaoh's Medjays
That shit was so Weak he will get knocked out soon some super hero of Wakanda he sucks I Rather Watch soccer in my MC Donald's underwear 😂😂😂
Travis Stewart
Travis Stewart - 12 days ago
great vid, thanks man. Love your work
Meari P
Meari P - 12 days ago
Izzy for New Zealand Halberg Award winning....first UFC to break into New Zealand sports award....GO IZZY!!!!
Slack - 12 days ago
cant wait for the Jon Jones showdown
Andrew Goldin
Andrew Goldin - 12 days ago
Whittaker looked really explosive. I think adesanayas defense is just next level. With his height and quickness he’s very hard to hit. Whittaker’s jaw was glass in this fight.
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