Cody and Noel Do: Drunk Baking

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Lisa Lisa
Lisa Lisa - 14 seconds ago
Cody what on earth happened, the fucking hairrrrrrr
Olivia Schot
Olivia Schot - 4 minutes ago
kinda bummed they weren't actually drunk
silas rozy
silas rozy - 4 minutes ago
im so hapy i watched this drunk
Ariella In Wonderland
Ariella In Wonderland - 4 minutes ago
1/8 for a 20? am i just high or is that reallyyyyy cheap? i can't remember but it sounds wrong. (i live in scotland btw that might be it)
Sophie Jackson
Sophie Jackson - 11 minutes ago
This is ✨superior✨ content
tara crane
tara crane - 13 minutes ago
I need this to be a series 😭
Go Daigo Go
Go Daigo Go - 15 minutes ago
Leavitt Reno
Leavitt Reno - 19 minutes ago
I want Gordon Ramsey to react to this
Gallagher girl
Gallagher girl - 22 minutes ago
I wanna see them do this actually drunk! I wanna see more chaos
Sydnie - 30 minutes ago
Great British baking show vibes
Nona Meunsy
Nona Meunsy - 34 minutes ago
live footage of my sims
Jessica Andrews
Jessica Andrews - 35 minutes ago
How is one of theirs too dry and the other too wet 😂
Jordyn McEvoy
Jordyn McEvoy - 42 minutes ago
noel: someone does this every day?!?
my mother, a professional baker, not looking up from her phone: 6 shots in is the *only* way
Sam Piekarski
Sam Piekarski - 47 minutes ago
cody looks like an uncle. not a bad thing, just a thing
dark matter
dark matter - 54 minutes ago
cody saying "epic chungus moment" took fifteen minutes off of my lifespan. like thats not a lot of time but still
Bridie Lynch
Bridie Lynch - 59 minutes ago
Cody is finally using his duke education
reinerca - Hour ago
oh my god Cody's self fist-bump 2:04 TOOK ME OUT 😂
Hailey Rafferty
Hailey Rafferty - Hour ago
bring racism back since '76
Denielle Bonaparte
Denielle Bonaparte - Hour ago
Do love island again!!! Lol
Arleth Alba
Arleth Alba - Hour ago
The completely different consistencies 💀💀💀
Original Name
Original Name - Hour ago
“I need some vanilla, Cody spit in this” wasn’t appreciated enough
Molly Lee
Molly Lee - Hour ago
This video had me in TEARS
mixed chic
mixed chic - Hour ago
the "hey touch my shoulder" and then their arms being parallel and a good 4 inches apart gets me every time
AnnaBanana Camp
AnnaBanana Camp - Hour ago
I'm starting to believe Noel is actually drunk 😂
Thot McDot
Thot McDot - Hour ago
16:14 Noel sabotaged Cody’s donuts
Nour Qassim Derweesh
I'm crying in laughter, I love them sm
Samantha Butler
Samantha Butler - Hour ago
I would watch 6 seasons of this straight
bodeen sleeman
bodeen sleeman - 2 hours ago
More of these bro
no jams
no jams - 2 hours ago
Got drunk watching this
Ruby Milne
Ruby Milne - 2 hours ago
I haven’t laughed so much in a long while
Julia Cie
Julia Cie - 2 hours ago
I cried laughing ngl
muddled up
muddled up - 2 hours ago
i really liked this video. AGAIN!
noperpoper - 2 hours ago
I just legit asked who tf was in the thumbnail with Noel. Dat dad chin and that hair is everything.
Elizabeth Lauren
Elizabeth Lauren - 2 hours ago
It’s probs best not to use sea salt for baking for that reason use granulated lol
Liam Lovette
Liam Lovette - 2 hours ago
wait, an 1/8th for 20? noel hmu
John DeFruscio
John DeFruscio - 2 hours ago
I missed this
Ghddg - 2 hours ago
Who else get called out for watching this on their lunch. Like damn 😳
Margie Tumolva
Margie Tumolva - 2 hours ago
Next should be Cody and Noel decorate a Christmas tree
aries.sun.420 - 2 hours ago
PLEASE give us cody and noel do high baking
Victoria Perlman
Victoria Perlman - 2 hours ago
bruh driving with these is SO difficult
Maggie Obman
Maggie Obman - 3 hours ago
"where you watching this, your lunch? shut up" yes, yes i am bro
Maggie Obman
Maggie Obman - 3 hours ago
my brain shrinks a little every time i watch them try to read from their phones
Ashley Montgomery
Ashley Montgomery - 3 hours ago
Cody looks like the Doc and Marty’s child
Maggie Obman
Maggie Obman - 3 hours ago
Kurt Cocaine
Kurt Cocaine - 3 hours ago
This had me crying with laughter throughout!
This HAS to be done again.
Maybe even try being like half cut AND wear the goggles
uma bhaman
uma bhaman - 3 hours ago
cody and noel are slowly just becoming the try guys
Luke J
Luke J - 3 hours ago
Most impressive part is Noah is gettin his eighths for 20.
aTaZ Sky
aTaZ Sky - 3 hours ago
Do we have to pay the OnlyFans subscription in order to see Cody and Noel Do: Each Other
Kailyn Guyett
Kailyn Guyett - 3 hours ago
Noel: “where’s that sea salt”
Cody:🖕🏼”it’s right here”
Noel: “ooh nice” *MoAn*
Andrada Cioban
Andrada Cioban - 3 hours ago
Jorge Benavides
Jorge Benavides - 3 hours ago
Noel & Cody v.s. Sohla & Andrew
Join the Babish Culinary Universe!!!
TheMoepics - 3 hours ago
The editing in this has really been the icing on the not so good donut. Cash killed it!
nic oliv
nic oliv - 3 hours ago
''they´re both equally not good'' is what did it to me
LaBelle424242 - 3 hours ago
the sound...
🔊 👂
anyone else notice?
snopdong - 3 hours ago
why are people putting matcha in everything i've had enough
Emily - 4 hours ago
Noel: "Where are you watching this? During your lunch, shut up."
Me: *watching during my lunch*
Me: 👁 👄👁
Neo Hero
Neo Hero - 4 hours ago
Anyone else notice a weird shift in production value after Sophia was released
Georger the Explorer
Georger the Explorer - 4 hours ago
it just occurred to me that they were actually trying to look at the camera
Ms. Zombangle
Ms. Zombangle - 4 hours ago
Hayshun - 4 hours ago
"drunk baking" should be its own thing
Kaitlyn Queer
Kaitlyn Queer - 4 hours ago
7:13 cody looks like the wendy williams passing out video
Serena Tosta Aguiar
Serena Tosta Aguiar - 4 hours ago
"HA HA HA BITCH" Miller, Noel.
 - 4 hours ago
Cody’s “cat like reflexes” at 10:23 have me weak
nicole lr
nicole lr - 4 hours ago
when you both fail the test:
Andrew Carlson
Andrew Carlson - 4 hours ago
Cody and Noel vs Babish and Sohla
Nik Idk
Nik Idk - 4 hours ago
Petition for them to make another Girl Defined video 👇🤝
handpicked - 5 hours ago
an eighth for 20, california wild bro
-Venom- - 5 hours ago
cody and noel saying "Epic Chungus Moment" is fuckin hilarious to me
Brandon Garcia
Brandon Garcia - 5 hours ago
Cody and Noel vs girl defined cooking showdown
Trevor Simon
Trevor Simon - 5 hours ago
A third of a tablespoon is a teaspoon. What kinda tricky recipe y’all reading from tho?
salah ananza
salah ananza - 5 hours ago
the reason cody has such long hair is to compensate for noels lack of hair thus returning the balance in the force
BobrRoss - 5 hours ago
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Nayah2134 - 6 hours ago
wow I AM watching this during my lunch. I feel so seen
de petro
de petro - 6 hours ago
This is the funniest video Cody and Noel made in a while
M. Fayed
M. Fayed - 6 hours ago
bake something without a recipe
veg4life - 6 hours ago
tmGANG tmGANG tmGANG , great video ,
btw i am medically cross eyed but it's all good , still love u bro's
Timea Varhoľáková
Timea Varhoľáková - 6 hours ago
Noel doesn’t have enough hair and cody has too much of it
elvis - 6 hours ago
Noel has a perfectly shaped head
vaishnav - 6 hours ago
This is just top class content, idc what anybody says
Thomas Martin
Thomas Martin - 6 hours ago
Bring back that's cringe I beg!!!!!!
Matthew Poston
Matthew Poston - 6 hours ago
Who’s kitchen is that. It is fiiiiine!
mels96 - 6 hours ago
Noel using Cody’s ingredients when we has his own on his side lmao
L J - 6 hours ago
“Make sure you hit that big ol subscribe button.... BONK IT”
Drew Hawkins
Drew Hawkins - 7 hours ago
Thus proves that size doesn’t always matter, it’s about the motion of the ocean baby
R Hay
R Hay - 7 hours ago
i really wanted them to be plastered while doing this
sersh moff
sersh moff - 7 hours ago
noel: where are you watching this? on your stupid ass phone...during your lunch? shut up
me, watching on my phone during my lunch break: 👁👄👁
ᓍᕵ - 7 hours ago
Like the difference in amount of hair
Betty A.
Betty A. - 7 hours ago
I don't even know how many times I've watched this anymore...
sersh moff
sersh moff - 8 hours ago
who’s noel getting an eighth for 20 from?? yo can he hook me up??
Sophia Rosa
Sophia Rosa - 8 hours ago
they are so funny i love them
Carmen Ferreira
Carmen Ferreira - 8 hours ago
please make a million more of these videos they fuckin rock
sourced podcast
sourced podcast - 8 hours ago
“They are both equally not that good” had me weak
Alexa Malyn
Alexa Malyn - 8 hours ago
zuygj bnsv
zuygj bnsv - 8 hours ago
the balder noel gets, the more homeless cody looks
Rosemary McBratnie
Rosemary McBratnie - 8 hours ago
I’m actually watching this during first period because my teacher just decided he wasn’t going to post a zoom link today 🤪😑
B D - 8 hours ago
“F**k around come mix your guts homie”
U-Phoria - 9 hours ago
Next episode: high on cocaine baking
zuygj bnsv
zuygj bnsv - 8 hours ago
That random music halfway in scared the shit out of me
Morgan X
Morgan X - 9 hours ago
Cody “it’s not that bad 👁💧👄💧👁”
Malek Crews
Malek Crews - 9 hours ago
1 John 2:15-17 (KJV) Love not the world, neither the things that are in the world. If any man love the world, the love of the Father is not in him.
For all that is in the world, the lust of the flesh, and the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life, is not of the Father, but is of the world.
And the world passeth away, and the lust thereof: but he that doeth the will of God abideth for ever..
Jayda Starr Jones
Jayda Starr Jones - 9 hours ago
more of this pls thx
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