15 905
Wave_Sharkanador - 19 hours ago
5:16 am I the only person who thought that was issac butterflied
The Injured Toa of Metru nui
"Those rascally kids bop kids!"
But, they are supposed to be pure, and won't. Do anything wrong
0:57 wow a Dhmis reference with manny/yellow guy
Neat Doggos
Neat Doggos - 2 days ago
2:30 what trailer is that
QueenLilly666 OwO
QueenLilly666 OwO - 2 days ago
you know the only reason visoco girls died out is beaus corona closed down schools.
SuperWeeb6969 - 3 days ago
#YIAYeyes look at things i guess
Retix Gamer
Retix Gamer - 5 days ago
I'm proud because Federico Scippa is Italian
Nolsjokes - 6 days ago
iiOnix Keven
iiOnix Keven - 6 days ago
My dads dad I fell bad cause my dad has been sad for 2 monthes
Doium - 6 days ago
this was cool for the solo bit in *TWITTER FOR ANDROID*
Left hand man
Left hand man - 7 days ago
I was eating bro why you gotta show uzumaki
Gabriel Vault
Gabriel Vault - 7 days ago
He should've used goo luigi at the 31st when it released.
LL5 - 7 days ago
4:26 i would be a tool cd
roblox dude
roblox dude - 10 days ago
Fortnite fan 3746
Fortnite fan 3746 - 12 days ago
Burger me
OR star
OR star - 12 days ago
It would have been more appropriate if cats released in 2020
Jimmy Moore
Jimmy Moore - 13 days ago
How where you able to read it jack?
Bleys McNutt
Bleys McNutt - 17 days ago
7:43, What is his name?
houwlingwoolf - 17 days ago
Aus Netflix don’t have the cats movie but they have a movie called cats
rainbow panda 1
rainbow panda 1 - 19 days ago
This year instead of antivaxers it should be anti mask ppl / covid is a lie ppl lels
Judah Paulsen
Judah Paulsen - 19 days ago
I would bring Shrek back from the dead, cause the franchise is dead, sorry for being a year late
Tomek Orzechowski
Tomek Orzechowski - 21 day ago
I'm also spooking myself up like him!
so spook up my Lincoln Loud avatar!
Jack B
Jack B - 22 days ago
Inteleon @ Life Orb
Ability: Sniper
Shiny: Yes
EVs: 252 SpA / 4 SpD / 252 Spe
Modest Nature
IVs: 0 Atk
- Snipe Shot
- Ice Beam
- Dark Pulse
- Agility
Bad_Script - 22 days ago
1:51 YOU BEVE.
Der Niko
Der Niko - 26 days ago
Well Jack playes in the Sitmcom "My Music" and in the movie "Bob Thunder: Internet Assasin" (Yes I searched for this and don't regret any second)
Official Gimmick Club Government
I’m not Jerry
I’m not Jerry - Month ago
#YIAYeyes I’d look at people.
donutholebandit - Month ago
Just put this here for personal use, dont mind me.
tea shark
tea shark - Month ago
This October, you should just do cursed Garfield versions of yourself
Awaredragoon 713
Awaredragoon 713 - Month ago
Ninja switches to Mixer, and now Mixer's gone and Ninja still makes money
Max Turner
Max Turner - Month ago
I won’t vaccinate my kids because the government lies. and I’ve got five beautiful healthy children
Edit : 4 Beautiful healthy children
Edit : 3 Beautiful healthy children
Edit : 2 Beautiful healthy children
Edit : 1 Beautiful healthy child
Sheldon Legg
Sheldon Legg - Month ago
Hey your girlfriend she single
Talen T
Talen T - Month ago
You have an IQ of 400?
...That’s awfully low.
Jacob Denniston
Jacob Denniston - Month ago
You were "Your wish is stupid"
drew rushline
drew rushline - Month ago
ok but that kidzbop movies idea is actually genius
DefaultPeak - Month ago
8:01 holy shit he’s back
error - Month ago
Im a duck
julz - Month ago
You have a Subreddit
Ashtoon - Month ago
The first rule of right club is... Wait did you actually paint that?
Sam Jones
Sam Jones - Month ago
You do be looking like vsauce though! 🤔
lo-fi furby
lo-fi furby - Month ago
I promised myself I would get better at using blender but now I'm watching old jacksfilms videos and of course he has to mention blender
Edit: oh I forgot for a second but of course blender gets brought up again
Me At
Me At - Month ago
Me is sad that DHMIS Is still not
spaghet cat
spaghet cat - Month ago
damn it now i have to see the whole asdfmovie
communist Adolf Hitler
2:41 tell me the movies name will ya?
Hariothenether - Month ago
Jack: ryan geeeeeorge!
This submission was super easy, barely an inconvenience!

*intense fanboying noises*
Bentendo64 _
Bentendo64 _ - Month ago
Lily Engel
Lily Engel - Month ago
Bird The Bear
Bird The Bear - Month ago
You beve
jonmtch - Month ago
7:11 “Hey, uhh, your girlfriend. *She’s single.”*
Lee Peak
Lee Peak - Month ago
0:00 WHO TURNED OFF THE LIGHTS! "happy spooktober"
0:01 "YIAY to Spook! Me up for halloween
Tomek Orzechowski
Tomek Orzechowski - Month ago
I think you should also spook up my avatar!
Eri Kawaii
Eri Kawaii - 2 months ago
Do you ever just cough-sneeze
Talon - 2 months ago
0:52 I'm not you buddy, friend
Deku Is Perfect and so is Naruto
5:15 REM!!
Edit : it’s the pillow and she is from the anime Re:Zero
Zero - 2 months ago
4:14 I would love to see a kidzbopified Wolf Of Wall Street
Daborabo G
Daborabo G - 2 months ago
The thumnail looks like the worst zoom meeting ever
Mikl Da Pikl
Mikl Da Pikl - 2 months ago
Don't worry, vsco girls aren't big anymore (there's only like 5 left)
Christian Hansen
Christian Hansen - 2 months ago
We forgot about all of this already
game player mop
game player mop - 2 months ago
2:53 predator
Mr Tree
Mr Tree - 2 months ago
1:00 idk why but he looks like ninja
Meat Cider
Meat Cider - 2 months ago
I forgot how old the vsgo thing is
GeneralAutism 69
GeneralAutism 69 - 2 months ago
0:52 thanks guy
TheLil Yeeter80
TheLil Yeeter80 - 2 months ago
7:10 I found some he's in. Go to asdfmovies 1-12 and go to
1. 17:00
2. 19:04
3. 20:35
4. 21:03 (probably)
5. 22:02 (maybe)
Sami Jamroz
Sami Jamroz - 2 months ago
For 2020 he should be corona
anna knouse
anna knouse - 2 months ago
I've watched all ur videos the first one was called handy pen
The Pretty of the Odd
The Pretty of the Odd - 2 months ago
It absolutely Helps that you like the Lover album
1996 Nissan Maxima
1996 Nissan Maxima - 2 months ago
The October 29th pfp looks like Tool artwork
Mapping Eagle
Mapping Eagle - 2 months ago
5:26 made me burst out laughing
Jamison fawkes
Jamison fawkes - 2 months ago
1:20 that looks like the imagine dragons guy
Soappao - 2 months ago
0:59 ur right
SageTheAwkward1 - 2 months ago
Idk if I commented this before on this video, but I am trying to find the Spook Me Up 2015 video. If anyone knows where it is, that will be great. I am desperately searching for it as I type this. I am not a good looker so can someone help out?
the bombdefuser
the bombdefuser - 2 months ago
Can someone timestamp all the days and number them
Dinnerbone - 2 months ago
That chest hair is the scariest thing.
Tuxedobird - 2 months ago
#YIAYeyes I’d do 998 hot sauce shots in my eyes.
Demo - 2 months ago
I’m on my way I’m on my way I’m on my way to eat your skin
Kaiser Bigmac
Kaiser Bigmac - 2 months ago
May I have the naked jack that the 3D joker guy used for... scientific purposes
Kaiser Bigmac
Kaiser Bigmac - 2 months ago
Jack: As we approach halloween, it gets scarier!
Also Jack: 4:04
SmellLikeMoys TH
SmellLikeMoys TH - 2 months ago
Bacon_ Lord300
Bacon_ Lord300 - 2 months ago
The thumbnail looks like a cursed zoom meeting
Chase McDaniel
Chase McDaniel - 2 months ago
Conspiracy: DHMIS Season 2 is coming June 19 2020
Moises Romero
Moises Romero - 2 months ago
Leave your answers in the comments beloweeeeeeeeeeeeee I’ll pick my favorites in the next episode of yiay
Tes1203 - 3 months ago
Apparently they do my favorite music so kids bop is going to be death metal next album
milk DIO
milk DIO - 3 months ago
Eli Games
Eli Games - 3 months ago
4:00 what happened with you getting the galaxy fold ^_^
C & C Miller
C & C Miller - 3 months ago
I missed this one and I'm excited for the 2020 one
Understated Jenn
Understated Jenn - 3 months ago
Y does the left most look like jacksepteye
wakemeupOUTSIDE - 3 months ago
don't touch me
i don't wanna catch your *p o o r*
W.EthanYT - 3 months ago
Petition to rename jackask to yaiytamq

(YIAY to ask me questions)
JamJam F
JamJam F - 3 months ago
Imagine if kidzbop done a deadpool remake
Tojo Cuatro
Tojo Cuatro - 3 months ago
This video predicted the shaggy hair meme
-Isabella- - 3 months ago
Yo I’m sad 😔
Jose Eduardo Solís Fanco
Jose Eduardo Solís Fanco - 3 months ago
2:50 wachi wachi wa
Corrpod DX
Corrpod DX - 3 months ago
Corrpod DX
Corrpod DX - 3 months ago
Alonso Guzman
Alonso Guzman - 3 months ago
put 2:00 with captions
Rbby Clmrz
Rbby Clmrz - 3 months ago
3:20 I made this one in blender and I am happy that I got in!
Nugget Guardian
Nugget Guardian - 3 months ago
I will have you know jack, I sent a screenshot to my friends of the KB tour, and they all said it was a blursed image.
GY_Eclipse - 3 months ago
1:21 Ewww he looks like PewDiePie
lolbit is gaming!
lolbit is gaming! - 3 months ago
*accidentally hits myself with holy slipper*
Sunset sardonyx
Sunset sardonyx - 3 months ago
9:59 Disney's heart and soul
GustyNG - 3 months ago
damn im surprised there was not a g-man in there
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