I Went to the MOST EXPENSIVE HOUSE in the WORLD!! **backyard waterpark**

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FaZe Rug
FaZe Rug - 8 months ago
Is this the craziest house you’ve ever seen?!
David Serban
David Serban - Month ago
Its got 502 k likes s-o wheres The house
Caleb Gay
Caleb Gay - Month ago
You better buy this house the videos will be dope
itzz_martintomac 69
itzz_martintomac 69 - 2 months ago
For sure
Mason Oldford
Mason Oldford - 3 months ago
Kary Pachamango
Kary Pachamango - 3 months ago
Jakepaul:aka:WINWIN CUTE
Jakepaul:aka:WINWIN CUTE - 3 minutes ago
No there is a million dollar house like 2052million dollar and there is helicopters and cars
Roy Lucky C Chipperfield
Roy Lucky C Chipperfield - 37 minutes ago
Right faze rug is buying that house because we hit the like goal
Jihad Aravassery
Jihad Aravassery - 3 hours ago
Simhasthita Singh
Simhasthita Singh - 10 hours ago
Who is watching this in September 2020
24xShotzz 24xShotzz
24xShotzz 24xShotzz - 10 hours ago
Buyyyy thee houseee you passed 500k
Kyleen wiggins
Kyleen wiggins - 11 hours ago
Get house
Dermario Smith
Dermario Smith - 12 hours ago
carter savell
carter savell - 13 hours ago
Corinna Farrell
Corinna Farrell - 13 hours ago
TPIB Rob - 14 hours ago
SARY ABOU hassan
SARY ABOU hassan - 17 hours ago
Buy this house it’s 524K coments
BlessedShane - 18 hours ago
MeMeghMaster - Day ago
500k likes u got to buy it
Looney loser
Looney loser - Day ago
Time to buy the house u got past 5k likes!
Eddie Acosta-Garcia
people still loking at this vedeo he said that he was going to buy this house if he made that shot but he did not
Brennydude - Day ago
Alexander Cheong
Alexander Cheong - Day ago
"Most expensive house" on the title but only costs 9.9million. Meanwhile your own mansion costs 10million. Who are you kidding Brian?...
Avan Brink
Avan Brink - 2 days ago
I don’t think you are gett8ng that house because you just got a new house and you will have to spend even MORE money
MASH - 2 days ago
I saw this video after he buys his mansion
Jamir’s World
Jamir’s World - 2 days ago
You should do a haunted ride on the got cart if u don’t mind going back
C bro
C bro - 2 days ago
It got 500,000 likes
Cali on yt
Cali on yt - 2 days ago
Miguel casanueva
Miguel casanueva - 2 days ago
buy it
Melissa Marmolejo
Melissa Marmolejo - 2 days ago
Harrison Yo boi
Harrison Yo boi - 2 days ago
Just live in it I don’t care if you rent or buy I just want to see voggls in it
Aidan Martz
Aidan Martz - 3 days ago
This guy needs to buy this house twice
Divyansh 583
Divyansh 583 - 3 days ago
Antellia is most expensive house in world
Mher Galoyan
Mher Galoyan - 3 days ago
Are you guys Armenian because basturma is Armenian
Cole Starkey
Cole Starkey - 3 days ago
actual question: How many cousins does FaZe Rug have ?
ternesha1988 - 3 days ago
yap jc_yeet
yap jc_yeet - 3 days ago
The most expensive house is worth 2 billion dollars
Max Rahner Vlogs
Max Rahner Vlogs - 3 days ago
it hit 500,000 likes someone @ himmmm!!!!! he has to buy it!!!
Tdf5 Johnato
Tdf5 Johnato - 3 days ago
Logan Morrison
Logan Morrison - 3 days ago
wish i could get ths house
Logan Morrison
Logan Morrison - 3 days ago
i rate 10
Aidan Martz
Aidan Martz - 3 days ago
Rug it’s a 523k likes where’s the house
Idiot Friends
Idiot Friends - 3 days ago
Pay up
Idiot Friends
Idiot Friends - 3 days ago
Kc Wat
Kc Wat - 3 days ago
Dude, now you gotta buy this house😂😂😂
Hydro Tyz0n
Hydro Tyz0n - 3 days ago
Trent Arancio
Trent Arancio - 3 days ago
Hafiz Abdullah
Hafiz Abdullah - 3 days ago
buy house
DRK Vhirtue
DRK Vhirtue - 3 days ago
Brooklyn Arias
Brooklyn Arias - 3 days ago
I say 1000 because I’ve never seen a house like that usually the houses I stay in pretty small where I live not very many people are rich there’s like three or six lemons that come through but that’s it
Brooklyn Arias
Brooklyn Arias - 3 days ago
In my town there’s a place for sale and it has 140 anchors and it cost over 59 point million
LaVa FoX
LaVa FoX - 3 days ago
It’s a 10 star rating for me
suhara rasheed
suhara rasheed - 3 days ago
Where is this house situated plz say sir
E Orticello
E Orticello - 3 days ago
Z the Orange
Z the Orange - 4 days ago
He bought another house though
Z the Orange
Z the Orange - 4 days ago
Buy the house bro you said it has a lot more than 500k
iiDimitriThyRebornYT YouTube
I liked the vid, its just that it didnt last long enough to see an full tour.
iiDimitriThyRebornYT YouTube
We think the same way, I thought of hiding in the waterslide too!!!
Jeffrey Argueta
Jeffrey Argueta - 4 days ago
Rug buy it
Kimberly Rutledge
Kimberly Rutledge - 4 days ago
I think it is the house is a 1,000000
Neo Khumalo
Neo Khumalo - 4 days ago
jason guevara
jason guevara - 4 days ago
That house is a fricken ten
SyGuy Brown
SyGuy Brown - 4 days ago
My property is 126 arceas its farmland
Mommy Smuk
Mommy Smuk - 4 days ago
Rug buy it now or else I will unsubscribe 🙁🙁🙁
Muhd Amsyar
Muhd Amsyar - 4 days ago
Bill Gates has entered the chat
Naif Aljaloud
Naif Aljaloud - 5 days ago
Phase rug there is an house in Dubai that is $35 million dollars
1k subs with no videos
1k subs with no videos - 5 days ago
DAMIAN RAMIREZ - 5 days ago
I rate the house a 1,000,000,000,000,
Christian Oldham
Christian Oldham - 5 days ago
20:13 come on kaelyn, how you gonna snitch like that
Amarnath Cr7
Amarnath Cr7 - 5 days ago
Dude the most expensive house is in India which costs 2B USD.
Mason Mapp
Mason Mapp - 5 days ago
Morgan Williams
Morgan Williams - 5 days ago
yOu PrOmIsEd To BuY dA hOuSe If ThE vIdEo PaSsEd 500K lIkEs TvT
Evan Brantley
Evan Brantley - 5 days ago
u have to buy the house now
Julia Maxine Lewis
Julia Maxine Lewis - 5 days ago
The only problem is if you can afford it
Equinox Gaming
Equinox Gaming - 5 days ago
10 OWT OF 10
eran farajun
eran farajun - 6 days ago
Yup 10 out of 10
Xx_Evelyn_xX - 6 days ago
500k is done
Epiczilla54 - 6 days ago
Elijah Visesio
Elijah Visesio - 6 days ago
This house is the most baddest house on the planet man you should really get this house
SlimeOut-Yt - 6 days ago
Riyadur Rahman
Riyadur Rahman - 6 days ago
Hello rug
Megan Mcgillis
Megan Mcgillis - 6 days ago
by it lol
Bryce Guitard
Bryce Guitard - 6 days ago
Rug you got a buy it
Fruit Ninjas
Fruit Ninjas - 7 days ago
When are you gonna buy the house
Faiza Zaheer
Faiza Zaheer - 7 days ago
10 out of 10
Faiza Zaheer
Faiza Zaheer - 7 days ago
Yes bro so such awesome house
JoshiYoshi 01
JoshiYoshi 01 - 7 days ago
Who’s watching this when rug moved already
MEGA User - 6 days ago
JoshiYoshi 01 me
Joseph Jabbour
Joseph Jabbour - 7 days ago
Bro you have to buy this house 😉😉
MGT GC - 7 days ago
Imagine this house and comparing this to the richest kid in America house but this house is less expensive then the richest kid in America house
Jasmin Tovar
Jasmin Tovar - 7 days ago
So when u buying it ????
Young Nubb
Young Nubb - 7 days ago
Buy the house rug
Mu'Jaheed Adams
Mu'Jaheed Adams - 7 days ago
i give it a 10
Omar Abdikadir
Omar Abdikadir - 7 days ago
DSG x snagz
DSG x snagz - 7 days ago
I have 30 acers
peter brammer
peter brammer - 7 days ago
Irma Campa
Irma Campa - 7 days ago
A FaZe rug hits 80k I'm going to buy him this house
DEATHbyAVI - 7 days ago
1-10 10
Tristan Sieker
Tristan Sieker - 7 days ago
you hit 500k likes lets go
Halaa Baadarani
Halaa Baadarani - 8 days ago
We passed 500k
Joumana Elbaz
Joumana Elbaz - 8 days ago
This video hit 500k so he has to buy the house!
Tony - 8 days ago
Buy this house
Goncalo _SCP10
Goncalo _SCP10 - 8 days ago
15:18,honestly 10
Kaled Sosa
Kaled Sosa - 8 days ago
Faze rug buy tha house
Yktv Ex
Yktv Ex - 8 days ago
What is Jackie doing here
YT_RevJr - 8 days ago
Lol yea
Ryan Kamel
Ryan Kamel - 8 days ago
I love your canol
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