Will Smith And Martin Lawrence Go Sneaker Shopping With Complex

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Complex - 4 days ago
Season 10 premiere!
What’s your favorite episode of Fresh Prince and Martin?
Greg The2kgoat
Greg The2kgoat - 15 hours ago
All of them
Alberly Gonzalez
Alberly Gonzalez - Day ago
Complex remember old people try lean you should do a pt2
Tay 2x
Tay 2x - Day ago
Jamel Hunter
Jamel Hunter - Day ago
Favorite episode of Martin is the one where they thought their house was haunted.
ThisIsNotATest ThisIsTheEnd
Martin got finessed. Bruh
Jacob Barber
Jacob Barber - 10 hours ago
Who else read the title like a question at first? 💀
V. P
V. P - 10 hours ago
Lol that dumb shop is overpriced as fuck.
lilibeth arzadon
lilibeth arzadon - 10 hours ago
The title should be The Bad Boys go sneaker shopping with Complex.
Sharron King
Sharron King - 10 hours ago
🙃🤦🏾‍♀️that total at the end...yikes
prettyinme - 10 hours ago
& who came up with these prices 😭😭😂
Real 1
Real 1 - 10 hours ago
After seeing soo many sneakers video it feels like a fucking sneaker worth more than a life of a human in America. Fuck this sneaker culture shit
MiketheYung God
MiketheYung God - 10 hours ago
They look alike. Lol
Danny Robinson
Danny Robinson - 10 hours ago
Its only about me priceless
Joe Blow
Joe Blow - 10 hours ago
How did he NOT cop the Fresh Prince 5s?!!!
aka bobby
aka bobby - 10 hours ago
They pulled up in the rsr from need for speed heat😂
Shkafishkafnjak Boz
Shkafishkafnjak Boz - 10 hours ago
8000 dollars for shoes ....mamaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Izanxmi XI
Izanxmi XI - 10 hours ago
Bruh the will’s voice is so freaking big
prettyinme - 10 hours ago
Martin used to be fresh to death on the show 🔥
Lance Jones
Lance Jones - 10 hours ago
Fresh prince when they tricked Jeffrey into thinking he won the lotto and he was saying..i quit i quit i quit..
Martin...dragon fly jones got his ass whooooped....
Yvng Jew
Yvng Jew - 11 hours ago
this man wore mids bro
Martin will always be the Man!♥️
Igor Schmidlapp
Igor Schmidlapp - 11 hours ago
Want to make Martin's day? Next time Martin and Will are out on the street, everybody go crazy over Martin, and ignore Will... ;-P
keneil williams
keneil williams - 11 hours ago
Wish I had that kinda money to be spending 8k on man home boys too but all we can afford at chips and dips
Davide Casadei
Davide Casadei - 11 hours ago
This must be the most capitalistic american video I've ever seen on yt. 8000$ for 10 pair of sneakers (that probably don't cost more than 200$ in production) mfg how stupid people have become.
Mark Baz
Mark Baz - 11 hours ago
The camaraderie is real between Martin & Will!
Typical Sniper
Typical Sniper - 11 hours ago
Yahhaa, It's Sneaker shopping time
mt nguyen
mt nguyen - 11 hours ago
Jesus thoss resell prices wtf man
Keke & Smooth
Keke & Smooth - 11 hours ago
Sneakers too damn expensive.
Ash Z
Ash Z - 11 hours ago
Will Smith face starting to look a bit like Lawrence Fishburne
Isaiah Baker
Isaiah Baker - 12 hours ago
he only offered 2 pay because he’s makin it back after Bad Boys 3 lmao
Can’t spell Triumph Without TRUMP
$440 for some Motorsport 4s
Can’t spell Triumph Without TRUMP
The Nike Air missions retroed like 3 or 4 years ago. The hypebeasts slept on them cause they have no style of their own and only Chase hype shoes.
skeeooh - 12 hours ago
Thank you joe and compiles for getting these legends on here thank you so much!!!!
robert proctor
robert proctor - 12 hours ago
GROOVEWITME 777 - 12 hours ago
My g shoulda talked about Martin’s style on his show, always had some J’s
Joe S
Joe S - 12 hours ago
They returned the shoes after the filming was over. Gullible
Elias GTCRGGTACUCCA - 12 hours ago
Instagram @ 21savage_findi
andy1181985 - 12 hours ago
No Fresh Prince 5’s?
Malte Sandbjerg
Malte Sandbjerg - 12 hours ago
Carlos Barlos
Carlos Barlos - 12 hours ago
They cop the best shit out of anyone that’s been on here
SIERRA BELVIN - 12 hours ago
They was fresh asf in the 90's and still in 2020 yay will & martin
l' M
l' M - 12 hours ago
Such overpriced shoes are a waste of time.
bjdeboy - 12 hours ago
i love how they didn't follow the trend of buying them new weird looking shoes people hop on just because of the brand.....
stick to what makes you..YOU!
Jordan 23
Jordan 23 - 13 hours ago
Does somebody knows which suit will smith wears?
Karlik M
Karlik M - 13 hours ago
Joe be asking such great questions for the guests on the show
von flora
von flora - 13 hours ago
Charles charles
Charles charles - 13 hours ago
😭😭Aye Will said "you treatin" 👀
raymond wiggins
raymond wiggins - 13 hours ago
2 goats
Straightupnochaser - 13 hours ago
That was wild..
George Bourlos
George Bourlos - 13 hours ago
The "off white Nike Air Force 1" lows at 2.200 weren't woth it...seriously
kinggoku56 - 13 hours ago
When did the black af1 off white go up to 2k ?
Kevin Brown
Kevin Brown - 13 hours ago
Grown " men " shopping for sneakers....ya.... right
SONY BASS - 14 hours ago
is that a RSR. nfs heat fans will know why i said this
ali.fit.87 Fitness
ali.fit.87 Fitness - 14 hours ago
Music name plz 💪
ba ko
ba ko - 14 hours ago
DUY THÔNG BARBER - 14 hours ago
The video is very funny, and the city of your country is so beautiful Like 👍👍🤝🤝
Tayyab Talib
Tayyab Talib - 14 hours ago
Man... You both are excellent partners. Best Bad Boys. BBB.
EatingWithSylvia - 14 hours ago
Will still look YOUNG Martin looks older
Steven Porras
Steven Porras - 14 hours ago
Seriously, Lebron shoes are ugly!
Tyler Jolly
Tyler Jolly - 14 hours ago
I bought $2300 sneakers there.
Dankest Media
Dankest Media - 14 hours ago
“Bad Boys” go sneaker shopping
Reed Thompson
Reed Thompson - 14 hours ago
Best phukn episode
What can new shoes do for a kids confidence ???😳 hello
Soul - 14 hours ago
Will smith has good taste in shoes
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