Lele Pons Is Going To Ruin Your Day

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Daniel Nguyen
Daniel Nguyen - 20 minutes ago
Plot twist they weren’t suppose to be comedy videos
blue salad
blue salad - 32 minutes ago
they really need to consult to Gus Johnson
Raidmm 68
Raidmm 68 - 34 minutes ago
Omg lol
soi sause
soi sause - Hour ago
Shoulda given us an ear rape warnin in the intro
Stupid Wolf1424
Stupid Wolf1424 - 2 hours ago
When he screamed lele at the beginning really loud i laughed so hard
Owen Dilley
Owen Dilley - 2 hours ago
omg lol
BasicallyEnrique - 3 hours ago
*omg lol*
Ethan Magezi
Ethan Magezi - 4 hours ago
ok, Ryan Trahan if you think it was bad then do you own video ass....
Ethan Magezi
Ethan Magezi - 4 hours ago
Lele pons is the best. if you say that you do not like her then fu.and the show is not supposed to be funny it is for entertainment you dumb YouTuber, but I am going to still watch you.
Sirine Elkbibdi
Sirine Elkbibdi - 5 hours ago
Omg lol
Grenny - 6 hours ago
Its a skit dumb ass not a real video
Celery - 10 hours ago
9 year olds who watch the show now think that they are cool for watching a show like Friends, because their parents don't let them watch Friends.
THE TALKING GALLERY - 12 hours ago
Lame-oid.... Bad comedy
The Golden Life
The Golden Life - 12 hours ago
no, omg. my sister was watching LeLe Pons yesterday.
Lunar_eclipse - 14 hours ago
I like Lele Pons but I like your channel so I ain't gonna hate 👍
Jessica Mota
Jessica Mota - 16 hours ago
FRIENDS is the best show ever.
Valiuha Xd
Valiuha Xd - 18 hours ago
I dont agreed with you my boi ur just jelous
Grande Dips
Grande Dips - 19 hours ago
Omg lol 😂😂😂
UwU - 19 hours ago
*My 9 year old cousin disagreeing in the background*
Tam Doerfel Hill
Tam Doerfel Hill - 19 hours ago
omg lol
• LexiiTastic •
• LexiiTastic • - 19 hours ago
I was trying to sneak my phone at night. My room is next to my parents room. I had my volume on the 2nd lowest since my earphones were broken. Then..... I hear this 0:01
Nazlıhan Çeçen
Nazlıhan Çeçen - 22 hours ago
Wait lele is our queen😪🥺
爆豆PxPcOrN - 23 hours ago
I Love Lele & Ryan.. I- 😔
HeLiX - Day ago
omg lol
OmegaLuliSoggi - Day ago
*omg lol*
Niko O
Niko O - Day ago
bro i’m not saying she’s good or anything but she’s doing something right because she has way more subs that you
Shane Bein-Aime
Shane Bein-Aime - Day ago
Omg lol
Mango Tea
Mango Tea - Day ago
omg lol
Alena Dixon
Alena Dixon - Day ago
I guess I'm dead then
Professional Idiot
Professional Idiot - Day ago
Soccer Liam
Soccer Liam - Day ago
OMG lol
Martinator !
Martinator ! - Day ago
OMG lol

*im immortal* (comment if you know what I’m talking bout
That Random Guy
That Random Guy - Day ago
I just found at something new! Who knew Lele Pons was Latina
TheBrickBoyo - Day ago
My 5 year old cousin: 0:00
Noname -Blank-
Noname -Blank- - Day ago
omg lol
AlbertF Gaetos
AlbertF Gaetos - Day ago
This video is ruining YouTube
Moonlit Productions
Omg lol. Please let me live, I have dreams.
chloexrae - 2 days ago
omg lol
Cooper11 - 2 days ago
omg lol
SynturyThaGoatツ - 2 days ago
Omg lol
MUSTHAVEFOOD G - 2 days ago
Omg lol
Test Dummy
Test Dummy - 2 days ago
0:00 to 0:02
Alessandra Wahl
Alessandra Wahl - 2 days ago
4:04 Why does Ryan's ear look photoshopped? 😂 (I'm sorry but I did really think 9:20 was kinda funny)
Maddie TheCat
Maddie TheCat - 2 days ago
I really like watching Lele pons! I love Ryans videos too but i'm a bit sad he made this
7 Minute Seconds
7 Minute Seconds - 2 days ago
Omg lol
xXWoofy PlayzXx
xXWoofy PlayzXx - 2 days ago
I had to do 2020
Thomas and friends
Thomas and friends - 2 days ago
I think she's speaking Spanish because the title is Spanish but I don't know ok bye
Comment Girl
Comment Girl - 2 days ago
omg lol! just to be sure to dont die or something...
Alexandria Sutherland
Alexandria Sutherland - 3 days ago
i can imagine haley watching this 5:43
Heyitslibby - 3 days ago
Omg lol
Johnny Appleseed
Johnny Appleseed - 3 days ago
Omg lol
Unnamed NoName
Unnamed NoName - 3 days ago
Omg lol
FSF_sharklord_ Man
FSF_sharklord_ Man - 3 days ago
The demographic of her videos is 1-5 graders who think that this will be so relatable in a couple years but really it’s not
Elijah Johnson
Elijah Johnson - 4 days ago
Omg lol
Zhiirou - 4 days ago
I’m a fan of her just because I’m a weird person and I relate to weird things she does in the video.
This is why I have no friends
But I hate amigos
l s
l s - 2 days ago
Zhiirou you’re playing the ‘I’m not like other kids’ card. It’s very cringy. No one in there right mind above 13 enjoys lele’s videos
Zhiirou - 3 days ago
l s How do you know that? Please don’t go judging people like this, I am weird yes. But that doesn’t mean I am younger than 13. I am very sorry if I seem that to you, but please understand that I am just weird. There’s nothing wrong about being different, I am sorry please have a nice day.
l s
l s - 3 days ago
Zhiirou you’re under 13 so it’s illegal for you to have a USa-video account, get off
Madi.playsss - 4 days ago
Hide ya kids hide ya wife
Some Random Kid You Found
I come from South Asia, and no. I can’t live without white rice.
Weaponized Toaster
Weaponized Toaster - 4 days ago
Omg lol
Katherine Ramos
Katherine Ramos - 4 days ago
I’m going to say it I watch this.
Colin Santiago
Colin Santiago - 4 days ago
omg lol
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