Lele Pons Is Going To Ruin Your Day

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Miles Jones
Miles Jones - 5 hours ago
6:32 I think we all know that
Miles Jones
Miles Jones - 5 hours ago
We’ll probably be the reason why we go extinct
Miles Jones
Miles Jones - 5 hours ago
I don’t see humans getting anywhere in the next 50 years
Al M
Al M - 18 hours ago
Lele might be my sleep paralysis demon. :P I agree so much with you Ryan.
Totally Acting
Totally Acting - Day ago
Well, not all of her videos are bad, in fact most of her videos are very good and actually funny, it’s just a few bad videos.
Kermit The Noob
Kermit The Noob - Day ago
What do you mean she is so funny you clearly don't get how funny she is
Aven 1up
Aven 1up - 2 days ago
You suck
StOpid JustStOpid
StOpid JustStOpid - 2 days ago
Game Boy
Game Boy - 2 days ago
Help me
sailingalongtogether19 - 2 days ago
"omg lol"
okiehawker - 2 days ago
omg lol
Omar Ahmed
Omar Ahmed - 2 days ago
fuck off
Noah Gaetz
Noah Gaetz - 3 days ago
omg lol
Aimna Zahid
Aimna Zahid - 3 days ago
when i clicked on the video the volume was at 100 you can tell what happened next
David Simango
David Simango - 5 days ago
Chitrani Shekhawat
Chitrani Shekhawat - 5 days ago
Rudy is the only talented one in the whole group
Brady Oberholtzer
Brady Oberholtzer - 5 days ago
Dude my volume was up ALLLLL the way when you screamed laya to the TOP of your lungs
Tophy - 5 days ago
omg lol
JustJocular - 5 days ago
Omg lol
Luke Manfredi
Luke Manfredi - 5 days ago
omg lol
Ped Repper
Ped Repper - 6 days ago
omg lol (i saw that)
ThinkExtreme - 6 days ago
Musa Khan
Musa Khan - 6 days ago
Kevin Hart who? Never heard of HER. 2:27
Sofía Aisha KHALIQ
Sofía Aisha KHALIQ - 6 days ago
Why do you keep hating on youtubers I am actually starting to think you hate on them because they are more famous than you
Colton - 7 days ago
G O O G O O , G A G A T Y P E T I N G
•Soft Cherrie•
•Soft Cherrie• - 7 days ago
All I can say is she suffers from severe OCD and Tourettes. When people do these kind of things to her, you don’t really know how much you’ve done to her.
Mad dog 465
Mad dog 465 - 7 days ago
Some one needs to tell Le Le Pons that you can only be allergic to natural things hot sauce is not natural. there could be something in the hot sauce that gave him an allergic reaction but he specifically said he's allergic to hot sauce and then that got me thinking if Le Le Pons really did have a degree in science and biology she would most likely know that. Conclusion, Le Le Pons does not have a degree in science and biology and only said that so that way people would think she still had a few brain cells left but clearly all the evidence is right here and now we all know that in fact she has no brain cells. #LeLePonsExposed.
søfia uwu
søfia uwu - 7 days ago
okay. i know this sounds crazy but i think lele is latina.
Imogen Biswas
Imogen Biswas - 7 days ago
omg lol
Tonny Playing
Tonny Playing - 7 days ago
And you think you are funny ?!!!!!!
Creepy Baby
Creepy Baby - 8 days ago
omg lol
Cameron Bell
Cameron Bell - 8 days ago
Omg lol
Polar Ice
Polar Ice - 8 days ago
Hold up he called Kevin hart a she
Hawkings - 8 days ago
Who is this made for? The humour is so bad only kids would like it but clearly with all the sexual content it’s not appropriate for kids? WHOS THE DEMOGRAPHIC FOR THIS SHIT
Robyn Mcgrath
Robyn Mcgrath - 8 days ago
Yo Ryan this show amigos was made by Shots studios you Ryan are bad at making studio shows you try it if you can make it
lejinzdary - 6 days ago
@Robyn Mcgrath I-
Robyn Mcgrath
Robyn Mcgrath - 6 days ago
@lejinzdary I am a girl don't bro me
lejinzdary - 6 days ago
@Robyn Mcgrath bro that's not the point. I said He would if he did
Robyn Mcgrath
Robyn Mcgrath - 6 days ago
@lejinzdary if he can make it better than where's Ryan studios they don't have one
lejinzdary - 6 days ago
@Robyn Mcgrath he can make shot studios better
Susan Galdamez
Susan Galdamez - 9 days ago
Guys, why do you feel it's right to hate on people???? Why is this okay all of the sudden??? Let them do what they want to do. If you don't like their stuff, just don't watch it. You're not being forced to watch anything.
Joster Fun
Joster Fun - 9 days ago
Omg lol
JoJoMEMES XD - 10 days ago
My god super racist, im half china like bruh. Bull shit.
lejinzdary - 7 days ago
half china
Melanie Wallace
Melanie Wallace - 10 days ago
omg lol i have crabs
søfia uwu
søfia uwu - 10 days ago
Aquido .C. Adendes
Aquido .C. Adendes - 10 days ago
Lele has a problem
Jose Pablo Montano
Jose Pablo Montano - 11 days ago
00:00 I HAD HEADPHONES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! RIP MY EARS
Alexa Smith
Alexa Smith - 11 days ago
Laughtracks r in friends as well u idiot
Alexa Smith
Alexa Smith - 11 days ago
This is s*** the frick
ThatOneBoi TM
ThatOneBoi TM - 12 days ago
Omg lol
Shirin Kasheri
Shirin Kasheri - 12 days ago
Omg lol
KbisLit - 12 days ago
omg lol
PaigeGamez - 12 days ago
I am a fan of you,But if you watch her YouTube original that just came out you will understand
SoaR-Verizon -
SoaR-Verizon - - 13 days ago
I love when he SCREAMED LEEEELLEEEEEEEEEEEE and the start
SoaR-Verizon -
SoaR-Verizon - - 13 days ago
LIT'EN SHARK - 13 days ago
omg lol
Eko1 Gaming
Eko1 Gaming - 13 days ago
U told me to comment omg lol
Joey Miller
Joey Miller - 13 days ago
omg lol😏
Anakin Skywalker
Anakin Skywalker - 13 days ago
I think lele pons is sometimes funny but she’s Latina
IbrahimSaeed05 - 13 days ago
Rudy mancuso is really funny
Lukas HyperGG
Lukas HyperGG - 14 days ago
Does anybody know here in 2020 she has OCD and torrest syndrome
Captain Rex Builds
Captain Rex Builds - 14 days ago
1:20 omg lol cuz I hafta
Israel Holguin
Israel Holguin - 14 days ago
omg lol
Matthew Jones
Matthew Jones - 15 days ago
Omg lol
country hajime
country hajime - 15 days ago
guys did you know Lele Pons is latina
Psych0 T4co BS
Psych0 T4co BS - 15 days ago
*omg lol*
Melody - 15 days ago
1:20 omg lol
Lolz Da gamer
Lolz Da gamer - 16 days ago
me watching this after they removed f.r.i.e.n.d.s. from netflix ToT
AmbieDaBest - 16 days ago
the first thing I wanna say is that you haters need to back off, he's only sharing his opinion and your basically doing the same thing putting hate comments on his video. I mean I like Lele Pons but I'm not making a big deal out of it because its his opinion and honestly it made me laugh. And second of all just because you like Lele Pons that doesn't mean you have to defend everything she does, and says, it gets really annoying when you try to do that and it makes you look a little clingy and I feel like you need to back off. and don't get me wrong I like Lele Pons but I also like Ryan Trahan, and there jokes so you can't say "oh your just a hater, and you don't like Lele Pons" I do and all I'm saying is don't be so clingy, everyone has there opinion.
KittyWawa23 - 16 days ago
r u serious?!
Eth Liu
Eth Liu - 16 days ago
it is supposed to be funny!!!
it is not always supposed to make sense!!!
Jack Lemonie
Jack Lemonie - 16 days ago
Kevin Heart who never herd of her what Ryan
Jenny Ridley
Jenny Ridley - 16 days ago
Not _Today
Not _Today - 15 days ago
It’s 2020
Milly Powell
Milly Powell - 16 days ago
you look like my cousin.
ツRySky - 16 days ago
Omg lol
Nana Stavropoulos
Nana Stavropoulos - 16 days ago
Omg lol
HiIt'sVanilla Gaming
HiIt'sVanilla Gaming - 16 days ago
Omg lol
Incognito._. - 17 days ago
Ryan: so there are these grown men that are living together unemployed.

yerrow: ...
Cherry Lilac YT
Cherry Lilac YT - 12 days ago
Filipe - 17 days ago
omg lol
ArfinYT - 17 days ago
In sweden there i live people can go to scool then they are even 100 years old
sabna mohamed
sabna mohamed - 17 days ago
Wtf that's not real they just joking around that does not mean that he doesn't know the shape of the world c'mon man try and do something worthy
cinnamqn -
cinnamqn - - 10 days ago
sabna mohamed uh things aren’t realistic to a certain point aren’t really funny unless its sarcasm
Rahab Wangui
Rahab Wangui - 17 days ago
omg lol
Cdog The great
Cdog The great - 17 days ago
Me:can we watch friends
Mom:we have friends at home
Friends at home:2:53
Lenord - 18 days ago
well... it didnt work
she still makes comedy
Aurin gamez
Aurin gamez - 18 days ago
The video is to make people laugh
Błùę āñđ Møön
Błùę āñđ Møön - 18 days ago
I think your a Btch and why are u god problem with the all youtuber you hate ??
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