Why Magnesium Fires are SO DANGEROUS

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Alex Esquibel
Alex Esquibel - 43 minutes ago
Can u try to malt wood
illiterate ink
illiterate ink - 9 hours ago
Their home Insurance rates went up after this aired
Ethan Liang
Ethan Liang - 13 hours ago
8:23 lightsaber sound
mercmoe234 - 14 hours ago
Super sparklers
Zoe Heaton
Zoe Heaton - Day ago
I actually did this as a science experiment at school and we ended up burning some holes in the science table....
Kumba Kanu
Kumba Kanu - Day ago
What if you bury a magnesium fire
Skating, outdoors And building
You should put the powder stuff in the sand sprayer thing then light it 😱😱😱
kxng azul entertainment
Put it in the pool
flor wast
flor wast - Day ago
My dad crashed in a plane that was high in magnesium. He and his fellow crew members were the only ones as of that date to have survived a crash in that plane. They got out quick. The metal plane was completely consumed.
Eniette YT
Eniette YT - 2 days ago
5:38 It's like a very dangerous version of those sticks that you light on fire and it sparks, you use them on the 4th of July
Blue Mysterious
Blue Mysterious - 2 days ago
We done that in my school with a week torch and it worked
rootbrian - 3 days ago
When it's white-hot, you DON'T want to look at it. xD
dwwilliams19732013 - 3 days ago
You can use water to put out metal fires. Lots of water and a few precautions. However, burying it with sand to contain the heat is your best option. Again, take precautions. This stuff will instantly cause 3rd degree burns and produces toxic fumes.
AguaFluorida - 3 days ago
It's highly inadvisable to look directly at burning magnesium without proper eye protection. The magnesium flame emits significant amounts of ultraviolet light.
Les Mack
Les Mack - 3 days ago
Why did you have to spray the fires with with water??? I wanted to see it burn!
Ehren Rokai
Ehren Rokai - 3 days ago
My Chemistry Teacher onetime lit a small rod of magnesium on fire and dropped it in a giant glass beaker and it still burned and boiled the water away. He actually had to keep the magnesium off the bottom of the beaker or it would melt through it .
Mattias Lavsjö
Mattias Lavsjö - 3 days ago
Mahmuna Chaudhary
Mahmuna Chaudhary - 3 days ago
11:00 that's amazing
ericka jones
ericka jones - 4 days ago
What would happen with ice and magnesium
Bush - 4 days ago
Try making a magnesium flame thrower like you did with cinnamon
Kawaii Anime Channel
Kawaii Anime Channel - 4 days ago
Hi King of Random, can you really melt the diamond? Cause I heard a lot of people said that diamond is heat resistant more than 500 degrees Fahrenheit so I don’t know if diamond can really melt.
Wayne Zickefoose
Wayne Zickefoose - 4 days ago
Can you ignite thermite with That green powder that ignites with water
CrazyDilo 25
CrazyDilo 25 - 4 days ago
Make magnesium bombs
CrazyDilo 25
CrazyDilo 25 - 4 days ago
Blow up magnesium
Gage Paschall
Gage Paschall - 5 days ago
please do not say bad words
Chris Holmes
Chris Holmes - 5 days ago
Put burning magnesium in liquid oxygen
mark fontaine
mark fontaine - 5 days ago
kelly nate u husband and wife? or brother sister?
Cenan Metti
Cenan Metti - 5 days ago
Fox King
Fox King - 5 days ago
Can you melt rubber bands
Darius Schreiber
Darius Schreiber - 5 days ago
She likes you nate
pixel gaming
pixel gaming - 5 days ago
if water doesn't work to put it out just pee on it :)
AKNativ3907 - 5 days ago
3:46 Nate 😂
when shit hits the fan
when shit hits the fan - 5 days ago
Try freeze dry candle wax and melting it
A Lund-eatock
A Lund-eatock - 6 days ago
Why werent you at the dome? Thats usually where you do the fire experiments.
Michael Baca
Michael Baca - 6 days ago
Use the magnesium powder in the thermite mix....
dwwilliams19732013 - 3 days ago
Totally awesome! The mix burns hotter and faster.
Zrage VII
Zrage VII - 6 days ago
Please make a magnesium burning bar/thermic lance with oxygen tank and magnesium pipe
Thomas Mayeda
Thomas Mayeda - 6 days ago
if the dry ice created carbon dioxide, the fire was burning with no or little oxygen.
CaptianTroll Zor
CaptianTroll Zor - 6 days ago
Her laugh is annoying
dannyo66 - 6 days ago
What would happen if you would throw it in a swimming pool with chlorine??????
Coolkid Awesome
Coolkid Awesome - 6 days ago
Are they married
Rylee Burns
Rylee Burns - 6 days ago
Can y'all put the magnesium in the water?
dhy5342 - 6 days ago
You can't put it out with water because magnesium burns at 4000 degrees F, which is hot enough to braks the hydrogen/oxygen bonds in water, providing more fuel (hydrogen) and oxidizer (oxygen) to continue the combustion.
Rusho Khan
Rusho Khan - 6 days ago
What happen when you drown it in water after it caught on fire
95Gabe - 6 days ago
In school we were doing experiments with powdered magnesium lighting it in the bunsen burner. One kid managed to drop burning magnesium into the jar of powder setting it all alight. The teacher grabbed it with tongs and submerged in it a basin of water which just pissed it off. He ended up taking it out to the long jump sand pit. It eventually burned itself out. He said that the Magnesium was burning so hot that it drew oxygen from the water. Was quite the lesson.
Joshua Rogers
Joshua Rogers - 6 days ago
Says they Can't put out metel fire with water proceeds to use water
ImTheAsian Yang
ImTheAsian Yang - 6 days ago
“White...No definition...”
You should do a mag fire under water. ..
Zach Watson
Zach Watson - 6 days ago
Reilly Bailey
Reilly Bailey - 6 days ago
You guys should put elephant toothpaste in a vacuum chamber
Jeff Hogancamp
Jeff Hogancamp - 7 days ago
I used to machine Magnesium if a fire were to break out we had large containers of salt to put the fire out..
D L6
D L6 - 7 days ago
Poor melted magnesium into liquid nitrogen
A Truck Campbell
A Truck Campbell - 7 days ago
what if you put it underwater?
Lisa Jegen
Lisa Jegen - 7 days ago
Omg I'm not the only person who stares at light and it leaves a spot in
My vision! It goes away tho after 5 to 7 min
l DARKBULLET l - 7 days ago
I hope they both know this is air pollution
Dave B
Dave B - 7 days ago
Get a stick welder and attach the clamp to a rod and strike an arc with it.. In other words use it like a welding rod. Or attach both clamps to two rods that you strike an arc between.This would be high heat in a very concentrated spot and might help the rods burn from one end to the other.
Katey BOOP
Katey BOOP - 7 days ago
So, Nate has PICA and Calli has pyromania. Well, alright then
Luficarius Ratspeed
Luficarius Ratspeed - 7 days ago
They should try using some jet fuel to put it out...
Ethan Sparks
Ethan Sparks - 7 days ago
Its used in aircraft flares. Its what heat seeking missiles lock on too. alongside strips of a sort of a thin aluminum that distract laser guided missiles
Paige Carter
Paige Carter - 7 days ago
My mum worked with a science teacher who used to smoke between classes. He put a roll of Magnesium ribbon in his lab coat pocket after an experiment and forgot about it. In a science staff meeting, he was still wearing this lab coat, and he put his still smouldering cigarette in his pocket... the same pocket as the Magnesium ribbon...
My mum says she has never seen someone take off a lab coat so fast. The science teacher was fine, but the lab coat...
Robert Rustenbeck
Robert Rustenbeck - 7 days ago
Two questions. 1. Does your HOA know you do this? 2. How much is your insurance?
ASTRO KID - 7 days ago
Were you trying to do the kkk sign with that mold(a cross on fire)
Xyddum the infinite
Xyddum the infinite - 7 days ago
Try submerging the magnesium.
Jared Barrow
Jared Barrow - 7 days ago
Can you open a dewar of liquid nitrogen under water?
X0FloH - 7 days ago
Next video: "hey guys today we are making liquid moon"
Cesar Brizuela
Cesar Brizuela - 8 days ago
Calli: haHa!
100percent legal
100percent legal - 8 days ago
Magnesium is used in car engines
Chris Piasecki
Chris Piasecki - 8 days ago
I believe this is why magnesium rims aren't very common on cars anymore. If a car with them cought fire ,it was very difficult for a fire department to put out the car fire if the rims had caught fire as well.
Dr. Z
Dr. Z - 8 days ago
Nate: So people say you shouldn’t poke bears with flaming sticks...
Calli: but that’s exactly what we’re gonna do.
Quinten Frederick
Quinten Frederick - 8 days ago
Throw a lit magnesium rod into a pool of water
rootbrian - 3 days ago
nothing will happen unless it's set on fire.
Executioner 12225
Executioner 12225 - 8 days ago
This is the time that they SHOULD BE WEARING GLOVES...

Dialup Dude
Dialup Dude - 8 days ago
I once set fire to a water heater element made of magnesium, I had to cover it in sand to put it out
xXSilverRavenXx - 8 days ago
What I learned from this: magnesium is the closest modern equivalent to Greek fire
Kyle Legamaro
Kyle Legamaro - 8 days ago
liquid oxegyn and molten magnesium
Tyler Fight
Tyler Fight - 8 days ago
can you put magnesium fire out with dirt or sand
The Urban Bourbon Bloke
It's one of my fav metals too
Daniel Connell
Daniel Connell - 8 days ago
Agent X vs Magnesium
robert howie
robert howie - 8 days ago
probably nice smoke to inhale
chadderall eh
chadderall eh - 8 days ago
why couldnt they use a regular freakin garden hose without so much force and pressure to spray on the fire
Fandom Freak
Fandom Freak - 8 days ago
I wonder what the neighbors think
LeoM - 8 days ago
"Guys do not use water to put out a metal fire!"

Immediately proceeds to using water to put out a metal fire.
Zander McDonald
Zander McDonald - 8 days ago
Nate: as we scale up we will use welding masks
*few minutes later doesn't even use it and is up close* :D👍
Drones, Cameras and Tech
can you put out Mg with LN2?
Shab Master
Shab Master - 8 days ago
Princess of Pyre strikes again
Pepijn Roosen
Pepijn Roosen - 8 days ago
InfintyAce - 9 days ago
Ahh yes "well magnesium is actually a chemical element..."
xianchao fei
xianchao fei - 9 days ago
Magnesium +thermite
Entity - 9 days ago
I think ice makes magnesium burn hotter if im not mistaken so dry ice and magnesium hmm interesting combo don't you think?
Cole skuxx
Cole skuxx - 9 days ago
Imagine fluidisation of burning grains of magnesium
derpstormchaser - 9 days ago
Is it me or does it look like Cali adores Nate
Van Kitchens
Van Kitchens - 9 days ago
Can you put some of the burning magnesium metal in liquid O2 (oxygen)?
Anthony Wyse
Anthony Wyse - 9 days ago
Liquid magnesium into liquid oxygen? 😅
Adam Samuel #MAGA
Adam Samuel #MAGA - 9 days ago
Yall crazy
Gaming Lodge YT
Gaming Lodge YT - 9 days ago
Mixing magic and science?
Samuel Pierce
Samuel Pierce - 9 days ago
I am a certificated aircraft technician.
Samuel Pierce
Samuel Pierce - 9 days ago
Magnesium is used for aircraft tires because of its strength.
KUTNA Ele - 9 days ago
She isn't very bright is she? They just finished explaining that the magnesium turns to molten metal before it ignites and she is waving it around like it's a kids sparkler just asking for a blob to fly off and land on someone.
Stephanie Clark
Stephanie Clark - 9 days ago
Im sure your neighbors love yall.i know i would..
JanicekTrnecka - 9 days ago
Magnesium shawings and something to help it oxidize....rust, sugar or my favourite KMnO4...cheap and quite lot of oxygen in it.
Linus Allarud
Linus Allarud - 9 days ago
Can you make a flashbang grande with magnesium?
Dreadnaught 717
Dreadnaught 717 - 9 days ago
Please tell me where is the OTHER guy ?
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