Abby Says Yolanda Is CRAZY | Dance Moms | Season 8, Episode 7

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Carlyce Simpson
Carlyce Simpson - 6 hours ago
Yolanda is psycho
Allisondoes tuff
Allisondoes tuff - 9 hours ago
Yolanda: **crazy**
Video: ****4:20** long**
Mya Gaines
Mya Gaines - 13 hours ago
Is it just me or is Yolanda cockeyed 😭
Jada Seymone
Jada Seymone - 14 hours ago
Abby is treating Presley just like she treated Chloe and Nia
Taeo Is Me
Taeo Is Me - Day ago
Me after reading the title: BECAUSE SHE IS CRAZY!
talia luongo
talia luongo - Day ago
Eli Ana was born exactly a year after me we have the same bday XD
The thumbnail says it all.
Sarah Liao
Sarah Liao - Day ago
yolanda needs to stop. she knows everyone hates her so why is she still trying to do dance moms
Jon - Day ago
Oh girl wbk Yolanda is crazy
JustBritney. - Day ago
Abby’s peaked tbh
Tamaya Stevenson
Tamaya Stevenson - Day ago
I live in Virginia
Francesca Flowers
Francesca Flowers - 2 days ago
Why do I keep comparing to the old dance moms!
Nasaiah Algarin
Nasaiah Algarin - 3 days ago
LOL i actually have like all the moms from the old mini team on fb and a few of the og team moms. its all for the show LMFAOAO they really dont have problems w each other.
Megha Pratapwar
Megha Pratapwar - 3 days ago
ok but like if these kids are so mediocre why did abby pick them in auditions
Bianca Jean
Bianca Jean - 3 days ago
1:33 that's a eating disorder waiting to happen
Besties World28
Besties World28 - 3 days ago
At 1:36
Abby: you see that thy you don’t want too show the whole world that
Me: you already did
Guest Guest
Guest Guest - 3 days ago
I'm just confused... Weren't Yolanda and Stacey friends or trying to be friends when the original team left Abby back in season 7? Then here comes season 8... Now Stacey has an issue? She should've had the same energy even after the original team left.... from the clipps I saw Yolanda did put her hands around Stacey but she shoved her back so she didn't choke her they're making it seem like Yolanda choked Stacey as hard as she could and Yolanda is right she didn't scream at Lilly she said some rude stuff to Lilly but in a calm voice but it still wasn't right to say that to Lilly.
Senies Reborns and More
I miss the old moms.. .
Leonie B
Leonie B - 4 days ago
Title: Abby says Yolanda is crazy.
Me: she said the same thing about Jill
Kathleen Nguyen
Kathleen Nguyen - 4 days ago
Abby: you see that thigh, we’re not gonna show the whole world that
Me: you do realize that this is on YouTube, right?!?😳
Bangtans Rider
Bangtans Rider - 4 days ago
Don’t get me wrong, I don’t like Yolanda and she’s crazy, but Stacey started that one. She opened up her mouth with that “strangler” comment and THAT’S when Yolanda started responding. Stacey could’ve just said nothing.
Reema Alharbi
Reema Alharbi - 4 days ago
Yolanda is so crazy like it’s not good
sachary rodriguez
sachary rodriguez - 4 days ago
we all like dance moms bc the tea 😂
Helloworld 95
Helloworld 95 - 5 days ago
Why does she have to have real sizzors on her hands?
scy ler
scy ler - 5 days ago
Gianna got some birkin bagzz under her eyes
Savanna's World
Savanna's World - 5 days ago
I guess Yolanda moved. True dance moms fans would know what I'm talking about
Jade Hager
Jade Hager - 6 days ago
Is Yolanda drunk?
黄huang - 6 days ago
stacey is a bitch
Vanessa Manu
Vanessa Manu - 6 days ago
Yolanda is really crazy
Alexxx - 7 days ago
Gianina and her mom are the crazies
Hannah Perez
Hannah Perez - 7 days ago
In our country, Philippines, *Yolanda* is the name of *the biggest storm* that ever happened in the Philippines 😂
Slimeylizious Classics
Slimeylizious Classics - 7 days ago
I'm so with Abby
Avery Slot
Avery Slot - 7 days ago
I used to think Yolanda was crazy, now I’m thinking both Yolanda and Stacey are insane.
Swiftly Swiftie
Swiftly Swiftie - 7 days ago
Yolanda is bat shit crazy. She’s a complete nutjob.
Maximus Prime
Maximus Prime - 7 days ago
So Abby is not gonna walk again, no? Now that I think about it, how you gonna take dance lessons from a hasbeen in a wheelchair?!
Emmy Snapper
Emmy Snapper - 7 days ago
Yolanda really is bat shit crazy and she’s overconfident but it’s a FALSE confidence, you can tell she’s very insecure and a completely loose canon, to say the very least
Jadde Montero
Jadde Montero - 7 days ago
So is it just me or does anyone remember Stacy and yoloanda being cool in the jason matter photo choir ?!
MsJubjubbird - 8 days ago
Um mommy lady I don't believe it is Abby's job to make your kid feel good about herself. It's her job to make her a good dancer no matter what. Therapists are for making you feel good. Dance teachers are for making you good dancers
Too roasted
Too roasted - 8 days ago
_bat shit crazy_
Nicholas Sway
Nicholas Sway - 8 days ago
Abby needs to fall out of her chair and be left for dead...
PEYTON FOLEY - 8 days ago
1:07 Gianna looks tired af
Octavio Garcia
Octavio Garcia - 9 days ago
Si yo pudiera pensar lo mismo..podemos arreciar el juego si desiden yo los pongo al descuvierto y ustedes disen que estoy loco y yo mela creo jugamos O nono...3? DSEO..
LOREE LEE - 9 days ago
Abby says Yolanda is bat shit crazy,guess what I am bat shit crazy too.......who else wants to join the crazies.welcome to the club
Kendyl morgan
Kendyl morgan - 9 days ago
Some times I feel like hurting Yolanda
Kendyl morgan
Kendyl morgan - 9 days ago
Who is Abby to talk about feet last time i remembered she doesn’t use her feat so she can stop being rude 😂
MsJubjubbird - 8 days ago
Abby is not trying to be a professional dancer
Mandy M
Mandy M - 9 days ago
Grown women acting the fool.
Ella Hart
Ella Hart - 9 days ago
If Presley is a “ Mediocre dancer “ I must be REALLY MEDIOCRE
Josie Ward
Josie Ward - 10 days ago
Presley always looks tired and annoyed unless she has makeup on.
Is it just me who thinks that? Just me ok...
aashish hamal
aashish hamal - 10 days ago
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