Red Velvet 레드벨벳 'RBB (Really Bad Boy)' MV

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CHANBEAK 2006 - 4 minutes ago
So cool
Robert Hall
Robert Hall - 4 minutes ago
More people currently watching the English version 1,285,000 since release
Ratna Mellynda
Ratna Mellynda - 14 minutes ago
ForTune by Jessica, Seulgi, Sowon, Mina and Jade
Rookie : I'm top in Korea, but flop in International
RBB : I'm top in International, but flop in Korea.
In conclusion, I love both of them and I'm real fans. Thank you.
Ann Metra
Ann Metra - 15 minutes ago
I will support red velvet until my hair turn gray 👵🏻💖
킁 킁
킁 킁 - 17 minutes ago
이번엔 좀•••
ابرار الغلا
ابرار الغلا - 18 minutes ago
Amazing song pink panda here
ابرار الغلا
ابرار الغلا - 18 minutes ago
Red velvet fighting
OHxDEER PLAYS - 19 minutes ago
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-1 reveluv
Sarah - 21 minute ago
Eau.De.Velvet - 23 minutes ago
I'm french and I prefer listening to the english version because at the end of Wendy's bridge I hear : "Papa j'aime pas l'école" in the korean version😂
raya309 - 23 minutes ago
learned all the fanchants in case they ever come to europe but so far they've confirmed only usa, canada, chile and japan
come to europe pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaase
Hyoyeon TheDancingQueen
Hyoyeon TheDancingQueen - 25 minutes ago
RVpop everyone hahaha
Hyoyeon TheDancingQueen
Hyoyeon TheDancingQueen - 26 minutes ago
English Ver. is out! Stream Reveluvs stream!!!!
Madelane Foxall
Madelane Foxall - 26 minutes ago
Hi guys, can you please help a small fandom out by checking out Gugudan's "Not that type"? Thank you so much reveluvs❤️
raya309 - 29 minutes ago
winner really really x blackpink really x red velvet really bad boy x red velvet bad boy mashup
really really really really bad boy bad boy
Benjamin Chan
Benjamin Chan - 39 minutes ago
20 MILL letsss go REVELUVSSS
Faviha Fizz
Faviha Fizz - 41 minute ago
*Watch the English Version too!!!!*
marbie ·
marbie · - 44 minutes ago
30M before 2019?
hello hi
hello hi - 45 minutes ago
because of we didn't succes giving RBB win any music awards, lets make this BOP 20M vi3ws as soon as possible, ok? fighting, ReVeluv! lets str3am more harder!
Faviha Fizz
Faviha Fizz - 40 minutes ago
Maegan Grace Rabuyo
Maegan Grace Rabuyo - 46 minutes ago
Guys before this era end let us give our girls a win.
exo ot12 forever
exo ot12 forever - Hour ago
-Park Sooyoung 2k18
Jungkook, Seulgi & Baekhyun
12/15 6:40PM KST:18,785,265
12/16 6:40PM KST:19,205,751
Today views:420,486
Thankyou rv for everything
Today is their last stage I will still miss you,RV😭😭😭😭to didn't get a win I also feel sorry to RV
Let's stream 20M soon💞
park gamze
park gamze - Hour ago
let's get 19.5 million views luvies!
park gamze
park gamze - Hour ago
김민지 - Hour ago
왜 애드리브가 더 잘들리는거같지
shibbi - Hour ago
Exol Sone Reveluv
Exol Sone Reveluv - Hour ago
*ThankYouRV* for an amazing year! You did so well!
-First PAK for SM
-Bad Boy Best 100 song in BB 2018
-10 wins on a title song
-Daesang in KMA
-5 100 MVs(+1 soon)
-Part of Peace Troupe to NK
-Red Flavor played at Winter Olympics
And many more!
*Received 'Artist of The Year' Award from Korean Entertainment Producers Association on Feb 2, 2018.
김민경 - Hour ago
노래 넘 좋아ㅠ💗💗
The Slacker
The Slacker - Hour ago
힙찔이요정 - Hour ago
아이린 조이 예리 슬기 웬디 다 개 예쁘내아이린 빨강 머리 ㄱㄱ 웬디 파랑 머리ㄱㄱ 에리 노랑 머리ㄱㄱ 슬기 초록 머리ㄱㄱ조이 보라 머리ㄱㄱ투톤 말고 전체 염색하자 졸라 이쁠 듯 다 연한색 말고 진한색 하면 개 이쁠 듯
fikey - Hour ago
Hi! SM I wanna say why Red Velvet flop this comeback.
1. Its winter
2. Giving us new concept. Not the 2nd Bad Boy
3. RV is your new IT giving them beautiful dress.
2. You too much to Irene. Let everyone shine like her.
3. Joy was working so hard this era. But why U giving her least line and screen.
Cigy Paul
Cigy Paul - Hour ago
Hello random person scrolling through the comment section below, just wanna say that you are beautiful both on the inside & outside, and have a great day today!
NOBODY - Hour ago
damn these girls are slaying😂😂
Shanty Wioraya
Shanty Wioraya - Hour ago
jean jungkook
jean jungkook - Hour ago
좋은 멋진 끝내 또는 당신
Charisse Zipagan
Charisse Zipagan - 2 hours ago
RV's visual is no joke
Lien Nguyen
Lien Nguyen - 2 hours ago
30M before the end of 2018 💪💪
noa peretz
noa peretz - 2 hours ago
Am i the only one who prefers RBB over Bad boy?
Faviha Fizz
Faviha Fizz - 38 minutes ago
riffgroove - Hour ago
I like them both equally, but for completely different reasons.
Sophie Shi
Sophie Shi - 2 hours ago
I keep hearing it anywhere😳
Curious Mutia
Curious Mutia - 2 hours ago
Next new year they will release "Triple Bad Boy" after this song and the other one that was on January 2018
Jany happy club
Jany happy club - 2 hours ago
100 m เร็วๆนะเดี๋ยวจะช่วยๆปั่น😀😀😀
yoona lim
yoona lim - 2 hours ago
Alberta Anindiadhari
Alberta Anindiadhari - 2 hours ago
Watasiwahyo Oh GG
Watasiwahyo Oh GG - 2 hours ago
Why Red Velvet have long promotions they are promoting for almost 3 weeks now while EXO only have 3 stages. Why SM why
revlctzen !!
revlctzen !! - Hour ago
nct has much longer promotions lol
Watasiwahyo Oh GG
Watasiwahyo Oh GG - 2 hours ago
Alberta Anindiadhari sadly this the treatment they got after 7 years of being in the industry I guess. I feel sad for the EXO-L’s who wait for almost a year
Alberta Anindiadhari
Alberta Anindiadhari - 2 hours ago
and they're only promoting until this week.. geez.. and what about things that boy groups of SM have but girl groups not.. I know from your name you like snsd.. maybe bcs the schedule that's why exo only get 3 stages
Alberta Anindiadhari
Alberta Anindiadhari - 2 hours ago
what about NCT 127? they promote for almost 4 weeks
Army * Once
Army * Once - 2 hours ago
*Here after the English version*
Lillian Lu
Lillian Lu - 2 hours ago
All Luvies, we can support our babies💪💪 They are no.1 in our heart❤❤
Brian Kim
Brian Kim - 2 hours ago
Still not reach 20m. Seriously, pok mang
Lillian Lu
Lillian Lu - 2 hours ago
Astri Riftiani
Astri Riftiani - 2 hours ago
red velvet sorry we have not been able to give you trophies in show music, we have tried what we can, really the RBB song is really cool actually we like it. It's okay even though us haven't gotten a trophy on music shows but we managed to get a good chart on Billboard. we will continue to love you and support you and always wait for your work. RED VELVET SARAGHE..... AND FIGHTING
riffgroove - Hour ago
This comeback wasn't for Korea. If SM was that concerned about music show wins they'd just have RV do songs like POWER UP and ROOKIE over and over again.
율라 - 2 hours ago
웬디 고음 미쳤다....ㅎㄷㄷ
Momo Go Round
Momo Go Round - 2 hours ago
Joy: 1 2 5
Seulgi: 1 1 1 1 1 1.......
Sardines: 5 5 5
ᆞ샐리&달리 - 2 hours ago
Shamina Shaikh
Shamina Shaikh - 3 hours ago
THANK YOU RV! Hope they rest well.
Don't worry if they didn't get any win on music shows as they had tons of achievements internationally! Can't wait for the next cb!
Again, thank you RV💗💥
dini handikasari
dini handikasari - 2 hours ago
they did very well 'till today, still the best. i think their next come back will be on January 2019 before starting their US and Canada Tour, it will be more exited ^_^
Damian Dimof
Damian Dimof - 3 hours ago
The RBB Is The Wolf?
•ARMY FOREVER• - 2 hours ago
Damian Dimof
Damian Dimof - 3 hours ago
What A Great Comeback Red Velvet👍 Irene Is My Bias OK Joy Stop Bias Rek Me OK PLEASE 🙏
The Slacker
The Slacker - 3 hours ago
xxx love
xxx love - 3 hours ago
Sm please give red velvet easy listening songs and quality songs for the next red velvet comeback (maybe like a Russian roulette or bad boy song) 🙏💌😄
丝乐杨 - 3 hours ago
Red Velvet Fangirl For LIFE
Guys we need to str**m more for this upcoming inkigayo... Please!
- i n R e v e r i e -
- i n R e v e r i e - - 3 hours ago
Luvies, since today will be the last RBB stage, kindly use #/ThankYouRV on Twitter to show our appreciation for the ladies hard work! : )
xxx love
xxx love - 3 hours ago
SM please give them (red velvet) Japanese comeback and debut in America (isn't the popularity of RVs in America quite good) 🙏💌
I hope that Red Velvet can debut in America someday 💕
- i n R e v e r i e -
- i n R e v e r i e - - 3 hours ago
xxx love Yes.. This 2018 alone they did 4 different albums including their Japanese debut and next year they would be busy with their Japanese dome tour and North America tour as well. D:
xxx love
xxx love - 3 hours ago
+- i n R e v e r i e - yes you are right.. I also hope that the red velvet members won't get sick because of the tight schedule
- i n R e v e r i e -
- i n R e v e r i e - - 3 hours ago
xxx love During one of their recent radio show, the DJ spoiled that the ladies has filmed a Japanese music video. So most likely RV would have a comeback album for their Japanese fans. But rlly tho, they need to have a proper rest. /:
최boy - 3 hours ago
레드벨벳 사랑해!!!다음곡 대박나자
김민지 - 3 hours ago
와....고음 쩐다...
AyAReI00 - 3 hours ago
Ok so Red Velvet RBB 🐺 got new +855,292 views in 2 Days ... I have no idea if that is a Bad amount of views for a new song BUT is not a small amount either ... Also this song got a huge amount of hate SO FOR LOYAL LUVIES THIS IS A GOOD NUMBER OF VIEWS... What we need to do is to stop listen (reading) the amount of haters pm the comment section... STOP EXPLAINING THEM WHY THE SONG IS GOOD... JUST IGNORE THEM, also if they got so much time of their lifes to write negative comment is cuz THEY CARE 💅
AyAReI00 - 3 hours ago
Pd: stream Ice cream cake 🍦🍰 is only 450k views for the GLORIOUS 💯 M VIEWS GOAL
AyAReI00 - 3 hours ago
tristan vargas
tristan vargas - 4 hours ago
that fucking howl-like high note from wendy at the end killed me asfafadaffsfsdda
King Seokjin
King Seokjin - 4 hours ago
*RBB is flopped? No, your life is*
Nuhz Hashim
Nuhz Hashim - 4 hours ago
Rbb does not nominated in top 3 inkigayo today 😢
xxx love
xxx love - 3 hours ago
Regina Southard
Regina Southard - 4 hours ago
hurry and stream y'all
yanyyiiee - 4 hours ago
Can we call every Red Velvet comeback "FLOP" so that they keep breaking records? 😏😏 Can't believe this "flop" did well internationally..😍😍😍
Nakata Shuu
Nakata Shuu - 4 hours ago
You guys, this is RvPop not k-pop
arshiya rk
arshiya rk - 4 hours ago
I think girls are preparing for Japanese comeback
Lesleigh Aranjuez
Lesleigh Aranjuez - 4 hours ago
*also str3am RBB ENG VER. and ICE CREAM CAKE mv*
ღ 루혜낭자 ミ
ღ 루혜낭자 ミ - 4 hours ago
Sứng Nguyễn
Sứng Nguyễn - 4 hours ago
Keep Streaming Luvies !!!!
ya boi
ya boi - 4 hours ago
I gotta admit as a twice stan that i started to dislike blackpink because of their fandom although their music is good. But i continue to love red velvet not only because their music is great, but the fandom is so good aswell. ReVeluv I'm proud of ya'll. Stay what you are.
Lesleigh Aranjuez
Lesleigh Aranjuez - 4 hours ago
thank u once, because twice and rv are both close..twicevelvet ftw💕
i luv my life bcos my life is twicefriend
This is not flop, you are flop. RV REALLY BAD GIRLS 😍
ᴅᴜʟᴄᴇᴅᴜ - 4 hours ago
defsoul JB
defsoul JB - 4 hours ago
That scream omg
I stan Legends
I stan Legends - 4 hours ago
19 141 951 2:04PM
Shamim Izhar Khan
Shamim Izhar Khan - 4 hours ago
Exo'l here !!Let's make it 20M !!
Fighting! !
joy Eat baechu bear eating me
seulgi so hot ♡♡♡♡♡
joy Eat baechu bear eating me
I hope that RBB can win.. i love redvelvet
. 19m go 20m
Juliana Rubio
Juliana Rubio - 4 hours ago
me: can someone teach me how to count?
red velvet: *1,2, 5*
Wendy Shon
Wendy Shon - 4 hours ago
hello hi
hello hi - 4 hours ago
RV will attend INKIGAYO today. please str3am more because RBB not yet get its first win. fighting, ReVeluv! its started in 54 min!
통뭉 - 5 hours ago
유운 - 5 hours ago
U - 5 hours ago
ぉ ぉ
ぉ ぉ - 5 hours ago
joy does not know how to count.
Angie C
Angie C - 5 hours ago
Okay who did that whistle tone
도양기 - 5 hours ago
선플 후감상
ikzgl - 5 hours ago
sorry but this sounds so bad.
edit: apparently its such a crime to state your opinion of when you don't enjoy a particular song. 🤷‍♀️
Wang Kong
Wang Kong - 2 minutes ago
​+riffgroove did you read the part where I said i'm not into him for his music right? I still haven't heard Different Game but i'm sure is better than 'Ahhhhh Oh my god, he's a really bad boy''
riffgroove - 11 minutes ago
+Wang Kong Lol... I just pulled up the lyrics for "Different Game." You don't have a leg to stand on.
Wang Kong
Wang Kong - 17 minutes ago
+riffgroove The way you assume things is hilarious, Jackson is one of the best people on planet earth, i'm into him for his personality not for his music but any of his songs is waaaay better then this one.
riffgroove - 27 minutes ago
+Wang Kong Lol.. yeah, Dude... Jackson Wang has "beautiful" lyrics all right. Your opinion is officially irrelevant.
Wang Kong
Wang Kong - 32 minutes ago
+riffgroove I said that there's no lyrics in this song and you said ''nice try'' which means that you think there is, I wasn't talking about other music that I listen to which by the way have beautiful lyrics because that's what i'm into, music that i'm INTO not that I jerk off to.
sayonaralillie - 5 hours ago
0:11 tho
Tika RDamayanti
Tika RDamayanti - 5 hours ago
#Irene #RedVelvet the best visual 😍
angela lara
angela lara - 6 hours ago
Maricris Salgado
Maricris Salgado - 6 hours ago
19.1 million. Soon 20M
kang euigeon wife
kang euigeon wife - 6 hours ago
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