Survive the Water Chamber! | Water Rises when you Answer Wrong!!

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Trooper Slay
Trooper Slay - Hour ago
funnysavage 15
funnysavage 15 - 7 hours ago
Did anyone else see when Bryan's shirt color changed 😂??
Allen Aladgham
Allen Aladgham - 8 hours ago
6:21-6:24 immigrants be like no no no no ice no ice no ice
Matt Mindach
Matt Mindach - 9 hours ago
Joey: I like to see you get hurt.
Bobby: Dumps ice in Jordan’s box.
Joey: Laughs evilly.
Preston Harris
Preston Harris - 9 hours ago
1:16 wth bryan
Small 4
Small 4 - 10 hours ago
I thought this was a death episode
Oliver Fellows
Oliver Fellows - 12 hours ago
2:04 why are you bang your head
Oliver Fellows
Oliver Fellows - 12 hours ago
Sucker what...flubkgvnhgvbgv
Michael Johnson
Michael Johnson - 13 hours ago
Questions are more marvel based as opposed to just avengers but green goblin was the answer for the spidey sense
Theresa Pelz
Theresa Pelz - 13 hours ago
Emma Turner
Emma Turner - 15 hours ago
Rise and shine
Matt Mindach
Matt Mindach - 18 hours ago
Joey:In team edge we don’t care about winners we care about the losers.
Matt Mindach
Matt Mindach - 18 hours ago
Bobby: You guys are all chumps!
Bryan: Smacks Bobby.
NoSliw_.G - 19 hours ago
Bryan:Sam Winston
Me:is he disrespecting my favourite hero?
Bryan:Sam Vincent
Me:erm I'm done
Dalon Rohrbeck
Dalon Rohrbeck - Day ago
Lfreds pedo stache
Mallory Stanford
Mallory Stanford - Day ago
They must be cold
GachaGirlGames 22
GachaGirlGames 22 - Day ago
4:35 no offense but Joey sounds like a sadist here
Aden Ramirez
Aden Ramirez - Day ago
3:33 😂😂😂
Daniel McClain
Daniel McClain - Day ago
That game LOOKS deadly what if you drown!
Bug Doolabalay
Bug Doolabalay - Day ago
i subscribed
Team Lamplo Guy
Team Lamplo Guy - Day ago
Gundars Mūrnieks
Gundars Mūrnieks - Day ago
Bryans box is leaking so it was not fair for Jordan
Team Lamplo Guy
Team Lamplo Guy - Day ago
msshellmichelle - 2 days ago
Team edge for life 2019 anyone?
Jack Carlborg
Jack Carlborg - Day ago
Team Lamplo Guy
Team Lamplo Guy - Day ago
Gwen Harmison
Gwen Harmison - 2 days ago
2015-2019: fun little challenges
2019-Infinite: DEATH IS COOL
doll teeth
doll teeth - 2 days ago
What Marvel Superherp
Lena Lam
Lena Lam - 2 days ago
"Man I love my job." -Joey
*Despite him being in the box next episode*
No biggie 😝😝
noob gaming
noob gaming - 2 days ago
Nazmun Nahar
Nazmun Nahar - 2 days ago
3:02 WTF
Zero Wolfs
Zero Wolfs - 2 days ago
How do they get out
John Dersell
John Dersell - 2 days ago
LittleMix Dragon
LittleMix Dragon - 2 days ago
That’s not fair Brian box was Leaking
Pauline Lee
Pauline Lee - 2 days ago
It's kinda not fair Bryan's box has a leak
Dan Illahi
Dan Illahi - 3 days ago
Before we countinue on Add pops up.
Jane Munoz
Jane Munoz - 3 days ago
I love how your channel gett more and more creative
Ilikecats 123
Ilikecats 123 - 3 days ago
This is my worst nightmare ever like serously I will die because of the tight box I'm in and my mind would just be blank then the water would just rise then I'll die for real😥😲😨😨😨
Void Lazer0
Void Lazer0 - 3 days ago
J-Fred is the new jigsaw lol
Max Arebalo
Max Arebalo - 3 days ago
Wow, Team 10 has really changed..
Houa Xiong
Houa Xiong - 3 days ago
ah so cold) means? That’s so COLD!
Anita Kwok
Anita Kwok - 3 days ago
I actually thought someone was gonna die xd
Roblox Rocks YT
Roblox Rocks YT - 3 days ago
This is safe right so nobody with drown right?
Big Chunga‘s
Big Chunga‘s - 3 days ago
You made me forgot to watch something rip me
TTV Troski
TTV Troski - 3 days ago
Stupid boi ant man got dusted
Michaels World
Michaels World - 3 days ago
sawyer Snook
sawyer Snook - 3 days ago
bryan would have lost if his box was npt leaking
Madison Binette
Madison Binette - 3 days ago
thats not fair the other guy brians was emptying and jordans wasnt
Tallan Moore
Tallan Moore - 3 days ago
0:45 that slap DAAAAAAAAAAAAMN
Donald Playz Roblox
Donald Playz Roblox - 3 days ago
Bobby:You guys are all chumps
Brian:Slaps these cheecks 0:44
Zxon1234 5-
Zxon1234 5- - 3 days ago
You guys are all chumps!
Silent1Assasin - 3 days ago
Why couldn't you guys fill it up till they get the answer right.
Meet Cmills
Meet Cmills - 3 days ago
Bro on my screen it says that the vid time is 55:33
Kamora Mack
Kamora Mack - 3 days ago
How do they not relive Bryan’s is leaking
I’m Ok
I’m Ok - 3 days ago
Who has been here since 2017 or before????
Random Person
Random Person - 3 days ago
Honestly tho I’d get almost all of them correct
Rodrigo Eredia
Rodrigo Eredia - 3 days ago
Wait if you watched the credits in infinity war Nick fury did get dusted by Thanos
Minecraft  School Mcdonald
Galecter Galaxy
Galecter Galaxy - 3 days ago
At 0:44 R. I. P Bobby
CUPA VR - 3 days ago
The fact that Bryan's box is shorter than Jordan's is hilarious 😂
Nabil Abura
Nabil Abura - 3 days ago
R u ok
BaconGamer RBLX
BaconGamer RBLX - 3 days ago
Its not kachala its chala
Ro Luke
Ro Luke - 3 days ago
When you have too much team edge members and dont know how to get rid of them
BEYBLADE kids Boi - 3 days ago
I want to do a challenge with you Ryan and Joey
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