Survive the Water Chamber! | Water Rises when you Answer Wrong!!

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Paul Wang
Paul Wang - 2 hours ago
Almost all of the dust round is wrong
SnIpEz-XXAdamXX - Day ago
Host: Puts one drop of water
Bryan: OK OK OK!! STOPP!
Host films it on camera
Tom Nottingham
Tom Nottingham - 2 days ago
Ryan be like 👀

Destiny Number Five
Destiny Number Five - 2 days ago
Yeah mysterious didn’t make chemicals. He used illusions.
Juana Perdomo
Juana Perdomo - 2 days ago
Juana Perdomo
Juana Perdomo - 2 days ago
This is Not FAMILY frendly
Noah Dixon
Noah Dixon - 2 days ago
For some reason when Bryan smacked Bobby I couldn't stop laughing
Nickfredy Gutierrez
Nickfredy Gutierrez - 2 days ago
Joey: I used a distinct weapon. I am a military leader. I did not turn to dust by Thanos. My father thinks I’m fit to be a king.
Thor was the correct answer and Bryan thought it was Black Panther. Did he forget that Black Panther was dusted by Thanos?
Harry Hughan
Harry Hughan - 3 days ago
I love your vids
Josiah Crawford
Josiah Crawford - 3 days ago
If Bryan's box did not leak Jordon would have won!
Maddoux Moore
Maddoux Moore - 4 days ago
You Guys are awesome
Amitabh Misro
Amitabh Misro - 5 days ago
84,000,000 person yes
Jacob J
Jacob J - 6 days ago
Dane Bryan got a lot of stuff in his thing
MR MONKEY - 7 days ago
1:16 lol
Gacha Smol Bean
Gacha Smol Bean - 7 days ago
J-Fred: “ got it WONG las time.”
the lion wooosher
the lion wooosher - 7 days ago
Bryan still surprisingly unintentionally cheats
Lushiene Sumagaysay
Lushiene Sumagaysay - 8 days ago
Its like giesaw but is not and it is safe
Ryan K
Ryan K - 8 days ago
Me: Eh your right you: no it’s not true XD
Simon Babailov
Simon Babailov - 9 days ago
It’s so cool because the funny face Brain
The Tsar
The Tsar - 11 days ago
Bryan's water just kept leaking out. wtf?
Skylynxify Reborn
Skylynxify Reborn - 7 days ago
They are both leaking, that's why the boxes are in a pool
Zeesean Clark Desuyo
Zeesean Clark Desuyo - 13 days ago
Joey is too tall
05-1 - 13 days ago
At some point they will just stab em
Mohamed Fom
Mohamed Fom - 14 days ago
Kristy O
Kristy O - 16 days ago
J-joke compilation plz like if team edge wants to see this (not asking for likes)
Aden Ekwall
Aden Ekwall - 16 days ago
I so wanna do this
Frosty_Claps - 16 days ago
Water is coming out of Bryan’s box
Kacper 123
Kacper 123 - 17 days ago
Boobby says damn it feels good to be a gangster
Kacper 123
Kacper 123 - 17 days ago
I no he didn't thug life
Kacper 123
Kacper 123 - 17 days ago
I no he didn't thug life
Memery 2
Memery 2 - 18 days ago
As soon as I started watching it began to rain heavily :|
Aura Hime
Aura Hime - 18 days ago
I would love to join the TE group but even for 1.99/mo, I can't atm. Maybe someday. Your reactions make me happy, especially during this time. KEEP DOING YOU!!!!
LBK_Bros - 19 days ago
Are they part of Hi5
Soraya Khelil
Soraya Khelil - 20 days ago
🏊‍♂️🃏😥😲😭😭😭😭😭😤ههههههههههههههه ههههههههههههههههه ههههههههههههههههه هههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههه
Xz-Gacha:Helen-zX - 20 days ago
Lama the llama
Lama the llama - 20 days ago
Do you know about HyPoThErMiA ??
Doris Myers
Doris Myers - 20 days ago
Hi there bobby
Loosah_ Squidward
Loosah_ Squidward - 20 days ago
Loop it 0:11
Edit: 0:45
Camryn Fisher
Camryn Fisher - 21 day ago
J Fred you are a 🤓
Anthony Dinh
Anthony Dinh - 21 day ago
This is TMP2 Lock and Key.
Emalie Stucki
Emalie Stucki - 21 day ago
The villain that blocks spider man's spider sense is venom not Dr. Octopus or Mysterio if any one was curious.
BadWolf664RBLX - 21 day ago
3:47 Bryan either said cocky or pocky idk
Merlyn Lagamon
Merlyn Lagamon - 23 days ago
I think it is torture
Amelia Stanfield
Amelia Stanfield - 24 days ago
Can you please make a live video
Leah Leo
Leah Leo - 25 days ago
They are crazy
Kyler Knight
Kyler Knight - 25 days ago
Why do they put me when I is correct?
zOT ゾット
zOT ゾット - 26 days ago

o nononononnonononono no ice
Dark Alex
Dark Alex - 26 days ago
Bryan: Black Widow
Me: Movie Theorist
That one random girl
That one random girl - 26 days ago
I love this vid because I love, like L O V E Marvel

I’m serious I L O V E, L O V E, L O V E Marvel you can’t even challenge me to a marvel knowledge challenge (just don’t even try)
XboogieboyX611 - 8 days ago
Seen every movie
Ry Guy
Ry Guy - 9 days ago
Thomas Gardiner
Thomas Gardiner - 22 days ago
Uh ima ask u why marvel was named marvel
Jr Perry
Jr Perry - 27 days ago
This is kinda titanic but trivia
Seanie McCormick
Seanie McCormick - 27 days ago
Iron Man: Tony Stark
Spider Man: Peter Parker
Captain America: Steve Rogers
Hulk: Bruce Banner
Star Lord: Peter Quill
Hawkeye: Clint Barton
Black Widow: Natasha Romanoff
Ant-Man: Scott Lang
Falcon: Sam Wilson
Black Panther: T’Challa
weeв lιғe
weeв lιғe - 28 days ago
3:31 that was so random lmaoo😂
TheArmorPvP - YT
TheArmorPvP - YT - 28 days ago
Jazzygirl Annus
Jazzygirl Annus - 28 days ago
Bryan looks like the clam trying to lick salt off the floorXDXD
JWEEZY864 - 28 days ago
4:10 is that a Warhammer 40,000 reference?!?!?!
Kaden Siniff
Kaden Siniff - 29 days ago
joey looks like a dad
Leo Herrera
Leo Herrera - 29 days ago
that wasn’t fair how bryan’s box was loosing water and jordan’s box wasn’t
Nelson Appell
Nelson Appell - Month ago
I believe the sense is called being a phycopath!
Rodrigo Lopez
Rodrigo Lopez - Month ago
William Decode
William Decode - Month ago
This looks like straight up torture
Tubby Montana
Tubby Montana - Month ago
You guys are all chumps !!!! gets SLAPPED
Kayla Ashby
Kayla Ashby - Month ago
Hello my Favorite youtubers
Wyatt McCurry
Wyatt McCurry - Month ago
Byran should play in Star Wars as a minok look it up
Skyler Litchfield
Skyler Litchfield - Month ago
nick fury and black panther were "dusted"
All Sports place
All Sports place - Month ago
Love that at 9:00 Joey says that black panther did not turn to dust
Camryn Fisher
Camryn Fisher - Month ago
Dude you’re a nerd, Your face is creepy on the plastic
Seth Littel
Seth Littel - Month ago
Thor isn’t a military leader
Bradley Thwaites
Bradley Thwaites - Month ago
Nickfredy Gutierrez
Nickfredy Gutierrez - Month ago
How the heck did you guys (Joey, Bryan and Jordan) change your shirts while this is happening?
Mackenzie Melvin
Mackenzie Melvin - Month ago
Bryan’s so dang short 😂🤣😆
Cameron Capizzi
Cameron Capizzi - Month ago
Y’all remember the time Joey said “Team Edge is getting weird” this is a perfect example of what he said 😂
Giandric Cañete
Giandric Cañete - Month ago
In 7 months im the 5189800 viewer
Animaker Studios
Animaker Studios - Month ago
Yes, the very radio active green latin
pepe poopoo
pepe poopoo - Month ago
Why did Bryan talk in the third person
Kurt Zolos
Kurt Zolos - Month ago
Hahahaha Jordan won that one he answered more correctly than Brya
Avin Momin
Avin Momin - Month ago
Bryan: Before we continue on
Ad: Lets play Raid Shadow Legends
Me: Nice g-good work Bryan
Sugma Balls
Sugma Balls - Month ago
Bryan said before we continue on an ad popped up
Møcha_Devils - Month ago
When he said dont try this at home! I went to my friends house XD
SF Wolfie_YTシ
SF Wolfie_YTシ - Month ago
On the last question Bryan got it wrong he said K’challa it’s actually T’challa
SF Wolfie_YTシ
SF Wolfie_YTシ - Month ago
Bryan was cheating all the water was coming out of the box
GGPear - Month ago
I'm claustrophobic so this video made me anxious
The common youtuber
The common youtuber - Month ago
They said that black panther didn’t get dusted but he did
Emerald Dragons Club
Emerald Dragons Club - Month ago
Fun water chamber

Another way to attempt a “innocent” murder
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