Me shopping for ANYTHING online.

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Impossimoe - 4 hours ago
*This guy moved to a whole different country so he could scam someone trying to buy a phone...*
I'm fine
I'm fine - 6 hours ago
Michael Bengwayan Jr
Michael Bengwayan Jr - 13 hours ago
Oh my gosh... feels so real. Not sure if I should cry or laugh 😅😢
Tajh Walker
Tajh Walker - 22 hours ago
Im here cause I got scammed today 😔
Zoey Yu
Zoey Yu - Day ago
This is the saddest film I have ever seen
Chronixcz - 2 days ago

JCH GAMING - 2 days ago
What do you need a new phone for??
Mahmoud Makky
Mahmoud Makky - 2 days ago
New phone he says with a X in his hand
Hamza - 2 days ago
*$700 a MONTH*
Dxtted - 2 days ago
When the water bottle not even half-way full.
edd st Actitud Caribe
edd st Actitud Caribe - 4 days ago
Why this is so accurate lol ?
zzzzzzzzoinks - 4 days ago
lol they just keep arguing over the phone
zzzzzzzzoinks - 4 days ago
Todd da savage 26
Todd da savage 26 - 5 days ago
1:09 is that a one piece background
A.HallReacts - 6 days ago
Caleb bout a phone from TeeJayx6
Rodney Thomas
Rodney Thomas - 7 days ago
Caleb:hold on lemme get it real quick scammer“YEAAUPP” Me: wait why did you say it like it !?
Gabrielito Chavez
Gabrielito Chavez - 7 days ago
Wait, if its a monthly payment of 700 dollars cant he just cancel the payment?🧐
hayden fu
hayden fu - 7 days ago
How he callin if he didn’t get his phone
PROPAINZERO - 7 days ago
Me when my dumbass shop on wish
arca - 8 days ago
Made in heaven
Made in heaven - 8 days ago
I hate scammers Like get your own money
MrFancyPanCook - 8 days ago
I thought there would be a drug joke...
MUSTAFA AJAR - 9 days ago
My friend tried buying a new hard drive for his ps4 and ended up receiving a water filter.
Jayden Jones
Jayden Jones - 9 days ago
“ we *BAMBOOZLED* you bro! you’ve been _duped!_ “
Yanet Parga
Yanet Parga - 9 days ago
I hate you
Yanet Parga
Yanet Parga - 9 days ago
Got to much ads man
Shakir M.
Shakir M. - 10 days ago
“We’ve BAMBOOOZLED you broo you’ve been DOOOOPED”
Playboi Clout
Playboi Clout - 11 days ago
chazfromouterspace - 11 days ago
You've been doofed 😂💀
jake2009 - 12 days ago
Emptycreekgames -
Emptycreekgames - - 12 days ago
Ebay in a nutshell
Ralph Harrison
Ralph Harrison - 14 days ago
Ain't nobody peep the Baltimore Stupid? & Dummy? Ijs
Vunilla - 14 days ago
Notice how the box says FedEx on it and not Amazon
RandomChild2050 - 14 days ago
Someone I knew got scammed. They said everyone who one got the same amount of money. $1200. But they gave them 2. So they took something from their table.
Hitodemon - 14 days ago
This seems very specific, are you OK?
annoyingkraken - 15 days ago
Yo Caleb, your videos never fail to brighten up my day man. I've watched all of them already and re-watching them is still a pleasure! Cheers brah.
Foofy - 16 days ago
I like how he used his phone to call the dude since he wanted a new one
Sonar Doesdrawings
Sonar Doesdrawings - 17 days ago
He left his door open
ENG3G3 Capetown
ENG3G3 Capetown - 17 days ago😂
SS21 __
SS21 __ - 18 days ago
we bamboozled you, you got duped. What is this apex?
adriano sullivan
adriano sullivan - 20 days ago
I ordered a madara uchiha figure off wish for 60 bucks... he had a green Renegan
Fury the Juggla
Fury the Juggla - 21 day ago
“We scammed you STEWPID”
Damon McCormick
Damon McCormick - 21 day ago
bro I just realize that the poster on your door is the gjallerhorn
Unruly Films
Unruly Films - 22 days ago
“WE SCAMMED YOU STEWPITD” 💀 💀 that shit had me rollin
Jason Lu
Jason Lu - 22 days ago
it's Chinese. For anyone wondering.
FainMain Rage
FainMain Rage - 23 days ago
dark shadow
dark shadow - 23 days ago
Are we just going to skip my man is talking on his phone
Jadriel Laracuente
Jadriel Laracuente - 23 days ago
tHe PhOnE wAs In HiS hAnD...
Gaming Bestwick
Gaming Bestwick - 23 days ago
He just subscribed to Golfer's Monthly. They got him before they called him.
PandaBeatBox - 25 days ago
Every mystery box
Backyard Ballerz
Backyard Ballerz - 27 days ago
anyone else actually terrified for this guy
Aj H
Aj H - 27 days ago
He said "were not even in dat country no mo bro"🤣🤣🤣💀💀💀
suwadu moore
suwadu moore - 28 days ago
When you order the Escobar fold
mr B
mr B - 28 days ago
come on bro please bro come on maan
Ultralan the Ultraman
Ultralan the Ultraman - 29 days ago
every single comment in this comment section is a fucking quote with no effort and unoriginal fucking dumbasses
ShaTown Crawford
ShaTown Crawford - 29 days ago
LmAo Wtf haha, he got tricked into a 700 dollar monthly subscription .. I’m dead 💀 hahaha
Thierno Diallo
Thierno Diallo - 29 days ago
“That wasn’t even my water bottle! I picked it off the STREEEET! I didn’t pay a DIME!!”
Sketch Boy Tyro
Sketch Boy Tyro - 29 days ago
Mirage been having a hard time as a Legend, now he out here Bamboozling.
Jugger Boi
Jugger Boi - 29 days ago
The sad thing is he didn't even pay for the water bottle..😂😂😂
Randall Tedder
Randall Tedder - 29 days ago
During this quarntine I just been ordering stuff, I ordered a hoodie and a tank top came in last week.😭💀
TheMazeKid - Month ago
My brother Caleb forgot to close his door. He's gonna get robbed twice 😂😂
Lucas Cochran
Lucas Cochran - Month ago
Any time you shop on wish
Fused curry
Fused curry - Month ago
This man is to funny
T1Oracle - Month ago
This is why I only order Prime.
BadQuallitySaiyan - Month ago
Lets be honest
We all just wanna go SICKO mode on scammers and beat their asses
Aka randy
Aka randy - Month ago
Inky Splaters
Inky Splaters - Month ago
Kneecaps will be broken in 5 to 10 business days.
dagnis locmelis
dagnis locmelis - Month ago
Anybody else saw roblox on his pc
spazz - Month ago
We scammed you StEwPiT
Jesus Rascon
Jesus Rascon - Month ago
Yea it’s pretty risky to buy anything online including the virus
Vertic - Month ago
Shopping on wish:
Smoke Boi
Smoke Boi - Month ago
omnighast - Month ago
pay through paypal never got to worry aboput this
Random Nobody
Random Nobody - Month ago
I thought this dude was about to order a house online and have it delivered to him that would have funny 😂 but this is still good
PORKB3LLY - Month ago
Teejay has another victim
PORKB3LLY - Month ago
I just scammed a nigga named Abdul kared
Roman Njoroge
Roman Njoroge - Month ago
did anyone else see that one piece background on his computer
I agree too.
I agree too. - Month ago
So, this is how my parents imagine online shopping
DEF Raven
DEF Raven - Month ago
Video is already false when he called them without their number and then someone picked up with an incredibly thick accent that makes you wait for 30 mins.
wow 69
wow 69 - Month ago
That's ebay😂😂😂😂
Casualcore Productions
He's dying over a new phone but he has one LOL,
Cyber Fløøf
Cyber Fløøf - Month ago
The accuracy of this is terrifying
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