The Auction Corvette BOGS DEEP For 1,000hp... Can the Junkyard Engine Do It??

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Montez Hardnett
Montez Hardnett - 6 days ago
"make sure you touch every square inch of every one" lol
Bodybuilder X
Bodybuilder X - 16 days ago
anyone else think cooper mean't to touch each taquito to the heat or did he mean that they were touching the taquito with their bare hands?
FREN - OGY - 22 days ago
Thought this was suppose 2 be a remote mounted turbo 🤔
Thomas - 29 days ago
protect your hearing at all costs.
CKOD - Month ago
Id try some dynamat (or whatever amazon discount version) on the panels for the dyno equipment. Adding the mass and damping should keep the case from rattling around and resonating. Not the egg-crate foam though, thats for stopping higher frequency reflections, and wont stop the panels from rattling anywhere near as well.
Sarge 7000
Sarge 7000 - Month ago
Hearing protection is a must guys!
- Larsonious
- Larsonious - Month ago
Everyone at this shop seems so cool and real.
Chaterboxfox - 2 months ago
i truly wish someday ill have the ability to do this to a car. i can only dream and work towards it rn.
Tyler s
Tyler s - 2 months ago
No those well did not looking good never will they look good sorry
James Hamiton
James Hamiton - 2 months ago
Get a smaller turbo to spool bigger one faster
justin crawford
justin crawford - 2 months ago
Ill hook you up with welds
Joe S.
Joe S. - 2 months ago
The real question is, how in the hell does Scotty kilmer have more subs than this channel? It's like saying faygo moon mist is better than mountain dew.
Ryan O
Ryan O - 2 months ago
Gavin just a six was a good youtuber. I liked his content and he builds cool stuff. Please give him the following comstructive criticism:
Stop yelling into the helmet mic while making a 1/4 mile pass, stage, or burnout.
Stop behaving like a 14 year old giggly girl over minor upturns/progress in your project builds.
Garrett, It's obvious that he pushes the giggly bs and it's doing damage to his brand.
I don't know if you're tight with him but, I've been watching his channel for a while and he does some cool stuff but, acts like a little girl. I don't want to draw negative attention to him but, I don't know him. Please have a chat with him, I stop watching when he begins to act like a 14 year old girl.
Pay no mind if you don't know him that well.
Jerric Voss
Jerric Voss - 3 months ago
Is the name Ruby up for debate bcuz I’m thinking Ruby the rocket
龙一 - 3 months ago
Dj Dose
Dj Dose - 3 months ago
Those welds look like shit.. did a 2 year old do them..
Bruce J.
Bruce J. - 3 months ago
Love that Dyno Testing man. Nothing better.
Vice Grip Garage
Vice Grip Garage - 3 months ago
I don't even understand what's happenin - which makes me like it even more. Vice Grip Garage needs some turbo action!
Ed Lockrow
Ed Lockrow - 3 months ago
At 2:53 look at the side of ruby. Dale is with you.
tsl515076 - 3 months ago
james is wise enough to plug the one ear closest to car
John Wood
John Wood - 3 months ago
AK 907
AK 907 - 3 months ago
Who remembers them saying they were goin to keep the hood on Ruby
travis henderson
travis henderson - 3 months ago
can someone tell me how he fits in a vette. Im 6ft4 and can hardly sit in one :(
David decider
David decider - 3 months ago
Peru's Inca kola are doing a barbecue endorsement the Young indigenous people prefer it.
AJ G - 3 months ago
when u gonna drive the beast down the street? I wanna see u pull up to some stop lights next to a grandpa & some punk ass kid in his wanna be fast ricer, & of course blow their doors off on green!
Eric Marquis
Eric Marquis - 3 months ago
gahhhhhh the down rev on the dyno killin me smalls killin me haha good work though
Ryan Hetry
Ryan Hetry - 3 months ago
I wonder if like a nice i5 with a SSD and a dedicated graphics cards would make that Dyno software work ok without being so laggy. You could build something like that for maybe $400 on the high side.
Shaun Werning
Shaun Werning - 3 months ago
Excellent video! Little bit of Mothers Mag Polish and a clean rag will clean those yellowed headlight covers on Ruby right up!
David Williams
David Williams - 3 months ago
Hearing loss central
Eric Duggins
Eric Duggins - 3 months ago
Is Jeremy his dad? I swore he said "Dad look" when he showed him the 1001 hp
C Vogelheim
C Vogelheim - 3 months ago
Its not really a junkyard engine anymore though!!!
Sundar Pichai
Sundar Pichai - 3 months ago
Timothy Walker
Timothy Walker - 3 months ago
An HP curve that flattens or dips at the end is volumetric efficiency issue (Though your torque curve would show it better, as it would be peaky). Could be that you're using factory exhaust manifolds or it could be your cam. Try retarding your cam a few degrees?
WolfKingJS54 - 3 months ago
When are you going to drive the Dale Truck again
Unintended Consequences
Unintended Consequences - 3 months ago
120db - "Painful. 32 times as loud as 70 dB".
Elijah Campbell
Elijah Campbell - 3 months ago
Talk weetos.
Nick Arnold
Nick Arnold - 3 months ago
I love seeing that wastegate tractor flap fly open and stay there! So sick! You guys make me laugh every day.
Pat Lecuyer
Pat Lecuyer - 3 months ago
Wtf is dat shit you call wdee .Its squirrel piss round these parts
nigel002 - 3 months ago
You guys need some hearing protection for real. It’s all cool to not wear it and it might be uncomfortable at first but I work everyday in 110db and wear earplugs all day. Nothing is worth losing your hearing over. Just think about all the things you would miss just for a few minutes of fun. Not worth it guys
mii car
mii car - 3 months ago
rub some Deet bug juice on them headlights to clear up the clouds!
RATTL3R186 - 3 months ago
I can see the hot dog roller hooked to one of the spare motors within a week .lol
Para Scale Modeling
Para Scale Modeling - 3 months ago
I know you guys are young and don't give a shit, but FFS put on some ear defenders. you thank me in a few years
Silvio S
Silvio S - 3 months ago
Buggati Veyron territory 1,001 horsepower
Wijibo - 3 months ago
Texas Speed: This engine is good for 700 horsepower. Cletus: 1200 horsepower you say.
Atanas Tripzter
Atanas Tripzter - 3 months ago
So did you guys figure out the afr difference?
-sysdλta - 3 months ago
Max Rensel
Max Rensel - 3 months ago
Holley make you guys hide the hptuners banner?
Jim Goodwin
Jim Goodwin - 3 months ago
You guys are gonna be in hearing aides before you're 40 if you keep this up.
Space Emperor Karl
Space Emperor Karl - 3 months ago
Jeremy looks like such a proud dad XD I love it!!!!!
N Hodgson
N Hodgson - 3 months ago
Patiently (not patiently!) waiting for all the weekend's shenanigans to show up! I can't wait to see how the event went!
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