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Jesser - 8 months ago
Sorry for taking so long to post everyone, I had Strep Throat at the start of the year and now i got the cold rip videos will be back to normal very soon love you all so much
s0meguy09 - 4 months ago
no more asking "how sway?" we all know he ain't got the answers
Braeden Nelson
Braeden Nelson - 5 months ago
It’s good cuz
Juu Fc
Juu Fc - 6 months ago
yo what is the song for 7:01 its just fye im asking
Konto NSh
Konto NSh - 7 months ago
-6 9- br
Casey Norman
Casey Norman - 8 months ago
bro it
Kv Daoen 25
Kv Daoen 25 - Month ago
"Bro this is a weird shot"-jesser 2020
Glitched - Month ago
Who else misses prank wars
Jake Winkelman
Jake Winkelman - Month ago
Jesses a god
FruitDrank - Month ago
Bro the music was fire
ISO - Month ago
5:30 😂 how tho 😂
ItsYaBoiDlow - 2 months ago
8:35 Who else flinched?😂
Brendan Murray
Brendan Murray - 2 months ago
Mopi needs to stop holdin the ball in his armpit in all the trampoline videos thats why he dont make it cuz it takes him time to grab it out his armpit hes so un cordinated godan
BRADY _ _TV - 3 months ago
Bro Giraffe gang all the way
Lil Bank account
Lil Bank account - 3 months ago
Their commercials are the best😂😂😂
Stacy Cognac
Stacy Cognac - 3 months ago
I love boot pockets
Tina Drissel
Tina Drissel - 3 months ago
Jesser is a dork
Angel Rodriguez
Angel Rodriguez - 3 months ago
5:34 I did not know that jesser was kawhi leonard
_KINGVARKEY _ - 4 months ago
not tryna hate but it's sad how weak mopi is
Natasha Reed
Natasha Reed - 4 months ago
mopi tho
Brooks Boyer
Brooks Boyer - 4 months ago
Jesse is fucking weird sometimes but he is still dipe
Brooks Boyer
Brooks Boyer - 4 months ago
I meant dope
Isak Wheable
Isak Wheable - 4 months ago
5:25 kaaaaaaaawhiiiiii Leonard!!!!! Crazy 😮😮😮
kendarious johnson
kendarious johnson - 4 months ago
Love your videos
Luca Mearss
Luca Mearss - 4 months ago
Rip zacks leg
DiamondBullet - 5 months ago
Tbh, Jesse should not compete in his own challenges
Emily Bowes-Cole
Emily Bowes-Cole - 5 months ago
Can you guys stop swearing cause my mum found out and has now banned me from you guys but I don't want to be banned cause your vids are so cool
Adam Is Cool
Adam Is Cool - 5 months ago
Rip seat geek logo
Richard Knowles III
Richard Knowles III - 5 months ago
Liam McKellar
Liam McKellar - 5 months ago
everytime mopi wears those shoes he just becomes a god lmao
Cystïc Gaming
Cystïc Gaming - 5 months ago
6:38 jesser didn’t get a letter after he missed
Owen Hankins
Owen Hankins - 5 months ago
This man Jesse does not play abt those hotpockets man don't touch the goat jesserrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr he gets dubbbbbs
Mr Detroit
Mr Detroit - 5 months ago
Love how he said on one leg till he made the shot😂😂🔟/🔟
King Lo
King Lo - 5 months ago
Mopi shot water
Nate Calvo
Nate Calvo - 5 months ago
What’s with the arrow by zacks picture
Zeyad Mohamed
Zeyad Mohamed - 5 months ago
I don’t respect zack and Mopi any more. I can’t believe they were gonna steal the hot pockets in the beginning. Shows you what personality they really have off camera 🤦‍♂️
Mint Haneser
Mint Haneser - 5 months ago
My favorite is the asshole
Marquavious Brown
Marquavious Brown - 5 months ago
ham and cheese
Jared Safren
Jared Safren - 5 months ago
if dude perfect uploaded raw footage
Drone - 5 months ago
Favorite hot pocket flavor pizzzzzza
devin bharti
devin bharti - 5 months ago
Amazing and sub to Dev trick shots
Christopher Dadoo
Christopher Dadoo - 5 months ago
anyone miss the r for jesser on zachs shot
Eddie Kehoe
Eddie Kehoe - 5 months ago
5:25 shot of the century
Cam fog Ghost
Cam fog Ghost - 5 months ago
Daniel Heicklen
Daniel Heicklen - 5 months ago
Who is getting deja vu from digiorno intros
Ben Nassimiha
Ben Nassimiha - 5 months ago
There so many hot pockets in the fridge les gooooo
Ben Nassimiha
Ben Nassimiha - 5 months ago
Mopi by the way
kyvion ____1k
kyvion ____1k - 6 months ago
The funny part about jessers video's is they probably spent an whole hour on that hot pocket part and I was actually eating one to
Somebody You Know
Somebody You Know - 6 months ago

Kawhi Leonard in the playoffs: 5:25
Cody Arthur Espana
Cody Arthur Espana - 6 months ago
jesser will be the next steph curry
sheriffke 94
sheriffke 94 - 6 months ago
you get more hight if your shoes are off
jacob jones
jacob jones - 6 months ago
4:23 jesse a ho
Bernard Orbeta
Bernard Orbeta - 6 months ago
You don't deserve a liker and a subscriber cauz you won't share hot pockets to your friends
Marjorie Powers
Marjorie Powers - 6 months ago
This is what you
Dhanny Valverde
Dhanny Valverde - 6 months ago
you fiend that was my catchphrase
GaLaXy Wavvy
GaLaXy Wavvy - 6 months ago
Mopi is 7 foot tall because of the trampoline
Marielle Searles
Marielle Searles - 6 months ago
Jesser is just a show off at this point lmao 😂
Shane Sims
Shane Sims - 6 months ago
when mopi made that crazy half court shot with one hand but Jesser did it with two hands
Zion - 6 months ago
Jesse cheated at 6:40 he should of had HOR
Skisuman Warrior
Skisuman Warrior - 6 months ago
5:29 My name is Kawhi Leonard
Tyler DaAthleticGamer
Tyler DaAthleticGamer - 6 months ago
God: I don't wanna let him make it. Should i
Game: after it misses
Jesus: yeah you should
Cole Schimmoller
Cole Schimmoller - 6 months ago
He really put tiles over the seat geek logo because of hot pockets
iSxaucy - 6 months ago
Covers the seat geek logo
thomas valdez
thomas valdez - 6 months ago
can you at least give mopi a win
Zerimiah Johnson
Zerimiah Johnson - 6 months ago
I’m is cheese and pizza
khazi - 6 months ago
why did cover the seatgeek logos?
ThePhatGamer - 6 months ago
why is seat geek blurred out
GRADY GUARE - 6 months ago
Michael Corbo
Michael Corbo - 6 months ago
2:42 what happened to the seatgeek court
poopfacegaming 9
poopfacegaming 9 - 6 months ago
Jesser when you missed the one Zack made you sould have had HOR you cheater
Carter Fuiten
Carter Fuiten - 6 months ago
Farynxx - 6 months ago
jesser cheated. when zack did his wierd shot he didnt get a letter when he missed
Shalanda baker
Shalanda baker - 6 months ago
Derek Kelly
Derek Kelly - 6 months ago
Jesus jesser you were on fire this game
C Killer
C Killer - 6 months ago
Damn mopi mopi mopi I’m surprised 🙀🤙💪👊👏
Cooper Muh
Cooper Muh - 6 months ago
ツElixnx - 6 months ago
Click to be spooked 8:35 😎😎
GhxstXnvy - 6 months ago
How come the one Randall twin did not have to do Mopi’s one hand shot?
Jacob Palisoc
Jacob Palisoc - 6 months ago
Dalton Richardson
Dalton Richardson - 6 months ago
Jesse cheated when he missed the one on his knees (pause)
lau liangpeng
lau liangpeng - 6 months ago
Jesser becomes kyrie when it comes to food lol :D
Jacob Palisoc
Jacob Palisoc - 7 months ago
Jacob Palisoc
Jacob Palisoc - 7 months ago
Gaetano Connell
Gaetano Connell - 7 months ago
Song at 2:40?
Will Master54
Will Master54 - 7 months ago
They covered up there seat geak logo
Carina Ceretti
Carina Ceretti - 7 months ago
The hot pocket commercial was so fake but I loved it!!😄😃😀
Logan Beauosleil
Logan Beauosleil - 7 months ago
You covered the seat geek logo
CaptainAutism - 7 months ago
lol that was the worst acting I have ever seen
Nichole Castillo
Nichole Castillo - 7 months ago
Caydens Country
Caydens Country - 7 months ago
Why is seat geek covered????
Sharee Venditte
Sharee Venditte - 7 months ago
Sub to jesser
SAS clan gaming Clips
SAS clan gaming Clips - 7 months ago
Mopi used one hand when he made the shot
Eliseo Verás
Eliseo Verás - 7 months ago
0:42 jesser with no bev we caught him lackin 😂
G grew ff Hrdhh yh ju
G grew ff Hrdhh yh ju - 7 months ago
That introduction though
Alice Combs
Alice Combs - 7 months ago
Alice Combs
Alice Combs - 7 months ago
Gamer TJ
Gamer TJ - 7 months ago
Belief Pressley
Belief Pressley - 7 months ago
Ham and cheese
Malachi Harper
Malachi Harper - 7 months ago
Jesser got real lucky on that one leg shot!!!
Marcela Sanchez
Marcela Sanchez - 7 months ago
Jesser getting to happy f*** yea
Travel Simone
Travel Simone - 7 months ago
FluidzYT-_- - 7 months ago
Ho ho ho
Hor hor hor😂
Zernon Adams
Zernon Adams - 7 months ago
Woo back Motion
Woo back Motion - 7 months ago
Where is don j
Nbasincere 275
Nbasincere 275 - 7 months ago
Crazy indoor mini hoop basketball ball trickshots ??? Bring back more please Jesser
Latonya jones
Latonya jones - 7 months ago
Chris Coudriet
Chris Coudriet - 7 months ago
Never ever bounce on a trampoline with one leg.
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