When the voice doesn't match the rapper

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loveliveserve - 7 months ago
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THE TRUTH 100 - 9 days ago
@Deka Break aa
THE TRUTH 100 - 9 days ago
@indian pablo aaaaaaaaaaaa
THE TRUTH 100 - 9 days ago
@SRG Gaming aa
Miss Jhay
Miss Jhay - 16 days ago
DJ Callan
King Xylan
King Xylan - Month ago
loveliveserve dababy
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if you scratch the inside of your ear it sound like pacman
RacerAve - 8 hours ago
To be honest if it was in a deeper voice this song would be fire
Owen Halstied
Owen Halstied - 9 hours ago
this so funny can you make a part 2
Redpanda Sniperboi
Redpanda Sniperboi - 10 hours ago
the mosquito raps
BloxyLoxy - 11 hours ago
See philippines -_-
Daniyzhd57 d
Daniyzhd57 d - 22 hours ago
So cool
-OMEGA- - Day ago
Alvin been quiet after this dropped
Noah VC
Noah VC - Day ago
Who else heard I hate frootloops here 3:43
Noah VC
Noah VC - Day ago
1:50 when you try to hand shake but you cant cause covid-19 XD 😂😂
Nba2k21Legend Maker
Baby’s thanking he is a big baby that talks
GufffyKxy _
GufffyKxy _ - 3 days ago
😂who ever can write the lyrics for me gets cashapp-ed 💀
Guccigang _lilpump101
Guccigang _lilpump101 - 3 days ago
Cristiano Marshall
Cristiano Marshall - 3 days ago
He's reading the back of the wifi router
Stratesque Gaming
Stratesque Gaming - 3 days ago
Rip off
Hilotv - 4 days ago
when the one wheel on the shopping cart disses the other wheels
Jorik - 4 days ago
This is kinda almost fire ngl
Jayden Adamson
Jayden Adamson - 4 days ago
Khalil Hargrove
Khalil Hargrove - 4 days ago
What song is that
Ghost RetroPlays
Ghost RetroPlays - 4 days ago
645ar da trap
TQuality Beatz
TQuality Beatz - 5 days ago
Haz Cupz
Haz Cupz - 5 days ago
I thought that was rod wave
はいAbstracTAssassin - 5 days ago
He looks like a really nice guy
KSupreme Astra
KSupreme Astra - 6 days ago
The Beat Nice Tho
The Melody is chill
Kill The Mosquitoes Pls.
BRIAN PLEASANT - 6 days ago
we need a part 2
Master Yooou
Master Yooou - 6 days ago
I didn't know that minions had a black cousin
Kade Kimball
Kade Kimball - 6 days ago
0:43 lets be real, we all did it
Honey YT
Honey YT - 6 days ago
everyone gangster till k.k slider comes in to rap
Germs - 7 days ago
never knew 645AR would be on here
Hans Emiliano Peña Butt
mi compa el sech
Tab - 7 days ago
Didn’t the guy pop out in the music video called “vintage & adventurous”
Flufyyy_ Paper
Flufyyy_ Paper - 7 days ago
The intro
Luka - 8 days ago
Frank P
Frank P - 8 days ago
Am I the only one who understood what the song lyrics where 😂
Minion Shadow The Hedgehog
Everybody Gangsta until minions start rapping
Kayla - 8 days ago
Sounds like carti
RAGE - 8 days ago
I find this adorable....
beat blader2000
beat blader2000 - 9 days ago
SwarmzZzツ - 9 days ago
What is he going to look like to tee grizzly
Maliq Daseuq
Maliq Daseuq - 9 days ago
Tell me this not rod rave 🤣
Wan Muhd. Qayeed
Wan Muhd. Qayeed - 9 days ago
Vretta Beats
Vretta Beats - 9 days ago
Scientists: dogs should hear different pitches
645AR: my time has come
FMA Games
FMA Games - 9 days ago
All I heard was wa wa wa wa wa
Sorrow - 9 days ago
Maynard Silavwe
Maynard Silavwe - 10 days ago
Next tym please leave the best in the Description
Rajahn King
Rajahn King - 10 days ago
xVar - 10 days ago
Remember when lls used to make music content
Rellen Rise
Rellen Rise - 10 days ago
His name is nissim black
Hi, I do Sub4Sub
Hi, I do Sub4Sub - 11 days ago
young thug on steroids
[Rfc’s] DarkLordYaBoi
[Rfc’s] DarkLordYaBoi - 11 days ago
Lucio Castro
Lucio Castro - 11 days ago
🎚🎛🎙🧢lmaooo ☠☠
GünShøt - 11 days ago
My little brother tryna sing Infront of his crush:
Dante Andrews
Dante Andrews - 11 days ago
3:18 my dog at night
slip510fpv - 11 days ago
That’s anime type beat who speaks gibberish
slip510fpv - 11 days ago
The rap mmmmhhmnnmmmmhhhhmiiiingmmmmfffdggggm mmimiiiiimgmgbggmgiii
Poptart z
Poptart z - 12 days ago
everyone gangsta until the mosquitoes come out with a disstrack
Abrar Zargar
Abrar Zargar - 12 days ago
Man this is Hillarious
skinnyboi - 12 days ago
Yall got me scratching the inside of my ear in class
LEGOKID - 12 days ago
Please tell im not the only one who scratched the inside of there ear 😂
PJ Jones
PJ Jones - 13 days ago
Sound like anime music
Swift Beast
Swift Beast - 13 days ago
People from tiktok trying to look this up be like
:heemahheeemanaenamhemehammeee. Song
Layth Yafai
Layth Yafai - 13 days ago
That guy was annoying
Jaxon Hutcheison
Jaxon Hutcheison - 13 days ago
Lil baby next
Jarred Kindles
Jarred Kindles - 14 days ago
I’m so drunk rn Lmfao
VitozFn - 14 days ago
I didn’t think it was a actually rapper
Abdullah Abbasi
Abdullah Abbasi - 14 days ago
When he started rapping I clicked on captions it said unavailable
SLAT - 14 days ago
mosquitoes when they hear this: reminds me of my childhood
It's Jackaboy
It's Jackaboy - 14 days ago
Bro this is pac-man music
Khristian Deleveaux
Khristian Deleveaux - 14 days ago
The fly in my room: dang this guy hard
UAV Thumb
UAV Thumb - 15 days ago
Are y’all talking about bfb da PacMan
Roniac Gamez
Roniac Gamez - 15 days ago
Yes I scratched my ear
Kylar Christensen
Kylar Christensen - 15 days ago
😂😂😂who names himself rhino😂😂😂😂😂😂who names himself Noah boat😂😂😂
Acid - 16 days ago
i fucking knew exactly what song it was gonna be
Steve intentionallyleftblank
i'd listen to him unironically.
ayden younce
ayden younce - 16 days ago
That kinda slapped tho
Miss Jhay
Miss Jhay - 16 days ago
Sounds like some sort of mouse talking
Playboi Skooby
Playboi Skooby - 16 days ago
I am dead rn 😂😂
Naiticul - 17 days ago
Smash like not on my comment but this video if these guys are good actors or if your just tryna get some some older lls vibes
Naiticul - 17 days ago
Dude scratching my hmear sounds like pacman fr
Samuel Martin
Samuel Martin - 17 days ago
Makassy be like

Il a la meilleure voix de toute la Mayenne
Fortnite Streamer
Fortnite Streamer - 17 days ago
😹🤠 I’m laughing so hard
The Terminator
The Terminator - 17 days ago
Bro that can’t be an actual song
SpaceVP - 17 days ago
it is but the dude who made the song used and edit
DGlasco - 18 days ago
This sounds better than Lil Mosey's freshman freestyle
The Prophecy
The Prophecy - 18 days ago
When the sims character learns how to rap
rxleurn - 18 days ago
plot twist: he be usin a voice changer-
vKingFire - 18 days ago
To make this voice just punch someone in the nuts
eyuel tsehaye
eyuel tsehaye - 19 days ago
That's nipsey's bro!!!
JayThaGreat - 19 days ago
if mark henry was a rapper.
bonbonshow1 - 19 days ago
i think my window broke like if you agree
J Thepro
J Thepro - 19 days ago
biggie cheese’s son be like:
Matías Calderón Andrade
yall should use in love with a stripper or gangsta, those got a more gantgsta beat and it would be more impressive
simply_coke - 20 days ago
Sounds like a gold fish trying to rap
Fresh J'rrell
Fresh J'rrell - 20 days ago
Ok who scratched the inside of their ear?
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Andrew Gonzalez
Andrew Gonzalez - 21 day ago
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Echo Gamezz
Echo Gamezz - 21 day ago
TBH the song is fire tho
King Yachy
King Yachy - 21 day ago
Me :plays this song
Banana Reborn
Banana Reborn - 21 day ago
My man’s got nightcore on his voice
Phooey - 22 days ago
He looks like black Post Malone
That boy CariiΩ
That boy CariiΩ - 22 days ago
4 da trap 🤣🤣🤣🤣
OMG Tv - 22 days ago
Still gonna die of laughter
OMG Tv - 22 days ago
It actually does kind of sound kind a good but if the name clarified how his voice was going to be then it would’ve been even better because we know how his voice was going to be
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